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modifier supprimer 44173 - de Veronika226 , 15 ans (Czech) - 2021-05-26
Sport - "Hi"

Hi, is there anyone who likes ice hockey like me? I also like any other sports. I will be really glad if you contact me so we can talk about anything and I can meet some new friends.

44173 -
modifier supprimer 44184 - Réponse de Rayona97 , 15 ans (America) - 2021-06-10

Hello, I do not like Ice hockey but I like soccer and track and baseball. What other sports do you like? And I would like to become friends if you are down

modifier supprimer 44162 - de Veronika226 , 15 ans (Czech) - 2021-05-21
Sport - "Hi"

Hi, I am new here and I would like to know, if there is someone who also love ice hockey like me. I also love any other sports. If will be anyone interested, you can definetely contact me, I will be really glad. Have a nice day.

modifier supprimer 44034 - de Keven190 , 15 ans (China) - 2021-03-21
Sport - "Running"

Hello my friends! My name is keven saya, and i love running and basketball, could we talk in them maybe?

44034 -
modifier supprimer 44059 - Réponse de Али 83 , 17 ans (Russian) - 2021-03-30

Hi! My name is Alina. I from Russian🇷🇺. I`ve been playing table tennis for 3-4 years. Maybe you should talk?

modifier supprimer 43934 - de Jose7 , 36 ans (Peru) - 2021-02-26
Sport - "FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Qualifiers - South America"

For most Peruvians it's very exciting to watch the qualifiers. I hope Peru win their matches against Bolivia and Venezuela.

43934 -
modifier supprimer 44140 - Réponse de Julien145 , 23 ans (RDC) - 2021-05-20

Hi! My favourite team is Argentina

modifier supprimer 43932 - de Elijah210 , 11 ans (Uganda) - 2021-02-25
Sport - "HELLO"

Hello I love making friends

modifier supprimer 43900 - de Owen234 , 10 ans (United States) - 2021-02-15
Sport - "Fencing"

Hello, I am Owen, and I am 10. My favorite sport is fencing.I have been fencing for 2 years. If anyone wants to talk to me about fencing, lets talk. Age (8-13)

modifier supprimer 43874 - de Elsa221 , 14 ans (France) - 2021-02-03
Sport - "Hello !"

Hello ! My name is Elsa, and I'm 14. I live in Paris and I'm french. I love sports and I play volleyball and handball. I want to learn english and make some new friends. I'd be really happy to talk with someone who love sports !

43874 -
modifier supprimer 44141 - Réponse de Julien145 , 23 ans (RDC) - 2021-05-20

Hi! I like also sport, my favorite sport is football, glad that hear

modifier supprimer 43842 - de Phoebe160 , 11 ans (Northern Ireland) - 2021-01-26
Sport - "just me?"

does anyone else like to roller skate or skateboard. is it just meh? ;-;
-Pheebs x

43842 -
modifier supprimer 44134 - Réponse de Topaz191 , 13 ans (United States) - 2021-05-19

I do!

modifier supprimer 43723 - de Abbey70 , 13 ans (Canada) - 2020-12-24
Sport - "Hi!"

My name is Abbey and I love sports and being active! For years I have played on my school volleyball and basketball team, and I have played in a basketball league. I would love to talk with anybody ages 12-16! I hope to hear from you!

43723 -
modifier supprimer 43888 - Réponse de Abbey70 , 13 ans (Canada) - 2021-02-09

Hi Elsa! Nice to meet you! Of course we can talk!

43723 -
modifier supprimer 43873 - Réponse de Elsa221 , 14 ans (France) - 2021-02-03

Hi ! My name is ELsa. I'm French and i like sport too. I'd be happy to talk with you if you want.

modifier supprimer 43700 - de Peter198 , 12 ans (USA) - 2020-12-19
Sport - "Football"

Hi What's up I'm all for football I like Oregon Ducks and Indianapolis colts but I will talk about any team message me if you want I need new friends (I only have 3)

43700 -
modifier supprimer 44061 - Réponse de Lilah114 , 11 ans (Canada ) - 2021-03-30

hello please message me if u want i will try to respond and fast as i can

43700 -
modifier supprimer 43761 - Réponse de Abbey70 , 13 ans (Canada ) - 2021-01-04

Hi! My name is Abbey, I’ll be your friend:)

modifier supprimer 43646 - de Jacqueline137 , 15 ans (United States) - 2020-12-12
Sport - "Swordfighting"

Does anyone else here (12-17 years old ONLY) like swords and the various styles of sword-fighting? I want a penpal with whom I can geek out about swords.

