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modify delete 40565 - from Alex134 , 18 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2023-06-19
Research scientist - "My daily routine with my DREAMs."

Hi nice to meet you... I'm from Kalutara. and My A/l stream is Mathematics... play violin ,cello, guitar and keyboard... Doing Maths,Chemistry and physics.. But i hate maths,. I love biology... I'm from Sri Lanka(SL)... My dream is a complex of everything.. (Maths + Biology + Arts) The wonderful thing is every SL people think that combination is a nonsense. I like to collect and observe everything, In fact I'm a SEEKER. I love Baseball. My daily routine has some crazy step that is writing a Journal(Diary). I like Astronomy, Nuclear Science, Psychology so forth. My international Goal is in OXFORD. SL goal is in the Department of Chemistry of Colombo University.

modify delete 40148 - from Seraphina39 , 15 yrs (Saudi Arabia) - 2021-12-16
Research scientist - "Looking for a friend"

I love chemistry and I'm aiming to become a forensic scientist in the future!

I am looking for a friend who likes knows chinese as I'm very interested in chinese culture.


modify delete 37267 - from Amani103 , 12 yrs (Algeria) - 2020-02-07
Research scientist - "Je veux être une chercheuse scientifique"

Je veux être une chercheuse scientifique.le métier consiste à faire de la recherche scientifique. Il est difficile de bien cerner le métier de chercheur tant les domaines de recherche sont diversifiés et impliquent d'importantes différences dans la pratique de ce travail

Le manuel de Frascati, édité par l'OCDE, le définit ainsi : « Spécialiste travaillant à la conception ou à la création de connaissances, de produits, de procédés, de méthodes et de systèmes nouveaux et à la gestion des projets concernés ». Longtemps lié à la condition de professeur d'université et réservé à l'élite intellectuelle dans le monde occidental, le métier de chercheur à part entière s'est institutionnalisé avec la création d'organismes dont la vocation première était l'avancement de la science (tel le CNRS en France en 1939). Néanmoins, de par le monde, le statut de chercheur reste souvent associé à un poste universitaire bien que de multiples statuts coexistent, le chercheur d'aujourd'hui pouvant être plus ou moins titulaire d'un emploi permanent, plus ou moins inséré dans une équipe de recherche ou dans un laboratoire de recherche, plus ou moins associé au monde de l'entreprise (dans les secteurs de la recherche et développement), plus ou moins bien évalué par ses pairs, etc. Dans l'organisation moderne de la science, le statut de chercheur procède d'abord d'une reconnaissance par les autres chercheurs de son domaine de sa production scientifique, le plus souvent sous la forme de publications scientifiques (articles ou ouvrages) ou de conférences par lesquels les chercheurs exposent les théories ou les observations issues de leurs propres travaux.

modify delete 37136 - from Sebatien238 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2020-01-01
Research scientist - "I want to be periodic element scientist when I grow up"

I would like to be a scientist about elements and maybe find one too.
But that is not very likely. If anyone shares my interests or want to give me advice or
want to get in touch with me, then you can contact me. I

37136 -
modify delete 38794 - Reply from Anmol177 (India) - 2020-11-26

Heyy ! That, my dude is a chemist and there are different branches of chemistry you can pursue to become one. Some of them are - organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, materials science etc. Study hard and you are gonna get there one way or the other but you have to be consistent with your studies and try not to skip too many days.

37136 -
modify delete 38720 - Reply from Loujain98 , 10 yrs (United Arab Emirates) - 2020-11-23

Thats a great idea
Soon you will be a great ellement scientist,hope you you are doing your best to be a great scientist one day

37136 -
modify delete 37137 - Reply from Nicolas17 (France) - 2020-01-01

Great idea, Sébastien. So if you want to explore the microcosm and try to understand what's happening in this strange world, you will have to look for information about quantum physics.

modify delete 37097 - from Vishnu229 , 22 yrs (India) - 2019-12-14
Research scientist - "Mechanical Engineer"

Well, is anyone interested in some hypersonic flow?

modify delete 36949 - from Alice47 , 17 yrs (France) - 2019-10-06
Research scientist - "the next year"

Hi my name Alice, and I am 1è years old and I am athigh school en last years . So I will must to do my orientation for my study. AN I would like forensic science. what is the study to do?

