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modifier supprimer 45205 - de Ryan118 , 9 ans (Canada) - 2024-02-21 >> NEW
Jeux vidéos - "Parles Francais avec Joue"

J,aimerais apprendre a parler francais pendant que nous jouons a Roblox et Minecraft. j'aime blox fruit aussi.

modifier supprimer 45204 - de Saff88 (NZ) - 2024-02-20 >> NEW
Jeux vidéos - "Games"

Hiiii, I like to play undertale, 60 seconds, Sally Face, and much more! I also have a roblox user, (Kam_Official29) if you want to friend me.

Does anybody have any good game recemendations?

modifier supprimer 45203 - de Saffy88 (New Zealand) - 2024-02-19 >> NEW
Voyages - "Around the world."

Hi, i'm Saffy!
When I get enough money, I would love to travel all around the world. (excluding the 72 countries I am illegal in.) But I would love to go to places like Spain, Greece, Chille, China, etc!

How about you?
Lots of love,
Saffy! < 3

modifier supprimer 45199 - de Ayano133 , 19 ans (Japan) - 2024-02-10
Musique - "Music Genres"

I do have my favorite songs and moods but I don't know what genres they are. How do you tell your favorite genres?? My favorite songs are Cold Water by Justin Bieber and Closer by The Chainsmokers for instance.

modifier supprimer 45197 - de Emanuele 228 , 15 ans (Brazil) - 2024-02-05
Musique - "Crazy for the 80s"

80s music is AWESOME!!! I like the melancholic ones the best. Siouxsie and the Banshees, A-ha, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran and such. I also really like Wham! (not melancholic, for the most part) and Men at Work. Brazilian 80s music is good too, i like Metro.

45197 -
modifier supprimer 45198 - Réponse de Allie242 , 17 ans (USA) - 2024-02-09

I like 80's music too! My favorites are different though, the Bangles and Bananarama. But I listen to pretty much anything!

modifier supprimer 45196 - de Emanuele228 , 15 ans (Brazil) - 2024-02-05
Cinéma - "Old Movies are the best"

I l-o-v-e old movies. Anything 2010 bellow is great, but specially the 80s bellows, those are awesome! Stand By Me, Ferris Bueller Day Off... but also Seven Samurai, Metropolis, Buster Keaton movies. But i wouldn't say i'm a cinephile, cuz i don't know know anything about the production of movies whatsoever. I also think that crazy, nonsensical movies are the best, like Paprika.

modifier supprimer 45195 - de Charlie160 , 14 ans (England) - 2024-02-04
Musique - "MUSICCCC"


Anything Indie or brit-pop.

My favourite bands are: The smiths, The stone roses, Oasis, blur, IDLES, Morrissey, Liam Gallagher, Artic Monkeys. AND LOADS MORE

I also support LUFC!

modifier supprimer 45192 - de Rosa233 , 26 ans (Peru) - 2024-01-31
Musique - "Music recommendation"

Last time I got really good recommendations! So I'm back here again. Right know I'm listening to alternative/indie/punk rock and r&b the most, but I listen to different kind of genres so pls feel free to share with me your fav songs at the moment!

modifier supprimer 45191 - de Allie220 , 17 ans (USA) - 2024-01-31
Musique - "Bands I'm listening to"

My favorite band is the Carpenters! I have also been starting to listen to EXO, but I honestly do not know where to start, so if you have any song suggestions, please tell me!

modifier supprimer 45189 - de Mackenzie242 , 15 ans (France) - 2024-01-24
Autres - "Let’s be friendsss"

Hi everyone ! Im Mackenzie and i live in France. I’m here because of tiktok and i would like to improve my skills in English and especially make me English friends ? i think im kind and funny, i love take care of me, rnb, jazz , beach landscapes, i like too listening to nostalgic music ( fine line instrumental, ethereal, poison tree, rosyln watching the stars etc..) in these moments i just feel like i’m with me, my mind and my thoughts ;) I think its all i have for you, i hope that it wasn't very long to read and take care to all of us < 33

modifier supprimer 45184 - de nad97 (usa) - 2023-12-30
Musique - "looking for friends :]"

howdy from usa! awesome to see everyone here into music :D
personally i prefer instrumental music and i even compose music myself (albeit i am far from a connoisseur 😭) pretty frequently! i take my main inspiration from azali. his compositions are amazing holy guacamole

modifier supprimer 45183 - de Marwa170 , 11 ans (France) - 2023-12-20
Cuisine - "Question recette"

