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Question 1 / 8
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Who are the members of the group?

  Bob, Larry, Andrew, Liam, and Tommy
  Michael, Harry, Percy, Caleb, and Ronald
  Louis, Niall, Liam, Harry, and Zayn
  Jaden, Gerald, Ian, Bradley, and Colin

Question 2 / 8
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What show did they try out for when they became a group?* They started out individually and then got in a group*

  Britain's got Talent!
  The Voice
  Got Talent?

Question 3 / 8
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How old is Harry?


Question 4 / 8
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What band was Harry in before One Direction?

  The Black Cats
  White Eskimo
  Opal Dream
  Goth Dragons

Question 5 / 8
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What is Louis "labeled" as?

  The sophisticated one
  The angry one!!!!
  The funny one
  The leader one

Question 6 / 8
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True or False, Niall had braces WHILE he was in the band.


Question 7 / 8
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Zayn used to have what hairstyle?

  Quiff with a blonde streak
  Pigtails with lace!
  Medium straight hair

Question 8 / 8
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True or False, Liam has 1 kidney.


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