I will plan to do an engineer scool preparatory class integrated but I think to do a DUT.
And I Don't know in which field

modify delete 36693 - from Aadil 26 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2019-06-19
Research scientist - "What I want to be."

Hi, I'm Aadil, and I want to be a forensic scientist when I'm an adult, it seems really interesting and like it could help people at the very least get justice.

modify delete 36640 - from María160 , 28 yrs (Mexico) - 2019-05-23
Research scientist - "Biomedical engineering"

Hello!.. My name is Maria, I finished the master of Nanotechnology and I am interested in biomedical engineering and want to know friends in my field and share the experience together.

modify delete 36608 - from Nattcha12 , 22 yrs (Thailand) - 2019-05-10
Research scientist - "I want to make a friend in my field"

Hi .. My name is Nattcha I studying Biology and I am interested in Marine ecology and want to make a friend in my field or share the experience together. sent me an email. thanks

36608 -
modify delete 36679 - Reply from angie248 , 20 yrs (Austria) - 2019-06-09

Hello. I`m international student. Now I`m studying in Leeds City College, in United Kingdom. I`m learning for Bachelor of Health and I`m interested in the same theme as you. In our university we have cool ecology program, I really love it. You can find my university on Free-Apply, if you want. What about your study place?

modify delete 36533 - from Molly231 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2019-03-28
Research scientist - "Medicinal Scientist"

I want to be a medicinal scientist and find the cure to cancer. Anyone else feel the same?

36533 -
modify delete 36884 - Reply from Adriana 194 , 20 yrs (Indonesia) - 2019-09-07

Hi Molly!
I am currently a 4th year medical student and I have a big interest in finding cure for cancer. I think it is a really important matter.

modify delete 36440 - from Jacob201 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2019-02-10
Research scientist - "Biochemestry"

I would like to be a biochemist when I grow up. Can someone give me tips on what to do?

36440 -
modify delete 36882 - Reply from Angie239 , 18 yrs (USA) - 2019-09-06

Do very well on your SAT and you will get a scholarship. If you get good grades, that will also get you a scholarship. If money is still an issue, you can go to a community college for your first year because they offer cheap introductory classes (and those transfer to most 4 year universities). Read about biology and chemistry at your local library before you start your high school science classes, this will give you an advantage. Good luck.

modify delete 35411 - from Franco170 , 18 yrs (Argentina) - 2018-02-18
Research scientist - "Someone who want to research superconductivity."

I'm really excited to start researching about superconductivity, but it may be easier discussing with some collegues.

35411 -
modify delete 36344 - Reply from Najma178 , 16 yrs (Indonesia) - 2019-01-10

Hi Franco, firstly, I really happy to see someone whose hobby similar with me. I wanna be scientist too! Maye you could tell me what will happen if you are a scientist in your country? Really wanna know which university fit with our hobby?
wanna see your answer. If you need my email address: farida.megalini@gmail.com
Maybe after it we could be bestie.

modify delete 35169 - from saf82 , 19 yrs (India) - 2018-01-01
Research scientist - "I love Genetics"

I really like genetics and was hoping if someone else does too. I want to get into research in genetics and I want to know what scope there is for me.

I can also just talk with anyone who has an interest in science, or shares my interests!

35169 -
modify delete 36345 - Reply from Najma178 , 16 yrs (Indonesia) - 2019-01-10

I saw your info which is telling me that you love genetics. actually I really dizzy with those kind of material! It's hard to make a difference between how many chromosomes does disjunction after first meiosis, or ever the second one. really make me dizzy if you can't imagine it. Tell me, which kind of genetics you used to like? which side of genetics did you like? Wanna see your answer fast.
if you want to answer, just let me know at my email address:

modify delete 33866 - from Anya171 , 16 yrs (Great Britain) - 2017-03-28
Research scientist - "biomedical researcher"

I would like to try something like the google science fair also! But this would be on-top of my existing A-levels! therefore veeerrrryyyy unlikely!!!!!!!


