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lam (niger) - 07/02/2004 : je ne pense pas que montrer la photos des gens affamés donne une bonne image du pays mettez plutot des photos de la ville c encore mieux
crazy1 ((usoa)) - 18/02/2004 : hi how are you? i like ethopia. i think it`s a cool place to go.
megen (usa) - 26/02/2004 : you guys need to have more information on, for example, recreational activities, what the educational system's like down there, and the common foods in that area and this goes for all the countries not just for Ethiopia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i mean what if someones doing a report on Ethiopia like for example ................................................. ME!!!!!!
amaha (girum) - 03/03/2004 : hi i just to say some thing about amy school i was looking cshool for crospondance for long time so can you contcat with me how i can join with pleas thank you too for your coporation amaha girum form france ::::::
Spongebob2 (United States) - 23/04/2004 : I don't live there,but I am doing a project on it and from the information I have its seems like a poor or small country.
yo_yogurl (United states) - 10/06/2004 : ethiopia is interesting l like it personally
Tinichel (Ethiopia) - 15/06/2004 : Spongebob2, u sure u're doing a project on 'it'?? coz i find it difficult to use words like 'seem' and even the 'or' part in '... like a poor or small country' for something i do my project on. or may be... ah... never mind... cheers!
misslovely (united states) - 20/06/2004 : i dont live here but ive been there its a place to see different sights theres many different parts not just the countryside i mean here you dont see goats on the street and you can pet them in ethiopia you feel like your free without any rulesits an exellent place to live!~
misslovely (unitedstates) - 20/06/2004 : i luv ethiopia so escusme mr spongebob 2 you have a problem you can not judge ethiopia like that maybe they look poor because its an expensive place to buy things like i said theres different parts not just the one you saw!!!!
Bianca (Australia) - 03/09/2004 : I have never been there but i would love to. I am doing a project on Ethiopia.
Tim (England) - 09/09/2004 : Are there any permaculture or sustainable land use projects happening in Ethopia?
PIMPINPLAYER (USA) - 13/10/2004 : u need a lot more information than that because i am doin a project on ethiopia and there not at all any information i need well there is some but not a lot like gnp, who head of state and goverment and like what global region does ethiopia belong to and whats its relative and absolute location
abreham (united states) - 17/10/2004 : men Ethiopia is hell filty it is realy nice
Marco (Spain) - 18/10/2004 : I've never been in Ethiopia, but I think that it should be very interesting to visit it because even if it is not very rich, people seem very happy. I saw a video in school that they play a lot of interesting games, some of them are similar to the ones we play in Madrid...
gamze (australia) - 21/10/2004 : ethopia is a really nice pace to be.
(Afghanistan) - 10/11/2004 : i no been to ethiopia web site need more information. Me doing project , this no help I would like visit
Paalyn (usa) - 12/11/2004 : I have never been to Ethiopia. I am doing a reprot on it for school that is worth 1/2 of my grade. It seems like a cool place to me!!
nicole (canada) - 13/11/2004 : hey.. i have never been to ethiopia...but i have a sponser child from there. i seems like a really cool place. im doing a project on it so im jsut getting some information.
TweetyBird (Arkansas) - 20/11/2004 : Idont live in ethiopia but i am also doing a report on it.
katie (portugal) - 23/11/2004 : hello
Katelynn (Canada) - 13/12/2004 : iam doing a report on ethipia too, do you guys know where the absolute location is?
sami (ethiopia) - 15/12/2004 : i'm from ethiopia and i'm very proud of it.if u want any information regarding to my country please don't hesitate to contact me. bye for now
michael (uk) - 30/12/2004 : hey ive been to ethiopia before and it is the most beautiful country i have ever seen!! there are green mountains and forests and the nile and there are also modern cities and stuff where you can get all the latest phones coming in from china and japan - cool huh??
samuel (ethiopia) - 18/02/2005 : am here 2 witness that am so proud being Ethiopian..!! am currently in Finland... but i tell u guys.. there ain no a place like mama..!! Ethiopia ye..!! we have all the brightness, and happiness any man can wish...
Marquis (augusta) - 07/03/2005 : I need to know what kinds of sports they play?
Erikia (United States) - 07/04/2005 : I need to know about the food,education,animals,and mining products please tell me something for my report!!!!!!!!
bao (China) - 17/04/2005 : If you are lucky to have a chance to visit Ethiopia, you might get a feeling that you indeed should do something for the country's peopel, because you have to be moved by the great people.
Jason (America) - 23/05/2005 : Ethiopia is aswome
Jason Wehrmeyer (America) - 23/05/2005 : Ethiopia is the coolest
Becky (NYC) - 29/05/2005 : I Luv Ethiopia and the people are wonderful. It one of the oldest country in the wrold with rich history and culture. The people are very proud but the most humbel people on earth. I have been to India,China and Russia and I found Ethiopia to be the most intresting of all. It is so sad that the only thing the only thing we see on the media is the bad ( in the small part) of this great country. I say it is a wonderful land.
