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modifier supprimer 27797 - de crazyman44 (Alaska (USA)) - 2023-11-28
Judo - "judo"

i like judo.

27797 -
modifier supprimer 27798 - Réponse de Potato44 (Samoa Américaines) - 2023-11-28

Me too bro

modifier supprimer 27795 - de Charlotte 138 , 13 ans (Allemagne) - 2023-11-04
Ski - "Hello"

Hello my Name is Charlotte and I love Skiing but I live in the north of Germany so I can't skiing very often 😪

modifier supprimer 27793 - de Charlotte33 , 13 ans (Allemagne) - 2023-10-18
Ski - "hello"

hello, my Name is Charlotte, I love skiing, but I live in Bremen (Germany) so I can't skiing very often:(

modifier supprimer 27791 - de Cléa4 , 13 ans (France) - 2023-10-04
Danse - "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"

Salut je parle français et j'aime beaucoup la dance surtout la k-pop je maîtrise la dance classique la dance moderne et la k-pop et cette année je fait la compétition jusqu'à Paris enfin vous m'avez compris voilà tout sa pour vous dire :

modifier supprimer 27787 - de Lydia223 , 14 ans (USA) - 2023-09-28
Volley ball - "Volleyball!"

I love, love, love volleyball, it's my favorite sport! I've been playing since 7th grade and right now i'm on my schools J.V. team! Any other volleyball players out there that want to chat or be Pen-pals?

modifier supprimer 27782 - de Ada19 , 13 ans (USA) - 2023-09-14
Surf - "Surfing"

I went surfing last summer in Hawaii, I would love to do it as much as possible but I live in Missouri, in the middle of the USA, and there is nowhere to surf.

modifier supprimer 27778 - de Henrique 55 (Brésil) - 2023-08-30
Foot - "futebol"

alguém para conversar sobre o Corinthians

27778 -
modifier supprimer 27779 - Réponse de Henrique 55 , 17 ans (Brésil) - 2023-08-31

Hello, I'm a professional player at Sport Club Paulista... I'm currently injured, very sad about that, but I want to get back to the pitch soon.. whoever is there wishes me support

modifier supprimer 27772 - de Sophia140 , 15 ans (USA) - 2023-08-13
Volley ball - "hello"

I want someone to talk about volleyball with and see what is different about it in other countries or if you want to talk about VNL.

modifier supprimer 27771 - de Alexandre65 , 13 ans (France) - 2023-08-09
Tennis - "Tennis is the best sport"

Hello,I'm Alex and I love Tennis,I play it since I was 4 years old and I think it's one of the best sport!!!

modifier supprimer 27770 - de Williams78 , 25 ans (Togo) - 2023-08-06
Danse - "La reconnaissance"

Salut, je suis williams et je suis un togolais et je voulais faire une reconnaissance avec vous

27770 -
modifier supprimer 27780 - Réponse de Moahmed122 (Samoa Américaines) - 2023-08-31

Je suits Mohamed

modifier supprimer 27752 - de Giovanna92 , 14 ans (Brésil) - 2023-07-10
Volley ball - "Volleyball"

Hi! As a volleyball lover I would like to know more about this sport in other countries, like the most famous players and teams within the country.

modifier supprimer 27747 - de Devyn 56 , 16 ans (USA) - 2023-06-29
Boxe - "Muay Thai/boxing"

I'm a Muay Thai fighter but I also love boxing as well so if everyone is excited to talk about it I'm here

modifier supprimer 27745 - de Samia65 , 11 ans (Suisse) - 2023-06-21
Athlétisme - "l'athlétisme"

moi je fait ce sport et je trouve qu'il est super et vous ? Le saut en longueur me fait toujours stresser et je ne saute pas bien en concours car à l'entraînement je fait 3m99 et au concours que 2m97...

modifier supprimer 27744 - de Aroa41 , 14 ans (Espagne) - 2023-06-19
Natation - "I love swimming"

I'm Aroa and I love swimming at the beach even though sometimes I swallow too much salt water.

Do you like to swim more in a pool or on the beach?

Hugs and Kisses ♥

27744 -
modifier supprimer 27796 - Réponse de Angel14 (Canada) - 2023-11-05

Personally I prefer pools cause i get scared in oceans and deep waters, but its fun tho.

modifier supprimer 27741 - de Linnéa138 , 15 ans (Canada) - 2023-06-14
Escalade - "looking for penpals who climb!"