33866 -
modify delete 36333 - Reply from Aiko240 , 15 yrs (Spain) - 2019-01-07

Hi! I´m from spain, im 15 yo, I´m also interested in this topic, im mainly interested in cancer´s cure... I dont know as much as id like about this but we could also be friends! this is the first time i come in here so... let´s be friends :)

33866 -
modify delete 34633 - Reply from Dhimas67 , 14 yrs (Indonesia) - 2017-08-16

Yeah, i think if you want that, first you must to believe by your self then just do it, if you fail try again again and again

33866 -
modify delete 33902 - Reply from Aline5 , 14 yrs (China) - 2017-04-08

Hello!I am from China.These days ,I find my English is not very good.And my English teacher is strict with me.I feel really upset.Can you help me with my English?

33866 -
modify delete 33900 - Reply from Odeline202 , 15 yrs (France) - 2017-04-07

Hello! I'm french and you ? My fisrt name is Odeline and you ?

modify delete 33365 - from Ousmane235 , 24 yrs (Cameroon) - 2016-12-30
Research scientist - "recherche amis"

Bonjour chers chercheurs. Je suis mfoudikou ousmanou, étudiant-chercheur en didactique des disciplines à l' université de yaoundé 1 au Cameroun. En effet, j'ai une maîtrise en geographie humaine notamment en marginalité et stratégies de développement dans les pays du Sud. Je recherche tout chercheur intéressé pour une collaboration scientifique et pour une co-production d articles et outrages. Merci

modify delete 33231 - from PASCAL243 , 31 yrs (Congo (Dem. Rep)) - 2016-12-06
Research scientist - "recherche des amis"

Je suis chercheur en Gestion de la Logistique et Je suis Humanitaire, je voudrai avoir des amis qui vont m'aider dans mes recherches dans ce domaine près-cité, mais aussi je voudrai aussi avoir des amis et amies avec qui on peut réfléchir ensemble pour l'aide humanitaire. (pour la protection de vulnérable), L'UNION FAIT LA FORCE

modify delete 32906 - from Aurélien52 , 23 yrs (Belgium) - 2016-10-19
Research scientist - "Young biologist here ! :D"

Hi !

I am Aurélien and I am a young biologist. I worked on piranhas for one year and now I start to work on some frogs !

I am interested in learning english and I can learn you some things about the biology, sciences or just french because it is my native language !

Goodbye :D !

32906 -
modify delete 36694 - Reply from Aadil 26 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2019-06-19

Hi I'm Aadil, I've been trying to learn French online because my school dosen't teach other languages, and am a native English speaker (though I'm not great at English) maybe we can help each other. Email me at ashiels56@gmail.com if you want to talk.

32906 -
modify delete 36442 - Reply from Jacob201 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2019-02-10

Hi! I would like to be a biochemist which is close to what your doing! I could teach you some english if we become pen pals. Hope you write back!

32906 -
modify delete 36346 - Reply from Najma178 , 16 yrs (Indonesia) - 2019-01-10

Hi, so happy to see ur message.
I;m Najma, a high schooler from Indonesia. I dreamed high about being a good scientist. tell me, is there any university in Belgium which can lead me to be a scientist? I wanna study abroad. If you wanna answer this question, you can answer me in my parent's email: farida.megalini@gmail.com
I found out that Belgium's chocolate was stunning. the best chocolate of all. maybe someday i could visit your country, then buy chocolate as many as i could buy.
really want to see your reply.
thank you very much!

32906 -
modify delete 33592 - Reply from Hamina74 (Madagascar) - 2017-02-06

Hi, I'd like learning French and english too. I'm a microbiologist but I haven't job yet. So, can you help me?

modify delete 32407 - from Ilyes164 , 18 yrs (France) - 2016-07-08
Research scientist - "Y a-t-il des matheux anglophones ?"


I'm looking for someone who speaks english to talk with.
I really like mathematics. If you like them too and/or if you want any help in French, don't hesitate !!

32407 -
modify delete 37927 - Reply from Valiollah210 , 30 yrs (Iran) - 2020-05-30

Hi guys!
I'm a Persian language native speaker and am learning English in university. Also, I'm interested in French. I guess we can teach other our mother tongue language if you like. email me if u want.