Français: Salut, est-ce que quelqu'un connaît une recette de churros facile ?
English: Hi, does anyone know an easy churros recipe?
Espagnol: Hola, ¿alguien sabe una receta de churros fácil?

modifier supprimer 45182 - de Marwa170 , 11 ans (France) - 2023-12-20
Cuisine - "Une recette de crêpe facile a retenir"

J'ai une recette simple de crêpes a partager ! Il suffi de retenir 4,3,2,1,0, la voici :
Mélangez dans un saladier
4 verres de lait
3 œufs
2 verres de farine
1 pincé de sel
0 Mixer puis faire cuire (sur un poêle a feu doux et beurre avant !)

Voila !
J'espère qu'elle vous a plu, moi, je l'utilise pour le petit-déjeuner, le gouter ,le déjeuner (je rajoute du poulet et je pique avec une brochette) ou quand il y a des inviter (qui n'aime pas les crêpes ?)

modifier supprimer 45179 - de Léna 140 , 13 ans (France) - 2023-12-15
Musique - "Bonjour"

Bonjour, j'aimerais discuté avec des correspondants français, qui aime la star academy, Grégory Lemarchal, les films fantastiques...
Si quelqu'un était déjà près de la maison Grégory Lemarchal, ou déjà au studio harry potter, ou encore ai British Museum pour me dire comment c'était...

modifier supprimer 45178 - de Léo209 , 17 ans (france) - 2023-12-15
Jeux vidéos - "Unity"

Bonjour. S'il y a des gens qui conaissent bien le logiciel Unity, j'aurais besoin d'aide: je travaille sur un jeu dans lequel une coccinelle doit manger des pucerons. Pour faire apparaître les pucerons, j'utilise des instances. le problème, c'est que je n'arrive pas à faire interagir les pucerons (instances) et les objet non-instances entre-eux. si vous pouvez donner des conseil, ce ne serait pas de refus.

modifier supprimer 45177 - de Priscillia193 (France) - 2023-12-10
Musique - "Russian songs"

Heyyyy, i've been meaning to listen to some russian artist so I can learn some more vocabulary but i don't know how to find some that i would like.
I'm a big fan of shoegaze, indie/punk rock and metal, so if you know some musics that could fit into this kinda style let me know!

45177 -
modifier supprimer 45190 - Réponse de Arvi173 (Finland) - 2024-01-28

You should check out Kino or Кино in cyrillic. It is definitely the most famous Russian rock band to ever exist. They also share a similar style to post-punk.

modifier supprimer 45176 - de bayli174 , 16 ans (usa) - 2023-12-01
Collections - "stuff i collect"

hi im Bayli and i collect glass bottles, hoodies, blankets, stuffies, letters, and my all time favorite RECORDS (music kind lol)

modifier supprimer 45175 - de bayli174 , 16 ans (usa) - 2023-12-01
Musique - "my favs"

dear, whoever is reading this, hi my name is Bayli and this is all my fav artists.
Eminem, ICP, suicide boyz, Morgan Wallen, Upchurch, and greatful dead (ik its a band lol)

modifier supprimer 45171 - de Shoeva235 , 13 ans (Israel) - 2023-11-29
Cinéma - "Favourite Films"

Here are some of my favourite films: Enola Holmes 1 and 2, Wings of Desire, The Truman Show, Groundhog’s Day, Mrs. Doubtfire, Oliver, Clue. Has anyone seen any of them?

modifier supprimer 45169 - de Jimmy199 (USA) - 2023-11-23
Autres - "like to find friend with web developing skills to teach me"

I like to find a friend who likes to do web designing and show me how to post my artwork on the website?

modifier supprimer 45168 - de Natalie227 , 13 ans (USA) - 2023-11-18
Musique - "music and such!"

hello! my name's Natalie, residing in pnw, U.S.A. I really enjoy reading (really specific books), collecting vinyl records, the Beatles, anything vintage and such! message me if you have similar taste. I am really looking forward to making new friends.

