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Sara (Filand) - 05/02/2004 : I love japan and japans anime and manga. I read japans my home. I don´t konw what i write this,but... Goog bye! -Sara- ps. Good place
alex (japan) - 06/02/2004 : japan invented the play station two
chris (china) - 06/02/2004 : no I disagree china invented the ps2
brett (united states) - 06/02/2004 : You are all wrong united states invented the playstation two and the playstation one
Josh (United States) - 08/02/2004 : Sara is right Japan Rocks!!!
Ollie (U.K.) - 08/02/2004 : The Japanese are so friendly, it's unbelievable!
kay (france) - 09/02/2004 : j'aime beaucoup le japon car c'est un beau pays. j'aimerais y aller mais le voyage coûte cher, alors je ne peu pas. ciao
Audrey (Belgique) - 14/02/2004 : J'adore moi aussi le japon car c'est l'origine de l'anime et des mangas. Moi aussi, j'aimerai y aller mais comme dit si bien Kay, c'est cher. Enfin vive le japon.
sam (canada) - 17/02/2004 : c'est cool tokyo j'aimerais bien y aller
samuel (canada) - 18/02/2004 : c'est super cool tokyo je veux aller visiter cette ville
samuel bélair (canada) - 18/02/2004 : je veux aller au japon et si vous voulez mon net s'est
Elie (France) - 20/02/2004 : hello hello!! i love japone, i love the language, the country is manific ( i saw photos ) and if you want to joind me , this is my e-mail :
allie (conneticut) - 26/02/2004 : i would like to know japan's language sence my class has been learning ABOUT IT.
Philippe (France) - 05/03/2004 : Jaa, Je vais au Japon fin avril début mai 2004. J'y suis déjà allé en 2002. c'était génial de chez cool. Ne croyez pas tout ce que vous disent les journaux, livres et autres revues. Certes, le monde du travail japonais est très dur. Il y a beaucoup de conventions sur le comportement et les relations difficiles (mais pas impossible) à appréhender pour un non japonais. Mais à part les 'Salaryman', les japonais ont un rythme de vie commun à la plupart des pays industrialisés. Les japonais que j'ai rencontrés sont très sympatiques, accueillants et ouverts. Il est possible de parler de tout avec eux : nature (leur passion), art (une autre passion), politique (ils sont souvent engagés) et loisirs divers. Si vous pouvez, organisez votre voyage vous même (c'est du travail) pour pouvoir rencontrer les japonais. Ce sera impossible en passant par une agence de voyage. Sayonara.
Philippe (France) - 05/03/2004 : Jaa, I'm going to Japan between 2004 april and may. I've been there in 2002. It was an amazingly pleasant travel. Do not believe part of what is written or said about Japan. Indeed, the japaneese work environment is hard for a non japaneese. There are many rules and social conventions that are hard to understant and apply for a non japaneese. Therefore, taking apart the 'Salaryman', work rythm is the same as in any industrialized country. The people I met were kind, welcoming and openminded. It is easy to speak of anything with them : nature (fond of it), art (a passion), politics (often militant) and spare time activities. If you have the opportunities for, you organize yourself your journey there to be able to meet japaneese people as tour operators won't give you this possibility. I agree that it need much work. Sayonara.
Andra (Romania) - 14/03/2004 : Japan is so kewl o(^-^)o You have the best smileys in the world! And japanese people are so friendly! I love Japan! I just love it! //^-^\\\\ Oh and I like anime too! Is anyone here who likes Sailor Moon?
