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Joanna (England) - 28/02/2004 : It's sweet to translate the national anthem! Thank you!
Loz (England) - 29/02/2004 : If any1 chinese comes on here say something good at least
Grace Addo (USA) - 05/03/2004 : The information is detailed, but I thought you would explained the meaning of the flag. Thanks!
Rosalie (Hong Kong) - 07/03/2004 : It was okay! However, I think you can do better. Keep!!!
princess ( nigeria) - 19/03/2004 : the country is a good one especially their skills i think they can do better if given the chance!!!!
sandra (nigeria) - 19/03/2004 : whao,i couldnt believe it!when i sathe terrain and lovely site it behold,its sweet,and i think they should try and translate what the flag means too!!!!
ABDOU (MAROC) - 23/04/2004 : la langue et la civilisation chinoise est trés riche mais les caractéres chinois reste trés dificiles á apprendre
Audrey (USA) - 11/05/2004 : i am so glad that u have the national anthem and a graph on the climate of China. I am doin a big report and board on China.THis is the stuff i really needed but couldn't find
Adriana (USA) - 14/05/2004 : i like it but i need to know like what is going on is JUST East Asia like what is happening today. i need TODAY!! thx alot Buh bye
mat owens (U.S.A) - 20/05/2004 : thiis is a good web site and it helped me
vernon (harold) - 29/05/2004 : thank you for your job and for this site...
china_jc2004 (china) - 11/06/2004 : I am alway ready for our ideality.
patriot (India) - 10/07/2004 : Although China has attained economic supremacy, I wonder when it is going to attain political Freedom. Hope chinese people attain there political freedom as quick as possible!!!!!!!!!!!
melissa (france) - 20/07/2004 : j'adore la chine ! c'est mon pays préféré, j'aimerais tellement visiter ce pays extraordinaire !
Nouri (TUNISIA) - 07/08/2004 : Pour que la chine demeure le CENTRE du monde, elle doit préserver la NATURE et trouver des solutions aux déséquilibres entre une minauroté des villes trés RICHES et une majotité des campagnes trés PAUVRE!!!
nina (france) - 01/10/2004 : je suis chinoise et tibetaine,depuis 2 ans en france,bilingue,mon mari est Francais,nous sommes a votre écoute pour des conseils avisés sur la CHINE . il y as tellement a dire, en bien évidament
Hu Jinghua (China) - 18/10/2004 : We have glory of the past and dreams of the future. I am proud of my country.
Lalie (France) - 02/11/2004 : For me, China is a very pretty country and I love it. I love her language too. For me China is great!!! XD Contact me if you want to chat, I'm looking for Chinese new friends!
Daniel Kong (China) - 13/11/2004 : If you have a chance to go to China, take it!!
Meryem (Maroc) - 19/11/2004 : J'aime bien la Chine.
Fede (Italy) - 27/11/2004 : i like china and my best friend is chinese!!!!!!!!now he's italian pratically..but he told me about china and i am very very very .... HAPPY to have Zhen like my friend because he is a very big friend,my best friend!Hi zhen!thank u!
mike (china) - 13/12/2004 : china is for awesome people
sophia osman (xinjiang,china) - 16/12/2004 : i think maybe some friends wants to know some intersting things about china's minorities, china is a big country with colorful nationalities.contacts uyghur myself!
jess (canada) - 16/12/2004 : i like chinease food
titi (france) - 14/01/2005 : j adore la chine
Katie (England) - 15/01/2005 : Hello(ni hau) I adore China and I am even teaching myself the language!! If there are any Chinese Girls age 13 who want to talk plz e-mail me!! It is my dream to try out my language!!
jon (france) - 22/01/2005 : vive la chine
Linka (Poland) - 22/01/2005 : where are the information about Pekin???
Karina (Taiwan) - 27/01/2005 : Please tell me why Beijing always does that to Taiwan? I'm not crazy about the independence of Taiwan, or any unsure and debatable situation. I'm reasonable and just curious about the answers. I'd like to have someone to talk and exchange the ideas about Taiwan and Mainland China. Please e-mail me, thank you very much! : )
gurrea (spain) - 03/02/2005 : china has 1300000 people nowday
alvin (philippines) - 05/02/2005 : hi to all
crock dun dee (Australia) - 10/02/2005 : awww mate this is a great site for china. I am coming over soon to have a look at some of the beautiful animals over there, well dam gotta go shoot a crock but mate. great site
Min (Korea) - 14/04/2005 : Hi! I like china :D
faiz mohd (canada) - 17/05/2005 : china is the my favourite country. I like it very much , I have never seen china but in many films of my favourite actor Jackie chan I find that china is a good country specially Hong kong and other areas . I hope i will visite china someday ,
nicole (USA) - 19/05/2005 : i love chinese people!! and my dream is to go to china someday! until then i can only obsess over it
Xiang Tian (China) - 26/05/2005 : Wo chao China,shapi china!!!!!
