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bekaye (france) - 23/02/2004 : je trouve que le groenland est un pays magnifique.
Conflamit Leonardo (Papua New Guinnea) - 23/02/2004 : Osfafa na relegon ma reef ma capaf. Norentz haaks!
Mark Kuella (Pricolia) - 23/02/2004 : Hi ive been to Greenland i played rugby and won a trophy in 1999 its now 2009
hey!*! (USA) - 14/05/2004 : I've never been to Greenland- but I would like to learn about it!
Sam (USA) - 30/09/2004 : Hey all this is the best site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nicky (florida) - 02/10/2004 : hi i am nicky and your website is o.k it isn't good but it is o.k but one thing i would like to tell you is that the pictures you provided for greenlands traditional dress was not helpful because all you had was pictures of them not written information
someone (usa) - 02/10/2004 : but thanks anywayz
kyoko huang she (japan) - 11/10/2004 : hello my friends from greenland. you live in a very nice country! i wish to go there someday. why do you have just one penpal. i don't want to talk to this person. i wish you had other greenland penpals i could choose from. thank you
Krissy (USA) - 13/10/2004 : I have never been to Greenland but I would love to go there and learn about it in school MAYBE!!!!!!! 10/13/04
Mandy (Australia) - 19/10/2004 : Greenland is the best in the world, u have to go if u haven't ben already!!
Lauren Z (USA) - 17/11/2004 : I absolutely found Greenland fantastic I can't wait to go back there again! yes! and poop
Leslie (France, Frensh,Francěa) - 15/12/2004 : Moi j'adore le Groenland je reve d'y habiter c'est tellement magnifique en plus j'adore le poisson, le froid, la glace... Bref ce pays me correspond!! Merci au Dieu d'avoir créé le GROENLAND, le Pays de la glace
Wanda (USA) - 05/02/2005 : fabolous website and i love your country
Rachael (US) - 07/04/2005 : Hey! Greenland is very interesting and gorgeous! There is lots of good scenerey.the hardest part was finding a flight. BYE!
tracie (usa) - 18/04/2005 : hi peoples, hope you have fun in Greenland
Amy (America) - 26/04/2005 : Yes I like the way it is so cold and lots of people wouldn't like the cold but i have lived in California for twlve years and it is normally hot.
isabelle (groenland) - 11/05/2005 : bonjour je mappelle isabelle benoit jaimerais que vous m'envoyer des brochure sure le groenland
katie (usa) - 19/05/2005 : Greenland looks nice agree? e-mail me
Anja (Sweden) - 29/09/2005 : Greenland 'belongs' to Denmark, right?
paolo (ITALIA) - 30/09/2005 : hi i want to learn somenthing about groenland culture ...bye
Elina (Sweden) - 07/10/2005 : If Greenland belongs to Danmark, do you talk Dannish in Greenland?
Falex (Knada) - 19/11/2005 : Vive le Groenland!!! Les Knayens vous salut!!!
Briana (u.s.a) - 06/01/2006 : Do you know any eskimo people? Im seling candy bars for my school its fun I was just wondering What does youre place look like?
Raquel S. Borje (Philippines) - 09/06/2006 : I am very very enthralled when I hear something about Greenland, I'm getting excited! I'll tell you it's my favorite country. I hope you could display more pictures of Greenland[particularly its landscape] because I want to leran more about it. Thanks!
hellen (USA) - 03/10/2006 : where can you find the average highs and lows of temperature in greenland? (school project)
Harish (INDIA) - 03/10/2006 : Hi, I heared about Greenland. Too much cold. I would like to have a penpal from this country. If anyone interested please e-mail me.
tyrella (usa) - 19/10/2006 : hello my name is filesha and i want to visit greenland
Talez Mizgingoo (Pricolia) - 12/03/2007 : Hi im Talez im from the island of Pricolia, we have a good connection with Greenland and we won the smashball trophy against them in 2001! dum dia dora dum a di-a dor, flum tsee a thor arago mathor, thum nazerana mayno talez vu, hanze me falalu!
enzaga maurice (Pricolia) - 12/03/2007 : Freedom for Pricolia! Bomb Papua! New Ireland & New Britain unite! Pricolia City, Camala, New Desert, Newtown, Peninswayla, Deamons Isle, Maurice, Keegans Own, Halpins Own, Okocha, Yewha, Isles Of Sundown, Passage West! and the other cities want freedom!
Julian (Denmark) - 08/04/2007 : Greenland belongs to Denmark, and they learn danish in school. but normaly they speak Greenlandish
Feshta (Pricollia) - 23/09/2007 : Maliouse nane cornack vane!
Jacek (Poland) - 04/12/2007 : Grenlandia jest śliczna. Uwielbiam ten iście księżycowy krajobraz. Sami mieszkańcy grenlandii warci bliższego poznania :)
Inadio (Pricolia) - 14/12/2007 : Me be very glad to see that town like Nuuk in such remote part of the world have such a powerfull city, and populated city. i hope popultion rises in Nuuk and the urban area is big
Courtney (USA) - 22/01/2008 : Wow I am obsessed with Greenland. Does anyone here live there? It just fascinates me because it is cold most of the year and I love snow, plus there's the viking culture, the Inuits, the World War 2 controversy, the snow sports wowwwwwwwwwwwwww. Nobody understands my obsession but everyone here does thanks!
Courtney (coralia) (USA) - 22/01/2008 : Salut Leslie! Pour deux ans, j'ai classe de Francais. En Francais, je m'appelle Coralia. J'adore Groenland, aussi, c'est tres beau et interessant. Tu aime les lapins? J'ai un lapin, il s'appelle Angus (Gus). J'aime les lapins arctique en Groenland.
a person who likes pie (A country on earth) - 04/03/2008 : I never knew people lived in greenland
a person who likes pie (A country on Earth) - 04/03/2008 : I never knew people live in Greenland although during the middle ages the nomadic people tricked English people to moving to Greenland instead of Iceland by giving it the name Greenland so that the people will think it isn't cold.The English were okay for a while until a mini ice age happened in Europe and that made tempratures in Greenland go beyond the usual frigid coldness.P.S I am not a history teacher, I am a student who listens to history teachers.
Nualin (Tawain) - 29/04/2008 : I love greenland it is a beatiful country that have a white pretty snow that you can bulit snowman and play snow fight

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