Heyy! I am an avid climber and would love to connect with climbers my age across the world! Message me or look at my profile if you’re interested in talking more!

modifier supprimer 27738 - de jojo182 , 13 ans (France) - 2023-06-12
Rugby - "rugby is my life ☺♠"

hoohoho I'm the best ever....no just kidding I from france and i love rugby I'm a number15th
I play in graulhet in france

modifier supprimer 27736 - de Allie92 , 14 ans (USA) - 2023-06-11
Gymnastique - "TNT Gymnastics"

Hi I’m Allie and ive been doing girls gymnastics for around 9 years, but last year I changed to trampoline and tumbling gymnastics. I love it a lot and this year I’m hoping to be a level 6 or 7.

modifier supprimer 27734 - de Samia193 , 10 ans (Suisse) - 2023-06-06
Athlétisme - "le saut en longeur"

j'ai fait un concours à Vallorbe et je suis arrivée 8 ème sur 21 bien non ? en plus noremalement je suis nulle

modifier supprimer 27733 - de Samia193 , 11 ans (Suisse) - 2023-05-30
Athlétisme - "Salut"

Moi j'ai fait un coucours d'athlétisme à Vallorbe et je suis arrivée 8ème sur 21. Bien non ? En plus normalement je suis nulle... 😅Bon et bah si vous aimez l'athlétisme et que vous avez entre 10 et 12 ans vous pouvez m'ajouter en amie au revoir

modifier supprimer 27731 - de Eldon229 (USA) - 2023-05-18
Sports mécaniques - "Any Nascar fans anywhere"

I am a fan of Nascar from so Cal and there are no fans at my school. I just want to chat about Nascar with some kids my age who are fans.

modifier supprimer 27728 - de Leanne178 , 13 ans (Canada) - 2023-04-24
Danse - "Danceee"

I love dance with all my heart. I've been doing jazz ballet since 5 and I just started hip hop two years ago and fell in love, I now managed to pass auditions for a hip hop troupe at my dance school! Really proud of what I've accomplished and I want to keep pushing myself further so that I can become the best I ever can be in that domain. I finally decided to expand out of my dancing school and introduce dance in my regular school life too by choosing a general dance program for next year. I am soooo interested in hearing other dancer's experiences, if you want to share your journey or improve with me, message me!

modifier supprimer 27727 - de Jack214 , 12 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2023-04-19
Foot - "Hi"

Hi, my name is Jack and i play for Notts County u13 i have just finished playing a match against Alfreton Town you can write to me and tell me your favourite team i live in Grimsby (nowhere near Nottingham) and my favourite football team is Grimsby Town FC
Have a nice day

27727 -
modifier supprimer 27769 - Réponse de Emmanuel155 , 12 ans (Norvège) - 2023-07-25

I support Chelsea

27727 -
modifier supprimer 27729 - Réponse de Magnus 147 , 15 ans (Norvège) - 2023-04-24

Hallo my neme is Magnus and I am 15 yours old.
I live in Norway.
It is god to live in Norway the are very cold on the vintner.
And on the summer it is hot and sometimes is rein.
I like to watch ishokey and a like to play FIFA.
And I like fotball and the them a support is Manchester unatid

modifier supprimer 27726 - de jinda80 (Pakistan) - 2023-04-19
Tennis de table - "pool tables ping pong combo"

Hello guys!

modifier supprimer 27725 - de Sara208 , 15 ans (USA) - 2023-04-17
Sports mécaniques - "F1"

Hello, My name is Sara,and I like F1. My favorite teams are RedBull and AlphaTauri. My favorite drivers are Sergio Perez and Yuki Tsunoda. I'd love to talk to anyone with similar interests to me!
Don't hesitate to send me a message

27725 -
modifier supprimer 27768 - Réponse de farishta88 , 15 ans (Singapour) - 2023-07-24

helloo!!! Im a formula 1 fan too!! Im 15!! Looking for a penpal too

modifier supprimer 27721 - de Tyler173 , 16 ans (USA) - 2023-04-12
Football Américain - "GO STEELERS!!!!!!!"

