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kate (moldova) - 01/10/2004 : hello.... i am now a student in uk and dear josie i think i can help you and offer any information about moldova :))just email me
Karima (Morocco) - 07/10/2004 : Salut le pays des O-ZONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jess (USA) - 19/01/2005 : I need to know some things about Moldova's culuture: Types of food/clothing, work? Family Structures Social Values Relgious Practices and Methods of Scoial control Any help asap i would appreciate:)
Roxane (Belgique) - 04/02/2005 : Bonjour, Je prépare un mémoire sur la moldavie et plus particulièrement sur les problèmes linguistiques et les partis politiques moldaves. Toute information en Français ou en Anglais, bibliogprahie, chiffres, statistiques est la bienvenue. Merci!
4lrc (France) - 27/02/2005 : Hello, I am a french students in engineer school (so please excuse my English!!!) and I have just created with few friends a club. Our aims is to help schools in Moldavia by bringing food, school material and clothes. We plan to go to Moldavia this summer to have our own opinion on this country. We are building a web site obout our club and it's very difficult to find information about Moldavia (hitory, culture, geography...). So please, if you can help me,I would be very gratefull
Ronika (moldova) - 05/06/2005 : i'm happy to see that smb knows about moldova!!!!!! :))
andrei (romania) - 20/08/2005 : daca sunt tineri din rep moldova care vor sa corespondeze cu un roman(moldovean de pe cealalta parte a prutului...:) )...
natalia (france) - 05/11/2005 : C'est le plus beau pays du monde!!!!
L'Heucoeur (Benliew dé Mountreehal) - 19/11/2005 : Vive la Moldavie! C'est plein de vie! Hahahahahaha!!! Les Benliew d`Mountreehalois vous font une bine!
Anaïs (Belgique) - 28/12/2005 : salut, j'adore la moldavie c trop bien comme pays j'aime tous les moldave moi je suis meme a la recherche d'un petit copin qui serai moldave. Est ce que il y en a parmis les moldave ici ???? prenez mon adresse c
Ashley Bower (United States) - 29/11/2006 : we are studying ur country
ana (spain) - 19/08/2007 : hola chicos&as he pasa do tres semanas en moldavia os puedo asegurar q con una semana os vale aun que este muy varato te van a intentar estafar de todas las maneras no tienen informacion y turismo a si que por ser internacional pagas el doble q los demas incluso los hoteles.intentar venir con guia a si podres ver algo yo no he visto nada solo iglesias pero deve ser muy bonito por el sur.
Siegmar Weis (Germany) - 23/08/2007 : Hi, i was working for a german NGO in Moldavia, it was hard- but wonderful, i come back and like to live there, and have so many plans what i will do- first we make a new NGO ' HELP FOR MOLDAVIA' build in September in Gremany, if you like to help - just send an email- you get more information, about germans and moldavien People how join us and about our work we do -our plans we have and so on. We need you- let us build a better world!!best regardsSiegmar

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