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modify delete 40613 - from Jordan123 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2023-09-22 >> NEW
Band leader - "band"

I play the drums and im my own band leader.

modify delete 40612 - from Damarion206 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2023-09-20
Secret agent - "spy"

i want to learn how to be a spy

40612 -
modify delete 40614 - Reply from bernice90 , 11 yrs (Kenya) - 2023-09-25 >> NEW

we want to join spys

modify delete 40609 - from aubrey27 (Alaska (USA)) - 2023-09-15
Secret agent - "303"

I wood be a grate fit because I am fast and safe no one can fined me in a lie

modify delete 40604 - from Sakina154 (France) - 2023-09-01
Psychologist - "est ce le bon choix?"

Depuis toute petite j'aime aider les gens savoir que mes conseils ou juste mes paroles les aide me mes dans une joie immense mais est ce vraiment fait pour moi comment savoir j'aime vraiment ce métier mais moi même mes propre problèmes sont pas gérer alors est ce bien de gérer ce des autres ??

modify delete 40601 - from Saad73 , 40 yrs (Pakistan) - 2023-08-24
Writer - "Riddles in Literature: Analyzing Symbolism and Subtext in Classic Tales"

ntroduction: Literature often hides deeper layers of meaning beneath its surface. Riddles, with their intricate language and hidden answers, share a kinship with the symbolism and subtext found in classic tales. In this article, we explore how riddles can serve as entry points to analyzing the deeper layers of meaning in the literature.
Unveiling Symbolism:
Metaphorical Exploration: Riddles encourage readers to decipher metaphors and analogies.
Hidden Meanings: Just as riddles have concealed answers, literature often has underlying messages.
Enhanced Critical Reading:
Textual Examination: Riddles train students to scrutinize language and uncover implied meanings.
Contextual Insights: Riddles develop the ability to infer information from surrounding context.
Subtext Discovery:
Character Motivations: Riddles mirror characters' motives in literature, enhancing character analysis.
Social Commentary: Literature's social commentary finds parallels in riddles' subtle commentary.
Conclusion: Riddles and literature share the art of concealed communication. By analyzing riddles and literary subtext, students deepen their understanding of both disciplines, honing critical reading skills and discovering layers of meaning.

modify delete 40598 - from Oceane196 (France) - 2023-08-16
Musician - "Looking for people to create a band"

Hi everyone, I have been playing the piano since I was 5 years old and now I'm 17. My dream would be to do some concerts all around the word with others musicians. Is there anyone interested ?

modify delete 40596 - from Printerpasser29 (Philippines) - 2023-08-12
Secret agent - "Spy"

I wanted to be a secret agent, but I don't know if I really want that kind of life. I really wanted to try how does it feel like to be a secret agent with a secret profile. I want it but at the same time I'm scared. But I really want it. So if someone sees this and interested on letting me in as a secret agent, please reply.

40596 -
modify delete 40611 - Reply from Damarion206 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2023-09-20

i really want this job so get to me when you can

40596 -
modify delete 40607 - Reply from Anonymous82 (American Samoa) - 2023-09-11

you know what if you really want to be a spy or a secret agent you should believe in your self , you just need to follow your heart i mean listen to your heart and if your scared try to be brave. no one can stop your own world except you. i know the world is unfair or not equal but that doesn't mean you'll be scared and not to try this thing.

modify delete 40589 - from Dieu Anh130 , 15 yrs (Viet Nam) - 2023-08-01
Writer - "Help with publishing/printing books"

I‘m writing my own „cultivation“ danmei (chinese boys love) novel that is about a doomed kingdom and a prince who is devoted to saving it.
But I am here to ask how I even publish these books? It‘s probably going to be a series, and I don‘t know how I can publish them free?

I want to target young adults, but it‘s wide range nonetheless. I don‘t want to use Wattpad, or Ao3, because of Copyright issues and I really want to see my books in stores someday. So, where do I market my books first to let people read it first and then see if it‘s popular to actually print and sell it?

