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brett irving (north korea) - 12/02/2004 : It has good imfermation , but you need to add history
alonso (Mxico) - 16/02/2004 : Hola desde Mxico! Les saludo desde esta bonita tierra para decirles que tambin soy admirador de su pais,su rica cultura,sus tradiciones y su gente. Si alguien gusta en escribirme en mi idioma puede hacerlo a:
kevin jun ha (korea) - 16/02/2004 : sea of Japan? ?? not sea of Japan, Dong Hae, please change, korea peple is don't like that
shinobu (france) - 22/02/2004 : franchement j'adore la core en paryticulier la core du sud je ne sait pas comment dire mais ce pays me fascine en plus je le trouve trop bien plus tard j'aimerais y vivre.
..... (Korea) - 23/02/2004 : Not sea of Japan.. it's wrong ^^; East sea is right.
hyunhye (s/korea) - 23/02/2004 : NOT Sea of Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's Dong hae!!!SEA OH KOREA
haejin (Korea) - 27/02/2004 : thank you for information. however you'd better change the map. sea of japan is wrong. if you wanna proof, I can show it.
song na-young (seoul) - 04/03/2004 : hi~~~~~
jin (s/korea) - 01/07/2004 : This information is old, so incorrect information is a lot.
EunSue (S/Korea) - 10/10/2004 : Sea of Japan is wrong. Most of world people know Sea of Japan but it is SEA OF KOREA Please change the map
guri (s/korea) - 15/10/2004 : change the map. sea of japen is wrong. The sea's name is Dong Hae. please change the map.
rafik (MOROCCO) - 15/10/2004 : korea for ever people in morocco love korea
Hae-Rim Song (S/Korea) - 02/11/2004 : Hi, I'm a Korean. I'm a 15-year-old student.It's interesting to read about Korean history, people, and etc. But, there's something you should correct. What people say 'Sea of Japan' is not correct. The right name is 'Dong Hae'. And I'm really disappointed becuase many countries think its name is 'Sea of Japan'. I really really want to notice them, 'It's wrong. You have to correct it to 'Dong Hae'.'! Now Korea is not that powerful country(?) so many countries don't hear our claims! It's really sad. Please correct it. Thank you.
Harley Brown (Australia) - 23/11/2004 : great web site really helped me to get assignment on south korea
John Davis (UK) - 08/12/2004 : I think korea people are kind. but there r so many badwords too
coolbeat (korea) - 29/12/2004 : What A wonderFul.... land.... ! That is a Korea... !!
sa-rang (Korea) - 04/01/2005 : In Korea map Not sea of Japan!!!! This sea is the East Sea.!!!!! this sea of Korea !!!!! ()
alicia (unitedstates) - 05/01/2005 : this website helped me with a project.
boulim[] (korea) - 09/01/2005 : Korea...? wonderful country,, ^^
anna (South Korea) - 12/01/2005 : it's 'dong-hae' not sea of japan- u gotta change that- it's really important thing
frong (thailand) - 17/01/2005 : my love
seulgi (South Korea) - 23/01/2005 : Not see of Japan . It's wrong. East sea(Dong hae) right.
JeonSeHee (Republic of Korea) - 23/01/2005 : If this site did 'East Sea' use, there would be public trust If we write the Houston to MEXICO or CANADA, how do you feel?
Agathe (France) - 23/01/2005 : I like coree. i wanna know much information. not north korea but south !!
LEEMinHo (S.KOR) - 24/01/2005 : sea of japan.
han (South Corea) - 24/01/2005 : OHh.. no! it`s absolutely NOT sea of japan..
hyebin (south korea) - 30/01/2005 : look at korea map, there's a sea of Japan. but Not sea of Japan but EAST SEA. That information is WRONG. please correct the map
soyeon(ҿ) (south korea) - 05/02/2005 : Not sea of japan. The sea the good word the of korea hereupon the bedspread.
