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coolness (Canada) - 06/02/2004 : Iraq is sweet!! Man I love this Country!!!!!
*Jessica* (USA) - 08/03/2004 : I think in the war with Iraq that Iraq is wronge & the USA is right. There killing innocent people over there for power & I think thats wronge, better yet I know it's wronge!People should support what the USA is doing because there triing to help the people of Iraq. So Support the fight against terrorist, support the USA!!!
Sean Mullen (USA) - 19/03/2004 : I think the war with Iraq is very wrong and we shouldnt invade them
homo (jacob) - 28/03/2004 : Jessica your an asshole
asiatika (france) - 01/04/2004 : vu ce qui vien de ce passer je sui ok avec jessica . si dieu voi il doit pleurer de tout son âme!!! aucun homme ne devrai subir ce que a subit ces hommes américain!! la honte a vous irakien!!!!
imen (tunisie) - 04/04/2004 : je cherche des information sur architecture andalus
April Tipton (USA) - 10/04/2004 : Think about how many problems we could solve in our own contry with the money we spent to destroy Iraq.
douwe jan (netherlands) - 11/04/2004 : if it realy was about saving iraq from a sadam hoesijn the war had a good reason. but that is not the real reason. its al about oil. not about poor people in a dictatuur. or about democratie or about wapons. if it realy was about one of those reasons. there had to start in america not in a country far away. face it there is not a real democratie ( you only can chose between rigt partys. on lefter as the other. but if you look at the netherlands americas leftes party is our righters. point two. there are realy alot of poor people in america and if you can buy votes whit realy big campagnes it is not a real democratie becouse only people who have a lot of monny can be president so it is moor a dictatuur. point tree the wapons who has the most mass distruction wapons in the world... so a mesage to america bevore you going to atack a other country. first look at your self. i look what you can chains oh yes the only way to solve terorisme is to give monny to the countrys who are poor. becous terorism needs poor people becouse they havent anything to lose and are jalous on the monny in america.
BoB (USA) - 04/05/2004 : Iraq is a bad place when saddam was there
Brent (Iraq) - 08/05/2004 : You should put a lot of pictures for people to look at.
joe (france) - 07/07/2004 : mon copain est millitaire americain, il a du partir pour la guerre en Iraq. Je pense a toutes les familles ayant leurs proches la bas et qui pensent tres fort a eux afin qu'il ne leur arrive rien.20 ans c'est trop jeune pour combattre, ont ne s'immagine pas se que les gens subissent la bas. Courage my love ont est tous avec toi!!!
johnny (canada) - 17/07/2004 : sorry for america this great country with a morron rednick as president, i just wonder if american people know what the word peace means. And before qualifing people terrorists ask your self why there're doing that. may be it's because usa invades their country, you know what , we should call that people resistants not terrorists and remenber that george washinton was considered as a terrorist by the british government sic!!!!
Karin (USA) - 22/07/2004 : The usa should not be in Iraq. The people don't want this war, but Bush's friends and oil buddies want to be there. Bush keeps our economy down so we are too busy to get the truth about the war. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Bush is booted out of this election year. Three cheers for that. Peace. Also..three cheers to johnny in canada that called Bush a morron redneck, the truth hurts.
salah (tunisa) - 25/07/2004 : the us should stay in iraq as long as possible you know why because there blood is so sweet so please us citizens reelelect Mr bush to stay there :) and for the iraqi poeple i hope one day you we wont find you on earth you know where is your place in the hell mostly the bastard shiaa poeple (iraqi poeple coward poeple 99 % of them ) go to hell colaborators
Lilly Hamm (Iran) - 21/08/2004 : Sorry you have a war.
elmoroxmysox (usa) - 09/09/2004 : hello ppl how ya doin? im great im really hyper ok newayz i just wanted 2 say that i love me !!!!!!i love u ppl!!!! u rock!!!
ali majidi (iran) - 13/10/2004 : lilly u sorry for who iraq or u.s basterds they are all same
RAFIK (MOROCCO+WESTERN SAHARA) - 29/10/2004 : the moroccan nation is with iraq .here in morocco we consider iraq as the scond home .we love iraq and his culture
Hiryanty (Singapore) - 21/11/2004 : the war in iraq should stop
Brooke (usa) - 24/11/2004 : i do not like Iraq because they started this war and they shounld end it
jon edward (iraq) - 25/11/2004 : it is excellent
Taboush (Palestine) - 26/11/2004 : God bless Iraq :)
Ludovic (québec) - 10/12/2004 : Je crois que les Irakiens sont des victimes de cette guerre. But we have to think about the soldiers who were sent there without a good 'preparation' : they are going crazy, shoot on everything, and act like dirty bastards to civilians. There not to blame : we have to blame all the capitalist redneck of the Bush administration who are killing people for money. I hope those people will go to hell when they will die, they deserve it.
paul (uk and usa) - 19/12/2004 : the UK and USA are so right the iraqis shouldnt be trying to kill inocent people and be honest what chance has a country like iraq got in a war against the two most powerful countries in the world?
brooke (usa) - 12/01/2005 : iraq could be a free country
yasmina Elmoghrabi (egypt) - 30/01/2005 : Omar please try to organise your informations more than that.