I‘ve seen a lot of chinese authors publish their work, let them be translated and posted (somewhere. I don‘t know where and would like to know, so I can target the same audience as well.). Later on, when they know that these books are a big hit, they print and sell it. Any websites that you recommend? Preferably where there are other asian authors, for the same audience.

modify delete 40587 - from Chloé 253 , 11 yrs (France) - 2023-08-01
Actor, Actress - "Iain armitage 😊"

Tout seux qui aime la iain armitage qui joue dans Big little lieset youg shedon dans le role de Sheldon ecriver moi 😜

modify delete 40586 - from Chiara168 , 14 yrs (France) - 2023-07-29
Disc Jockey (D.J.) - "Pour devenir DJ"

FR: Salut tout le monde! C'est la première fois que j'écris sur ce forum! 🙃
Juste je voulais savoir si l'un de vous savait un peu comment s'y prendre pour en savoir un peu plus sur le métier, par exemple il y a peut-être des stages, ou des sites qui t'expliquent et où tu peux t'exercer. Si quelqu'un a la réponse c'est cool, merci!

ANGL: Hi everyone! This is my first time writing on this forum! 🙃
Just wanted to know if any of you know a bit about how to go about finding out a bit more about the business, for example maybe there are internships, or sites that explain and where you can practice. If anyone has the answer, that'd be great, thanks!

modify delete 40584 - from prem xoudhury priyo84 , 18 yrs (Bangladesh) - 2023-07-22
Secret agent - "i want to be a secret agent"

I would like to state that I am a student of class 11. But in this age I want to do something exception something different .So I choose to be a secret agent or a spy because I have a great interest in it.I have the courage and obstinacy to do anything and also I don't loose my hope at any cost.So it's just not a work for me it's my dream.I will do my best and I have that ability to be a spy.

modify delete 40582 - from maddie71 , 12 yrs (Canada) - 2023-07-21
Writer - "heyy"

hey guys I'm super bored and I want feedback on my writing so I'll start posting it here, mostly poetry. idk if anyone's really active on here but I hope you like my posts

modify delete 40580 - from Chloé 184 , 11 yrs (France) - 2023-07-19
Actor, Actress - "Comment faire ?"

Salut je m'appelle Chloé et j'ai 11 ans mais le problèmem c'est que je veut devenir actrice et je 'e sait pas comment convaincre mes parent de me mettre dans un lycée pour acteurs j'aurais plus de chance avec sa mais bon (oui je pense déjà au lycée ...) pouvez vous me donner des conseils s'il vous plait

Écrive moi sur mon stow mail pour en discuter.

modify delete 40579 - from Nuvini 134 , 16 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2023-07-18
Writer - "The Father of Mahinda Rajapaksha College had gone...."

*The father of Mahinda Rajapaksha College had gone.....*

He finished summer and was the first sun ray of spring...
And he made the way for lots of flowers, to bloom...
He waited until the spring starts...
Then the father of Mahinda Rajapaksha College had gone...

It's only started that flowers blooming...
So, why are you leaving us so soon...
Can't you wait till the all flowers bloomed...
Dear father, will you come again when the all flowers bloomed...

One day we will be smiling in the spring...
On that day you will be with us too...
Until that moment comes we are waiting...
To see you again dear father...

We will never hear the words 'my dear sons and daughters...'
We will never see your face at school again...
But we never forget you a valuable words...
Dear father, we will find the spring in the future...
Until that we never be fallen down.....

This is for my lovely principal sir Mr.M.R.D. Kasun Gunarathe. The principal of Mahinda Rajapaksha College. (From 2015 to 2023...) We had many lovely memories with you sir! We will be successful people in the future and it's the best gift we can ever present you! 🎁

modify delete 40578 - from Nuvini 134 , 16 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2023-07-18
Writer - "*ගුරු පියා සමු"

*ගුරු පියා සමුගත්තේ මිහිඳු මව් හඬවලා*

නිමා කර ග්‍රීෂ්මය, වසන්තය පුබුදලා
මල් කැකුළු උපදින්න ගව් ගණන් මග හදා
වසන්තයෙ අරුණැල්ල වැටෙන තුරු ඉවසලා
ගුරු පියා සමුගත්තේ මිහිඳු මව් හඬවලා

මල් කැකුළු පිපෙන්නට පටන් ගත් මොහොතේම
අප්පච්චි යන්න යයි සමුගන්නෙ ඇයි එහෙම
මල් කැකුළු පිපෙන තුරු ඉන්න බැරිදෝ ඔබට
යළි දිනෙක එනවා ද මල් කැකුළු පිපුනාම