45168 -
modifier supprimer 45188 - Réponse de xochitl169 , 18 ans (USA) - 2024-01-20

hi!! i also love a lot of vintage stuff, fashion ranging from the 40s to 80s!! i have a lot of favorite music back then, mostly classics like doris day or frank sinatra. very basic, but i still enjoy a lot of things that that time era!

45168 -
modifier supprimer 45172 - Réponse de Shoeva235 , 13 ans (Israel) - 2023-11-29

Yes, I love vintage stuff! I have read a LOT of books, of all different kinds, and I love sixties music, my favorite artist is Joni Mitchell. I am really hoping to make new friends from around the world (I think that goes without saying- don’t we all…) I like to act, read, write, and make partially successful attempts to dress/act like a Victorian without being close minded the way so many of them were…

modifier supprimer 45160 - de Aidin137 , 21 ans (Indonesia) - 2023-11-05
Sport - "looking for friends to exercise together"

Hi my name is Aidin,I really like running in the morning after sunrise and in the afternoon before sunset :) I would be happy if there was someone who would accompany me

modifier supprimer 45159 - de Ashlee67 (USA) - 2023-10-31
Autres - "Homestuck!"

Hey guys! I became interested in Homestuck during the pandemic and I've been in the fandom for a while. Is there anyone who likes Homestuck? It would be cool to be friends with someone who likes Homestuck!

modifier supprimer 45158 - de Eva116 , 13 ans (France) - 2023-10-30
Musique - "Recherche fan de Rammstein et de Francis cabrel"

Bonjour je recherche des fans de Francis Cabrel ou de Rammstein pour discuter avec eux de ces artistes

Hello I am searching for Francis Cabrel and Rammstein fans to discuss about those artists together !

Don't hesitate to contact me !
N'hésitez pas a me contacter ☺️

modifier supprimer 45154 - de Torin 0 , 11 ans (USA) - 2023-10-25
Jeux vidéos - "fellow roblox players.... i see you PLS READ MESSAGE ALL THE WAY THROUGH"

hello fellow Roblox players!(._.) I am Torin and I am from California I love to play video games and tinker with electronics! pls leave me a message including your Roblox name. I am TDragonFire71 on Roblox but my display and what I will show up as is Torin >_> >_> >_> >_> >_> >_> lol tysm!! OH AND ALSO READ THIS!!!!! IF ANY OF YOU USE "RUNE" VOICE CHAT, please friend me. I am xXcottoncandyXx on rune pls friend me I would love to voice chat with my fellow gamers!!!!!!!!

modifier supprimer 45150 - de sofia :)43 , 12 ans (Spain) - 2023-10-14
Collections - "hi everyone"

hi everyone, my name is Sofia , i have 13 years old, and my favourite job is director of the movies , i speak english, spain and a little portuguese. i´m learning English and Portuguese with duolingo , i like videogames , and music , and my favourite animal is camaleon and hamsters .
I want to make new friends

modifier supprimer 45149 - de Fox132 , 13 ans (United States) - 2023-10-12
Musique - "Would Like Friends who like techno (and my bio)"

Hello!, My name is Fox Meza i am 13 from California but now in suffolk, Virgina and i LOVE Electronic Music From The 80s, 90s & Early 2k. (Here Are some bands that i like) Depeche Mode, Eon, The KLF, Madness (not electronic but i still love them), Skinny Puppy, Ministry, Solvent, MCL, Soft Cell & Torch Song (Ok thats enough i love to many bands LOL) I am also A Producer and make my own techno, I Play The Synth & Drums. So That is me message me!

45149 -
modifier supprimer 45157 - Réponse de Eva116 , 13 ans (France) - 2023-10-28

Hi, me too ! I like particularly Depeche Mode... I love their sound, some people says that's too old music but I love the synth and the sound of this band !

modifier supprimer 45140 - de Dohee229 , 19 ans (South Korea) - 2023-09-18
Collections - "hi"

I collect miniature Korean ceramics, perfumes, leaf tea, and posters for my wall

modifier supprimer 45139 - de Dohee229 , 19 ans (South Korea) - 2023-09-18
Cinéma - "movies I watch repeatedly"

Reply plz if you've watched any similar movie from these and want to befriend me : >
Blue Jasmines
Harry Potter
Miss Sloane
Mean Girls
.. and more

45139 -
modifier supprimer 45193 - Réponse de Allie242 , 17 ans (USA) - 2024-01-31

I also love Mean Girls! I watched it for the first time a few years ago and it was really cool!

