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modifier supprimer 35826 - de Jolina Dessy36 , 35 ans (USA) - 2024-06-07
Chien - "Advice on Introducing a Dog to a Cat Household"

Hi everyone,

I'm a huge animal lover and I'm curious about everyone's favorite pets. I've always had cats, but I'm thinking of getting a dog. For those of you who have both, how do they get along? Any tips on introducing a new dog to a household with cats?

Thanks in advance for your advice!


modifier supprimer 35824 - de Zayna198 (USA) - 2024-05-23
Lapin - "I have a rabbit his name is “Fufu” like the food"

He is a black rabbit and average size. I wish I could we could have a rabbit play date. I genuinely think my rabbit is lonely but we don’t have room for another rabbit and the babies 😟🐇 (he’s not spayed) so anyways jajsajajsjsjjsa

modifier supprimer 35823 - de Natanjia115 , 13 ans (Australie) - 2024-05-20
Méduse - "I know no ones gonna reply to this..."

I'm interested in owning a jellyfish, I just wish I had something to tend to or at least care for; where should I start? What type of jelly? Like, what tank? Supplies?
It'll probably end up like $1000 or more, but I don't care. As long as they're comfortable and happy (even if they can't feel emotions), I'll be at peace! :)

35823 -
modifier supprimer 35825 - Réponse de ayeon218 (Corée) - 2024-06-05

you can search jellyfish tank on google and you might find any website that sells jellyfish on your country. Or you can get Chinese product(they sells lots of them) by their oversea shipping. and if you cannot find any way to buy, you can just catch jellyfish from the sea. Jellyfish needs a round cylinder tank(you could know its shape by searching on google), air pump that makes water flow in the tank, plankton to feed it, and salt to make sea water. As jellyfish has no brain or eyes or something, they can live in the tank that just filled with salted water. But don't forget to make the water flow! they can't swim so they need water flow to help their move.

modifier supprimer 35822 - de Ansel97 , 13 ans (USA) - 2024-05-15

hello, my name is Ansel, I'm from Michigan and I absolutely love snakes! I always dreamed of going the reptarium in southeast Michigan to see the two headed snake, albino alligator, and their anaconda! I have a Dekay's brown snake named Elliot and I am also going to get a corn snake from the reptarium in the near future!

modifier supprimer 35818 - de Avi245 (Afrique du Sud) - 2024-04-19
Hérisson - "I used to own 2 African pigmy hedgehogs"

Hey my name is Avi and I used to own 2 African pigmy hedgehogs a male named Pringles and a female named Blueberry.I got Pringles from my brother as a birthday present and we rescued blueberry from our neighbours. You see my neighbours had two kids a few years younger than me and they had kept two small hedgehogs in a cage outside in the rain only feeding them cabbage leaves. I asked them if I could buy them but they gave me a price higher than a second hand xbox. The next day the girl came running up to me with one of the hedgehogs(the other one had passed during the night) and said that the one she held was still breathing and asked me to save it. I told her that I would save it but I'm keeping it and she agreed. Me and my mother spent that whole day trying to get the hedgehog now named Blueberry out of hibernation. She survived. Cut about a year and a half later and I had introduced my two hedgehogs to one another. Blueberry was still to young to mate but Pringles made the biggest effort in sounding like a squeaky toy to impress her. Pringles passed soon after due to cancer. After Pringles passing I found a suitable breeding program for Blueberry. And that's my story with hedgehogs. I still miss Pringles very much tho.

35818 -
modifier supprimer 35821 - Réponse de Avi245 , 18 ans (Afrique du Sud) - 2024-05-01

Blueberry was very cute. She had a round black nose that looked like a blueberry, hence the name😊.

35818 -
modifier supprimer 35820 - Réponse de Saffy88 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2024-05-01

Omgsh, Blueberry seems so cute!!

modifier supprimer 35816 - de Leannan177 , 9 ans (USA) - 2024-04-05
Chauve-souris - "Is this forum dead?"

if anybody wants to be friends, here are the things i like: my little pony, the owl house, the amazing digital circus, gravity falls, littlest pet shop, sanrio ect ect! looking for a mature 3rd grader friend!