Philippe (France) - 22/03/2004 : yo i love japan its the best place ever my friend says its the worst but my opinion is that well its better then any other place do you want my email well here it is
Gohana (Japan) - 27/03/2004 : japan is a very nice place. Well I live there, so I should like it ^.^
Vanessa (France) - 11/04/2004 : Je suis passionnée par ce pays haut en couleur, par ses paysages que l'on croirait tout droit sortis d'un rêve. Mon plus grand ^désir serait de vivre sur l'île de shikoku,
Brittany (United States) - 02/05/2004 : I really like learning about Japan
Zach (United States) - 04/05/2004 : Japan is awesome!
kokori (zimbabwe) - 21/05/2004 : I LIKE THIS SITE OK.
fat boy (russie) - 27/05/2004 : salut je vous aime
P.K.Baradwah (India) - 30/05/2004 : I Like this site very much. I am commimg to japan next week it help me a lot to understand the Japan.
Divya-Naina (India) - 30/05/2004 : My papa visiting your site and found it very good.
beda (ivory coast) - 01/06/2004 : i love your country and i would like to visit it
rainbow (china) - 08/06/2004 : I like this country and the people there are very nice
koffi (côte d'ivoire) - 09/06/2004 : j'aime beaucoup ce pays pour sa bravoure et son courage je voudrais meme si possible avoir des correspondant en vue d'echanger et se connaître dans le monde
liuyang (china) - 29/06/2004 : I don't like the Japanese government.It's a bilker.
Sam (England) - 08/07/2004 : Hi i like japan and am goin there soon so some 1 talk 2 me i also am a guitarist.....
Camilo (Colombia) - 25/07/2004 : Pues, Japon me parace una 'chimba', pporque es muy moderno, su cultura es muy interesante y la gente.Bye.
salima (morocco) - 26/07/2004 : i'd like visit japon i read and see a lot about this country it's wondreful.
Guieby (Côte d'Ivoire) - 30/07/2004 : Voilà un pays digne de ses exploits. Un pays focalisé sur sa culture et qui fait rêver tout homme.Mon souhait,c'est espérer le connaitre, mais cela est difficile car le vol coût cher. J'espère avoir une bonne volonté pour m'aider à réaliser ce rêve.
Nouri (Tunisia) - 07/08/2004 : Le japon sait toujours rebondir, tel un Dragon qui renait de ses cendres ; seul souci majeur LE VIEILLISSEMENT de la population. Mon conseil faites comme la France encouragez les naissances par l'octroie d'allocations aux familles.
azal bérbére (maroc) - 13/09/2004 : for me maybe that i know too much about japan than japanese i m a guide so that i meet many japanese my first and last love was a japanese girle even if she did forget me but i m happy because she did let to me a good presnt of my live. nihon or japan i hoope to be able to go one day there .
neha (canada) - 27/09/2004 : i love japan and one day i ll be go there coz i want to see the world and japan is one piece of the world cyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa chow
Lee-chan (USA) - 04/10/2004 : Hey! Japan is the best!! Final Fantasy VII Advent Children RULEZ!!! I can't wait until it comes out.
Lee-chan (USA) - 04/10/2004 : For the people at the top, Japan invented the Playstation 2. Not China or the US. Why do you think there are so many Japanese games that come out before the english version? Also, I checked. :P
Emilia (Sweeeeeeeeeden) - 13/10/2004 : I love japaaaan!! .. and i love dir en grey..
rafik (MOROCCO) - 15/10/2004 : I love japan its a great nation and I find that the people of japan are the example for all the humanity
Lee-chan (USA) - 20/10/2004 : Did anyone go to the Tokyo Game Show?? I wanted to go so bad but couldn't....T_T;....ah-well, maybe next year!!
Anne Marine (France) - 24/10/2004 : j'adore le Japon car je trouve que c'est un pays riche, il y a tellement de choses interessantes, le mode de vie est passionnant et la langue est vraiment belle, c'est pourquoi un jour j'aimerai aller y vivre!
Charlène-Audrey (MARTINIQUE) - 29/10/2004 : j'odore le japan car c'est unpays pays et le pays des mangas!C'est grâce à eux que je veux vivre au Japon!
i love iva long (he's cool) - 02/11/2004 : they treated me like dirt those stupid Japs
Ken (Denver) - 02/11/2004 : I am going to Japan in 2025 on the 30th of May i shall have a wonderful time and i can't wait to go. i have heard from my friends that it is a truly spiffing place to stay. i think those boys messing around on this site are truly terrible, they are pissing me off(excuse my language). thank you for my time and i hope everyone has a truly divine time in Japan. Toodledoo Bye!
kimheang (Thailand) - 27/11/2004 : hello every body!