45139 -
modifier supprimer 45167 - Réponse de Adriana86 (USA) - 2023-11-16

I LOVE harry potter and mean girls! would you like to be my penpal?

45139 -
modifier supprimer 45163 - Réponse de Helean195 , 14 ans (China) - 2023-11-07

I love watching Harry Potter movies.
Would you like to be my penpal?

modifier supprimer 45134 - de Yixuan199 , 14 ans (Singapore) - 2023-09-07
Musique - "looking for friends."

Hey!! Names Yixuan and im trying to find penpals or friends, I enjoy listening to Conan gray, Ado and Violà! ive got a diverse range of music and also like pokemon!

modifier supprimer 45132 - de Noémie55 , 17 ans (Switzerland) - 2023-09-04
Musique - "I live music"

Heyy, I listen to a lot of frank ocean, Tyler, French rap etc. if ur interested in talking about music and sharing songs and albums pleaaase hit me up I literally listen to everything (my range goes from aphex twin to country music) :)

modifier supprimer 45127 - de Seha134 , 14 ans (srl lanka) - 2023-08-21
Musique - "Music"

I like K-pop and Billiesong Elish if u like them contact me so we can talk about them more

modifier supprimer 45126 - de Peyton41 (United States) - 2023-08-20
Musique - "music"

hey, just trying to find people who are into fiona apple, elliott smith or harry styles, if you are, hit me up! 😎

modifier supprimer 45125 - de précieux74 , 13 ans (canada) - 2023-08-18
Cinéma - "ma serie préféré"

Bonjour je m'appelle précieux j'adore beaucoup tout se qui est sur le cinéma les film et series
ma series préféré est bienvenue chez mamilia (welcome to mamilia) mon idole est isaiah Russell-bailey qui as joué le rôle de shaka dans la série
ps: je rêve d'être acteur

45125 -
modifier supprimer 45143 - Réponse de Chloé64 , 11 ans (France) - 2023-09-20

Salut moi aussi je veut devenir actrice et ma serais préfèré c youg sheldon

modifier supprimer 45123 - de Sophia140 , 15 ans (USA) - 2023-08-13
Musique - "Music"

I really like to listen to Tyler the creator and others.. but I have been getting into all different types of music lately like K-pop. One of the groups I like the most would probably be Stray Kids. I also listen to a lot of country lately too like Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs.

modifier supprimer 45122 - de Alexandre65 , 13 ans (France) - 2023-08-12
Jeux vidéos - "Zelda"

hello! I think Zelda breath of the wild is the best video game of Nintendo because the history is so good

modifier supprimer 45121 - de Pacôme 154 , 30 ans (Côte d'Ivoire ) - 2023-08-10
Voyages - "Je veux connaître la culture du Canada"

Je désire vraiment visiter le Canada pour mieux connaître sa culture.je veux me faire des amis dans ce pays

modifier supprimer 45117 - de Louise10 , 11 ans (France) - 2023-07-29
Cinéma - "I lové Jenna Ortega"

J'adore la série Mercredi et surtout l'actrice Jenna Ortega !!!! C'est mon idole 😍!!!!
Mon perso préférer c'est bien sûr mercredi mais après c'est la chose Goody et Enid
Vous êtes team Mercredi ou Enid ???
Vous êtes d'accord que c'est une superbe série ???

45117 -
modifier supprimer 45194 - Réponse de elvira212 , 13 ans (COTE D'IVOIRE) - 2024-02-03


modifier supprimer 45115 - de Nimish226 (India) - 2023-07-23
Musique - "Adventure and Travel"

Hello from India!

Anyone travelling to India, write me here. Your trip can be more meaningful with a citizen here. On exchange you can host me to your land too :D

modifier supprimer 45112 - de Min_Jade135 , 16 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2023-07-16
Cinéma - "Megan"


modifier supprimer 45111 - de Min_Jade135 , 16 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2023-07-16
Musique - "Yall don't need a title hehe < 3"

Ayo guys! Anyone interested in Sam Smith, Travis Scott, Fast boy and Frank Ocean? (plus I do stan some kpop groups!)

modifier supprimer 45109 - de Cassandra 154 , 12 ans (Côte d'Ivoire ) - 2023-07-14
Cuisine - "Trucs en➕"