35816 -
modifier supprimer 35817 - Réponse de Saffy88 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2024-04-10

I'm pretty sure this forum is dead. I've watched some of those shows though, and they are cool!

modifier supprimer 35811 - de amalia165 , 9 ans (France) - 2024-03-12
Cheval - "looking for friends"

i love horses, i ride a horse named infinty

modifier supprimer 35810 - de Amiyrah38 , 13 ans (USA) - 2024-03-05

Hihi! I'm Amiyrah, and I love animals of all sorts! White tigers, snakes, maned wolves, and birds! I have 3 cats and hopefully some fish in the future! I used to have 3 hermit crabs, but they died :/ ANYWAY~!! We can talk about animals, TV shows, art, music, games! All types of things!

modifier supprimer 35808 - de Ramiru104 , 14 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2024-03-03
Chat - "happy new year"

this is 2024 my pet get 2 years

modifier supprimer 35805 - de bella158 , 14 ans (USA) - 2024-02-24
Chat - "i have my own cat"

to be honest i don't even know what breed my cat is anyways, but his name is mori and he is so cute, he is actually one of the kittens from m last cat. we didnt find out until the facebook seller recognized my mom (she sold her the kittens and the mom < ---- my old cat) i dont know if that made sense but he is a year old now, tbh i dread the day he dies or runs away for the last time but its kind of too early for it anyways sooooooo ;-;

if any1 has a cat of their own pls b my penpal :3

35805 -
modifier supprimer 35819 - Réponse de Ruth63 , 16 ans (Ouganda) - 2024-04-24

hi my name is Ruth i have a cat and he is two years old i got him when he was a kitty, he is really playful and cute. he is white with some brown stripes at the ears.... and i hope we can become good friends and i got my cat from one of my aunties ,it was a birthday gift..........

35805 -
modifier supprimer 35807 - Réponse de Flora209 , 11 ans (USA) - 2024-02-27

thats really cool plz wanna b penpals??

modifier supprimer 35801 - de Shenu157 , 13 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2024-01-30
Panda - "I love panda"

Hi 🥰🥰
I am shenuli or you can call me shenu…
I love 🐼 panda
Because it is so chubby

modifier supprimer 35791 - de François16 , 14 ans (Alaska (USA)) - 2024-01-05
Antilope - "Presentation"

Hello guys
My name is François and I'm a newcomer to this forum. I'm so happy to be with you here.

modifier supprimer 35784 - de Hala186 , 34 ans (Arabie Saoudite) - 2023-11-27
Chat - "Orange Cats"

Im crazy about orange cats < 3

35784 -
modifier supprimer 35796 - Réponse de Shanna132 , 10 ans (France) - 2024-01-20

Hello I have no cat but i love it.

35784 -
modifier supprimer 35793 - Réponse de Channa18 , 14 ans (France) - 2024-01-14

Oh I have a orange cat

modifier supprimer 35779 - de Zeke 176 , 30 ans (Albanie) - 2023-11-17
Varan - "Frog"

where is the frog board? help?

modifier supprimer 35771 - de lena162 , 22 ans (France) - 2023-11-09
Tortue - "reve"

Salut je suis de Paris et mon rêve c’est de voyager dans toute l’Asie,

modifier supprimer 35770 - de lily135 (Sri Lanka) - 2023-11-08
Chien - "doggy buddies"

I have a lion shepherd dog of 2 yrs and she's so crazy and FRIENDLY that she would jump on robbers and greet them happily 🤣🤣🐕. (and actually she's just turning 2 yrs dis Nov 18)

35770 -
modifier supprimer 35783 - Réponse de Stephen 176 (Ghana) - 2023-11-27

Me too I also have a puppy called Britney and fancy playing with it

35770 -
modifier supprimer 35775 - Réponse de Allie186 , 11 ans (USA) - 2023-11-14

I love dogs! I have a cream golden retriever, shes Russian and Ukrainian. She would definitely greet a robber happily as well! She wouldn't even hurt a fly!