CHRISTINE (KOREA) - 05/02/2005 : u know what? there is a wrong. the sea of japan is wrong , u got that? -_- u r wrong ..darn it.. u guys have to change, also many people discuss about this happen many times. why didn't u guys change it???
Shannon (UnitedStates) - 11/02/2005 : It is obviously important to the Korean people that you recognize 'Dong Hae' instead of 'Sea of Japan.' Please respect the people whose land you are writing about and correct this. Perhaps you could explain the confusion about this on the webpage (or acknowledge one of the names in parentheses).
Hunjun (Korea) - 19/02/2005 : Please!! Every one!! see this.. See of Japan is not correct. IT's right to write as See Of Korea or Dong hae!!!! Please change it!!!
HunJun (Korea) - 19/02/2005 : Thanks Shannon
Jung-Kye (Korea) - 23/02/2005 : Hi,I am so happy to meet you. I'm Yeo Jung Kye. I live in Korea and I'm 18 years old And Boy. E-mail send plase~ ^^ Have a nice day..
Joe (U.S.A) - 03/03/2005 : I want to find out what young residents of Korea think about their country. Im an 18 year old guy and in very interested in seeing how someone like me sees a country diffrently
Joe (U.S.A) - 03/03/2005 : By the way, has anyone seen the movie Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War? An incredible movie! I wonder if it is historicaly accurate...
kim so-jin (Korea) - 21/03/2005 : Hi, Where are you from? I am from KOREA.Can we be friends? My English is no good. So I can't express fully what i I feel about.
Heesoo (korea) - 26/03/2005 : do you know about 'DOKDO island'? some Japaness tell that Dokdo is their island. but it's lie. Dokdo island is our island!!!
Esti (S.Korea) - 30/03/2005 : Sea of Japan is incorrect information. East Sea is the right name of the sea. It doesn't mean just Korean Est Sea, but Asian East Sea. Sea of Japan was made by Japanese when they colonized our country.
Esti (S.Korea) - 30/03/2005 : And our GNP is incorrect also. We have already made it over $10000 several years ago. Though it decreased during the depression, it have grown until now!
Park (Korea ) - 19/04/2005 : HI benn. Wow u can write korean~ really amaging~ can u also read korea langage? before i have seen ThAI langage by chance, but i couldn't regonize that. too difficult to me~!^^
Nicole jo (s.korea) - 30/04/2005 : l like my country~really~ ! if you want to know s.korea . just visit our counrty ! it can be open your eyes. i don't want to just read , think .. in narrow-information world. i think thant this information can be wrong or old inf.^^ my ability in english is not really good . but i can be your friend or give inf about korea if you want it please send email~
Jeongseon (Korea) - 08/05/2005 : Glad to meet you . umm ..... Hello !! -_-;; Sorry.
(ѱ) - 28/05/2005 : .....
SungWoo[] (korea[]) - 31/05/2005 : hi... ^^... Nice to meet you~
Kang Seung-Yeon (Korea) - 12/06/2005 : hi, i thought that you should study more about Korea. 'Sea of Japan'is obviously wrong. it's intrigue of Japan. You should corret it.
Sol (korea) - 23/06/2005 : Please Change 'Sea of Japan' to 'Sea of East'!!!!!! It's not correct
D (S.Korea) - 01/07/2005 : 'Sea of Japan'....???????????????? not Sea of Japan.. it's wrong... please change it!! the right name is 'Dong Hae'!!!!!!!1
(Viet Nam) - 07/07/2005 : hello~
JiEun-Choi/Jane (South Korea) - 10/08/2005 : ܡܡHi~ Korea is so beautiful country. If you want to know more about KOREA, send me E-mail~~!!!! I want foriegn friend.~! Don't hesitate to send me the E-mail~ܡܡ
eunjeong (S.KOREA) - 11/08/2005 : hey, master. you had wrong imformation. please change 'Sea of Japan' to 'East Sea'.