43646 -
modifier supprimer 44142 - Réponse de Julien145 (DRC) - 2021-05-20

Nice to meet you, i love swordfighting too

43646 -
modifier supprimer 44068 - Réponse de Lilah114 , 11 ans (Canada ) - 2021-04-06

i don't do sword fighting but my brother dose and i think it is super cool he even has his own wooden long sword that my dad made my brother also likes medieval buildings and other medieval stuff and i would be more then happy to geek out about it so message me if u want :)

modifier supprimer 43502 - de Gema99 , 13 ans (Spain) - 2020-11-20
Sport - "Sports"

Hiii , my name is Gema and I love basketball and dancing. I have never go to a dance academy or to a basketball team , I play basketball with my friends in the playground and I dance at home with the radio (I also simg , but I am not very good😅)

modifier supprimer 43380 - de Olivia118 , 11 ans (USA) - 2020-10-10
Sport - "Hello!"

Hello, my name is Olivia and I like soccer! I have played soccer since I was 4 and I was playing but covid cancelled it. If there is anyone who is 10-12 years old and would like to talk about soccer message me!

43380 -
modifier supprimer 44067 - Réponse de Lilah114 , 11 ans (Canada ) - 2021-04-06

i dont play soccer but i want to learn and i am 11 so do u still want to be pen palls?

modifier supprimer 43334 - de Kim251 (Korea) - 2020-09-21
Sport - "I think liverpool will win the league"

Watched the league match between chelsea and liverpool? Liverpool was f***king awesome. But there s a team that win this great team. It s AT madrid. AT madrid has the best defense in Europe.

43334 -
modifier supprimer 44143 - Réponse de Julien145 , 23 ans (DRC) - 2021-05-20

I think Barcelona will win the liga

43334 -
modifier supprimer 43572 - Réponse de bogdan144 (Рос) - 2020-12-02

всем hi

modifier supprimer 43311 - de Jessa0 , 14 ans (USA) - 2020-09-08
Sport - "s p o r t s"

Hey, i personally throw discus and shotput, play volleyball, and basketball. But if anyone here likes football, lets just say i can have a converstaion on the topic. (i love football)!!

43311 -
modifier supprimer 44144 - Réponse de Julien145 (DRC) - 2021-05-20

Nice to meet you

modifier supprimer 43278 - de Oneli134 , 13 ans (Sri lanka) - 2020-08-20
Sport - "Sports"

Hi everybody, I play basketball and i go for swimming. I have 4 gold cups and 2 silver cups for swimming. I just began doing basketball

modifier supprimer 43262 - de Harriet154 (France) - 2020-08-15
Sport - "Danse classique"

Si vous êtes fan de danse classique manifestez vous !

Est-ce que vous l'aimer ou non ?

J'attends vos réponses !

43262 -
modifier supprimer 44145 - Réponse de Julien145 , 23 ans (RDC) - 2021-05-20

Bien sûr que j'aime ça, les français aussi pratiquent ça?

43262 -
modifier supprimer 43836 - Réponse de honore170 , 19 ans (togo) - 2021-01-25

oui j aime la dance classique

43262 -
modifier supprimer 43549 - Réponse de Mylène 235 (1480893) - 2020-11-28

Aimer quoi ? Qui ?

modifier supprimer 43239 - de Nayla137 , 14 ans (Indonesia) - 2020-08-07
Sport - "Soccer/football friends"

Hey so I'm looking for friends that love soccer/football. I'm a Manchester United and FC Bayern Munich supporter. But I'm also open for other club's fans. Feel free to talk football with me. Just message me okayyy;)

modifier supprimer 43153 - de Venasio 117 , 14 ans (Fiji) - 2020-07-04
Sport - "Pen friend"

I'm looking for a pen friend......Message me.

