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angy (dominican rep) - 02/04/2004 : i never heard of dominica i wounder wat it is like
Stephen (USA) - 04/05/2004 : I was recently in Dominica. It is a very beautiful island with lush rainforests. The ethnic make up is generally black. The people speak english and are very friendly. The islands' capital is Roseau. One of our tour guides said many commercials have been shot at some of the islands waterfalls, but I cannot remember the name of these falls. The terrain is also very mountainous. Driving around on the roads, it seemed to me that Sugar and Bananas were most important as far as agriculture goes. There is a site to give some visuals on the island. As I said earlier, Dominica is new to tourism, so shopping and other luxuries that you would find in the Virgin Islands or other islands is not present, but the natural beauty makes the visit worth it.
DEbi (Oegon USA) - 28/04/2005 : What a beautiful island paradise! Someone please email me with information about relocating! My husband and I want to live there.
poto (d/ca) - 23/07/2005 : Dominica,d/ca is one of the natured island on the earth so much to say,please you can make here yr home to
Steef (Netherlands) - 10/10/2005 : Thanks you were very helpfull for my English article for school about Dominica
Miranda (France) - 04/04/2007 : My mom comes from Dominica and all her family is still there. When I return in Dominica it's Wouaw! wonderful!!!This place is so beautiful and peaceful.I love this place because of its nature, waterfalls , its sweet weather without any pollution and because Dominicans are welcoming,like all Caribbeans ;).This is what I like.My piece of life in Dominic I love It
jessica (dominica) - 21/04/2007 : i love dominica,even though it is not america it is great especially my village's river the layou river if anyone comes to dominica come visit me in the housing scheme

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