32407 -
modify delete 37864 - Reply from Valiollah89 , 30 yrs (Iran) - 2020-05-16

Let's talk!

32407 -
modify delete 36695 - Reply from Aadil 26 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2019-06-19

Hi! I like math, am trying to learn French, and would be happy to help you with English (far warnings I'm not to good at English even if it's my native language). So email me if you want ashiels56@gmail.com.

32407 -
modify delete 36441 - Reply from Jacob201 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2019-02-10

Hi! I speak English and I like math, too! I don't know french but you can teach me. I hope we can become pen pal! Please write back.

32407 -
modify delete 34961 - Reply from Kaitlyn107 (Australia) - 2017-11-03

hello, i would like to learn french. i could teach you english if you want.

32407 -
modify delete 34660 - Reply from Dofra 0 , 25 yrs (Ivory Coast) - 2017-08-18

I am your man.

32407 -
modify delete 32750 - Reply from Anna171 , 16 yrs (Great Britain) - 2016-09-12

Hey, I'm up for helping you with English, if you can help me with some French in return, s'il vous plaît.:) J'aime les maths, aussi. (Et les sciences -particulièrement la biochimie).

32407 -
modify delete 32745 - Reply from Addy197 , 17 yrs (China) - 2016-09-11

hello.you are so handsome.i am a student in senior three,i am so busy everyday and absolutely so tired.i like writing and listening to music ,but under the stress of study,i mustn't enjoy my hobby. i hope your rely and hope you happy everyday.

modify delete 32236 - from Nolwenn199 (France) - 2016-05-28
Research scientist - "Looking for a foreign friend"

I'm looking for someone I can chat a lot with and around my age in order to improve my English and learn about new cultures.

I'm intersested in sciences (physics & maths), so maybe shall we start the conversation with those topics (even if I don't know a lot about them: I'm just currently studying it at secondary school), although I'm open-minded and can talk about everything!

Hope to hear from you soon!

32236 -
modify delete 36696 - Reply from Aadil 26 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2019-06-19

Would love to chat, email me

32236 -
modify delete 35535 - Reply from Shannon175 (Ecuador) - 2018-04-07

Hello! I would love to practice French with you and help you practice English as well. I'm really into sciences as well. Mainly Mathematics and Physics (I really want to be a theoretical physicist). I'd love to chat send me a message!

32236 -
modify delete 32751 - Reply from Anna171 , 16 yrs (Great Britain) - 2016-09-12

Hey, I'd love to help you out with your English, in return for helping me with some French. And like you, I love Maths and Science (Biology and Chemistry, although.). :) We'd probably share quite a bit in common. :)

32236 -
modify delete 32734 - Reply from Isaac185 , 16 yrs (USA) - 2016-09-09

I am a foreign and can be a friend.

32236 -
modify delete 32310 - Reply from Salim141 , 18 yrs (Morocco) - 2016-06-13

I wanna the same..
If you are interested message me.

modify delete 31811 - from Shannon23 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2016-03-18
Research scientist - "dang it!!!"

Hi It didnt really have what I wanted to be-a marine ecologist.

31811 -
modify delete 33889 - Reply from kaleigh219 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2017-04-06

Hello! I agree! I would love to be a marine ecologist to!

31811 -
modify delete 32121 - Reply from Michael184 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2016-05-07

I want to be a biologist, but they don't have that either.

modify delete 31312 - from Raphaël234 , 21 yrs (Benin) - 2015-12-27
Research scientist - "Annonce"

Je m appelle Raphaël. Je veux me faire des amies surtout les biologistes et aussi ceux ou celle qui comprend le portugais. Salut a vous.

31312 -
modify delete 33485 - Reply from Minh-Anh230 , 19 yrs (France) - 2017-01-17

Bonjour, je m'appelle Minh-Anh et je suis étudiante en Sciences pour la Santé comprenant de la chimie, de la biologie et de la physique :)

31312 -
modify delete 32624 - Reply from jiroux0 , 23 yrs (Benin) - 2016-08-22

bonjour je m'appelle jiroux etudiant en en chimie et biologie j'accepte colaborer avec vous les biologistes

modify delete 28843 - from Leila73 , 15 yrs (China) - 2015-07-01
Research scientist - "Science"

Ooh!Hello,I'm a Chinese.I like physics best.I think it's mystrious and interesting.So if you like physics or China,send me email.I'll be glad to see that.