43153 -
modifier supprimer 43263 - Réponse de Megan135 , 13 ans (USA ) - 2020-08-17

I’m willing to be your pen pal

43153 -
modifier supprimer 43164 - Réponse de Appletone145 , 12 ans (Kenya) - 2020-07-06

Hi, there i'm willing to be your penpal

modifier supprimer 43057 - de Nuvini 134 , 12 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2020-06-02
Sport - "Badminton 🏸"

Hi, my favourite sport is badminton. I can play badminton. I love it 💕♥️♥️💕💕💙♥️😘💙♥️😘😘😘......

modifier supprimer 42832 - de Zilan185 , 13 ans (Turkey) - 2020-03-22
Sport - "Merhaba"

Merhaba!! Arkadaş edinmek istiyorum. 13 yaşındayım

modifier supprimer 42734 - de Kaiser 118 , 10 ans (USA) - 2020-01-19
Sport - "Trade Hockey Cards"

Hello, I would like to trade hockey cards. I like Calgary Flames. I have over 100 2019-2020 Upper Deck NHL cards. Want to trade?

Who do you like?

42734 -
modifier supprimer 42829 - Réponse de Ronan183 , 11 ans (Canada) - 2020-03-20

Hello Kaiser! I am willing to trade, however my Flames collection is small (I try to get rid of them) and it would be through snail mail. I am looking to bulk up my collection of current Oilers as I only have 5 cards. My entire collection has 4 unique cards, with a double and a triple. I have 2 Sam Bennett, 3 Sean Monahan, a Jarome Iginla, and a Kris Versteeg. I know that Iggy has retired ): but I do not follow the Flames so let me know if any of those are worth anything. 1 one of the Monahan is 5th printing, which may add little value. I have big names as well like Matt Duchene, Nugent-Hopkins, Brendon Gallagher, Brenden Holtby, ETC... let me know if you are still interested.

modifier supprimer 42663 - de Soriyah127 , 10 ans (USA) - 2019-11-17
Sport - "Does anyone like Manchester United?"

Sports is not one of my hobbies, but I do like soccer. The footwork. The goalie. The teammates shooting goals at the last minute. I especially love Manchester United. They are my dad's favorite team, and my friend's. I also like the Olympics. In the 2016 Summer Olympics, a guy in the track competition accidentally started a spit-second before the gun shot. That must have been really disappointing. All of that work gone to waste. Oh well. Maybe he will be in the 2020 Summer Olympics. I am looking for a penpal who know about soccer, and who is around my age. I do not care which gender, because I would like to meet new people. Bye!

42663 -
modifier supprimer 42738 - Réponse de Jonas176 , 19 ans (Belgium) - 2020-01-20

Hi Soriyah

I saw your message and I just want to say how much I like Manchester United. Maybe you have some time to talk about them with me?

42663 -
modifier supprimer 42687 - Réponse de Manraj251 , 11 ans (Canada) - 2019-12-11

Hey, I used to like Manchester United until Wayne Rooney went to D.C United

modifier supprimer 42582 - de Nine34 , 16 ans (Netherlands) - 2019-10-25
Sport - "mail moi"

Je m'appelle Nine et je fais du kickboxing. Mon français ne pas bon. Mais pour une mission de français nous devons améliorer notre français.
si vous aimez me parler écrivez-moi!

au revoir

42582 -
modifier supprimer 43125 - Réponse de Morgane123 , 13 ans (France) - 2020-06-23

Hello !
I can help you if you want ! And maybe you ca help me too for English.
Bye have a nice day.

42582 -
modifier supprimer 42989 - Réponse de Lorène70 (France) - 2020-05-11

Bonjour, veux tu toujours t'améliorer en français? Si oui, je peux t'aider! And you, you will help me in english, no?

modifier supprimer 42570 - de Erin173 (Australia ) - 2019-10-19
Sport - "Heyyy"

Hi everyone! I love sport especially surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, trampolining and gymnastics! I would love for someone to come and chat/send me a message and we can chat about sport and lots more so just send me a message!