Hi! Voici quelques recettes que j'apprécie j'espère quelles vous plairont😁

I- Langues de chat

Pour cette recette, il vous faudra :
•120g de sucre en poudre
•Du sel
•120g de beurre mou
•3 œufs (les blancs)
•150g de farine

Préparation :
1•Travaillez le beurre en pommade puis ajouter le sucre,une pincée de sel et remuez. Ajoutez les blancs d'œufs un à un en mélangeant bien entre chaque ajout puis ajouter la farine tamisée . remuez jusqu'à obtention d'une pâte homogène et ferme.
2•Versez la pâte dans une poche à douille,formez des bâtonnets sur la plaque couverte de papier sulfurisé. 5à7 cm de longueur en les disposant en quinconce.
3•faite cuire 8à12 min à 180°C soit le thermostat 6 jusqu'à ce que les bors soient d'une belle couleur brune et le milieu encore blanc. Laissez refroidir avant de réserver dans une boîte hermétique 4/5 jours.

45109 -
modifier supprimer 45130 - Réponse de Z194 , 14 ans (Azerbaijan) - 2023-08-24

I tried it and it was great.

45109 -
modifier supprimer 45110 - Réponse de Cassandra 154 , 12 ans (Côte d'Ivoire ) - 2023-07-14

Voici la deuxième recette
II- Barre chocolatée façon kinder

Pour cette recette, il vous faut :
•100g de chocolat blanc
•200g de chocolat noir
•Du riz soufflé

Préparation :
1•Au bain marie faites fondre 100g chocolat noir. À l'aide d'un pinceau tapissez le fond des moules au chocolat puis placer au frais pendant 5min. Ajoutez une seconde couche de chocolat puis replacer au frais pendant 30min
2•faites fondre le chocolat blanc au bain marie. Laissez refroidir et ajoutez deux grosses pincées de riz soufflé dans le chocolat fondu, étalez le mélange dans les moules.
3•faites fondre les 100g de chocolat noir restant au bain marie et recouvrez le mélange chocolat blanc-cereales avec le chocolat fondu. Réservez au frigo pendant 2h et déguster.

modifier supprimer 45107 - de Théo168 , 13 ans (France) - 2023-07-14
Jeux vidéos - "I search friends in roblox"

Hello i love roblox and i search friends in roblox my favorite games is raimbow friends, blox fruit,broken bones my pseudoname is XxninjaxxuxX999 or Zeniox999

45107 -
modifier supprimer 45165 - Réponse de Xen9964 , 13 ans (France) - 2023-11-09

Moi je veux bien jouer avec toi mon pseudo c BOB_602 ou Greg

modifier supprimer 45103 - de Madi118 , 13 ans (USA) - 2023-06-23
Musique - "Anyone a fan of laufey?"

Laufey is currently my favorite artist at the moment but I haven't seen anyone else on here talk abt her even though her music is amazing, my favorite song of hers is definitely Falling Behind and idc if it's one of her most popular songs 😭
BTW I also love Tyler the creator, beabadoobee, Conan gray, Faye Webster, and Lamp. ♡

45103 -
modifier supprimer 45106 - Réponse de iris142 (usa) - 2023-07-02

i like love her music, my favorite song of hers is from the start. i think that's the name

45103 -
modifier supprimer 45104 - Réponse de Amina31 (Spain ) - 2023-06-26

You have taste wow ! I also love Tyler the creator

modifier supprimer 45102 - de Aroa41 , 14 ans (Spain) - 2023-06-22
Voyages - "Where would you like to travel?"

Hi, i'm Aroa and i would love to travel Mexico from side to side.

And you, where would you like to travel?

Kisses ♥♥ and Hugs ♥♥

45102 -
modifier supprimer 45164 - Réponse de Bakhoum207 , 13 ans (Senegal) - 2023-11-09

moi j'aimerai voyager au canada en espagne au etas unis ect dans le monde entier

45102 -
modifier supprimer 45148 - Réponse de Julie166 (France) - 2023-10-09

I would so like to travel to Canada or the US

modifier supprimer 45100 - de Aroa41 , 14 ans (Spain) - 2023-06-19
Musique - "I ♥ Miley Cyrus"

I love listening to Miley music.

What kind of music do you listen to?