28843 -
modify delete 40147 - Reply from Seraphina39 , 15 yrs (Saudi Arabia) - 2021-12-16

Hey! I am really interested in learning chinese and I agree with you! physics really is nice though I wanna be a forensic scientist more! I would love to be pen-pals with you tho!

28843 -
modify delete 36347 - Reply from Najma178 , 16 yrs (Indonesia) - 2019-01-10

I wanted to know which university from China is the best to be a scientist. You know, your country is the best about it. Maybe you could share me the name of the university? if you answer this question, i'll be thanking you so much.
We could be bestie. can be?
I hope so.
you could reply me in my parent's email: farida.megalini@gmail.com

28843 -
modify delete 30966 - Reply from Micah202 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2015-10-29

Nice, I can speak Chinese too! I just moved from there to the USA, but I think you might be too old for me. :(

modify delete 26797 - from Inès97 , 18 yrs (France) - 2014-07-31
Research scientist - "Cherche Correspondant"

Bonjour, je m'appelle Inès, je suis française, et j'aimerai rencontrer certaines personnes à qui je peux apprendre le français et qui m’apprendraient l'anglais en retour
Merci d'avance

26797 -
modify delete 28556 - Reply from farid107 (Algeria) - 2015-04-24

je suis enseignant de français.
je peux t'être utile; sur tout sur le plan théorique
c'est ma profession

26797 -
modify delete 27674 - Reply from Idriss145 (Burkina Faso) - 2014-12-27

hello! I'm Idriss, from Burkina. I'm studing in domain of Sciences. I speak English and French and I think that to exchange could be benefit for us seeing that I still improve my English. So, if you want...

26797 -
modify delete 27349 - Reply from wills145 , 26 yrs (Ivory Coast) - 2014-11-05

hi i'm wills i readed your message. i have some difficulty to speak english very well but i'm french speaker l'd like to be your friend to exchange our different language's knowlege. thank

26797 -
modify delete 27017 - Reply from Eva105 , 23 yrs (Great Britain) - 2014-09-08

Bonjour, je m'appelle Eva. Je commence apprendre Francais et je voudrais une personne avec qui je practiquerais. Je peux ecrire Anglais couramment donc je t'aiderais avec ta Anglaise s'il tu plait?

modify delete 26747 - from laura84 , 20 yrs (Spain) - 2014-07-24
Research scientist - "I like science in general!"

Hi there, I'm college studying industrial engineering. I would love to have friends around my age from all over the world interested in science and discovering and improving this amazing world we live in any way (medicine, biology, geology, engineering... I love history and politics too!). I don't know what I want to be in the future yet, you do? which is your dream?
Feel free to email me! :)

26747 -
modify delete 30706 - Reply from Ihab100 (Algeria) - 2015-09-06

Hello Laura,
I hope you are fine, so i am a scientist researcher in Physics field and i like all domains of research, i like to exchange and share our knowledge and to collaborate if you want!
feel free to contact me !

Cordially !

26747 -
modify delete 27445 - Reply from madu157 , 19 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2014-11-26

I like to talk with you about science mostly I like chemistry and biology.I'm interested in astrobiology and astrochemistry.However I want to be a scientist.Hope to talk with you..I also like politics..as well as psychology and music..I thing every subjects are tied like chain's nodule.Finally we learn about ourselves and environment.

modify delete 26684 - from thierno ousmane145 , 24 yrs (Guinea) - 2014-07-18
Research scientist - "où faire le stage pour un mathematicien?"

Bonjour ou Bonsoir les amis selon les quatre coins du monde où vous vous trouvé bon,g voudrai vous demander: dans quel domaine un mathèmaticien peut faire son stage ?