42570 -
modifier supprimer 42650 - Réponse de Tucker8 , 17 ans (america) - 2019-11-11

i also snowboard and skateboard, and scooter

modifier supprimer 42511 - de soongmin163 (france) - 2019-09-02
Sport - "hi!!"

dance is all my life!
i do taekwondo with greet teachers like LEE KWAN YOUNG or BAGUISSI LIONEL.
also i like musculary.

42511 -
modifier supprimer 42942 - Réponse de Andrea188 , 9 ans (Mexico) - 2020-04-29

Hi i do the same sports as you

42511 -
modifier supprimer 42578 - Réponse de Nine34 , 16 ans (Netherlands) - 2019-10-25

Bonjour Soongwim,
Tu fais une sport magnifique. Je fais de la kickboxing. Combattez- vous aussi des compétitions? J'adore la kickboxing. Depuids Combien tu fais du taekwando?
Mon français ne c'est pas bon. C'est pour une mission de français.
J'éspére tu responds moi.

Au Revoir!

modifier supprimer 42476 - de Yesenia225 , 16 ans (United States) - 2019-08-13
Sport - "Hi!"

Hey my name is Yesenia!
I play lots of sports and I like talking to new people so, maybe we might have something to talk about.

42476 -
modifier supprimer 43869 - Réponse de Elsa221 , 14 ans (France) - 2021-02-02

Hi ! My name is Elsa, I'm 14 and I'm French. I really love all sports. I play volley-ball and hanball. I like to watch soccer and tennis with my father and my brother. I xant to learn English and make some new friends

modifier supprimer 42423 - de Rabindra244 , 18 ans (Nepal) - 2019-06-26
Sport - "Fantasy Premier League. (Soccer)"

Hi!Die Fantasy Premier Liga beginnt von 8. August dieser Jahr. Wer dieses Spiel spielt bitte beantworten Sie mich. Ich mochte zusammen uber die Taktics sprechen. Und damit kann ich auch mein Deutsch uben.

modifier supprimer 42370 - de moises235 (mexico) - 2019-06-04
Sport - "mi hobbie es el tennis"

Hace un año unos amigos me invitaron a jugar tenis en el club al que van mis papás a hacer ejercicio, me anime ya que ellos no dejaban de insistir, fui en un curso de verano por las fechas mas o menos de mi cumpleaños, al principio no le daba a ninguna pelota y me desanime porque veía como ellos le daban y yo no, además de que no tenía mas amigos en el tenis, solo ellos dos, pero me siguieron animando y convencian para hablarle a los demás, por lo cual mis papás pagaron el curso de verano completo y poco a poco iba mejorando.El día de hoy he representado a el estado de puebla y he ido a concursar, y los dos amigos que me convencieron ya no juegan tennis, mi amiga se cambio de escuela y le gusta montar caballos y mi amigo se la pasa todo el dia jugando videojuegos, sin embargo he hecho mas amigos en el tenis y a ellos les gustan las mismas cosas que a mi, por lo cual me siento feliz por mi desición.

modifier supprimer 42346 - de Andy237 (Mexico) - 2019-05-28
Sport - "Soccer"

I play soccer since I have 2 years, and I am the captain of my team, never in bench and I am the only girl in my team.

42346 -
modifier supprimer 42921 - Réponse de Kylie36 , 11 ans (USA) - 2020-04-24

u should do pep rally to get more gurls on the team

modifier supprimer 42147 - de Haïda164 , 16 ans (France) - 2019-03-16
Sport - "taekwondo"

Heyy, i'm new here !
I just wanted to know if someone practice taekwondo as well !
have a good day

42147 -
modifier supprimer 42350 - Réponse de Wolfgang235 (Canada) - 2019-05-28

I like martial arts, and one of my favorites is kick boxing!

42147 -
modifier supprimer 42343 - Réponse de Nele235 (Switzerland ) - 2019-05-28

I like martial arts! And taekwondo is one of my favorites sports too!!

