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modify delete 131776 - from Patrice184 (France) - 2024-07-12 >> NEW
Middle school - "Exchange about SCIENCE AND SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITIES"


I'm a biology teacher and works with my colleague who teachs English around a workshop which the name is "English and Science". It concerns 28 students ( 13-14 years old). The goal is to exchange in English with an other school ( no preference for the country except the time difference with France - about 1 or 2 hours - It's better for Zoom meeting ).

It could be interesting to present scientific activities during the school year and exchange about our countries.

Pleasure !


Nb: Sorry for my poor English...

modify delete 131774 - from Elisabeth104 (France) - 2024-07-12 >> NEW
Middle school - "Correspondance France-Espagne"

Je suis professeur d'espagnol dans un collège de Normandie, en France. Je souhaiterais trouver des correspondants hispanisants pour mes élèves afin d'échanger (via des cartes dans un premier temps et pourquoi pas organiser des visios par la suite) pour approfondir leurs compétences et connaissances linguistiques et culturelles.
A la rentrée de septembre 2024, j'aurai des 5è et des 3è ainsi qu'un petit groupe de 4è.
A bientôt j'espère !

modify delete 131773 - from Perrine193 (France) - 2024-07-10 >> NEW
Primary school - "Correspondance France Québec"

Je suis jeune enseignante en classe de CM1 en France ce qui correspond à la 4e année de primaire et je souhaiterai correspondre avec une classe quebecoise de même niveau cette année. Contactez moi si vous êtes intéressés. Merci 😁

modify delete 131772 - from Aude123 (France) - 2024-07-10 >> NEW
Middle school - "Seeking penpals French/English"

Hey there! I'm Aude and I'm an English teacher in the wonderful town of Chamonix in the heart of the French Alps. Just look up and there is the uncomparable Mont-Blanc :)
I'll be teaching a handful of 8th-graders next school year who've taken on the extra English option, and I'd love for them to have penpals whom they could communicate with in English. Their soon-to-be penpals could exchange back in French, that'd be nice.
Let me know! I'm super excited about being able to suggest such a correspondence to them.
Take care, enjoy the summer and I hope to be in touch soon ;)

modify delete 131771 - from Valérie174 (France) - 2024-07-10 >> NEW
Middle school - "Looking for penpals in Kenya"

Hi, I am an English teacher in the north of France (Calais) and I would like to find penpals in Kenya for my 12/13 year old students in 2024 2025.
I'm looking forward to receiving your answer.

modify delete 131767 - from Frank78 (Tanzania) - 2024-07-08 >> NEW
High school - "Students in Tanzania (E.Africa) are interested in pen pals!"

Hi! My students are highly interested in pen pals. Ours is a Secondary School in Tanzania (just on the foothills of world's highest Mt. Kilimanjaro!).I have 30++ students aged 12-18 who will be glad to engage with other students. They are learning English as their 2nd/3rd language so we find pen pal correspondence very helpful to them. Their English is not yet perfect. Previous pen pals correspondence (that started here) evolved into Zoom Meetings between students! Normally, our students write letters which we put together and send by email. Let me know if you have students who are interested.

modify delete 131762 - from Chrystelle165 (France) - 2024-07-07 >> NEW
Primary school - "Pen pals"

I am a teacher from France, my school is next to Paris
I would like to do pen pals with students from USA or Uk.or Australia
I have 22 students who have 9 and 11 years
If you are interested please send me a maim to chrystelle.oberti@sfr.fr

modify delete 131761 - from Clara184 (France) - 2024-07-05 >> NEW
Primary school - "Recherche de classe au quebec pour correspondre par courrier"

Je cherche une classe au Québec avec laquelle correspondre par courrier au fil de l’année (2/3 lettres).
Je suis enseignante dans une classe de CE1 (6/7 ans) à Nancy, en France.
Les élèves pourraient échanger sur les différences culturelles entre les deux pays.
N’hésitez pas à me contacter avant le mois de septembre !

modify delete 131760 - from Marie49 (Belgium) - 2024-07-04
Primary school - "Recherche correspondance avec le Canada"


Je suis enseignante en 6ème primaire et suis à la recherche d'un enseignant qui souhaiterait correspondre avec ma classe dès la rentrée (septembre 2024). Ma classe comportera 20 élèves de 11-12 ans.
Nous sommes situés dans un petit village belge frontalier à la France et aurons pour projet d'école "L'Amérique".
Je souhaiterais une correspondance régulière où nous pourrions donner du sens à nos apprentissages notamment dans la production d'écrits. Je voudrais également que les élèves puissent découvrir le Canada et les traditions américaines.
D'avance, je vous remercie pour vos retours.