Hello, my name is Tyler. I have watched football since 2011. My favorite Pittsburgh Steelers player is Ben Roethlisberger. My favorite active Pittsburgh Steelers players as of 2022 are T.J. watt and Kenny Pickett.

modifier supprimer 27716 - de Bernardo80 , 11 ans (Brésil) - 2023-04-05
Natation - "Swimming welll"

It's very easy to want to swim, but you also have to know how to train to swim well. I'm on my school's swim team and I'm doing great! Hope you can swim really well too! Hugs.

modifier supprimer 27715 - de Jeanne 168 , 17 ans (France) - 2023-04-01
Volley ball - "Favourite volleyball player ?"

hey guys ! as u all do,i love volleyball and i want to learn the famous as the less known volleyball players for my culture ;). who is ur favorite then ?
i don't have one, that's why i'm looking for the one who may enthrall me x)

modifier supprimer 27713 - de Megh61 , 17 ans (Inde) - 2023-03-10
Tennis - "Tennis"

Hey, I love tennis i played it for 4 years and I have also played competitive swimming for 5 years. If you also love tennis I'd love to get to know you

modifier supprimer 27712 - de Patrick marc0 , 24 ans (Cameroun) - 2023-03-09
Danse - "La danse"

Salut Moi c'est Patrick depuis le Cameroun pour tout ce qui veulent aprenend a dansé le mbolé contacter moi tout d'abord le mbolé es une musique née au Cameroun donc elle fait Partir de la culture camerounais e

modifier supprimer 27709 - de Soo-ah172 , 11 ans (France) - 2023-03-05
Danse - "K-POP"

HI je suis passionnée par la danse k-pop et j'adore parler coréen je ne m'y connait pas très bien mais voila ,,,pour dansez de la k-pop je vous conseil ces musiques:

- kill this love (BLACKPINK)
- ddu-du-ddu-du (BLACKPINK)
- cheshire (ITZY)
- butter (BTS)
- the feels (TWICE)
- shut down (BLACKPINK)
- pink venom (BLACKPINK)
- vengeance (BIBI)
voili,,voulou < 3

27709 -
modifier supprimer 27739 - Réponse de kenza 154 , 14 ans (Côte d'Ivoire) - 2023-06-12

CC! moi aussi j'aime beaucoup danser sur de la kpop! surtout pour le sport ça aide bien , comme par exemple Wannabe de ITZY ou encore Antifragile de LE SERAFIN et mon groupe preferé c'est STRAYKIDS

modifier supprimer 27708 - de Keshikha137 , 10 ans (Malaisie) - 2023-03-03
Badminton - "Badminton"

Hi guys, I also love badminton. I am going for badminton classes on the weekends. On the days that I don't have my classes, I will play with my parents.

modifier supprimer 27704 - de Brindy190 (Madagascar) - 2023-02-22
Danse - "La danse"

Salut salut!

Je sais pas vous mais pour moi la danse est une façon de s'exprimer ,que je sois triste ou heureuse le fait de danser me fait sentir que du bonheur ,c'est comme dans un autre univers!
Bref bref, c'est une passion à partager,échange d'émotion et plein d'autres encore...

modifier supprimer 27699 - de Annabella116 , 14 ans (USA) - 2023-01-25
Athlétisme - "TRACKKKK and gym"

I have been working out since I was 12, I love lifting and I started track in 8th grade. I have done the 600, 4x100 relay and shotput but I'm looking to try new events, this year is my freshman year so I can try new events like javalin and pole volt. I have done cross country, indoor track and outdoor, and I'm probably gonna try soccer next year in the fall. I go to the gym almost everyday and I love working out.

modifier supprimer 27690 - de Nick230 , 17 ans (Thaïlande) - 2023-01-09
Natation - "Help me!!!"

i havent been swimming for 6 years and im back and then i have cramps a lot!! pls help me!

27690 -
modifier supprimer 27748 - Réponse de Mel193 , 17 ans (France) - 2023-07-05

Swimming is so nice but I can't give you some compassion for your cramps: it's been a long time since the last time I swam XD
Let's b friends!

modifier supprimer 27688 - de Maëlys170 , 14 ans (France) - 2022-12-27
Danse - "Mon avis. 🥰"

Bonjour, Hello,
Je m’appelle Maëlys et j’aime bcp les danses de musiques Kpop.J’aimerais également discuter avec des coréens en passant par le français ou l’anglais si possible et qui pourrait m’apprendre des expressions coréennes. Je pourrais en faire de meme.

My name is Maëlys and I really like Kpop music dance. I would also like to talk to Koreans through French or English if possible and who could teach me Korean expressions. I could do the same.

modifier supprimer 27687 - de Tina85 , 12 ans (France) - 2022-12-25
Gymnastique - "gymnastic"

Hi, I'm French and I want to learn English.I practice gymnastic for 6 years and I love it. If you want discuss with me don't hesitate to write me .