35770 -
modifier supprimer 35773 - Réponse de marko242 , 14 ans (Hongrie) - 2023-11-09

hi lily i love dogs too i have two dogs do you have a cat?

modifier supprimer 35765 - de Ashlee67 (USA) - 2023-10-30
Poule, Coq - "I love chickens"

I have a hen with yellow and brown feathers and she is very beautiful! I absolutely love her

modifier supprimer 35761 - de Supachok52 , 16 ans (Thaïlande) - 2023-10-27
Papillon - "Hi"


35761 -
modifier supprimer 35804 - Réponse de Javonnie133 (USA) - 2024-02-21


modifier supprimer 35759 - de Niku92 , 8 ans (Inde) - 2023-10-25
Lapin - "RABBIT"


35759 -
modifier supprimer 35827 - Réponse de Diya36 , 25 ans (Albanie) - 2024-06-07


modifier supprimer 35757 - de Liam30 , 13 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2023-10-20
Chat - "catssss"

I love cats !! girls if you want to tell me about yours please message me or email :D

35757 -
modifier supprimer 35800 - Réponse de erin49 , 17 ans (Canada) - 2024-01-27

i love cats!! i have one (dsh/tabby~ish). she is the sweetest, loveliest cat, and the best thing to ever happen to me. i also work at a cat rescue, so i get to meet the sweetest kittens in the world, and help send them home with their adopters. literally my favourite part of every week.

35757 -
modifier supprimer 35777 - Réponse de Liam30 (Grande Bretagne) - 2023-11-14

Awesome! What is everyone's favourite breed of cat? Like black and white, tortoiseshell, orange/ginger etc..........

35757 -
modifier supprimer 35776 - Réponse de Adriana186 (USA) - 2023-11-14

I LOVE cats! I have a long haired siberian cat! Next year she will be 7! I would love to know about your pets!

modifier supprimer 35755 - de kennedy62 (Alaska (USA)) - 2023-10-04
Chien - "i like dogs"

i like dogs they are my fav animal i have 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

modifier supprimer 35750 - de Lydia 189 , 14 ans (USA) - 2023-09-27
Chèvre - "Goats!"

I really like goats! My aunt has a ranch/homestead sort of thing and she has a herd of pet goats! Last time I went they had like 20-something, a couple of which were babies! They are all super cute but my favorite is 'fatty patty' (shes a lil' chunky, haha) Shes been around forever and she's one of the reasons I like going up there :)

modifier supprimer 35749 - de junior154 , 15 ans (Côte d'Ivoire) - 2023-09-27
Chien - "DOGS"


modifier supprimer 35733 - de Michelle 30 , 11 ans (Nigeria) - 2023-08-19
Dauphin - "Ilove dolphins"

Hi ✋🏾✋🏾✋🏾✋🏾✋🏾👧🏾👩🏾‍🦱👸🏾👴🏾👨🏾‍🦰👨🏾‍🦳👵🏾everybody I🧍🏾‍♀️ love💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 dolphin 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬

modifier supprimer 35724 - de Dieu Anh130 , 15 ans (Viet Nam) - 2023-08-01
Libellule - "Dragonflies-Mayflies"

I absolutly adore Dragonflies, but my favourite animals are actually Mayflies, but they dont have that option…
Dragonflies are the cute nonetheless and it‘s just giving a total serene atmosphere. Imagine being out, near a pond and then there are sparkling twinkles surrounding you, that would absolutely make my day.
I‘m actually writing a novel where I want to include Dragonflies and Mayflies as symbolic signs, so share some interesting facts with me!
If your interested in reading my book some day, message me!

modifier supprimer 35722 - de Melya118 , 11 ans (France) - 2023-07-23
Panda - "Panda❤️❤️❤️❤️"

Et juste aussi est ce que vous parler français ?

35722 -
modifier supprimer 35723 - Réponse de Chiara168 , 14 ans (France) - 2023-07-28

Coucou! Moi aussi j'adore les pandas !! Dommage que dans les animaux pour la fiche de présentation il n'y ait pas les les pandas roux ...😑
J'adore ton message super énervé!! Ça fait trop de la peine de voir ces documentaires avec des pandas sans forêt...

modifier supprimer 35721 - de Melya118 , 11 ans (France) - 2023-07-23
Renard - "Renard❤️❤️❤️❤️"

J adore les renard c l animal le plus beau du monde ❤️❤️❤️
Et juste aussi vous parler français ?