131760 -
modify delete 131769 - Reply from Heidi242 (Canada) - 2024-07-09 >> NEW

Bonjour! Je vais avoir 2 classes d’élèves âgés de 12-13 ans…60 élèves en total, plus ou moins…si vos élèves pourraient avoir 2-3 correspondants différents, on pourrait faire l’échange? J’aimerais que vous nous écriviez en anglais, et nous, en français pour pratiquer l’écriture dans une langue seconde :) On peut échanger des vidéos aussi!

Envoyez-moi un email si vous êtes intéressée, merci!

modify delete 131759 - from Elisa175 (France) - 2024-07-04
Middle school - "scambio italiano/francese"

Buongiorno a tutti,
Sono una professoressa di italiano di una scuola media francese a Noirétable, piccolo paese nel dipartimento della Loire. Scrivo perchè mi piacerebbe dare vita ad un progetto di corrispondenza con degli studenti di francese di una scuola media italiana e le mie due classi di 5ème e 4ème. Il progetto prevederebbe di scambiare lettere, biglietti di auguri, piccoli video sulla scuola e le nostre città.
Se siete interessati, scrivetemi!

modify delete 131757 - from Marion83 (France) - 2024-07-03
Primary school - "Erasmus students mobility"

We are a primary school located near Brest, in Brittany, France, recently accredited by Erasmus+ in 2023. Next year, we will be focusing on science with a project centered on marine algae. We want to explore the local species, their needs, their distribution, the impact of invasive algae, as well as their harvesting and usage. We are looking for a partner school to organize a group mobility with 21 fourth grade students (10 years old) and 4 chaperones for a stay of 3 days. We would be delighted to host you to discover the algae fields of the Iroise Sea and exchange ideas about our respective projects. If you are interested or know of a school that might be, please contact us (sainteanne.phelep@gmail.com). Thank you very much!

modify delete 131756 - from karine169 (France) - 2024-07-02
High school - "erasmus exchange in with an Irish secondary school"

We're a secondary school in Brive-La-Gaillarde (FRANCE) and we're looking for a partnership with an Irish school forr teens aged 14-15. We'd like to exchange on Celtic culture (music- dance) with our Music option students and on Rugby with our Rugby option students.
Physical and virtual exchange for 2025.

modify delete 131755 - from Nicole106 (USA) - 2024-07-02
Higher school - "Seeking University Students"

Hi! My name is Nicole and I am looking for University/college students from any country who want a pen pal from the USA. We are part of the anthropology club from Cal Poly Pomona. We want to give students the opportunity to be part of a pen pal program.

I am not sure how many students will want a pen pal, but I know many will want to give it a try!

I would have better head count after August 2024 and the program might be started in September.

my school email is nsarabia@cpp.edu please contact me if you are interested!

Thank you!

131755 -
modify delete 131763 - Reply from Chrystelle165 (France) - 2024-07-08 >> NEW

I have 22 french students who have 9 and 11 years old
If you are interested please send.me.a mail.to chrystelle.oberti@sfr.fr

131755 -
modify delete 131758 - Reply from Samia92 (France) - 2024-07-03

Hello Nicole!

I have just seen the message you posted and would like to say that I am very interested in your project.

I am an English teacher in France, just near Paris. My high school's name is Voillaume. I have students aged 15 to 19. We will start school again in September, just after the summer holiday. Why not start the exchange in early October? Are you willing to work with me?

