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Samantha (Laos) - 11/02/2004 : You need to have more information on the government. Other than that the website is good.
CLINT (Laos) - 01/03/2004 : I personely am from Laos and I love my country
sally (us) - 05/04/2004 : it was great
Kayla (US) - 22/04/2004 : Great site!
Jaycee (United States of America) - 29/04/2004 : I love this web site, I used it for for Connections project, and I got an A+, I think that grade should go to you, Thank You!
Rebecca (USA) - 24/05/2004 : I think that you should say where the Natural resources are on a map. Other than that I think it's full of useful information.
Tham (Malaysia) - 24/06/2004 : Laos people are so friendly
Connor O'Jordan (France) - 06/10/2004 : I enjoy this website! It was THE BEST THING I HAD EVER TASTED....
() - 30/10/2004 :
Souphaphone (Laos) - 31/10/2004 : I like your web site a lot and plan on coming back more often. However, i very don't think Vietnamese is the main language in Laos even though Vietnamese and Vietnam's puppet government in Laos trying to make it be one. It is liked endorsing Vietnamese as an official Laos' Language, that simply unaccepteble to most Lao people. I also would not call Laotian language as to Lao language. My understanding is that Laotian is referring to people, Lao is either to Lao language or lowland Lao people.
Paul (USA) - 06/11/2004 : Cool web site,but i doubt the accuracy information that you are presenting.How can Vietnamese be a main language of Laos since there are less than 1% Vietnamese of the whole Laos's population of 5.5 millions? How you define 'main'? At the same time you have left out or ommited the fact regarding to Thailand. There are estimate to be 20, that's rignt, twenty millions ethnic Lao living in northern and northeast Thailand. That represent 2/3, yes, one-third of the whole population of Thailand and of course they speak native Lao language. You failed to mention Lao people and Lao language as portion of Thailand's population and language,recpectively. I think people of the world deserve and should have the right to be informed truthfully, base on fact and without prejudice.
Jenny (American born, Laos ) - 02/02/2005 : How accurate is this information? I find it kind of hard to believe that only 1400 people are living with hiv/aids. Other than that, the information was very helpful, and informative.
Patrick Sihachack (Canada) - 28/02/2005 : si kelkun parle francais, vous pouriez me dire c koi les coordonnées géographiques de VIENTIANE SVP ?
Erika (USA) - 18/03/2005 : I love lao a fan of all food out there because i love eating..hehhehe
bob (usa) - 31/03/2005 : I can't find a place to go to!
belina (Canada born, Laos) - 27/04/2005 : this site has a lot of informations and it really helped me 4 my school project :] *en passant euh.. patrick je parle francais aussi et moi aussi jai besoin des coordonées géographiques hahah*
pat (laos) - 23/05/2005 : pis jdois remettre mno projet le 24 mai pis jai pas trouver les coordoné alors... snif snif snif
pat (canada,laos) - 23/05/2005 : dsl de deranger encore mais, est ce kil y a deja une catastrophe naturelle au laos ?
belina (canada born, laos) - 23/05/2005 : je sais pas si ya deja eu une catastrophe naturelle non plus.. jen cherche aussi =/ en passant je peux te add dans msn? on pourrait saider lol au lieu de se parler dans ca...
theplakone (france) - 07/06/2005 : le laos est un très beau pays malgrès que se soit un pays pauvre. il y a beaucoup de lieu à visiter mais commencé par visiter la capital et ensuite allez vers le sud
the (france) - 07/06/2005 : allez visité le site sur le laos est laisser des commentaire
beelizabeth (usa) - 12/10/2005 : i do like laos but i never been to laos only my mom been there.
Yu-Su Bok (Lao) - 16/12/2005 : Hi!! I like Lao. I am from Lao. Hahaha... :)
christian (france) - 07/03/2006 : je l' ai visité en novembre 2005 du sud au nord. C' était magnifique. J' adore ce peuple souriant. J' espère qu'il ne changera jamais.
mel (canada) - 10/04/2006 : Je suis jamais allée au Loas mais je fait un projet, puis se site m'aide beaucoup j'aimerais un jour aller au Loas pour une visite peux etre quand je vais commençer à travailler. Se site est le meilleur pour de l'info sur le Loas
Scott (New Zealand) - 28/08/2007 : yea it was ok i guess. Geography part quite good =)
RIGO85 (FRANCE) - 31/08/2007 : Je souhaiterais un jour partir à la découverte de ce pays ;Je voudrais avoir des renseignements à propos du prix du billet d avion ainsi que les endroits à visiter imperativement la bas;
sompheng (laos) - 13/11/2007 : I want to know about urban information of laos, may in france or english, especially road networt in Vientiane, please

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