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Quizz "Biology, Life sciences" - 5 questions
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What do you call the system with parts:BRAIN,SPINAL CORD and NERVE CELLS?

  A. Circulatory System
  B.Nervous System
  C.Digestive System
  D.Eco System

Question 2 / 5
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What organ is considered as an INCREDIBLE COMPUTER?


Question 3 / 5
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People are what?

  A.Living Things
  D.All of the above

Question 4 / 5
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What is XYLEM?

  A. a body system
  B. a disease
  C. a part of a plant
  D. a kind of a tree

Question 5 / 5
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What are the 2 cells produced by testes and ovaries?

  A. Nerve Cells
  B. Sperm and Egg Cells
  C. Dendrites and Nucleus
  D. Axon and Body Cells

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