Looking forward to your reply,

Best wishes,


modify delete 131752 - from Malika213 (Reunion) - 2024-06-30
Middle school - "Echange"

¡Hola! Je suis enseignante dans un collège de l'île de la Réunion . L'année prochaine avec une classe de 4ème nous allons travailler sur Barcelone ( un peu de culture , l'architecture avec quelques œuvres de Gaudí …) aussi je recherche un collège sur Barcelone afin de mettre en place un échange épistolaire pour l'année 2024-2025 ( mes élèves écriront en espagnol et ceux de Barcelone en français). Mes 19 élèves qui auront 13 ans seront ravis de pouvoir correspondre avec des élèves de cette belle ville d'Espagne. Par la suite, si nous pouvons avoir le budget pourquoi pas penser à un échange scolaire en 2025-2026 , ce serait le graal pour mes élèves qui n'ont pour la plupart d'entre eux jamais visité une grande capitale européenne.
Dans l'attente d'une réponse .
Bien amicalement

modify delete 131751 - from bekkali60 (France) - 2024-06-29
Primary school - "Correspondance avec une classe 8-9 ans"

Recherche une classe pour correspondre en anglais à partir de la rentrée septembre 2024 ; j’ai une classe de 22 élèves en double niveau ce2/cm1 en région parisienne.

modify delete 131750 - from Alexandra167 (France) - 2024-06-29
Middle school - "recherche de correspondance espagnol / français"

Hola! Je recherche un collège espagnol afin de faire une correspondance pour l'année 2024-2025 (échanges de lettres pour se présenter, présenter son collège, son pays, sa région..). Mes élèves seront en 4èmes (12-13 ans), un groupe de 22 élèves. Notre collège est un collège privé, le collège Stella Maris, en Bretagne, dans une ville au bord de mer à Saint Quay Portrieux.
Nous écririons en espagnol et les élèves espagnols en français.
Dans l'attente de votre réponse si vous êtes intéressés par le projet!
¡Hasta pronto!


modify delete 131749 - from Delphine11 (France) - 2024-06-28
Primary school - "Correspondance canada"

Bonjour, je suis à la recherche de Correspondante habitant le Canada. Nous sommes une classe de CM2 de 18 élèves à 1h de Paris. J’aimerais effectuer une correspondance postale ou par mail… Nous pourrions également échanger sur nos cultures nos différences. J’espère avoir de vos nouvelles rapidement. À bientôt. Delphine

modify delete 131748 - from Inma153 (Spain) - 2024-06-28
Middle school - "Cultural Exchange in Ireland"

Hi, I'm an English teacher at a school in Madrid. We are looking for schools in Ireland/England/Germany to start a Cultural Exchange with. We have a lot of experience with schools in France, but even though our international experiences have not been solely base on language practice we'd like to broaden our horizons and give our students the possibility to use English in the Cultural exchange. We would love to be able to start in the next academic year, but we'd also be have to not rush it and organise it for 25/26 school year.
Thanks in advance.

modify delete 131747 - from Marie15 (France) - 2024-06-28
Primary school - "Recherche de correspondants Grande section"

Bonjour à tous,
je suis enseignante en grande section (élèves de 5 et 6 ans), j'aimerai trouver une classe de même niveau pour entretenir une correspondance vidéo, photo et écrite à partir de septembre 2024.
Merci beaucoup :)

modify delete 131746 - from Marie81 (Canada) - 2024-06-27
Middle school - "Recherche correspondants"

Je suis enseignante en français au secondaire (élèves de 15 ans), au Québec, Canada. Je cherche un ou une enseignante et ses étudiants afin de faire un projet de correspondance. Au programme, nous étudierons le genre fantastique contes et légendes alors j’aimerai trouvé des intéressés afin de pouvoir correspondre et de partager sur nos/vos légendes. Au plaisir!

131746 -
modify delete 131775 - Reply from Perrine193 (France) - 2024-07-12 >> NEW

Salut! Je suis enseignante dans une classe de cm1 en France (4e année au Québec) et je voudrais vraiment faire une correspondance scolaire avec des élèves québécois pour entraîner à l'écriture mais aussi enrichir la culture et montrer de l'intérêt à cette belle province. J'ai vecu moi même 2 ans et demi au Québec et je le porterai toujours dans mon cœur.
Mon message ne répond pas à ton annonce puisque tes élèves n'ont pas le même niveau mais je ne sais pas comment m'y prendre pour trouver une classe de correspondance. Connaîtrais tu quelqu'un?

