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Morgan (United States) - 16/03/2004 : Hey, I think this site should have more information about Nassau City.
Elizabeth (U.S.A) - 28/04/2004 : This website is great! I did a school report on the Bahamas and got loads of extra credit! Thanks a lot
Margaux (Canada) - 29/04/2004 : I think this site has lots of good statistics and information but I think that more pictures would be helpfull to better comprehend the country. I think it looks like a beautiful place that I would one day want to visit.
orlando (états-unis) - 25/05/2004 : je veux savoir l'osti de répartition de la Floride
mackenzie (u.s.a) - 27/05/2004 : i think this site should have more information-- like if they have a different language, their culture, and things like that.
yan (canada) - 04/06/2004 : je veu savoir cest quoi les criss de coutume au bahamas jé un esti de recherche a faire
macky (u.s.a) - 10/08/2004 : hi! i think this is a great info. thing! i went to the bahamas, and almost everyone drove golfing carts, and they catch their fish and lobsters mostly with speers, a a metal cylinder pole with an arrow at the top.
Chhounchanmalydeth (Cambodia) - 12/08/2004 : Hey i think that this website is good for students that have to search lesson for assigment.
anoynamus (bahamas) - 15/09/2004 : hey i live in the bahamas i like the beaches here exept for that its boring here P.S. and i like the climate.
George (Ghana) - 22/09/2004 : I would be very happy if the Bahamas authorities will try their possible best to open one EMBASSY office in Ghana,because lot of people in Ghana want to visit Bahamas for their vacation holidays, but they don't know where to obtain their VISA.I hope you will considered this information seriously.Thank you.
*Manda* (USA) - 10/11/2004 : There is a lot of information, but it is fairly unorganized and when you search on google, it says that something will be in the text, but isn't there. Good site for reports though!
Elisabeth (canada) - 17/01/2005 : I think that Bahamas is a beautiful contries with a lot of beautiful paysage. This site is very good because on google there's not a lot information on that contrie if you want to do a research it is just for the tourism!!! very good!!!!!!
tomas (bahamas) - 17/02/2005 : WHAT IS THE NATIONAL ANTHEM FOR THE BAHAMAS?
blah (us) - 18/02/2005 : I WANT TO GO SO MUCH NOW I LOVE THE SIGHTS
Jordan (U.S.A) - 05/03/2005 : This site is good,, but needs more info on cultural things like holidays and stuff
Michelle (Canada) - 13/05/2005 : I think thhis site is great. I have been to the Bahamas before and am doing a school report on this beautiful country. I found a lot of the information I needed. A few more pictures wouldn't hurt though... Great site. Thanks.
stephhh (Canada) - 30/09/2005 : this site is ok except it should be in ENGLISH!!!!!!!everything else is aiighttt...word 2 ya motherr...peace bizz-itchs and slizz-utts!!!
Nicolas (France) - 30/09/2005 : so why don't you visit the english side ?
Michelle (USA) - 13/04/2006 : the bahamas rule!!!!! but this sit needs PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bobome (france) - 25/05/2006 : I never went to the Bahamas but I really want to go.
chease (france) - 25/05/2006 : It Rocks!!!!
sean (usa) - 30/01/2007 : bahamas is the coolest place
shamoo (asia) - 14/03/2007 : this place is cool!
Rachel (washington) - 01/06/2007 : you need the mining products
Jean Jean Baptiste Joseph (Haiti) - 04/06/2007 : I want to visit Bahamas and to learn too.I like Bahamas.
acona (South Africa) - 05/06/2007 : Bahamas is ma dreamland i'd love seing ma self in the blue sea of Bahamas with ma girlfreind/wife wearing begins on that blue beach of Bahamas, not later than 2010 although im still studying @ da moment.
Paige Mueller (canada) - 03/05/2008 : Hi my name is Paige Mueller and i love the Bahamas i always wanted to go there but i couldn't, i don't know why but my mom went there and she said that place was great. i hope i can go there. love Paige Mueller, xoxoxoxox

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