Xiaoliang (Chine) - 30/05/2005 : Comme beaucoup de pays dans le monde, la Chine a en ce moment de nombreux problèmes. La dictature du PCC en est la cause principale. La révolution culturelle a détruit à fond les patrimoines culturels et la moralité traditionelle, ce qui fait qu'il y a une crise de croyance universelle depuis une vingtaine d'années. Les intelectuels chinois n'ont pas le droit de publier leurs oeuvres politiques dans leurs propres pays. Il y a un américain qui a dit qu'il préférait le gouvernement japonais à celui chinois, mais le peuple chinois à celui japonais. Les chinois sont vraiment très accueillants.
Xiaoliang (Chine) - 30/05/2005 : J'ajouterait que ce qui me rend ému le plus c'est que mon peuple, sous une telle dictature, dans les conditions de vie à peine satisfaisantes, trouve toujours des joies et des bonheurs, sans se plaindre, sans soupirer un mot. Tandis que les Français ils ont tout et ils n'arrêtent pas de râler. Entre parenthèses, j'aime beaucoup la France et son peuple.
Lucy (England) - 28/06/2005 : A lovely place to be as i have got relatives over there thanks
yuanshuning (china) - 06/07/2005 : I love china where I was born.although She has a lot of problem,I will try my best to treat her to do my duty as a chinese. Vive la chine
Kawanisha (Ottosan) - 16/09/2005 : how to say,this country is big , yes , its big , but i dont them much , boring , and nothing special , how about the food , horrible , shit ,
ugo (france) - 23/09/2005 : china kills the people of tibet, make people working for shit, kills people when they want to say something against the dictature, there is a lot of censorship... yes of course china is a great country. i love it. their dictatos is one of the biggest criminals of the century, but everybody is happy. is world full of jerks and assholes??
rachid (alger) - 05/10/2005 : love china
Pat Woods (Switzerland) - 27/10/2005 : I like the chinese people very musch and consider them as innocent of all crimes against humanity?
Alex (abadaga) - 02/12/2005 : Hi ! I LOve China, And I Was In Beijing For One Week ! If Somebody Is Speaking French, Tell Me :)
Alex (France) - 02/12/2005 : Love Chinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
sean (china) - 03/12/2005 : I come from China. One who is beening insteresting in china,chinese,culture of china,and something else, I sugest one to buy a book: my county and my people. the auther is a great chinese writer Linyutang. One can learn from that book many interesting things about china.
Bruce (China ) - 06/12/2005 : ÎÒÊÇÖйúÈË,ÎÒΪ´Ë¶ø½¾°Á!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bruce (China ) - 06/12/2005 : I am CHinese,i'm proud of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cece (France) - 15/05/2006 : J'adore la chine pour la culture (générale) et pour les coutumes. Et surtout, j'adore la langue !!!
vilei_may (canada) - 10/06/2006 : hey guys i also luv chine like all the cultures, the foods everything is perfect and also the peoples 'cause i have a chinese friend and she's so nice she's always there 4 me!!!!=] and i got this project and i chose china 'cause i love it~!!!!! and thank u 4 giving me this informations my teacher is so proud~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the good work````````!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=]
yong (Singapore) - 11/06/2006 : Well, China is no-doubtly the largest country of the World, with cool sceneries. However, I really don't like their arrogant, snobbish Government. Other than that, i think they really have a rich culture and is definitely gonna Grow very strongly!
ying (Chine) - 19/06/2006 : I like china
dz (South Africa) - 25/06/2006 : i like china
andy (UK) - 29/06/2006 : China is the greatest country in the world! The Chinese who does not love his own country like Xiangtian is really rubbish!
kingsley (cameroon) - 07/08/2006 : i have visit this site and i have seen everything that is they i will like to say that china is a nice place apart of the very low amount of water i am very happy with everything i saw and i wish to be they one day an i am vey show that i will be there one the thanks for your understanding bye to you all
Andrew (USA) - 19/08/2006 : China is the most boring place I have ever been to.Speak to one person, you speak to them all.Rather like the movie 'Ground Hog Day'.There is a lot of crap written about China, it is corrupt and dirty.You visit one town you visit them all same filty shit holes.The food is bland just like the people.Boring, Boring!!
Alex (USA) - 25/08/2006 : I hate China
ryan (america) - 04/10/2006 : Yo it is so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hexiao (China) - 01/01/2007 : I love china !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hexiao (China) - 01/01/2007 : ÎÒ°®Öйú£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡
shmily (china) - 07/01/2007 : me too
peter Jeffersen (Canada) - 18/02/2007 : I love china,chinese people,but hate the chinese dictature
NeJaT (TuRKeY) - 18/02/2007 : ni hao :) i love China and its culture and the people live in. they are so friendly as far as i know from my pen friends. i wanna go to China one day so as to meet with my penpals ^^ coz of them , i have become interested in Chinese and wanna learn ! anyway baibai :) greetings from Turkey to China and all the places on the earth .
