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modify delete 129586 - from suttee205 (Thailand) - 2021-10-17
Others school - "Female college in Thailand."

If you want free food and free education, you can come to study in a female college in Thailand until you get a bachelor's degree, humanity social science, Education, and Buddhism. You can stay there for 4 years or sit in and do meditation training. Everything is free. If you. If you are interested, contact me back. You can also be a volunteer or take part in some activities. Welcome to our college. Just email: or you can leave your contact address.
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modify delete 127493 - from Carrie22 (Thailand) - 2020-01-23
Primary school - "Looking for Penfriends"

Hello everyone

I'm an English teacher in Private Primary form Phuket, Thailand.

I'm looking for Penpals for my 21 students. They are 10-12 years old and we're learning about writing. Send me an email if you want to match and exchange letters or postcards with us.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Carrie, Thailand
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modify delete 116282 - from Gilles41 (Thailand) - 2017-06-06
Middle school - "Looking for penfriends"

Hi fellows, I'm a looking for penpals for my students in Bangkok (thailand). My lovely students are in their sixth grade and are eager to learn from students all over the world. They enjoy doing nothing, eating, sleeping, complaining about chores, parents, teachers etc... They like to gossip about each others but less than I used to see in France where I come from.
They are around 30 students in total (2 classes) and they are studying in an English program although their English skills are far from good.

I'm looking for a class or 2 with natives English speakers that would like to discover the daily/sunny life of students from thailand. It would be very interesting for both classes. feel free to contact me.
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modify delete 116241 - from paul109 (Thailand) - 2017-06-01
Primary school - "Pen friends from Thailand"

Hi, Penfriends from the uk or ireland required. Would anyone be interested in sending my students a penfriend letter? They are of Thai nationality, age between 7 and 10 boys and girls. I am doing a project for them to find new friends in the UK and to write a letter and correspond in English. Many thanks,
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modify delete 116111 - from paul109 (Thailand) - 2017-05-23
Primary school - "looking for penfriends from the uk"

Hi, I am a teacher in a government school in Bangkok, Thailand.

We are starting a new project on making new friends and letter writing and of course becoming penfriends.

Is there any class interested in writing to my students a mixture of boys and girls.

Would love to hear from you!

regards Paul
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modify delete 115351 - from Daniella 4 (Thailand) - 2017-02-03
Primary school - "Pen Pal Letter Exchanges from Mae Chan, Thailand"


I am a second grade English teacher in Mae Chan, Thailand. This town is very small and would truly benefit from letter exchanges from different parts of the world.

There are about 20 students in my class and they are currently practicing how to handwrite a proper letter.

I hope someone is interested in this!

Please email me if you are interested or have any questions.

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modify delete 114598 - from serenity53 (Thailand) - 2016-11-25
Primary school - "groupe de parents d enfant français cherche en Thailande un instituteur/trice"


afin d ouvrir une classe de primaire sur l'île de koh phangan en Thaïlande.Il s'agit d'un projet à but non lucratif
les cours auront lieu sur la residence de ou l instituteur/trice sera logé/e
" à ' enfants suivraient les cours dans un premier temps suivis au cours de l'année par l 'arrivée de deux ou trois enfant supplémentaires
merci de votre aide

contact yan
tel -- 66 843 844 842
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modify delete 114559 - from Hannah181 (Thailand) - 2016-11-22
Primary school - "Primary Thai International School Looking for Pen Pals"

I teach a class of 'non-Thai' students which includes students from Europe, America, India, Korea, and Japan who are currently living in Thailand attending international school.

There are 21 7-8 year old students. We meet once a week and would like Penpals as well as occassional skype calls.

We will learn this year about Italy, Germany, and Australia, so if you are from these countries, that is preferable but anywhere is good!