වසන්තෙට ගිහින් අපි සිනා වෙන හැටි බලා
ඔබ හිනාවෙයි දිනක අපි එක්ක එක් වෙලා
ඒ ලෙසට ආයෙමත් අප්පච්චි හමුවෙලා
හිනැහෙනා දින තුරා සිටිමු අපි මඟ බලා

'මගේ මිහිඳු දරුවනේ' වදන් පෙළ ඇහෙන්නෑ
ඔබෙ සිනා මුව මඩල යළිත් මෙහි පෙනෙන්නෑ
ඒත් ඔබෙ වදන් වැල් මතක නැති කරන්නෑ
වසන්තය හොයාගෙන යනවමයි වැටෙන්නෑ

modify delete 40576 - from Gilbert126 (USA) - 2023-07-11
Writer - "Who is your inspiration?"

Hi everyone! I'm amazed at how many talented writers are here. I have a question for you, who are your inspirations?

40576 -
modify delete 40588 - Reply from Dieu Anh130 , 15 yrs (Viet Nam) - 2023-08-01

My inspiration comes mostly from music, not the lyrics but the atmosphere. But I also use visual things that look pleasing, so I put a folder together on tiktok with videos that I could watch over and over again. The vibe and atmosphere of the folder also represent the vibe of my book and whenever I look at the videos, I can just dive right in and it gives me more focus. Sound weird since people think I would be distracted by the visuals and sound, but I can write better by this method. A lot of inspiration comes from different cultures as well, but that depends on the book…
I use chinese folklore, it‘s interesting and it keeps me educational as well! I like vietnamese and japanese myths as well.
This was an amazing question, who is your inspiration?

modify delete 40571 - from Gilbert126 (USA) - 2023-07-06
Astronaut - "I want to be an astronaut."

Hey, would anyone like to be an astronaut or am I the only one here? I like learning all about space, black holes, quasars, it all makes me feel small compared to the universe.

modify delete 40568 - from Neveah155 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2023-07-02
Secret agent - "Mission 1 step College"

I want to be a spy for the U.S.

40568 -
modify delete 40572 - Reply from Jade160 (France) - 2023-07-09

Cool.But if you become a spy, you couldn't tell your family.

40568 -
modify delete 40570 - Reply from amariah61 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2023-07-05

i have wanted to be a spy

modify delete 40566 - from Aroa41 , 14 yrs (Spain) - 2023-06-20
Flight attendant - "Travel and get lost"

Hi, I'm Aroa, sometimes I dream that I'm a flight attendant and I know all the beautiful corners of the world. It makes me dream and I like it.
What place would you like to visit?
Hugs and kisses ♥♥

modify delete 40565 - from Alex134 , 18 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2023-06-19
Research scientist - "My daily routine with my DREAMs."

Hi nice to meet you... I'm from Kalutara. and My A/l stream is Mathematics... play violin ,cello, guitar and keyboard... Doing Maths,Chemistry and physics.. But i hate maths,. I love biology... I'm from Sri Lanka(SL)... My dream is a complex of everything.. (Maths + Biology + Arts) The wonderful thing is every SL people think that combination is a nonsense. I like to collect and observe everything, In fact I'm a SEEKER. I love Baseball. My daily routine has some crazy step that is writing a Journal(Diary). I like Astronomy, Nuclear Science, Psychology so forth. My international Goal is in OXFORD. SL goal is in the Department of Chemistry of Colombo University.

modify delete 40564 - from Alice44 , 12 yrs (France) - 2023-06-17
Dancer, Prima ballerina - "Devenir danseuse étoile"

Bonjour, en fait j'ai douze ans je suis passionnée par le ballet et j'aimerai en faire mon métier. Déjà j'aurais voulu aller à l'opéra de Paris mais j'ai dépassé l'age et la date d'inscription ( sinon il faut un diplôme pour entrer ). Est-ce qu'on peut y entrer suite à un stage d'été ?
Et aussi comment convaincre mes parents car je ne pense pas qu'ils approuvent :)

modify delete 40563 - from taylor99 , 14 yrs (Indonesia) - 2023-06-16
Lawyer - "advice?"

hey there! i'm a 10th grader and i'm looking for a career in law in the future, but i don't know how to get a good start at my age. any advice?

modify delete 40555 - from Vanivea227 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2023-06-03
Secret agent - "talk spy"

I want to be a spy.

modify delete 40543 - from Mya58 , 13 yrs (France) - 2023-05-17
Writer - "Faut-il aller à la fac pour devenir écrivain ?"

