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Question 1 / 12
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What photos are your phone full of?

  Photos of your friends
  Photos of your dog(s)
  Photos of your family
  Photots of the great outdoors

Question 2 / 12
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Your house is full of.....

  Stuffed animals
  Dog toys
  Framed pictures of your dog
  Electronic devices
  Dog treats

Question 3 / 12
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Your clothes are covered in...

  Cute dog designs
  Nothing! They are just plain.
  Dog hair
  Bold patterns

Question 4 / 12
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You get most sad when....

  Your ice cream falls on the floor
  Your dog dies
  People bully you
  The weather is bad
  People mistreat dogs
  Your dog gets hurt

Question 5 / 12
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Which would you most like to do?

  Play with your dog
  Text friends

Question 6 / 12
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Are you a happy person when you are with dogs?


Question 7 / 12
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Which of these are often found in your pocket?

  Your phone
  Dog treats
  A small book
  Your wallet, because you love shopping!
  Poop bags
  Little toys

Question 8 / 12
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You walk in the bathroom and see chewed-up toilet paper all over the floor. Your dog did it. So you...

  Yell at it
  Burst into tears
  Cheerfully greet your dog. You still love him!
  Correct her in a firm voice, then clean up the mess.
  Give your dog a bone, because then he won't chew your stuff, right?

Question 9 / 12
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You come home late at night ready to take a nap, when your dog whimpers to tell you that she needs to go outside. What do you do?

  Let him in the backyard by hmmself. It's fenced in, so it's fine.
  Take her on a walk
  Let him go inside. You'll clean it up later.

Question 10 / 12
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When someone says, "dogs" what do you think of?

  A stinky fur ball
  Your baby!
  A loyal companion
  A friend
  A troublemaker

Question 11 / 12
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When you go on vacation, how important is your dog's care?

  VERY, VERY important. You can't let anything happen to your baby!
  Important, but it's ok if your dog is left alone a little.
  It dosen't matter to you.

Question 12 / 12
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How important is your dog's training? If you don't have one, once you get one, how important will it be?

  Very important. If the dog makes a mistake, it desearves to be yelled at!
  Very important, but you don't get upset if your dog makes a mistake.
  You didn't think about training yet.
  No way! Your perfect chihuahua is "too good" for some stupid training program.
  It dosen't matter.

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