Stefanie (Suisse) - 27/11/2004 : Salut ! j'ai toujours aimée ce pays, pour ça culture, nature et pour ses habitants ! C'est un pays très facinant vue du dévelopement rapide en moins d'un siècle ! Un de ces jours j'ira visiter le Japon...
LeeMinJi (Korea) - 29/11/2004 : ÆæÆÈ Ä£±¸ ±¸ÇØ¿ä.
Federico (Italy) - 29/11/2004 : hi everybody!i like beaucoup japan!and of course its language people customs and so on!i would really have a holyday there to visit it and also many japanese pals!!! PS:japan wait me that i am ARRIVING!!!!!my best greetings from italy to everyone..
CharlieW (England, UK) - 08/12/2004 : I think Japan is great and I hope to go there soon! It's really expensive but then so is England, especially London (2nd most expensive city after Tokyo). I love the mix of modern technology with traditional culture!
Oumaima (Maroc) - 20/12/2004 : J'adore ce pays, cet endroit ou l'on peut absolument tout faire !!! En plus, c'est l'origine du monde des mangas . Il y a pleins de choses très interessantes et l'histoire de ce pays est très passionante, amusante et extraordinaire ! J'aimerai surtout visiter Tokyo, la capitale du Japon, la ville la plus riche de ce monde incroyable .Je pense que les personnes vivant là-bas sont très chaleureuses . JE LE REDIS ENCORE UNE FOIS: JE L'ADOORREEEE !!!!!!! Salut à tous, gros bisous !!
Lamis (Tunisie) - 20/12/2004 : Bonjour à tous !! J'aimerai dire que j'ai toujours aimée le Japon, ce pays riche et très chaleureux qui évolue presque chaque année !!! Je voudrai le visiter un jour,mais le voyage serait trop coûteux... Cet endroit du monde est très très riche et industriel et c'est pour cela que je voudrai le visiter plus tard !! En plus, c'est l'origine de l'anime et des mangas ! Si c'est possible, je voudrai bien correspondre avec des jeunes pour connaître beaucoup plus sur ce merveilleux pays !!! Ciao et à bientôt .
Kimberley (U.S.A) - 20/12/2004 : Hi everybody, I like this country and I love you !!!
John (R.D.C) - 07/01/2005 : J'aime le Japon pour sa culture,son endurance dans la lutte pour le développement et sa progession démographique et technologique mais surtout pour les couleurs de son drapeau qui sont mes préféré. Ainsi je compte y continuer ma vie. Le JAPON devrais etre le plus grand pays en matière de superficie.
marine (France ) - 19/01/2005 : j'adore le japon, c'est un pays avec une culture extraordinaire, il y a tant de choses a découvrir là bas...
tondemohamadou (BURKINA FASO) - 23/01/2005 : j'aimes ce pays et j'aurais aimé y allé
ibrahim (cairo) - 30/01/2005 : i like japan
Ruben (Phil/Canada) - 12/02/2005 : love japan.....Studied there for 2 years... i love akihabara, the electric city... and bazaars (flea market) are great...
kayne (New Zealand) - 16/02/2005 : It was New Zealand that invented the playstation.
