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Question 1 / 5
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who plays skeeter in bed time stories?

  adam sandler
  daniel radcliff
  will smith
  kevin james

Question 2 / 5
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who does the the voice of the conducter in the polar express?

  chris rock
  tom hanks
  robert downey
  jamie bell

Question 3 / 5
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who plays derek thopson in tooth fairy?

  ross lynch
  chris hemsworth
  the rock
  hugh jackman

Question 4 / 5
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who plays mack in teen beach movie?

  kristen stewart
  selena gomez
  bridget mendler
  mia mitchell

Question 5 / 5
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who plays bob ho in spy next door?

  will smith
  jackie chang
  robert downey
  hugh jackman

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