26684 -
modify delete 28256 - Reply from Abubakar156 , 25 yrs (Tanzania) - 2015-03-10

Bonsoir, je pense dans le domain de la science informatique

modify delete 26234 - from Yong-min193 , 20 yrs (Korea) - 2014-04-26
Research scientist - "biologist~"

Hello world! :)
My name yong min KIM from south korea,
I'm in attandance at university of seoul in south korea.
My dream is to be a biologist to study stem cell, for the increasing people of aging.
I hope anyone who have interests to me come to korea, seoul.
I will take you sightseeing, eat many many of delicious food in korea.
plz, contact to me if you have same dream or interest about biology.
I wish you all have a wonderful holiday~

26234 -
modify delete 31427 - Reply from Tiara50 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2016-01-19

I love biology! Despite my age, I am currently trying to study more about the disease "Duchenne Dystrophy Syndrome". It's a shame that I'm still in high school though... I'm even studying the Korean language! What a downer.

26234 -
modify delete 31302 - Reply from iretomiwa167 , 20 yrs (Nigeria) - 2015-12-26

i am studying cell biology and genetics from the university of lagos,Nigeria. love all about cell,but i will love to learn more about environmental science .......do anyone knows how environment affects the gene?

26234 -
modify delete 27350 - Reply from wills145 , 26 yrs (Ivory Coast) - 2014-11-05

hi i'm wills i'd like to exchange with you about medical science. i'm student in medecine

26234 -
modify delete 26823 - Reply from Sinta253 , 22 yrs (Indonesia) - 2014-08-04

Hiiiiii, I am biologist, too and i have just graduated from university of indonesia. I am interested in conservation biology and stem cell. Let's be friend. Nice to know you :)

modify delete 25261 - from Laura-Blaire127 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2013-11-22
Research scientist - "Cystic Fibrosis"

Hello World :p I'm Laura-Blaire and I'm researching Cystic Fibrosis with te help of my amazing biology teacher! I think I've found the cure but sadly I can't prove it without a lab :( I don't have a scientific lab and most adult scientist don't want to talk to 15 year old girls (understandable they're geniuses). What kind if research do you all do or want to do?

25261 -
modify delete 25528 - Reply from Milanello249 , 24 yrs (Morocco) - 2014-01-03

Hi you don't need scientific labo for proving your results you can analysing and modeling your data by Computational biologists it's complicated at your age but why not enjoy what you do ;)

modify delete 22180 - from lei kaige200 , 16 yrs (China) - 2013-10-02
Research scientist - "¿ÆѧÊÇÃÀÀöµÄ"

Hello everyone
My name Leikai song from China Hubei,
Everyone is talking about his own hobby work right, it is very interesting.
Although I was a science student, but I also like history.
My dream is to be a biologist to study the virus, for the benefit of the people.
I hope you come to China, Hubei, I will take you to Wudang Mountain, as well as foreign friends like Qu Yuan, and you can also go Zigui, here is his hometown.
I wish you all a wonderful holiday

22180 -
modify delete 30984 - Reply from ÕÅ141 , 16 yrs (China) - 2015-11-01

Dear friend:
I am glad to hear you ,I am a enthusiastic student ,and I am in my second year in semior
high school ,I'm interested penpalling and writing letters£¬too¡£But I am different from you in major subjects£¬i study English and geography¡£Maybe we have some else interests ¡£let |make friends¡£hope receive your reply soon
Yours sincerely

22180 -
modify delete 25850 - Reply from toner101 (Turkey) - 2014-02-15

Hi , firstly you thinking very good.
I hope,You can reach your dreams...

22180 -
modify delete 25661 - Reply from Rashid218 , 17 yrs (Ghana) - 2014-01-17

nice meeting you here my friend in china, well i am very interested in your research but mine is under Animal health about Dog virus, prevention and control measures on our physical environment..i think we can form a group of people to organize a workshop seminar on it.. ok

22180 -
modify delete 25300 - Reply from Narmada21 , 17 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2013-11-26

Hey, I'm also a Science student and learning Biology,Chemistry and Physics. I'm interesting penpalling. Writing letters and share cards + gifts. I'm interested in different cultures, countries and history. I love to be your penpal. Here my address, we can meet each other one day.. My country is an Island which is full of sunshine and natural beauty. Hope to hear you soon.

Narmada Perera
Anicut Rd
Sri Lanka

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