Salut tout le monde, je m'appelle Mya, j'ai 13 ans et je voudrais devenir écrivain. Faut-il que je fasse des études à l'université ou puis-je seulement faire des stages ou aller dans une école spécialisée en écriture ? Merci d'avance.

40543 -
modify delete 40581 - Reply from Elsa26 (France) - 2023-07-21

Faire des études pour devenir écrivain n'aide pas à se faire publier ou quoi que ce soit. La meilleure manière est de forger ta plume en... *Roulements de tambours* écrivant ! Hé oui, c'est comme ça que tu progresseras réellement.
Si tu veux tes conseils d'écriture plus précis je te conseille la chaîne youtube de Christelle lebailly ou encore celle de Samantha bailly. Tu pourras y retrouver de nombreuses vidéos d'explications sur le processus de création d'un roman !
J'espère t'avoir aidé. Sache que tu peux faire une fac de quoi que ce soit. De toute façon, être écrivain est souvent un métier où il est difficile de "percer" et d'exercer seulement ce métier à plein temps. Tu peux donc être boulanger.e et auteurice, mais aussi professeur.e et auteurice. C'est selon tes préférences !
Ce qu'il faut pour être écrivain, c'est maîtriser un minimum la langue dans laquelle tu écris.

40543 -
modify delete 40546 - Reply from miguel193 , 8 yrs (Canada) - 2023-05-18

spanish is acool languge but i do not speak could you translate maybe

modify delete 40528 - from Nethika104 , 17 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2023-05-03
Casting director - "Looking for friends"

Hello! I'm Nethika from Sri Lanka and I'm 17 now. Currently I studying to my O/L examination now and after that Our family gonna migrate to Canada. I'm obsessed in animation designing, comic writing and novels about Sci-Fi and adventure. My dream is to establish an entertainment studio/enterprise and make it world-popular like Marvel and DC. I'm looking for friends from around the world, specially Canada and US for whose ambition are to be animation designers, script writers, producers, directors and every kind of employees which essential for film industry when they grow up. Don't hesitate to reply me. I welcome everyone gladly. And please share this message for your friends in this field. I wanna give wings to dreams whose same like mine and let it fly around the world for make 8-billion happy faces. Hope your reply soon.

40528 -
modify delete 40530 - Reply from ahmed168 , 12 yrs (Yemen) - 2023-05-04

i do not rembemr canada? close or far

modify delete 40527 - from Silenta169 (Thailand) - 2023-04-30
Car dealer - "BMW"

What cars will be around to sell in around 5-8 years time???

40527 -
modify delete 40610 - Reply from Selena39 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2023-09-20

Honestly I have no idea but I hope a 1967 Chevrolet Impala. A blue 1967 Chevrolet Impala is kind of my dream car. What about you what’s your dream car?

modify delete 40520 - from maddie68 , 12 yrs (Canada) - 2023-04-22
Writer - "a poem i wrote about my cousin~hope you guys like it"

i lie alone in the grass
picturing what we used to be
but even with all the memories
it's hard picturing you next to me

my tears water the flowers
as i watch them start to thrive
our relationship, unlike them
is far from alive

you're here but not really
your soul is far away
focus on that stupid metal box
couldn't care less about what i say

imovies, games, dances
all the memories we've made
blocked out by what that girl's wearing today
minutes, hours, days pass as you slowly fade

fade away from who you used to be
you who saw me as a friend
you who cared for family
has that really all come to an end

so forgive me for being angry
forgive me for all i've cried
because to your 'itty bitty widdle cousin'
it feels like someone has died

40520 -
modify delete 40523 - Reply from maddie68 , 12 yrs (Canada) - 2023-04-22

thank you so much, i'd love to be friends ✨

40520 -
modify delete 40522 - Reply from Madeline68 , 12 yrs (Canada) - 2023-04-22

Wow, this is really moving. Would you like to be friends?