Genanaw E. (Ethiopia) - 06/07/2005 : i love my country ,Ethiopia. i'm ready to write about Ethiopia for any one who need. Contact me
meaza (ethiopia) - 15/07/2005 : hey... like, most of the people in ethiopia iam very much proudof my motherland.
Blaine (ethiopia-united states) - 13/09/2005 : im half ethiopian im going there soon.i know going to ethiopia is going to be great im proud to be from there!!!
Ritchie (Philippines) - 29/09/2005 : Ethiopia is very interesting country.
Andrew (Philippines) - 29/09/2005 : As I read the history of this country I very much appreciated the cultures and traditions thats why I wish to go there someday to experience life there!!!.
kitten (usa) - 06/10/2005 : i am doing a project on ethiopia and i need pics.
Emily (us) - 14/10/2005 : Anyone know the relitive and absolute locaton? I'm also doing a project on Ethiopia ^.^
zewidnehtilahun (ethiopia) - 12/12/2005 : i love you ethiopia but she is very poor countries any way i leave in ethiopia . i need prime minister meles zenawe to talk
jj (b more) - 13/12/2005 : yeah ethiopia
birhanu (ethiopia) - 26/12/2005 : i'm proud so! cause with my country abcynia/ethiopian.
Morgan (USA) - 02/08/2006 : never heard of ethiopia but I now know where its located I was in Geography last year nothin much on ethiopia much people don't know about you all in ethiopia but, I guess its a good place
mekdes (Ethiopia) - 09/01/2007 : I just wanted to say that I love Ethiopia and I am proud of it despite its poorness.It's a country like no other .Any way if you need any info. about it I am ready to give it to you.jus contact me at
ferdos (ethiopia) - 25/01/2007 : hiiiii ethiopia i love my conutry so much
Lewnet (Ethiopia) - 31/01/2007 : Ethiopia is my life.I can not live with out Ethiopia.That is all........God bless Ethiopia
Mehretu (Ethiopian) - 13/02/2007 : I am living in it with love, pleasurea and gratitude. God blease Ethiopia and its people
Azeb (Australia) - 29/03/2007 : i love my country ETHIOPIA!I havent been there but I know it is one ofthe most beautifual countries in the world. It also has one of the most beautifual people in Africa.Did you know that?
bob (Ethiopia) - 30/03/2007 : Did you know that Ethiopia holds hundreds of thousands of starving children?
sistiague (france) - 24/04/2007 : help je cherche la signification du prenom 'fitsum' et ses origines merci de me repondre sur mon adresse email si vous savez comment je peux trouver ceci!! celine
sara (FL) - 16/05/2007 : Hi I loved Ethiopia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sandrine (france) - 23/05/2007 : bonjour;je cherche la signification du prenom MIFTAH,quelqu'un peut il m'aider?merci;sandrine
savannah (United States) - 20/09/2007 : hey this is savannah and i am doing a project on ethiopia. whats its ABSOLUTE LOCATION???
Meeraf (U.S.A) - 21/10/2007 : hey i went to ethiopia this summer it rocks!!!!!!I went to the main city Addis Ababa there are lots of people there and i had lots of experience there Addis Ababa is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nequa (usa) - 22/10/2007 : do any body no wat is the absolute location of niger
kinji (china) - 27/10/2007 : it rocks and i had a great time but i need to knows absolte location
raneem (Lebanon) - 07/12/2007 : hey everybody i have 2 do a project about ethiopia and i need some information so can u plz help me
Brooke (United States) - 01/02/2008 : I love Ethipoia a lot and want to visit one day.
jade (usa) - 15/02/2008 : i dont live there but i really need to know what it is like to live there because i am doing a project at school but i cant find anything on what it is like there or what it is like to live there , could anyone help ?thanks.
meredith (USA) - 15/04/2008 : i want to go to Ethiopia sometime in my life. It is very interesting. There way of life is so different from ours.
alazar (ethiopia) - 09/05/2008 : if any bady want to know about ethiopia pls contact us any time by this web page
Hanna (United States) - 09/07/2015 : I have been to Ethiopia twice. It's where my parents were born, I love it there. It's a very beautiful country, I can't wait to visit again!
Emu (Ethiopia) - 15/04/2016 : Ethiopia is my country and my life!It has a lot of histories,resources,cultures,languages and etc.All the people live their life peacefully.If you want to know more about Ethiopia,please come and you will see the reality!GOD BLESS ETHIOPIA FORE EVER!!!

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