27687 -
modifier supprimer 27693 - Réponse de LALE173 , 11 ans (Russie) - 2023-01-13

Hi my name is Lale. Iam from Turkey but I live in Russia.

modifier supprimer 27685 - de Emma158 , 14 ans (Nouvelle Calédonie) - 2022-12-22
Danse - "DANSE"

I already did classic danse and I stop it when I was 7 or 8 and I did Modern Jazz danse and today I don't do jazz danse but I do zumba. It's a super cool sport it make me happy

27685 -
modifier supprimer 27701 - Réponse de Manar168 , 20 ans (France) - 2023-02-06

je suis entrain de pratiquer depuis l'année dernière le modern jazz en France ; je me sens vraiment bien depuis que j'ai commencé ; et je me lance maintenant dans la salsa.

modifier supprimer 27684 - de Ambrine164 , 13 ans (France) - 2022-12-21
Foot - "Algeria"

I just want to say Algeria is the best country and the future winners of the CAN will be Algerians , sooo goodnight!

modifier supprimer 27681 - de Coralie194 , 11 ans (France) - 2022-12-12
Natation - "L'eau"

J'adore nager mais je ne fais pas de natation... Quand je suis dans l'eau,j'ai l'impression de voler,de flotter.

27681 -
modifier supprimer 27717 - Réponse de Bernardo80 , 11 ans (Brésil) - 2023-04-05

Hi Coralie!I'm Bernardo from Brazil. I can't speak or read in French, but I read your mensage and but it's kinda confusing! I like swimming a lot, but it's a lot! I saw your post on 12/12/22 and I liked it. Can we be friends? I expect your answer. Bye Bye!😊

27681 -
modifier supprimer 27691 - Réponse de Chloé167 , 13 ans (France) - 2023-01-12

J'ai la même sensation que toi dans l'eau. Nager est même libérateur pour moi. Mais j'ai fait contrairement à toi 4 ans de natation.

modifier supprimer 27674 - de Leisan173 , 8 ans (Russie) - 2022-11-24
Judo - "MY SELF"

hi my name is Leisan. I like judo and my favourate game is ROBLOX.

27674 -
modifier supprimer 27686 - Réponse de Alice 173 , 9 ans (Australie) - 2022-12-22

hey, my name is Alice. I am from Australia. I like to play Roblox too. who is your favrite character?

modifier supprimer 27673 - de safiya173 , 8 ans (Russie) - 2022-11-24
Judo - "judo"

Hi,my name is safiya,i am 8 years old.I like judo.Who also like judo say to me.

modifier supprimer 27672 - de valeria173 , 8 ans (Russie) - 2022-11-24
Tennis - "About me"

Hello my name is Valeria.I like tennis and Roblox. write about yourself.

modifier supprimer 27671 - de safiya173 , 8 ans (Russie) - 2022-11-24
Judo - "About me"

who like judo

modifier supprimer 27669 - de Ariana194 , 9 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2022-11-21
Roller, Skate board - "Roller Skates"

Hello Guys! I think roller skating is really good for you because it teaches you to balance and basically shows you how it is like if we walked on wheels XD
Also I'm new to this so I wouldn't mind if any of you lovely people would like to be my Pen Pal !!!
Good Byee

modifier supprimer 27668 - de emma173 , 9 ans (Russie) - 2022-11-18
Tennis - "Tennis"

Hello! I am Emma. I am from AIS. It is in Yelabuga, Russia. I love tennis so much. Do you like tennis? How often do you play tennis?

modifier supprimer 27667 - de Ly80 , 10 ans (Bahamas) - 2022-11-16
Volley ball - "s2"

I love volleyball!

27667 -
modifier supprimer 27676 - Réponse de semyon173 , 8 ans (Russie) - 2022-11-24

Hello my name is semyon.Do you like the Pirates of Caribbean Sea?

modifier supprimer 27666 - de asel173 , 10 ans (Russie) - 2022-11-16
Gymnastique - "gymnastics"

HELLO, my name Asel. I from Russia I love gymnastics to much. I am flexible, I can do the splits and wheel. what can you do?

