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Question 1 / 6
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Where could you get information?????

  your brain
  video games

Question 2 / 6
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Your walking around the room and your bored,what do you do????

  Go to the computer
  Watch tv
  read a book
  Play video games
  play outside
  run around
  play sports
  go to a friends house

Question 3 / 6
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You were watching youtube on the computer when the power went out.You amidily got bored.What could you do????

  read a book
  watch tv
  play video games
  go outside
  play at a friends house
  take a walk,maybe walk a dog
  play sports

Question 4 / 6
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You love computers and tv,but if you saw a commericel on the tv about a tv in a chair with a computer too,what would you do????

  Buy the chair right then right now
  wait till you can afford it

Question 5 / 6
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books are better than computers


Question 6 / 6
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tvs and computers are better then video games


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