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william (france) - 02/10/2004 : Je suis en école hoteliere et je faisun dossier géographique et touristique sur les îles canaries. pouvez vous m'envoyez diverses informations ( pcp ressources, lieux les plus fréquentés, cartes, tradtion et rytes culturels via internet. En esperan la bonne rececption de cet email et d'une reponse prochaine. Merci d'avance
Ollie (England) - 11/11/2004 : I didn't know they were in Africa, i thought i had never left europe before, but i realise i have now. wohoooo!
red (morocco) - 23/04/2005 : hi everyone, to spanish gvt:free morocco s enclaves nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
merzouk (kabylie) - 06/06/2005 : : An fait, j'ai beacoup entendue parlé de l'espagne, mais je veut bien avoir plus d'information sur ce beau pays, et j'aimerai bien le visiter un jour, alors si tu es espagnol ou espagnole et tu t'intersse aux echange des cultures, c'est avec un grand plaisir que je vai te repondre en m'écrivant.
fatou (BURKINA FASO) - 10/06/2005 : Je ne connais pas les îles , c'est mon rêve d'en visiter une il paraît que le paysage est beau et moi j'aime ce qui est beau
melanie (argentina) - 19/08/2005 : hola...alguien que le guste angelina jolie....jiji , no , quiero un pequeño amigo.
Adolfo (Spain) - 06/09/2005 : If you are intersted in Canary Islands visit this site, it´s great!
Morgan (USA) - 02/08/2006 : Never heard of this Island it seems very small and split into pieces, I seem to not be very excited about this country sorry about if I said somethin wrong to people who live there I don't really care to much if I did know about it well Its nice I see people Interested
karl (lanzarote,canary islands) - 02/09/2006 : well if u people did a bit of reserch u would see that we have great surf, great wind and kite surf and fantastic beaches aswell as great people... check it out!
ahlam (france) - 28/10/2007 : je part en novembre à Fuerteventura j aimerais avoir des reseignement sur hotel Sunrise Jandia resort et sur l ile en générale.
alex (usa) - 06/04/2008 : the canary islands are terrible dont go it was a waste of time and effort it made me feel bad there are soo many tourist traps and stuff, they live off tourists. DONT GO!!!
carl (canary islands) - 06/04/2008 : dont come here!! i have been trying to leave for a while now, it is soo boring. but sadly my mom wont let me leave her. she is very ill but this humid weather doesnt help. GET ME OUT OF HERE!!
Tamara (Serbia) - 29/04/2008 : Hey guys, what's up? What's goin' on here, nobody visits this forum?! Anyway, I'm gonna go to Tenerife in two months, so can anyone tell me what it's like there? I'd be thankful...

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