HunJun (Korea) - 19/02/2005 : I'm sorry but Sea of Japan is not correct. It has to be written as Sea of Korea or Dong Hae. Or both Korea and Japan's sea. And don't say four words to me because it's right to write as Korea sea
Alexis (Hecosse) - 27/02/2005 : Je sais parle le Français courament. Le Japan c' trop BEAU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sonsamlee (Korea) - 01/03/2005 : I love Japan! >¤±
sen-young (korean) - 14/03/2005 : I love Japan !!
madou (burkinafaso) - 23/03/2005 : j'aime le japon et j'aimérais y aller après mes études.
zizou (France) - 26/03/2005 : Au début ce sont les mangas qui m'ont rapproché du Japon . Puis j'ai commencé a m'intéressé a leurs traditions et coutumes millénaire.De plus les japonais sont tres accueillant d'apres plusieurs témoignage mais la chose que J'ADMIRE que J'AIME au Japon: ce sont les filles , VOUS ETES TROP MIGNONNE.
chaeheesoo (korea) - 26/03/2005 : do you know about 'DOKDO island'? some Japaness tell that Dokdo is their island. but it's lie. Dokdo island is our island!!!
kim dong-kyu (korea) - 27/03/2005 : korea East sea(Dong hae)!!! ->> sea of japan? no korea East sea!!!
hatice (tokat) - 28/03/2005 : ý love japon and ý lýke japon people and ý had homework abaut japon ý researc during days but ý coudn't find enougft informatin .for example ý wonder haw many tourist visit japon a year? there is not enougf information .
James (Switzerland) - 29/03/2005 : I like Japan. I have some friends in the United States that are from Japan and they are really nice. I went to hong kong about 3 years ago I really enjoyed it. My cousin lived in japan for a year to learn the art of the sword. He also liked it. Also I really like the games out of Japan and the new DS got released there first as did the PSP(which sucks). Any way Japan is awesome. I am writing a 25 page Formal Essay about its economics for my Political Science class at the university.
Montabord (France) - 05/04/2005 : J'adore le Japon car pour moi c'est un pays charge d'histoire. C'est aussi, selon moi, le pays ou la technologie et la nature regnent en maitre. Les Japonais on reussi a maitriser beaucoup d'arts ce qui me rend admiratif face a eux. Meme si la langue est compliquee par les caracteres elle reste cependant moins compliquee que le Francais avec toutes ses conjugaisons! J'ADORE LE JAPOOOON!!!!!
leesinhye (korea) - 11/04/2005 : I am want to be a know Japan I'm 15years old. I live in seoul korea
liupeng (china) - 16/04/2005 : i like japan,too.i think it mustbe very romantic,so i hope one day i can go to feel japan.yeah~~~i also want to make friends in japan (on line),or from any other country in the the way ,my E-mail is ''.whoever wants to make friengs with me can mail me ,okay?bye!
Park (korea) - 19/04/2005 : i'm not such a good fan for JAPAN. and i also don't hate JAPan. because i learned most japanise that i have ever seen were so friendly.that's the reason why i m. ^^ i want you guys to keep in touch one another including me.^^
BabyGirl (USA) - 02/05/2005 : I love japan. It is full of different fashion styles.
adeline (france) - 03/05/2005 : le japon est un pay formidable je suios completement d'accord avec vous.j'espere que qand je serai plus vieille j'irai le visité pour voir tout ces monuments
sitta (indonesia) - 09/05/2005 : I like japan's culture n the language cos it's unique.I learn japanese literature here in Indonesia,and i think i like the language,it's fun! especially kanji,definitely hard but interesting and also fun.
rustam (UZB) - 02/06/2005 : I love japan culture and I interest his economy and uducation
JinsooKim (Southkorea) - 08/06/2005 : ª³ªóªËªÁªÏ ^^ Hello, I'm 15years old boy. I love Japan.. But current these days Korea and Japan have some problem. I don't want to fight. Please don't fight with Dokdo island (You guys call Takeshima ^^;). I think it's not yours. ^^ Sorry.. I'm going wrong way.;; ¡ÚAnyway I love Japan! and~ also an advanced countries!
virginia norfolk (new zealand) - 26/06/2005 : i love japan japanese are so nice so are singaporeans!