modify delete 131745 - from Sonia205 (France) - 2024-06-27
Primary school - "Recherche de correspindants anglais"

Je suis enseignante , professeur des ecoles avec des élèves de 9 à 11 ans (classe de cm1 cm2) et j'aimerai etablir une correspondance par lettre avec des élèves du même age en angleterre ou dans un pays anglophone.
Merci de me contacter

modify delete 131741 - from Irina114 (Canada) - 2024-06-24
Middle school - "Canadian Penpals"

I teach Grade 6-7 in Canada. I am looking to start a penpal correspondence project next school year in September. I will have approximately 25 students 11-12 years old. I would prefer to do primarily email correspondence and do an exchange once a month on average. Please email me if you are interested: ikisarina@yahoo.com. Sometimes comment notifications do not come through and I miss messages.

modify delete 131735 - from christèle127 (France) - 2024-06-21
Primary school - "recherche correspondants CM1"


Je recherche une classe de CM1 pour correspondre avec ma classe de l'année prochaine. Nous serons 20/21 élèves. Nous habitons à Boulogne sur mer et cherchons une classe soit à la montagne pour comparer les différents milieux ou / et en Angleterre pour motiver les élèves à l'apprentissage de l'Anglais.
Merci de vos réponses.

modify delete 131734 - from Noeline142 (Mayotte) - 2024-06-21
High school - "Cultural and language exchange (start in october 2024)"

I teach English in a French island. My class is from what we call the "European Section", I'm in charge of Year 10 but my colleagues from Year 11 and 12 would love to participate also in an exchange that could lead to a trip to either South Africa, Tanzania, or Australia. In order to that, we would like our students to have the exposure to this new culture and history through another medium than just classes.
If you are interested or want more details, please do not hesitate!

modify delete 131731 - from Carole133 (France) - 2024-06-19
Primary school - "Looking for penfriends between 9 and 11 years old"

I am a Primary School teacher looking for penfriends to exchange cards/letters throughout the year. I use the platform eTwinning.
My colleague and I both have 26 students.

131731 -
modify delete 131738 - Reply from Maryna239 (Ukraine) - 2024-06-21

Dear Carole,
I am an English teacher from Ukraine. I am interested in pen-paling and cooperation with the schools and English teachers in different countries.
I would be grateful if you write to me to discuss the possible cooperation.
My email is marynachumak2020@gmail.com
Best regards,

modify delete 131729 - from Viviane183 (France) - 2024-06-18
Middle school - "seeking a school partner desperately"

My name is Viviane.
I have already posted an ad to find a school partner in Ireland, but I haven't had any reply till now.
Isn't there an Irish teacher teaching French who would be interested in exchanging with my class (students aged 14 or 15) ? Here is the text I had already posted to introduce our school.
I teach English in a catholic secondary school, Collège St Joseph, in Libourne, a small town close to Bordeaux (South West of France) and St Emilion (a vineyard area) and not far from Arcachon, on the seaside.
My students are 14-15 years old and they have been studying English for four years. We have had exchanges for a long time, with Germany (almost 40 years with the same school!), Spain, Switzerland and Alaska. I must say that the foreign students staying in our school and families have always appreciated their stays with us.
I would personally love to do an exchange with an Irish secondary school. I know how to organize an exchange as I have already done it. I think it is important for a language department to have this sort of experience for the students.
The idea is to exchange letters during the school year so that the students can know one another and practice the foreign language they study.
Irish students would be hosted at their partners’, at the time of your choice. They would share our every day life: attending some lessons at school, spending time with their French families, visiting places. When we have foreign students, we usually visit Saint Emilion, a medieval village known for its vineyards, we spend a whole day in Bordeaux and another whole day in the Bassin d’Arcachon, on the seaside where there is the highest sand dune in Europe, a very beautiful place!
As for the foreign teachers exchanging with us, we usually book rooms for them in a nice hotel that is next door to our school, which is very convenient for them and their students, but they can also stay at the teachers’ if they prefer to do so.
Concerning my class, I have 30 students aged 14. This is a class with a special project centered on the study of the Irish culture (society, literature, music ….). Exchanging ideas with the teachers is another point of interest.
I hope one French teacher will be interested and will answer me!
I thank you for your attention.
Best regards,
Viviane Mendez
Email address: loustalot@free.fr Tel. (0)6082507649

modify delete 131727 - from Caroline143 (Canada) - 2024-06-17
High school - "Correspondance en français"