Karen (Taiwan) - 17/09/2005 : I think Korea is a good place.Eventhough I didn't know it well. I really like to watch the Korea drama. The characters in the dramas have good looking.
jacques van damme (Belgium) - 02/11/2005 : , , , , PLEASE sen me some WEBSITES from KOREA :
catherine (korea) - 06/11/2005 : Sea of Japan is wrong. sea of east is right. Pleas change it quickly. people must be recognize right information.
micky (korea) - 07/02/2006 : Really I'm suprise these massage. In the future, our country will unification of North and South.
HAN (S.Korea / Ulsan) - 13/02/2006 : I'm so angry. Coz' This page has wrong information. first of all, Sea of Japan is wrong. the Sea is . Plz' change the information. and GDP, GNP info, Life expectancy, Miscellaneous information has wrong information. THIS WEB PAGE HAS WRONG INFORNATION. PLEASE UPDATE KOREAN INFORMATIONs.
Jiyoung (Korea) - 25/02/2006 : Not 'Sea of Japan'. It's called 'Donghae' sea of japan is wrong!
ۿ뼮 (ѱ) - 25/02/2006 : ּ 𸣰ھ. ˷ּ
Lee SM (Corea) - 24/03/2006 : Hey, please listen to me. There's something wrong in the map of Korea. in a right side of it. It reads 'Sea of Japan' but, It's ' East Sea' It's some kind of name which came form Japanese colony policy and history changing project
ulug (uzbekistan) - 09/04/2006 : i like korea but somtimes it goes mad and i want say its normal
ظ(kimjunmo) (ѱ(korea)) - 03/05/2006 : ѿ ƿ!! λôº ּ!!
Kathy (China ) - 17/05/2006 : i was just back from Seoul. This is my first trip to Korea. Lovely city & very nice people. But it is hard for an foreigner to live there if you don't speak Korean. Kim-chi is very good. i had my first experience with a hot chocolate. Wah...
Myung Hwan LEE (South Korea) - 12/07/2006 : Dokdo is Korean territory=O.K(Takeshima=X),East sea (not Sea of Japan)
Miseon (South Korea) - 25/07/2006 : East Sea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kim jieun (south korea) - 26/07/2006 : sea of japan is wrong name. please change the name from Sea of Japan to East Sea.
sun young (korea) - 04/08/2006 : japan sea no!! korea sea!!!!!!Hey, please listen to me. There's something wrong in the map of Korea. in a right side of it. It reads 'Sea of Japan' but, It's ' East Sea' It's some kind of name which came form Japanese colony policy and history changing project
E. (USA) - 08/08/2006 : Millions of people in North Korea are starving. The government uses farmland for opium. Food from relief agencies go to the army and black market. There are family prison camps.
eun ji () (korea) - 10/08/2006 : japan sea no!! korea sea!!!!!!Hey, please listen to me.
Saes Byeol (Korea) - 14/08/2006 : Dokdo is island of Korea and Dokdo isn't japan !
Sanna (Finland) - 16/08/2006 : I know you have lots of hate between you (Japan and Korea) But please dont fight here..
Ha-na(ϳ) (South Korea) - 29/08/2006 : Korea is good..And I like our country.
Soo-yeon (South Korea) - 29/08/2006 : Korea is wonderful.I like South Korea.
kim do-hwi (Korea-Busan) - 21/11/2006 : Hello~^^
HunJun (South Korea) - 27/12/2006 : EVERYONE CARM DOWN. and you are spelling wrong. Dong hae isn't write It's has to be called east sea. Dong means east and Hae means sea.~~! So neither Donghae, japanese sea is right. Please correct it right manager.
YuSun (Gwang-ju) - 30/12/2006 : I live in Gwang-ju.I love korea
Angelina (Germany) - 12/01/2007 : hmm...well i really like korea^^the language is very interesting n_____nand the music is awesome >//// Hae in (South Korea) - 23/01/2007 : Oh no~~ incorrect declaration sea of japan, It's right name is EAST SEA. please correct the map.