Please respond ASAP, as we would love to get started!
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modify delete 107857 - from Rebekah24 (Thailand) - 2015-09-18
High school - "Teaching English in Thailand"

High school - I am an English teacher in Thailand in an all girls private school. I have two classes of advanced students, one with 9 and one with 12. My girls would love to have an American school to exchange letters with, they would like to improve their English and learn more about the culture. They would also enjoy sharing their culture with others. Thanks.
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modify delete 99198 - from Ufuk Dongel164 (Thailand) - 2014-07-18
Middle school - "Looking for pen pal friends for my students"

I teach English at a high school for girls in Bangkok, Thailand. They are 13-14 years old. I am looking for 60 students (I have 2 classes, 30 students in each class) to exchange letters. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks.
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modify delete 73925 - from Jerome109 (Thailand) - 2013-04-03
High school - "Twinning School"

I am a Filipino Teacher working with a government secondary school in Thailand. We would like to look for a twinning school in the Philippines. If there is some interested school you are free to contact me at my e-mail:
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modify delete 38473 - from hari8 (Thailand) - 2011-03-23
Middle school - "penpals needed for young learners in French"

Hi everyone,
I'm a french teacher in an international school in Bangkok.
My pupils would love to have penpals to practice their French.
They are all beginners (A1) or elementary level (A2).
They have english as mother tongue or second language.
So to make it clear :
5 penpals for 9-10 Years old children
6 penpals for 11-12 Years old children
4 penpals for 12-13 Years old children
3 penpals for 13-14 Years old children
5 penpals for 14-15 Years old children

The best would be to have penpals from different countries (one country per group of age ?)french, or french speakers, or other french learners.

Hope to hear from you soon !
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modify delete 37333 - from Nussara91 (Thailand) - 2010-11-10
Primary school - "New Friends"

Hello! , My name is Nussara, My nickname is Koi, I age 20 year, I am Thailand person,
I am studying 2 high vocational Certificate pipe levels, be glad at get a hole will everybody, I will want to chat, learn English, and have new friend, be foreign friend
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modify delete 35260 - from Mohamed176 (Thailand) - 2010-08-04
Others school - "Teaching Arabic"

If you want learn Arabic , it is very easy, for any level , I can teach you
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modify delete 32486 - from Lynn175 (Thailand) - 2009-11-14
High school - "Thai students want exchange with French High School"

Students in our English Program who study French as an elective, are anxious to create friendships and exchange visits between Thailand and France. Students are aged 16-17. They are most interested in a 3 week visit to France, and in exchange, hosting students and/or teachers from France on a visit to Thailand. If you are interested, please respond to
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modify delete 31261 - from Dave172 (Thailand) - 2009-09-06
Middle school - "Pen Pals fro Thailand"

I am an American teaching English conversation and computer skills here in very rural Thailand. I have been looking for a school for my students to write to.

If you are interested in wanting to know more about the students, school,country, and me please feel free to write.

I have a total of 23 students ages 12 to 15 years old.
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modify delete 30997 - from kanyarat157 (Thailand) - 2009-08-21
Primary school - "need volunteer teacher"

we need support to have volunteer teacher in our school,nursery and kindergarten.ned some one know well how to take care little kids in thailand
we are frech school sice 2009 in pattaya chonburi thailand. we do this school is non profit is parents association ,groverment regiister, who interesting to get overeseas experience in teaching frech in thailand please contact to me. al any idea to provide
please helping us,
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modify delete 29984 - from Mr Paul9 (Thailand) - 2009-05-11
Higher school - "Talk to us in English"

Hi my name is Mr Paul and I am an English teacher at Triam Udom Suksa school in Bangkok Thailand. We invite you to Visit us at our English language website to meet our students and chat in English.
The students using this website are final year students; aged 17-18 and are both boys and girls. The address of our English language website forum is
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modify delete 28952 - from Pin19 (Thailand) - 2009-02-04
Higher school - "English Camp/Home Stay Thailand"

English Camp with native english/Home Stay Thailand.
Private or group
Contract < THAILAND>
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modify delete 26249 - from Pin19 (Thailand) - 2008-08-21
Others school - "Invitation Volunteer Thailand"

Non-profit Association,The Association of Create.
Located at Thailand.Looking someone for
English teacher volunteer here. For teaching
English for youth/child/adult our country.