J'aimerais mettre sur pied un projet de correspondance internationale pour mes élèves de 1e- 2e et 3e secondaire (nous habitons la province de Québec au Canada). Ils ont entre 12 et 15 ans et nous aimerions qu'ils puissent améliorer leur compétence en écriture du français en écrivant à des jeunes autour du monde qui souhaiteraient aussi apprendre notre belle langue. Ainsi, nous pourrions en apprendre davantage sur nos cultures, traditions, caractéristiques respectives. J'aurais 3 groupes d'environ 28 élèves (un de 12-13 ans, un de 13-14 ans et un de 14-15 ans Nous aimerions correspondre par courrier postal pour commencer. Certains élèves n'ayant jamais reçu de lettres manuscrites, c'est toujours un beau moment pour eux de les voir lire leur 1ère lettre. Ensuite, ça pourrait devenir des échanges par courriel et même par visio-conférences.

Au plaisir d'avoir de vos nouvelles !

Hello, I would like to set up an international correspondence project for my secondary 1, 2 and 3 students (we live in the province of Quebec in Canada). They are between 12 and 13 years old and we would like them to improve their French writing skills by writing to young people around the world who would also like to learn our beautiful language. Thus, we could learn more about our respective cultures, traditions, characteristics. I will teach 3 groups of approximately 26-28 students. We would like to correspond by postal mail to start. Some students have never received handwritten letters, so it's always a great moment for them to see them read their first letter. Then it could become email exchanges and not even videoconferences.

forward to hearing from you !

131727 -
modify delete 131770 - Reply from Virginie45 (Belgium) - 2024-07-09 >> NEW

Bonjour, je voudrais faire correspondre mes élèves en français l'année prochaine.
J'ai +-130 élèves de 12 à 16 ans. Entre 3 et 6 échanges sur l'année. Idéalement au moins 1 de manière manuscrite. Ils habitent en Flandre en Belgique. N'hésitez pas à me contacter si vous êtes intéressés. Merci, Virginie

131727 -
modify delete 131730 - Reply from Virginie101 (France) - 2024-06-19

Bonjour Caroline,
j'enseigne dans un collège et je cherche également à correspondre avec une école canadienne en français /anglais. Je t'ai envoyé un mail. Serais-tu intéressée?

modify delete 131726 - from Sha87 (France) - 2024-06-15
Primary school - "Penpals for 8-10 years in USA / England/ Canada/ Australia"

Hello, I'm a french teacher with a class of 26 kids (as from september). We're looking for penpals talking english/ french.

modify delete 131723 - from Olivier10 (France) - 2024-06-13
High school - "Exchange trip with a French high school"

Hi, I work in a French high school located in the city of Vannes.
I'm looking for partners (particularly coming from English speaking countries or Scandinavia) to set up an exchange trip with my grade 11 students next school year.

Please contact me if you feel interested!

Best regards

modify delete 131720 - from Valerie195 (France) - 2024-06-11
Middle school - "penpals for French middle school students"

Hi ! I teach English in a secondary school in the south of France. I’m looking for a school, preferably in the British Isles or other countries such as Iceland, the Netherlands, Scandinavian countries, Germany, Austria or other countries… to set up a link, a reliable relationship, with my secondary school for year 9 students following a European English class ( about 25 highly motivated students ) starting next school year 2024/ 2025. We could start with a simple exchange of letters / emails about daily life ( school, sport, national festivals,…) then move on to work on class projects ( making slideshows, films, audios…) about specific themes we would agree to work on to have students learn more about famous artists, authors… in our respective countries. We could also plan video chats to give the students an opportunity to practice their oral skills. If you are located in the south of England or Wales, we could even visit you for a day or two in the following years. Please don’t hesitate to message me.

modify delete 131717 - from Virginie101 (France) - 2024-06-10
Middle school - "looking for penpals"

Hello, I am an English teacher in the north East of France. My pupils would like to have some penpals to write letters in English/French. They are 12 to 15 years old. We could exchange about our cultures, traditions ...
They are really motivated.We could start in September, for the year 2024/2025.
Send me a message if you are interested.

