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Can a virus be killed?

  Yes, it can
  No, it cant
  Who knows

Question 2 / 12
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Is Pluto classified as a planet?

  Not yet decided

Question 3 / 12
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What is entropy?

  disorder to order
  order and/or disorder state of things
  order to disorder

Question 4 / 12
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Is a 'black hole' black?

  Yes, because even light cannot escape
  No, because it spews out matter and light
  Yes, because it distorts the light around them

Question 5 / 12
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Which among these bacteria is deemed as a biologic weapon?

  Bacillus anthracis
  Francisella tularensis
  Ascaris lumbricoides

Question 6 / 12
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Could a wall technically punch you back?

  Nope, its a non-living thing with no force on it own
  Yes, because walls are awesome!

Question 7 / 12
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If you were dangled just beyond the event horizon of a blackhole, could you come to Earth and learn that 1 century has passed?

  No, because you cannot escape a blackhole
  No, because even time cannot be warped to that extent
  Yes, because time can be warped to that extent
  Yes, because a blackhole could act as a wormhole

Question 8 / 12
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Did Einstein believed that the world was expanding?

  Yes, because his general and special theory of relativity pointed to that in his equations
  Yes, because the attractive pull of gravity of stars would have caused them to collapse into eachother
  Yes, because Einstein calculated that in his famous equation, the E=mc2
  No, because he truly believed the world was static
  No, because he introduced the cosmological constant that made his theories still work
  No, because Einstein didn't even take into account that the world might be expanding which he then regretted later on

Question 9 / 12
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Could we still hear the echo of big bang?

  No, because it happened 13 billion years ago
  No, because it is outside of our galaxy and we have no advanced machine
  Yes, because the universe is still young
  Yes, I could hear it in the static of the radio

Question 10 / 12
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Does an object with a heavier mass fall faster than an object with a lighter mass?

  Yes, Newton said so in his story of the apple falling from a tree
  Yes, as we could see in the daily observations
  No, its all just air resistance
  No, a stone and a paper fall the same way without other factors

Question 11 / 12
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Is the lightest thing the electron?

  No, it is the neutron
  No, it is the neutrinos
  Yes, it weighs lighter than a proton
  Yes, it weighs lighter even than the neutron

Question 12 / 12
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Coukd I travel faster than the speed of light?

  No, technically impossible
  Yes, technically possible
  Not yet known

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