yo (france) - 29/06/2005 : je suis rentré du japon il y a une semaine seulement. j'ai passé deux semaines de reves, j'ai vu beaucoup de belles choses et mangé beaucoup de bonnes choses. la France a beaucoup de choses a envié de ce pays, sur tous les plans. voilà je tenais à le dire. n'ésitez pas à me poser des questions sur la vie de la bàs, c'est encore tout frais... à toutes...
sylvie (RDC) - 29/06/2005 : J'adore le Japon et j'aime bien y arriver un jour. Ecrivez moi, je serai très ravie de vous repondre.
yuanshuning (china) - 06/07/2005 : may the peace between china and japan
range style (korea) - 10/08/2005 : It likes difficulty Japan. Orange leyn it yells and it likes most. It comes out and together it buys the person who will share a talk.
Courti (USA) - 10/08/2005 : Looking back way up there, who cares who invented the PS2? O_o;;
asa (jpn) - 16/08/2005 : i do!!hehehe only jokin!!
iberia (denver) - 18/08/2005 : wud up to all yall i was looking on the website to see who invented the first playstation and i was woundering who would knw that question
milan (New Zealand) - 01/09/2005 : hi
asa (jpn) - 04/09/2005 : hey ppl!playstation woz invented by japanese but prob its made in china!!
Hannah (Malaysia) - 15/09/2005 : but playstation 3 was made in Japan ^_^
Hannah (malaysia) - 15/09/2005 : I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HOANG MAI. Dg (VIET NAM) - 16/09/2005 : , Japan , a lovely and beauty country , i love this as my town . if u have free time , let come here tofindout for urself something special , and Viet Nam ,yes ,why not , I love my country ,
liz (usa) - 24/09/2005 : hey i love japan i hope to go there soon and i love anime its cool [[goodbye]] me please so i can learn more about japan please ok bye.
DR GOMIS (SENEGAL) - 28/09/2005 : Please ! can you help me find out the address and phone number of kyoko city hall ?
gorge (new zealand) - 29/09/2005 : i love japan and i'm so cool
oktay (turkey) - 09/10/2005 : ı love japanese women and ı lıke older women than me .. ı look for a japanese women .ı am sincere for thıs .. who ıs japanese and who wants to a turkısch men that ı am ready for thıs but fırst we must know more about us
±è¼Ò¶ó (korea) - 14/10/2005 : ÀϺ»»ç¶÷À̶û Ä£±¸ÇÏ°í ½Í¾î¿ä! Çѱ¹¸» ¾Ë¾Æ º¸·Á³ª¤»¤»¤»¤»¤»;
Krista (Finland) - 05/11/2005 : Japan is quite interesting country. People are polite and friendly. You can be proud of your interesting country and Japanese culture. Ps. We are reading manga here in Finland too.
Fabiyeng L'heurening (Reeve Northern western ) - 19/11/2005 : Vive le japon! les Reeve Northern westerniens vous invitent à faire une compétition de sumo avec nous
Fekedu (Ethiopia) - 14/12/2005 : I like japan very much and i want to visit fo the fature.but do to our economi may be my desire will be not full filled.
Fredrik (Norway) - 01/01/2006 : konnichiwa, i am a norwegian 18 year old boy. i love japanese, i love everything about japan. i also love to play Go(igo,weiqi, baduk). im looking for a penpal from japan who can help me a little with my japanese. i will also accept any challenge from anyone to play go at :) please mail me
Sarah (France) - 07/01/2006 : J'adore ce pays ! Tout est beau ( bon a part les usines mais bon ! ^^ il en faut bien ! ) Vive les mangas et la culture Japonaise ! En gros : le Japon en force !!
amine (morocco) - 26/02/2006 : j'aime beaucoup les arts marciaux japonais,et je souhaite visiter le japon. je suis content que notre roi ait établi une relation bilaterale avec ce pays.
Dr.Mushtaq (pakistan) - 01/03/2006 : ya i like japan and its people.japan is lovely due its people and its people are very hardworking and peacful.