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modify delete 25818 - from Ben Ceelen (Thailand) - 2008-07-14

We searching students for conversation with Thai students from 16 years to 23 years. Contact will be via MSN or Skype. Our students are located in the Southernmost Provinces, Narathiwat, Pattani, Satun and Yala.
Our organization Hope Learn is located in Pattani, contact[at]
MSN: starpattani[at] or Skype ID: pattaniinfo
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modify delete 23098 - from Pornpilai (Thailand) - 2007-12-30
High school - "looking for pen pals for students"


I'm a Thai teacher. I teach 16 year-students in a secondary school. I teach them about e-mail. So I would like them to have chance to have correspondance with the students around the world.
If interested, please contact me

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modify delete 23013 - from M.ST.MANOSH (Thailand) - 2007-12-25
High school - "I wanted to talk with any friend"

I am M.ST.Manosh Int-roong .I am a thai teacher in Bangkok Thailand.I teached
pre -university
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modify delete 22991 - from xavier (Thailand) - 2007-12-23
Others school - "French man want teacher french for thai people"

French man want teacher french for thai people to internet
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modify delete 20602 - from M.ST.MANOSH (Thailand) - 2007-08-27
Others school - "I wanted to talk with you"

I am a teacher .I teaching in bangkokThailand .I teach physics .My name is M.ST.Manosh Int-roong ,my mobile 087-05-32794 my web M.ST.MANOSH070532@HOTMAIL.COM
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modify delete 19920 - from orapin (Thailand) - 2007-07-11
Primary school - "looking for English teacher volunteer"

I'm looking for someone who are interesting to get oversea experience
in Teaching English for the child and youth in the rural area at Suratthani
THAILAND. By support project of the Association of Create , non-profit,
government register.

After complete you will get certificate of us, Thai government garuntee.
Looking more information contact:

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modify delete 19265 - from Laurence (Thailand) - 2007-05-23
Primary school - "Wanted Snail Mail Pen friends"

I teach two classes of Grade 6 students who are desperate to find pen friends from anywhere in Europe to practise their English and learn about different cultures. Please e-mail me if you are interested
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modify delete 16585 - from ness (Thailand) - 2007-01-04
Middle school - "do you need french or arabic teacher ?"

hello every one,I can teach french and arabic language very well if any one of you want study contacte me
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modify delete 7217 - from mungmoung (Thailand) - 2005-12-11
Middle school - "exchange students"

I am a teacher from Bandai school from Chaingrai Thailand, my school has exchange students or twinning school , my school has a specail teacher he is a Geek citizen . my student loves him and interested in Greece if you interested connect me by e. mail
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modify delete 6026 - from Peter (Thailand) - 2005-10-17
Middle school - "Thai students seek panpals."

I have a great number of Thai students who in spite of their curiosity about other countries find English as a language irrelevant. I have about 250 students from 14 to 15 years of age and 600 between 11 and 12. I hope some of you teachers from other countries can help me help me showing my students that English is indeed useful and still their appetite for other cultures.
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modify delete 5973 - from Jaruwan (Thailand) - 2005-10-14
Primary school - "Nongkhai(Thailand)teacher looking for penpals for primary students"

I'm a 5th grade English teacher in Nongkhai,Thailand. I'm interested in having my students interact with other students from anywhere in the world in order to practice writing in English. Please let me know if you're interested,Thanks.
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modify delete 5535 - from Willy (Thailand) - 2005-09-27
Primary school - "German teacher"

German teacher
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modify delete 456 - from Nattinee (Ann) (Thailand) - 2004-06-18
Middle school - "My students' d like to get penfriends (this will help them practice their Englis"

I'm now an English teacher of a secondary school students (grade 7). English is a foriegn language in Thailand and students study English as a subject in schools. At present, the lessom we learn is about how to write a letter to a new penfriends. If any of you have students of more or less the same age and would like to have a Thai penfriends, please contact me. Also, please kindly state if you want to send letters by e-mail or by post since some students may love to collect stamps.

My students' age is around 11-13 years old. Their English is at about beginner or elementary level for EFL students.

Thank you very much.
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