Hugs and kisses ♥

45100 -
modifier supprimer 45180 - Réponse de Léna 140 , 13 ans (France) - 2023-12-15

Bonjour, moi aussi j'adore!
Surtout son titre "flowers".

modifier supprimer 45098 - de Kira249 , 18 ans (France) - 2023-06-19
Musique - "Kpop related friends"

Hi im kira ! i'd love to make new friends related to kpop and basically foreigner friends !
i'm interested in foreign cultures and languages and i love discovering new facts about other cultures !
'bout kpop im an army, a stay, a blackrose, a nerverland, an insomnia, an atiny, a moa, a blink (but i listen to much more groups and soloist !)
also my fav western artist is benson boone !
anyway if you're interested in me, feel free to send me a text or to answer down there !
bye byeeeee < 33

45098 -
modifier supprimer 45141 - Réponse de Dohee229 , 19 ans (South Korea) - 2023-09-18

Hi, I'm Stay! and have been Moa and Karat

modifier supprimer 45086 - de wiktoria45 , 17 ans (United Kingdom) - 2023-06-05
Musique - "!!need new music!!"

haii if anyone here is into thrash or cosmic black metal or any other metal tbf pls message me I rlly need to get into more bands, especially the more underground ones I've been rlly lacking lately and I'm starting to feel like a poser, add me on discord peanut #3451 or just use my email i don't mind :'3

modifier supprimer 45085 - de Rocío189 , 31 ans (México) - 2023-06-03
Jeux vidéos - "Overwatch"

Hi, I need people who speak english and a little of spanish to practice english while we play overwatch. I play in console, rank diamond ;) also I have a master account but im not that good haha. Emilia#11618

45085 -
modifier supprimer 45091 - Réponse de William150 , 33 ans (México) - 2023-06-08

Hi I can practice with you if you want at me on Discord WillyGauss#9728

modifier supprimer 45081 - de Defne8 , 15 ans (Turkey) - 2023-05-24
Musique - "Are there any Mitski fans out there?"

If you’re a fan, write your favorite song and let’s discuss about them 🎵 (for me, it’s one and only “pearl diver”)

modifier supprimer 45078 - de Maryssa150 , 11 ans (france) - 2023-05-11
Jeux vidéos - "^^/ hi!"

hi! i play roblox/minecraft/fortnite and stardew valley! and you

modifier supprimer 45076 - de Amiyrah38 , 12 ans (United States) - 2023-05-09
Jeux vidéos - "Hihoo!!"

my name is Amiyrah! I love cozy games like animal crossing and the sims 4. but then I also like games like farcry 5 and the legend of zelda breath of the wild! pls conctact me if you like these games too! < 3

modifier supprimer 45075 - de Amiyrah38 , 12 ans (United States) - 2023-05-09
Sport - "HIII"

I fencing foil! contact me if you like/do fencing also!

45075 -
modifier supprimer 45156 - Réponse de cameron228 , 12 ans (usa) - 2023-10-27


modifier supprimer 45074 - de Amiyrah38 , 12 ans (United States) - 2023-05-09
Musique - "yo."

Hiii! I have made a comment on this page back in 2022 when I was pretty cringe. since I was younger the artists, I liked were K-pop bands. I don't like that stuff anymore, now i perfer artists like, AURORA, bille Elish, various Japanese artists, and vocaloid. Plese contact me if you like any of these singers!

45074 -
modifier supprimer 45096 - Réponse de Heather8 , 16 ans (Uk) - 2023-06-19

Yo, I’m real into Billie I must say, and Aurora is just amazing!! Hru dude and what kinda stuff you play?

modifier supprimer 45069 - de Skaï 244 , 20 ans (Cameroun ) - 2023-04-29
Voyages - "Correspondant"

Hello I’m Skaï

45069 -
modifier supprimer 45142 - Réponse de Dohee229 , 19 ans (South Korea) - 2023-09-18

Hi do u have a page in this website?

modifier supprimer 45068 - de joan220 , 17 ans (Tanzania) - 2023-04-29
Autres - "friendship"

hi am joan from tanzania i like be a korean but am tanzanian but my favourate artist in korea is BTS and lee min ho and tz wasafi but can anyone be friend of mine

modifier supprimer 45065 - de joan220 , 17 ans (Tanzania) - 2023-04-29
Autres - "friends"

hey anyone likes to be my friend
am joan from tz

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