Mikey (?????) - 06/03/2007 : Hello.China is cool and i like it.Chinse peeps r friendly...
yejin (China) - 08/03/2007 : NeJaT, welcome to China, where you can find out Uyghur,one of the ethnic minorities. do you know they are original of Turkey? :)
Ana maria (China) - 24/05/2007 : Oh im doing china in a project that they put us in school and is very cool all the things that it have
Carolyn (China) - 27/06/2007 : No matter she is beautiful or ugly,above all,she is our mother.Though she has lots of problems,as young generation,our duty is to construct our country and solve problems instead of complaining!I love China,my mother!ÎÒ°®Öйú£¡
Evelyne (France) - 03/07/2007 : China is a dictatureship ; no one can be coherent and say 'I love China'!I do researches on dictatureships, and I know that a person, under a dictatureship, who has the courage to denouce it, will go to prison or die. So people who are not Chinese who say they like China, you really disapoint me! :( The other who are Chinese, I don't understand you, how you can say these things... you all know you have problems because of the dictatorship, and that you can't solve these problems since this dictatorship will exist. I love chinese people the chinese culture and the beautiful language, I hate the dictatorship.Xiaoliang, si tu es vraiment chinois(e), bravo pour ton courage, bravo pour ce que tu as osé dire!!!! J'espère que tu me comprends ; si tu lis ce message, contacte moi si tu peux! Oui, c'est vrai, les français râlent beaucoup! ^^ Et c'est bien que tu les aime tout de même!
Sonny (Lahore,Pakistan) - 09/08/2007 : I will visit China!...... love this country :)
michael (oregon) - 27/11/2007 : i like china and it is ok to mee
chynnna_china (china) - 17/12/2007 : i believe that china is its own countrie and if your not a part of thier country or kow what they are going through you should be the last to judge!!!
Haider Ali Khan (china) - 20/02/2008 : i love china inshallullah i will visit there to see the longest wall in the world
haider (Pakistan Dir) - 20/02/2008 : I LOVE CHINA I WILL VISIT THERE TO ENJOY THE LIFE THERE
Jean (USA) - 09/04/2008 : China is a nice place where you can spit in the street, litter everywhere, pushing people, being rude and where it's a game to screw tourists. Bonus.. If you're Tibetan, you can receive free hits
Patrick (Canada) - 12/04/2008 : Jean it looks like you're watching way too much cnn and btw i'm sure it's exactly like that in the usa too lol
Evelyne (France) - 19/04/2008 : so now tat everybody's talking about tibet's problems say tha
Evelyne (France) - 19/04/2008 : say that you love this country which kills and imprisons so many people because they don't want to shut up!!! FREE TIBET!!!
Marion (France) - 19/04/2008 : Hi, one day I will go to China because I love this country and the next year I would learn the language . And maybe Evelyne thinks that is a dictatoreship but I think she want to search to know other things about it, because, China have a culture and customs too. I want to know more China before to judge it. And chinese are more open minded than North Corean. It 'is because the olympics games that everybody look the problem with Tibetans but it is not the only problem but the others ... nobody know them.Marion from Le Mans : vive la sarthe :p )
sherry (china) - 20/04/2008 : i am a chinese! i am proud of my homeland!Perhaps you have such an idea,just because the underture report of CNN,but it is necessary for you to find out the truth of incident!
Ross (Italy) - 23/04/2008 : I really love chinese landscapes , but I can't tolerate chinese governement, because of lots of things, their way to be with tbetans, the way they kill animals (all kind of animals not only dogs or cats),the disinterestedness about pollution and so on ... I really hope to visit a civil China in the future.
Evelyne (France) - 27/04/2008 : Thank you Ross
Evelyne (France) - 27/04/2008 : and Marion as well. the medias talk too much about this problem while there are so many other problems in China and in the world. some chinese people may hate french people after what happened in Paris with the olympic flamme. it's so a shame that it can lead to hatred between people. i just hope other people like me are searching for peace, love and a free and better world
Matteo (Fabris) - 23/06/2015 : I love Chinese, I want to see China before it is too late
Yoyo (China) - 11/07/2015 : QQ is the one of the most popular app in China,most of Chinese use it,if you want to make Chinese online,you can try to use QQ!I have QQ
Bablurine (France) - 23/10/2015 : Hie everybody ! I have a question for Tawaïan people or Chinese people because it's about Taïwan ... In fact, it's not a question, rater I would like you explain me what's the history between China and Taïwan ... ? Because for instance I don't understand when Karina tell about thé independance of Tawaïn.
makalo (Tanzania) - 21/12/2015 : I adore China and I want to kno Chinese characte anyone to teach me
Ó¨ (China) - 18/03/2016 : I'm proud of that I am a chinese.In my heart China is the most beautiful country and she is developing rapidly.All in all,I love China.
Xu Sishi (Chins) - 22/05/2016 : In fact£¬China is more and more beautiful ,and I like lot of Chinese documentary such as ¡¶Éà¼âÉϵÄÖйú¡·£¨A bite of China)£¬¡¶ÎÒÔڹʹ¬ÐÞÎÄÎï¡·£¨Masters In Forbidden City£©and so on.

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