40520 -
modify delete 40521 - Reply from maddie68 , 12 yrs (Canada) - 2023-04-22

hey guys this is my first post on this website and it's dedicated to my older cousin who, to me, seems to be slowly fading away. i really hope you like my poem and that you'll tell me what you think. i'd love to talk to anyone, i've been feeling pretty lonely so i'll try to be active and check every day~

modify delete 40517 - from nate63 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2023-04-13
Secret agent - "spy"

(I want to be a spy

40517 -
modify delete 40583 - Reply from prem xoudhury priyo84 , 18 yrs (Bangladesh) - 2023-07-22

what can i do? if i want to be a secret agent. AS a young boy what can i do?
which is very important for a secret agent?
how can i select for this job.

40517 -
modify delete 40573 - Reply from izzy102 (Australia) - 2023-07-10

i really want to be a spy for Australia becauase my friend is one and ive been training as hard as i can

40517 -
modify delete 40554 - Reply from Louan 105 , 12 yrs (Philippines) - 2023-05-29

I want to be a spy

40517 -
modify delete 40518 - Reply from charlotte217 (USA) - 2023-04-16

i need to have a spy job because my life is boring i need to do somthing exciting in life.

modify delete 40511 - from NINO193 (Uganda) - 2023-04-13



modify delete 40505 - from Rex160 (Ghana) - 2023-03-24
Architect - "architecture"

I have always wanted to design buildings

modify delete 40504 - from sa-yun 205 , 12 yrs (France) - 2023-03-23
Singer - "can you be a kpop idol when you're french?"

I wonder if it's possible to be a kpop idol from another origin than Korea

40504 -
modify delete 40553 - Reply from soo-hyun172 , 12 yrs (France) - 2023-05-27

i would love to be a kpop idol later because i am a kpop fan:):):):)

modify delete 40491 - from Marissa178 (USA) - 2023-03-08
Baker, Confectioner - "My dream"

One day im going to open up a bakery!

40491 -
modify delete 40493 - Reply from Nicole143 , 13 yrs (Jamaica) - 2023-03-09

Yeah me too!

modify delete 40490 - from Miloudi 229 , 44 yrs (Tunisia) - 2023-03-08
Librarian - "Bibliothecaire tunisien"

Bonjour tous le monde
Je suis actuellement bibliothecaire tunisien, j'ai 44 ans, je travaille dans un centre de recherche scientifique en tunis, je cherche a lier des relations fonctionnaires avec d'autres personnes de tous le monde...
je vous attends

modify delete 40489 - from philippus64 , 25 yrs (Togo) - 2023-03-07
Computer scientist - "hello"

I would like to correspond with computer scientists since I am in the field of technology

modify delete 40488 - from Emmanuel2 , 37 yrs (Burundi) - 2023-03-05
Accountant - "J'ai besoin d'un(e) correspondant(e) pour m'apprendre la comptabilité en anglais"

Salut à tout le monde.
notre systeme educatif est francophone alors j'ai besoin d'apprendre la langue anglaise plus particulierement en ce qui est de la comptabilité.merci beaucoup.

modify delete 40484 - from Pramuditha 157 (Sri Lanka) - 2023-02-22
Writer - "Anyone interested in furry fandom?"

Hi. I'm currently working on a novel that is yet to be published, and the thing is that it's anthropomorphic or furry in simpler terms. Simply it's like 'zootopia'. It is supossed to be a young adult, non fiction novel, built up around a College student, focusing on his daily life and struggles he face to acclimate to the big- city. Throughout the story I'm gonna bering out how hard it is to find a friend and keep them in your life. I think the story has some shades of LGBTQ, but it is a humble attempt to let people know that they should deserve equality. Well, despite the fact of the name "Over the Rainbow" has some associated symbolic elements. I'm planning on publishing it on kindle since there is a lack of English readers in my country, so I would greatly appreciate your comments to know if I can achi6the targeted audience. So is there anyone here who'd like to read a furry young-adult novel?

modify delete 40481 - from Nuvini134 , 15 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2023-02-20

The glory of a friendship that never seen before!