35721 -
modifier supprimer 35752 - Réponse de Anna0 (Cameroun) - 2023-09-30

Moi aussi j'adore les renards. Ils sont tellement beaux et mignons! Et leur couleur aussi!
J'aimerais me faire des amis autour du monde. Bonne journee/nuit a tous!

modifier supprimer 35719 - de Daisy146 , 8 ans (Australie) - 2023-07-20
Chat - "I love cats!"

Hi my name is Daisy and I'm a big cat fan! I don't have one of my own but my neighbour does and I love him so much.

35719 -
modifier supprimer 35756 - Réponse de Ellie hickman18 , 15 ans (Albanie) - 2023-10-17

hi diasy can you be my penpal

modifier supprimer 35714 - de Belly Old33 , 99 ans (Angola) - 2023-07-12
Dinosaure - "Dinosaurs"

I looooooooooooooooooooove it!

modifier supprimer 35709 - de Kiara143 , 11 ans (Afrique du Sud) - 2023-07-06
Chien - "I looooooooove Yorkie dogs!"

How is it like to have a dog? If you like dogs we could be friends. So what do you guys like?

35709 -
modifier supprimer 35774 - Réponse de MINULI134 , 13 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2023-11-13


35709 -
modifier supprimer 35758 - Réponse de Cayden186 (Iles Hawaï (USA)) - 2023-10-24

It is so fun having a dog! My dog is kind of crazy though. He jumps on EVERYONE

35709 -
modifier supprimer 35734 - Réponse de riley22 , 15 ans (Afrique du Sud) - 2023-08-24

hiii i love dogs

35709 -
modifier supprimer 35732 - Réponse de Perla 65 , 24 ans (Pérou) - 2023-08-17


modifier supprimer 35708 - de Reva112 , 12 ans (Inde) - 2023-07-02
Cheval - "Horse 🐎"

I love white horses

modifier supprimer 35706 - de Blossom 🌸 29 , 11 ans (Nigeria) - 2023-07-01
Guépard, Léopard - "Hey everyone cheetahs are the best"

I love 💖💖 cheetahs🐆 cause their so fast🏃🏾‍♀️, I love their spots. I love it that cheetahs🐆 can run faster 🏃🏾‍♀️than cars🚗 it is so amazing🎇🎆, and that's part of the reason why I love cheetahs🐆.

modifier supprimer 35705 - de Gilke26 , 14 ans (Chine) - 2023-06-28
Chat - "I want to make some pen pals"

Hello!I¡¯m a boy from China.My English name is Gilke Cai.I¡¯m 14.As the message,I want to make some pen pals.Can you be my pen pal?Please contact me if you can.I¡¯ll tell you my email address.Thanks.

35705 -
modifier supprimer 35727 - Réponse de Gilke44 (Chine) - 2023-08-06

Okay,I get it.My email address is abjiur@outlook.com now.Please tell me your email address.I will contact with you through them.I can also keep in touch with you on this website.

35705 -
modifier supprimer 35726 - Réponse de Iris168 , 12 ans (Mexique) - 2023-08-06

I also like reading, skateboarding, basketball and graffitis.

35705 -
modifier supprimer 35725 - Réponse de Iris168 , 12 ans (Mexique) - 2023-08-06

I can be your penpal if you want so. I'm a 12 years old girl who loves cats.

modifier supprimer 35703 - de YOUSSOUPH125 , 27 ans (Sénégal) - 2023-06-20
Abeille - "Heureux de travailler avec les abeilles"

salut les amoureux des abeilles

modifier supprimer 35702 - de Issa47 , 12 ans (Côte d'Ivoire) - 2023-06-19
Loup - "i💓loup"

Selon moi Les loups sont les animaux les plus beaux que la terre est portée

35702 -
modifier supprimer 35715 - Réponse de Daphnée93 , 18 ans (Canada) - 2023-07-13

Je suis complètement d'accord avec toi les loups sont le meilleur animal au monde🐺

modifier supprimer 35701 - de Sid111 , 13 ans (Irlande) - 2023-06-18
Baleine - "W H A L E S H A R K S"