Tanvir (India) - 25/07/2005 : The USA has no business to be in Iraq. One should clean one's house before trying to clean others' houses. And, by the way, let the people of Iraq decide which type of government they want. If they feel dictatorship is good, then so be it.
Erin (USA) - 11/10/2005 : I agree with Tanvir but I have to say to Ludovic most American soldiers don't act like that. I have talked to a girl living in Iraq and she says that some of the soldiers are very nice. I also know some soldiers and they would never act like that and it is very rude and judgemental of you to say those things without knowing anything about it.
Anwar (IRAQ) - 24/10/2005 : There is one thing I cant understand it why you arab people hate shia'a this much they did nothing wrong to any one.just be honest with you selves you are so Extremely in every thing in your misrable not shia'a or sina but you are really crossing the lines here, iraqi people are so proud to be arab but so a shame of arab like you.
rachid (France) - 24/10/2005 : The war in Iraq is useless. With the USA there is more massacre of innocent. Now I know that the USA are in big parts(parties) a culprit of attempts because he(it) finance militias. We arrété even English servicemen putting bombs(sprays) in a Shiite mosque. Everybody knows that the USA want only the petroleum and what they mess it to know if there will be a democracy or not, Afghanistan, Iraq, and soon Iran will cross(spend) under controle American and all for the same purpose, to collect most petroleum. Now if whoever prove that the USA have good faith that he says it.
eg (usa) - 04/11/2005 : I don't know for sure what George W. Bush's true reasons were for going to war with Iraq. I don't think anyone really does. Maybe they were good or maybe they were bad. But Rachid how can you say there is more massacre of the innocent? Yes, many innocent people have been killed in the war but do you have any idea what Suddam and his sons were doing to the people there while they were in power?
abina (ethiopia) - 14/12/2005 : hello iraqian people of hero i like iraq so i want to visit .i love you ira.................................................................q
O'Donovan (here) - 31/01/2006 : Hi. I'm, yeah I invaded your country. Sorry about that. Can we start over?
Morgan (usa/va) - 13/07/2006 : You shouldn't say Iraq or the United States is in the wrong there both so there really know sides to the war of Iraq All i want is our troops home and safe we already had a lot of them killed why can't we get along of sick of the war im sick of it I want to live in peace not fear that Iraq may attack us or threat us please send our troops home and stop trying to say the United States is in the wrong cause were not Bush had to do what he had to do SO leave it at that God Bless The troops and there family
lauren (USA) - 14/07/2006 : i live in the United states and i agree with Eg no one really knows his reason for going into iraq so if you live in iraq George W. Bush (our president) does NOT speak for every one in the US
Morgan (USA/virginia) - 02/08/2006 : I agree of some parts of what eg is saying but, we shouldn't have went to war thats all im saying
eg (USA) - 16/08/2006 : Yeah, by now there has definitely been more massacre of the innocent. You win Rachid! :)
lauren (usa) - 27/11/2006 : u no wat the us should leave iraq alone we caught sudam husan or who ever and now inisent kids are dieing
Kea (Iraq(Live in Sweden)) - 21/04/2007 : Hii..!! I come never forget Iraq..NEVEEEEEER!!!!!It's my best country but sorry I live in Sweden..But I come Never Forget you Iraq
Terry (China) - 15/07/2007 : You know what,guys? A lot of people have been arguing on this matter since the war was declared. I just want to show you we've been cheated by dishonest politicians. Bush is a liar, his so-called anti-terrorism war is in fact a trap: he is cooperating with Oussama Ben Laden in creating hatred between western countries and the Middle East. Think about it: Afghanistan is just a little bigger than Iraq, then how come the American troop got Saddam Hussein but no Ben Laden? Do you think it's normal?! Ben Laden is really not faithful: in the early 90's, East Turkistan (a Muslim region in China) demanded its independance which resulted in a violation of human rights under the Chinese Communist Party's dictatorship, Ben Laden doesn't care about that, though! You can visit this website at, from where you can watch a relative video called 'Stop the clash of civilizations' on the bottom of the web page. If you disagree with me or have additional comments, just email me ;).
ANNiE! (UNITED STATED OF AMERICA) - 24/10/2007 : i think bush is right and he is the good guy, it was just Muhammads fault for not leaving a will, and now there is a war and a whole bunch of people have died because of it!
Ernie (USA) - 24/11/2007 : ANNiE! that was a completely idiotic statement, and you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.
Ron (Planet Earth) - 28/12/2007 : The Earth has been here for millions of years. The HUMAN RACE is only a pin prick, in the Earth's History. The Earth has a natural way of cleaning itself, and starting over. With that said, we should devote our time, to more peaceful solutions, and see if the HUMAN RACE can survive a little longer than some other species, who are now gone, forever. Something to think about. The HUMAN RACE will end up, being someone elses fossil fuel.

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