The sun rises every morning but from west, it setting
And it's not forever that the moon is, glowing in the sky
Even though the flowers bloomed, they fade in the evening
But great friendships are keeping forever by the world!

On two- thousand twenty, seventh month 10th day
A ring of a friendship chain was fixed to my mind
Years had gone while the rings were fixing to my mind
But I never saw any broken places in the rings of the friendship chain!

I never saw your body but I saw your heart
My mind felt that you also saw my heart
"The girl who well-known you by letters,notes and words,
is the best never-saw friend of yours!" Said my mind!

Even though the country,nationality,and religion are different
Thoughts, wishes,feelings of our are very same
So, by the sound of shaking trees, the wind trying to say
about our lovely friendship to the world!

As the same way that the birds are flying in the sky
In the future we will meet together one day
We shall meet in our future lives again and again
With the strong and unbroken friendship! 💕💕💕💕

Hey guys, it's easy to find a pen pal, but it's very hard to find a BEST pen pal! This poem is for my best pen pal, I wish I could meet her one day!

I am Nuvini

modify delete 40480 - from Rebekah 39 , 18 yrs (USA) - 2023-02-19
Beautician, Make-up artist - "Cosmetologist"

Hey! I’m planning on becoming a cosmetologist, someone who does hair nails and makeup. I graduate this year in May any tips for a future beauty student going into beauty school.

modify delete 40477 - from Miera livine 244 (Cameroon) - 2023-02-16
Doctor, Practitioner - "Présentation"

Bonjour a vous moi c'est miera je suis nouvelle et j'aimerais bien faire connaissance

40477 -
modify delete 40529 - Reply from Andrew112 (USA) - 2023-05-04

when i saw your message i cant help but want to know more about you

modify delete 40476 - from Micah35 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2023-02-12
Secret agent - "Becoming a secret agent"

Hi, I’m micah Miller I am a good engeneer and im
Athletic and I learn really fast and I hope you guys see this message. I am really serious about this.
Thank you.

40476 -
modify delete 40486 - Reply from maryclaire 74 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2023-03-01

I have always wanted to be a spy please let me be a spy

modify delete 40471 - from ayden179 (Belgium) - 2023-01-25
Flight attendant - "être steward avec un chien"

bonjour, j'ai 18 ans et j'aimerais être steward, j'ai actuellement un chien et je me demandais si je pouvais quand même faire se métier et embarquer mon chien avec moi dans les vols ? merci de vos réponses

modify delete 40470 - from Annabella116 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2023-01-25
Astronaut - "SPACEEE :O"

I have always thought about being an astronaut and exploring space, it has always been a big dream for me to learn more about the universe and its beauty, I totally believe there is more life out there, I saw a quote once that said "saying aliens aren't real is like taking a teaspoon of the ocean and saying fish aren't real"

modify delete 40469 - from Lucinda244 , 9 yrs (USA) - 2023-01-19
Actor, Actress - "I love to act!"

I just auditioned for aladdin and im abu the monkey! I have done more than ten shows and plays! I like to do musical theatre because Grand Junction, Colorado has an amazing community kids theatre club!

modify delete 40467 - from Nicole143 , 13 yrs (Jamaica) - 2023-01-17
Baker, Confectioner - "Recipes needed!"


It is my dream to open my own bakery, but I need dessert recipes from France.
Can you help me?


modify delete 40466 - from Akshara66 , 9 yrs (USA) - 2023-01-17
Writer - "Poem of Silence apart 1"

Silence, it is around us
Silence, cannot be disturbed
Silence, everyone needs it
Silence, people have a hard time controlling over.
Part 2 coming soon!

modify delete 40465 - from Chloé167 , 13 yrs (France) - 2023-01-12
Writer - "La passions de l'écriture"

Pour moi, l'écriture est une façon de transmettre des messages et des émotions.
Ecrire est important peut importe la langue, ont en à tous besoin. Et c'est une de mes plus grande passions. J'écris des livres depuis un an, mes professeurs de français les lisent. Aujourd'hui je les écris à l'ordinateur pour pouvoir les éditer. Je suis à la recherche d'amis qui partage ma passions pour l'écriture et je suis preneuse pour les conseils ;)) !
Bye à tous !