Lauren (USA) - 05/04/2006 : my dream is to go to Japan
ERoy (Canada) - 21/04/2006 : Japon is cool
Rosedamour (Martinique ) - 05/05/2006 : Comment passer par là sens dire à quel point, j'aime le japon, je reve d'y etre un jour, c'pour moi, l'un de mes plus beau rêve, d'ailleur si vous compatissez pour me payer le billet comme bonne oeuvre en ma faveur le ciel vous le rendra certainement ^^. C'est vrai j'aime se pays qui fais temp rêver tant pour ça culture que pour c'production, je vous embrasse tous ossi bien japonais et vous otres passionnésss kisss.
Büþra (Turkey) - 08/05/2006 : There are a lot of things I wanna write but it must be short.. Japan is my biggest dream and I'm intending to live in Japan. Because Japan is a fairyland.Both its culture and traditions ( and of course anime-manga).. It's a fantastic land..I want to live in Japan as I'm a manga-ka....Of course I have Japanese penpals and I love them sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.....
Sasuke (Japon) - 08/05/2006 : I think i don't have to say how much i like this place....:)
T3tsuo (Portugal) - 10/06/2006 : Nihon wa ichiban desu ne. My japanese culture ezine... please visit at
Marion (France) - 05/07/2006 : i love japan it's very beautiful ! ! ! and a language is fantastic (laugh) has soon kiss to all
chelsi (canada) - 06/07/2006 : kon-nichiwa fellow japan lovers any one who would like to talk about japan with me feel free to email till then sayounara
- elina - (Belgium) - 11/07/2006 : I LOVE this country since so many years, but I can't really say why.... ^^;;;; music, culture, traditions, manga, cinema, and so on.................................................. atashi wa Nihon subete ni kyoumi ga arimasu!!!!!
Patrick (Canada) - 06/08/2006 : I've just starting to learn Japanese, but my dream is to be able to spend at least 10 years in Japan to learn the most things as I can, from the language, cooking, History, and so much more....
Sanna (Finland) - 16/08/2006 : ‚±‚ñ‚¢‚¿‚íB‚¨‚°‚ñ‚« ‚Å‚·‚©B ‚킽‚µ‚Í ƒtƒBƒ“ƒ‰ƒ“ƒh‚¶‚ñ ‚Å‚·B^_^
ÀÌÀº¿ì (korea) - 17/08/2006 : I hate japaness
will (united states) - 19/08/2006 : Yea the japanese culture is awesome, love the history.
kimgi-yun (korea) - 26/08/2006 : ÆÒÆȱ¸ÇØ¿ä
kimso-hee (korea) - 20/12/2006 : a map of japan is mistaken!!!sea of japan ¡æ(((the east sea)))!!!!
Angelina (Germany) - 25/12/2006 : I love Japan to^^I really like the language, the music and the culture. I think I will try to learn japanese...but it seems so difficult >___________
Alex (Canada) - 27/12/2006 : uhhh... The Playstation two was invented in China, Japan and United States.
°µÐÐÓùÊ· (China) - 01/01/2007 : I hate Japan.But I like Japanese Cartoon
adibah (malaysia) - 09/01/2007 : I really want to go to Japan one day..learn the japanese culture & language..matane!
Angelina (Germany) - 12/01/2007 : well, normally you call japanese comics anime ;)just besides^^
ChoiKA (Korea) - 17/01/2007 : I like japan.
mia (Finland) - 30/01/2007 : your country and culture are so amazing, i'd like to visit there some day and your language is beatiful! :D I have heard that japaness likes Moomins, it is true? :)
Bashar (Palestine) - 02/02/2007 : I love Japan, japanies people, and the japanies culture.... one of my dreams is to go there, Japan Rocks!!
Chris (U.S.A.) - 14/02/2007 : i agree
Anki & Meli (Germany (boring)) - 04/03/2007 : Japan is the best country of the WorldWe will visit this country Naruto 4 ever
JACQUES ALLOU (ABIDJAN) - 05/03/2007 : j'aime le japon à cause de sa richesse en technologie.
