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* Jessica * (USA) - 08/03/2004 : I think it would be really fun to go on Vacation there! But it might get a little hot!
Agustin (Spain) - 22/03/2004 : I have been to the Cook Islands twice during the last two years. I miss a reference in your site to the main trade going on in the Cook Islands: the black pearl trading which is very important to the Islands economy. I propose that you take that into account
tofiga (samoa) - 13/07/2006 : uhhh i relli lik to tank ma madaz and ma fadaz for bringing me in to samoa....... u noe wen ppl tell me that samoa is a nice plac i say to them talofa and they say to me toyota....... yea and ma madaz and ma fadaz say to me and ma cidaz dat they falla me off and they call me and cidaz a sun of a page....... yea dats y i lik samoa coz they cant speak da ingish........

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