27666 -
modifier supprimer 27670 - Réponse de zeynep173 , 10 ans (Russie) - 2022-11-24

Hello my dear friend Asel.I am Zeynep.I think that we are in same class.I am also at gymnestics.And our teacher is Ms.Olga.I think that we do very good rondat,wheel,leg-spllit.

modifier supprimer 27664 - de Suzanne170 (France) - 2022-11-11
Natation - "Swim"

Hye everyone how are you
I love swim and you
Love and kisses

modifier supprimer 27661 - de Chloé59 , 11 ans (France) - 2022-11-06
Tennis - "TENNIS ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤&"

Hello my name is Chloé and I am 11 years old.I'm playing tennis for 5 years old .It’s my favorite sports 🎾🎾🎾
TENNIS 🎾 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

27661 -
modifier supprimer 27696 - Réponse de Gleb⌐■_■173 (Russie) - 2023-01-18

Hello Chloe.When I was little child I often play tennis but now I dont play tennis.And now my favorite sport is football⚽🥅🤴,badminton🏸 and basketball🏀!I have got one winners cup😁🏆And one time I got third place for badminton🏸🥉I am very good at football!DO you like Math?I dont like it👎😤🤯

27661 -
modifier supprimer 27694 - Réponse de emma173 , 9 ans (Russie) - 2023-01-16

Hello my name is Emma. I like Tennis too. I usually play tennis in summer. How often do you usually play tennis?

modifier supprimer 27657 - de Bryley103 , 16 ans (USA) - 2022-10-30
Sports mécaniques - "Racing"

Hi, I'm Bryley. I've been riding dirtbikes and four-wheelers ever since I could walk. I race, and I'm at the top of the class and one of the overall winners in the top 10. My jersey and race number are 335. I race a Yamaha YZ 85 dirtbike and a Yamaha Raptor 250. I hope to talk to anyone who is also racing or interested in talking. My ref # is 1483881. Message me if you'd like to talk.

modifier supprimer 27654 - de Alisa173 , 10 ans (Russie) - 2022-10-21
Tennis - "TENNIS😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘&#"


modifier supprimer 27653 - de Elizabeth173 , 10 ans (Russie) - 2022-10-21
Basket - "basketball in our school😑"

Privet , I like to play Basketball so i am playing it even at school at pe lessons .
Basketball in our school will be at summer.


modifier supprimer 27651 - de Alisa173 , 10 ans (Russie) - 2022-10-21
Tennis - "TENNIS😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘&#"

Hello my name is Alisa i'm playing tennis for 2 years. Tennis is the best sport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

modifier supprimer 27643 - de valeria173 , 8 ans (Russie) - 2022-10-18
Tennis - "About me"

hi my name is valeria. i play tennis. i like tannis and roblox and pkxd. Write about yourself too!

modifier supprimer 27635 - de Ranumitha 231 , 12 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2022-10-03
Cricket - "Cricket"

I play under 13 cricket in my school. cricket is a very good and simple sport. There are only three parts to batting, bowling and fielding. my favourite cricketer is shane warne.
I like cricket so much.

modifier supprimer 27633 - de Joseph161 , 15 ans (Espagne) - 2022-09-25
Foot - "Clearing things up"

It's Football not soccer

27633 -
modifier supprimer 27679 - Réponse de Jack100 , 17 ans (USA) - 2022-12-07

Odile - The United States uses the word soccer to refer to football, or as its sometimes referred to "European Football". There is no difference between soccer and football, except that the US uses the older English term for it. Eventually England reverted to Football but the US kept it as American Football (which is similar to rugby) utilized the name. Ever since it has caused arguments... I hope that helped.

27633 -
modifier supprimer 27658 - Réponse de Chloé167 , 12 ans (France) - 2022-10-31

Je suis comme toi Odile je n'ai pas compris la différence.

27633 -
modifier supprimer 27647 - Réponse de Odile212 , 14 ans (France) - 2022-10-20

Could you explain the difference to an ignorant french girl???

modifier supprimer 27632 - de Gurjant187 , 21 ans (Inde) - 2022-09-17
Volley ball - "We should play sports"

Hi friends .I love volleyball and its very helpful to forget all worries. Apart from this I like to talk with new people and make friends all over the world .if you are interested ,feel free to text me on my email

modifier supprimer 27631 - de quandale dingel IIV68 , 12 ans (USA) - 2022-09-13
Basket - "basketball"

OMG my favorite sport is basketball too

27631 -
modifier supprimer 27735 - Réponse de Adélie35 , 10 ans (France) - 2023-06-10

I love basketball.I do basket for 3 years

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