E. (USA) - 05/02/2007 : Is the name of a sea really the most important thing in the world?
N (Korea) - 10/02/2007 : There are many difficult and complex problem about Korea and Japan. Please don't be excited.. I think most comments is written by young children don't know detail affair... (and I am a student too, so really awkward to speak English, i hope you uderstand me..)
ju ho (korean) - 01/03/2007 : Hello? nice to meet you. I want many friends.I can't speak Japanese but !!!!! rather. America,Japan,England and many other country I like .l want learn language many. have a nice day !
jungbin() (korea) - 17/03/2007 : japan sea no!! lt's korea sea. please change, korea peple isn't like that
sicilien (morocco) - 01/04/2007 : i had visited most off countries,but my heart,my mind,feel so quiet with korean peoples,and the korean natural,i like it so too much,its so great,a great country,then i hope it grow up as well.....???
Anna (Thailand) - 22/07/2007 : I love korean series. hehe :D I wanna go Korea. and i wanna learn everything about korean. :D
Ji-Hee (Korea) - 16/02/2008 : not sea of Japan!!!please change the map!!!
(Korea) - 29/02/2008 : Hey!!! oh~no!! i saw Korea Map!!. . . Japan sea?! No!!!!! this sea is Korea Dong-hae!!..Plese change the map!!
karin (costa rica ) - 09/03/2008 : hermosa es corea!!!!!!!!!
Hyeon-ju (Korea) - 08/04/2008 : sea of japan?? The name of Sea is East Sea. Japan insist that Dong Hae is theirs.but it's wrong. It has been ours Since the age of the three states.Change the map!
namo (Thailand) - 23/04/2008 : Sa-Was-Dee-Ka im thai. i want to meet friend. see ya~
sinem (turkey) - 05/07/2015 : I love Korea :) I want to go to Korea! I want Korean friends
ance) - 14/11/2015 : Coucou ^_^
Yerim (South Korea) - 01/12/2015 : I read all of these, and most of them was about the map. DongHae (East sea) was first mentioned at 2004, and 'Sea of Japan' isn't changed until now, which is 2015. Eleven years has past, and the map isn't still changed. I wish I could change the map ^^... Dear manager of this site, I am satisfied at all of the functions of this homepage, and the only thing I don't like is the Korea map. Korea and Japan had fought for long time about this topic (Donghae and Dokdo territory). Therefore, writing 'Sea of Japan' on the map is quite sensitive thing. Please change the name 'Sea of Japan' to 'Donghae', which means 'East Sea'. Thank you for reading though my english is not good!
lorna (Belgique (charleroi)) - 08/12/2015 : j'adore la core j'aimerais apprendre la langue et la culture
sang-yeob (Soute Korea) - 02/01/2016 : Hi~~
Jin.Gahng (South Korea) - 22/01/2016 : I love My Country...
Aurore (France) - 22/02/2016 : I love Korea and K-Pop ~~~ ^^
Weronika (Poland) - 26/03/2016 : This country is great. I love Korea!
Mimi (France) - 04/04/2016 : Hey Kdrama fans where u at ?!
Monster (France) - 14/04/2016 : I would like to learn korean but I don't realy know how to do by myself and where to start... :S Do you know a good website to start?
Kenzouuu.kpop (France) - 23/04/2016 : J'adore la KPOP et les Kdramas,cest grace a ca que je m'interese a la Coree.Je trouve ce pays fascinant et j'aimerais pouvoir y aller,gouter aux specialites,visiter seoul... D'ailleurs je suis en pleine apprentissage du coreen :)!
Savannah (United States) - 25/05/2016 : I really loved visiting Korea...although a lot of people stared at me and sometimes i got nasty looks because I am black but not a lot to make me not want to go back...I definitely want to go back and I even want to live there...I met a few other black people out there so I felt a little better. I would like to go to a university there, I'm graduating middle school in a few weeks. I love the food...especially bibimbap and crunchy rolls(sushi). I like Kpop, but I also like a lot of Korean Artist who aren't popular in America like Exo or GOT7. I am practicing the language everyday, and my Korean friends at school are a big help... :) I thank everyone who helps me and those who want to help!

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