42147 -
modifier supprimer 42272 - Réponse de angie248 , 20 ans (usa) - 2019-04-26

Hello to everyone. I am studying Sports in United States Sports Academy, in United States Daphne. It is the best place to study Sports. I really happy to be the part of this community. Are you professinal sportsman or is it just a hobby?
If you want to become professional sportsman apply to United States Sports Academy, here we have only the best programs and courses!!!
If you interested in this question, use Free-Apply to know more. This web helped me when I was applying to United States Sports Academy.

42147 -
modifier supprimer 42215 - Réponse de margaret167 , 16 ans (indonesia) - 2019-04-04

hey that's cool, karate too :)
have a good day too

modifier supprimer 42126 - de salomon104 , 28 ans (Tunisie) - 2019-03-06
Sport - "salut"

Bonsoir à tout j'aimerais fais connaissance avec tout le monde et apprendre des langues étrangers aussi parler de ma culture voilà mon adresse E-mail baguisalomon@gmail.com

42126 -
modifier supprimer 42739 - Réponse de toniego249 , 18 ans (México) - 2020-01-20

Hola soy Eduardo vivo en mexico y quiero hablar contigo jeje

42126 -
modifier supprimer 42134 - Réponse de angelica90 , 15 ans (usa) - 2019-03-07

hola como eatas mi nombre es angelica yo 15 anos y tu

modifier supprimer 42084 - de Dani81 , 17 ans (Russia) - 2019-02-22
Sport - "Tennis"

I really like tennis, especially WTA tour, so if you wanna discuss tennis feel free to write me. Let`s make friends ^^
And if you don`t like tennis write me too, I am very friendly :)

42084 -
modifier supprimer 42107 - Réponse de Sthiti 47 , 15 ans (US) - 2019-03-01

Hey! I really want to meet someone that has an interest in tennis and especially women's tennis, but honestly, I'm a fan of both men's and women's. Please reply if you sound interested :)

modifier supprimer 42016 - de totoro36 , 19 ans (Taiwan) - 2019-01-28
Sport - "Baseball"

No matter which country you are, if you like baseball, please email me.
Let's make friends.

Baseball is my life.

42016 -
modifier supprimer 42380 - Réponse de Abigail13 (USA) - 2019-06-07

hi I Love baseball I went to a baseball game last night and collect a lot of baseball cards

modifier supprimer 41966 - de Tawny 85 , 18 ans (USA) - 2019-01-04
Sport - "Titan Games :D"

Gee who saw the Titan Games last night??? It was so epic!! :D

modifier supprimer 41950 - de adam164 , 11 ans (malaysia) - 2018-12-23
Sport - "Favourite team{football}"

{football}What is your favourite team?

41950 -
modifier supprimer 43926 - Réponse de Amadi231 , 14 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2021-02-25

Hi, My favorite team is Real Madrid.

41950 -
modifier supprimer 42604 - Réponse de Florian198 (France) - 2019-11-02

Hello !

My favorite team is Olympique Lyonnais. I am nuts about football, we can speak about it if you want

Have a nice day :)

41950 -
modifier supprimer 41954 - Réponse de Tania133 , 10 ans (Ukraine ) - 2018-12-26

My favorite football team is Dynamo (Kyiv).

modifier supprimer 41886 - de Clara40 , 15 ans (Germany) - 2018-12-03
Sport - "Kickboxing"

My hobby is kickboxing, then i learn there very much for my life that i have got more self-confidence, than i was bevor the time very important shy and that helps me really. And since i did that i am more sportier too. That is what is for me positive.

When you ask yourself what you did there i explained it for you. At first we play a warm-over game or we jog 20 or 30 minutes after the exhausted heat up. We must strechable us. At that is the best part from all. And after that start the ordinary traning with Kicks and punches.

That was it about my hobby

41886 -
modifier supprimer 42340 - Réponse de Paulina235 (Puebla) - 2019-05-28

Boxing is one of my favorite sports too!!!

41886 -
modifier supprimer 42125 - Réponse de Kenzi65 (Usa) - 2019-03-05

Cool you lik to box

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