131717 -
modify delete 131740 - Reply from Megan54 (USA) - 2024-06-24

I am a teacher from the United States and have 10-15 students that are looking for penpals. They are native English speakers and want to learn about cultures and places around the world. We are looking for either pen and paper penpals or a closely monitored google drive, sharing platform for writing back and forth.

We are hoping to find a school that can commit to once monthly correspondence. I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!

131717 -
modify delete 131728 - Reply from Mei-ko243 (Taiwan) - 2024-06-18

I am a teacher responsible for international education at Junior High School in Taipei City. The students aged also between 12-15 years old. I am interested in a school exchange with you.

modify delete 131708 - from Ester44 (Italy) - 2024-06-05
High school - "Recherche partenariat"

Bonjour,je suis enseignante au lycée "Francesco Gonzaga" de Castiglione delle Stiviere, près du lac de Garde. Nous aimerions réaliser un échange culturel entre élèves de notre lycée avec des élèves français ayant de 16 à 19 ans. Pour pouvoir apprécier d'avantage nos cultures et pour s'exercer en langue étrangère.
Pour tout renseignement, n'hésitez pas à écrire à:

Merci d'avance
Bonne journée.

modify delete 131707 - from Céline113 (France) - 2024-06-04
Middle school - "Cherche correspondants pour classe de 3e, Bretagne, et rêve de monter un échange"

Bonjour collègue !
Je suis prof d'anglais dans un collège breton, et mes élèves de 3e aimeraient correspondre (par lettre !) avec des élèves anglophones. Et si tout se passe bien, pourquoi ne pas envisager un échange !? Ecrivez-moi vite, ainsi nous pourrions tout mettre en place pour l'année 2024-2025 !

131707 -
modify delete 131712 - Reply from deborah60 (USA) - 2024-06-08


I teach French at a school in Methuen Massachusetts, USA. I teach 11 different classes....3 year old up to 13 years old. I see each class once a week. This past year my 5th grade class (9-10 years old) communicated with a class in Reims France. We exchanged letters and photos by mail. I have done pen pal exchange programs many times in the past. It is very enjoyable for the students. Let me know if you are interested. my email... Jecrois309@gmail.com

Deborah Auclair

modify delete 131706 - from Silvina12 (Argentina) - 2024-06-04
Middle school - "Looking for penpals from all countries"

Hi! I'm an English teacher at a Secondary School in Unquillo,Cordoba, Argentina. My students are 11-13 years old and they are learning English as a foreign language. We're looking for penpals their age to exchange letters via email and probably connect via Zoom/ Google Meet in the future.
Contact me if you're interested!

131706 -
modify delete 131739 - Reply from Megan54 (USA) - 2024-06-24


I am a teacher at a small private school in the US. I am looking for 10-15 students ages 10-13 for my students to write to on a monthly basis. I would like to have a classroom that is able to send communication in return once a month. My students are native English speakers and would love to learn about a new culture.

131706 -
modify delete 131722 - Reply from Valerie195 (France) - 2024-06-12

I could be interested to work with you as I am an English teacher in France and will teach middle school students.
I would like my students to write letters to yours that I could scan and send to you and hopefully one day why not try video call.
Let me know if you are interested in working with me. It could be great because we live so far apart that it would give our students the opportunity to learn about your country.Bye

modify delete 131704 - from Tara181 (France) - 2024-06-04
Middle school - "French Middle School Students looking to exchange in English"

Hello Everyone!
My name is Tara, I am an American English Literature teacher living in Lyon France for 15 years. I work at a private school in Lyon, and I teach middle school students. I have 8th graders (14 yrs old) that I would love to start a class exchange with for the coming school year 2025. We are hoping for an exchange with American schools since we have an american International section, but can be open to other schools from around the world as long as we can exchange in English (and French if you'd like). I am really hoping to start a cross cultural project that we can work on continuously throughout the school year. Writing letters, emails, video calls are all options for us. Maybe even a visit if we are lucky!