Parksubin (korea) - 07/03/2007 : I love Japan, japanies people, and the japanies culture.....Then, I want to associate with a Japanese pen pal.
Dan (Japan) - 16/03/2007 : Japan is the coolest country ever. The japanese are the coolest and are really kind. The language is cool and the history is the best in the world...i know loads about japan. The Japanese national anthem is:May the Emperor's rule lastTill a thousand years, then eight thousand years to comeTill sand, pebbles, and rocksTo be united as a ledgeTill moss grows on it
Anonyme (MOrocco) - 27/04/2007 : Japon has become powerful country , I really admire peaple there , they are always hard working , they get lifetime jobs .If only i could travel there to meet japonnaise peaple .
Kitten (Canada) - 31/05/2007 : Im doing a project on japan (japon in french) and its kewl :P im havein fun :D and i love manga.. nothing more
AllyWooD (France) - 03/07/2007 : Knnichiwa! Japan is appelling, moreover for a french student like me! I plan to go their in a six months internship from march 2009 to september 2009. I know it's a little bit early but if someone has some experience int hat kind of travel or had some advices for this search I started right now, feel free to email me! Sayonara!
caroline (italy) - 21/08/2007 : can i please come to your world today i would like to come and visit
nomi (usa) - 21/08/2007 : Japan is such a good country.there are lots of electronic games that we can play!!!!
Nvard (Armenia) - 29/09/2007 : JAPAN IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Flocke (Germany) - 10/10/2007 : I really love Japan!it's so amazing.
Daryl (California) - 03/11/2007 : I lOve japan and its animes and manga. Yes, I'm a Manga lover!! x]anyone can talk to me from japan. Feel free!
frankie (france) - 14/11/2007 : Le japon à l'air d'être un pays magnifique! i really want to go there when i will have money^^
Demi (Taiwan~ >'<) - 14/02/2008 : I love the food, drama, songs, temples, tradition....etc.~!
Manata (Thailand) - 15/03/2008 : Konnichi Wa! Im' Thailand girl and I LOVE Japan ! I want to speak with us, travel in this country, discovery this culture !
dina (indonesia) - 15/03/2008 : konnichiwa! watashi wa dina de, indoneshia-jin desu. i like everything about japan. japan is very unique. i'm studying japanese now. hope that someday i can visit the country and maybe also continue my study there...
fiora (tunisie) - 17/03/2008 : je l'adoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorebut it's soooo far i cant visit it
Arlen (Cuba) - 09/05/2015 : Watashi Arelen desu. Hajimemashite.
Awesum (Japa) - 28/05/2015 : Of course Japanese are kind (AND COOL). We're recogized for the respect we have for people,WHATEVER race, religon, beliefs whatsoever. The best things here are the sakuras(cherry blossom flowers) and the parks at autumn. You can find a park just about anywhere in Japan (in the cities) Its great to smell fresh air, I mean, how many city guys get to smell that?
Awesum (Japan) - 28/05/2015 : Sorry, didnt mean Japa, its Japan....huh...Well...umm..
Amelie (Canada) - 07/07/2015 : J'adore le japon!! C'est le meilleur pays au monde selon moi:P J'adore les animes, les mangas, la gastronomie, la langue, la culture et bien plus..!! Je rêve d'aller au Japon:D En plus, je trouve que ce sont des personnes très acceuillantes et très polies!
ie, la langue, la culture et bien plus..!! Je rêve d'aller au Japon:D En plus, je trouve que ce sont des personnes très acceuillantes et très polies!
Genevieve (USA) - 30/08/2015 : I love the art and culture of Japan but I don't know about the politics. I have never been to japan, and from what I know it is very different from most western country's. I have never been outside of the us, but I have heritage in France, Germany, and Poland.If i go outside the US would you recommend Japan?
Kate ((Åëëáò (Greece)) - 19/03/2016 : I LOVE JAPAN! I want to learn!!! But me cannnnt TTATT Also, i love animee

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