Does anyone else love whale sharks more than any other shark/fish? They're just so cute! I love them (❤️ ω ❤️)

35701 -
modifier supprimer 35704 - Réponse de Madi118 , 13 ans (USA) - 2023-06-23

OMG I absolutely love sharks especially lemon sharks but whale sharks are my all time favorite they're so cute I love their cutesy white dots and huge mouth! 😻

modifier supprimer 35699 - de Aroa41 , 14 ans (Espagne) - 2023-06-18
Chat - "Me encantan los gatos"

Hola soy Aroa, tengo 14 años y me encantan los gatos.
Me siento identificada en su forma de vivir la vida, si quieren mimos se acercan y sino desaparecen...
Besitos a tod@s ♥

modifier supprimer 35698 - de Noelle8 , 8 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2023-06-16
Chat - "hello"

Hi my mom had 4 cats and 2 died. :( I really like them but now they are in Hong Kong because I was born in Hong Kong and moved to England.

35698 -
modifier supprimer 35798 - Réponse de Shanna195 , 10 ans (France) - 2024-01-20

Hello Noelle how are you nice the meet you my name its Shanna you can by my pen pals.i love the dog and cat. And do you want the by pen pals

35698 -
modifier supprimer 35797 - Réponse de Shanna195 , 10 ans (France) - 2024-01-20

Hello Noelle how are you nace the meet youy you can bi my pen pals .I love the dog and you?

modifier supprimer 35696 - de Alexandre65 , 13 ans (France) - 2023-06-11
Panda - "Panda is the best animal ever"

I think panda is the best animal because he is really cute and it's very relaxing to see them when they eat some bamboo!

modifier supprimer 35694 - de Karmah98 (Emirats Arabes Unis) - 2023-06-11
Chien - "i want one"

hows it like having a dog i really want one

modifier supprimer 35691 - de Selma228 , 15 ans (Allemagne) - 2023-06-09
Tigre - "Tiger"

I love tigers because they are so beautiful, so smart and so powerful creatures.
And I like the Nature where they live.
In my opinion Sibirian Tigers are the most amazing, they are so alive and strong.

35691 -
modifier supprimer 35787 - Réponse de Animallearns36 (Pakistan) - 2023-12-14

tigers are very amazing and fast animal. i love this animal

modifier supprimer 35688 - de Monady134 , 13 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2023-06-03
Cheval - "Horse"

I like horses very much.I like to feed them and bring them on tours.I think i can be your friend too.

modifier supprimer 35687 - de Aimé 170 , 13 ans (Togo) - 2023-05-23
Tigre - "Discussion"

Bonjour, outre les animaux de compagnie que j'aime ( le chien 🐶 et le chat 🐈 ) , j'aime aussi le singe 🐒, par son intelligence : il réagit comme l'être humain , tous ses gymnastiques fantastiques agréables à contempler.

modifier supprimer 35678 - de Chelsea72 , 8 ans (Kenya) - 2023-05-06
Cheval - "I would love to be your friend"

I love animals so much. I wish I could get a horse

modifier supprimer 35670 - de Goug John86 , 19 ans (Mexique) - 2023-04-13
Elephant de mer - "elepgant"

i do not know what this kind animal is ha. hhah ha h

modifier supprimer 35666 - de rissi64 (Australie) - 2023-04-06
Chameau, Dromadaire - "bactrian camel"

i like bactrian camels more than dromedary camels, but there was no option for that. bactrian camels are cooler because they have more humps.

modifier supprimer 35665 - de hyomin250 , 13 ans (Corée) - 2023-03-31
- "hamster"

I have a hamster. Do you like hamsters?

35665 -
modifier supprimer 35754 - Réponse de a dude171 , 99 ans (Zimbabwe) - 2023-10-04

^^^ I'm not sure that's a hamster

modifier supprimer 35664 - de Martin103 , 9 ans (France) - 2023-03-29
Chameau, Dromadaire - "Chameau et Dromadaire"

J'aime bien les chameaux et les dromadaires mais je préfère les félins.

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