40465 -
modify delete 40540 - Reply from Mya17 , 13 yrs (France) - 2023-05-15

Salut ! Je m'appelle Mya et moi aussi, j'aime écrire ! J'écris depuis bientôt deux ans, et j'écris des histoires policières. On pourrait échanger sur notre passion !

modify delete 40464 - from justine 56 , 15 yrs (France) - 2023-01-12
Pediatrician - "get to know"

Hello !!! Your job it's very beautiful. It's very couragous. Bye
Have a good evening.

modify delete 40460 - from Jade172 , 14 yrs (France) - 2023-01-07
Librarian - "Besoin de réponses"

J'aimerais beaucoup être bibliothécaire mais je ne sais pas quelles études il faut faire, si quelqu'un pouvait me donner des conseils et des explications pour éclairer ma lanterne cela serait vraiment génial

modify delete 40459 - from Coralie194 , 11 yrs (France) - 2023-01-05
Writer - "La ruée vers l'espoir"

Salut,je m'appelle Coralie et j'ai commencé à écrire un livre✍🏻 qui s'appelle "la ruée vers l'espoir". J'écris déjà des chansons mais si vous avez des conseils,n'hésitez pas à me les communiquer!😉

40459 -
modify delete 40539 - Reply from Mya17 , 13 yrs (France) - 2023-05-15

Salut ! Moi, c'est Mya, et j'aime écrire aussi. De quoi parle ton livre ? Je serai ravie de le lire et de te donner mon avis !

modify delete 40458 - from Okay235 (Turkey) - 2023-01-04
Lawyer - "Lawyer"

Hi everyone,
I am from Turkey,i have 3 bachelors: law,business administration,international relations
and 2 masters: MBA,politicial science.
I would like you know more about the international law,refuges,imigration etc.Please share with me your experience.Thanks

modify delete 40455 - from Luca52 (Italy) - 2023-01-02
Teacher - "I like learning new things and sharing what I have learned with others"

I studied biology and when I was young I loved geometry and math, science, and doin art.
Now I'm a cheese maker, I really love working clay, growing bonsai, playing arabic percussion and other instruments.
I like sharing what I learned but also discovering new interesting things in the world.

modify delete 40454 - from Julie244 , 13 yrs (Cameroon) - 2023-01-01
Lawyer - "Connaître un peu plus le métier d'avocat."

Salut à tous 👋 je m'appelle Julie et je voudrais bien devenir avocate car c'est un métier qui me passionne vraiment mais j'aimerais connaître le parcours à effectuer au secondaire pour intégrer l'école des avocats EDA . Présentement je suis en classe de quatrième mais j'ai préféré opté pour l'option bilingue je me débrouille pas mal en mathématiques mais je suis meilleure dans les matières littéraire si en seconde j'opte pour la série C est ce que cela affectera mon intégration dans l'école des avocats EDA ?!

modify delete 40452 - from Duncan121 , 12 yrs (French Guiana) - 2022-12-22
Sportsman, Trainer - "savoir un truc"

Bonjour quelqu'un connait un moniteur de chevaux? merci et au revoir!

modify delete 40450 - from Ya Ismaël 73 , 18 yrs (Mali) - 2022-12-17
Nurse - "Comment se spécialise si on est Infirmier"

Bjr comment peut-on ou quel études peut ont faire pour se spécialise étant infirmiers

40450 -
modify delete 40549 - Reply from Flora88 , 19 yrs (France) - 2023-05-21

Hello !
Tu peux devenir infirmier anesthésiste, ou de bloc opératoire. Pour ça il faut avoir travaillé 2 ans sur le terrain, puis faire 2 années de formation supplémentaire. J'espère que ça t'aidera :)

modify delete 40448 - from anthony22 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2022-12-16
Builder - "my job"

i wont to be a heavy equipment😀

modify delete 40444 - from Océane194 , 13 yrs (France) - 2022-12-11
Painter, Drawer - "Graffitis"

Salut j'aimerais être tagueuse. Je suis passionnée par le tague et le graffiti. La plus part des gens trouve ça moche et primitif mais certaines pièces sont vraiment complexe a réaliser.Je ne sais pas qu'elles études faire pour m'améliorer. Merci

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