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Loz (England) - 29/02/2004 : Is this where santa lives? Do u get presents all year round? not fir i want to live on an island with a cool name
Sara (Malaysia) - 06/03/2004 : i agree
Dean (Malaysia) - 07/03/2004 : Hi orang Melayu di sana Apa khabar
charlie (united states of americia) - 31/05/2004 : i have always wanted to move there. one problem though! once a year a crab migration occures and the island is covered with thousands of crabs on roads and in houses
nayun (southkorea) - 19/10/2004 : I had heard christmas island. There are many crad it's right?
Cathy (USA) - 02/12/2004 : How do the people of Christmas Island celebrate Christmas? What are the customs and what does the Santa look like? What do tourists do on Christmas Day?
katie ([united states of america) - 09/12/2004 : i have always wanted to move there every sence i herd of it. it looks nice from the pictures
katie ([united states of america) - 13/12/2004 : how does your island celebrate holidays speialy [christmas]. How do you eat your food thier

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