131704 -
modify delete 131711 - Reply from deborah60 (USA) - 2024-06-08


I teach French at a school in Methuen Massachusetts, USA. I teach 11 different classes....3 year old up to 13 years old. I see each class once a week. This past year my 5th grade class (9-10 years old) communicated with a class in Reims France. We exchanged letters and photos by mail. I have done pen pal exchange programs many times in the past. It is very enjoyable for the students. Let me know if you are interested. my email... Jecrois309@gmail.com

Deborah Auclair

modify delete 131701 - from Holly28 (Taiwan) - 2024-06-01
Primary school - "14 Third Graders in Taipei Looking For Pen Pals"

My name is Holly and I am an American teaching English in Taipei, Taiwan. I am also looking for a class to do a pen pal program with so my kids can practice their English writing skills. I have 14 third graders, 8-9 years old. Looking forward to collaborating with someone!

131701 -
modify delete 131764 - Reply from Chrystelle165 (France) - 2024-07-08 >> NEW

I am a french teacher
I have 22 students who have 9 and 11 years old
If you are interested please send me a mail to chrystelle.oberti@sfr.fr

modify delete 131699 - from Delphinre11 (France) - 2024-05-30
Primary school - "Recherche correspondance"

Bonjour, je suis à la recherche d’une correspondance pour mes élèves de CM2. Nous aimerions particulièrement pouvoir communiquer avec des écoles francophones. Cette correspondance pourrait s’effectuer par lettre dans un premier temps, puis par mail. Nous pourrions ainsi évoquer nos différences de culture dans différents domaines. À très bientôt j’espère. Delphine

modify delete 131697 - from María165 (France) - 2024-05-18
Middle school - "échange scolaire France-Espagne"

Hola, soy María una profesora de español en París y estaría interesada en organizar un intercambio con un instituto de España para el próximo curso. Tengo alumnos de 1°, 2° y 3° de la ESO, pero solo podría ser con uno de los grupos, a vuestra elección. Mis alumnos están muy motivados y yo, abierta a cualquier proposicion pedagógica interesante y estimulante para mis alumnos.

131697 -
modify delete 131698 - Reply from Virginie Huyghe13 (Spain) - 2024-05-29

Bonjour María
Je m´appelle Virginie, je suis professeure de français en Espagne dans un collège-lycée (province d´Almería-Andalousie). Nous pourrions éventuellement être intéressés par un échange avec des troisièmes. Je vous laisse mon adresse mail pour en discuter avec vous.
À bientôt,

modify delete 131695 - from Marie-Catherine125 (France) - 2024-05-18
High school - ""ricerca scuola partner per collaborazione didattica e scambio""


Insegno italiano in un liceo in Provenza a Châteaurenard nei pressi di Avignone.
Vorrei trovare un/a collega di francese in Italia per collaborare con me l'anno prossimo.
I miei studenti hanno tra i 15 e 18 anni. La mia scuola propone diversi indirizzi: linguistico, scientifico, umanistico, artistico, informatico o ancora tecnico. Quindi, possiamo sfruttare tante tematiche di lavoro insieme.
Al termine di questa prima fase di lavoro nel 2024-25, vorrei organizzare un gemellaggio tra le nostre scuole nel 2025-26. Cerco una scuola partner nel Sud Italia possibilmente.
La mia regione, la Provenza, è ricca di città storiche e di siti naturali d'interesse.
Spero di trovare un/a collega interessato/a.

Grazie delle vostre risposte.

Marie-Catherine Delpech, lycée Jean d'Ormesson (Bouches-du-Rhône)

modify delete 131693 - from Maud170 (France) - 2024-05-17
Middle school - "US penpals for French students 14yo"

Hi there!
I'm looking for a written correspondence with American pupils aged 14 or 15, for September 2024.
Thanks for answering, or sharing ! ;)
An English teacher from France (West coast)

modify delete 131692 - from Karine178 (France) - 2024-05-16
High school - "Intercambio entre alumnos españoles y franceses"

Me llamo Karine y soy profesora de español en el liceo de Cugnaux (a unos 10 km de Toulouse). Quisiera organizar un intercambio con alumnos de 17 años (sería une clase de terminale) con un liceo español. Nuestros alumnos suelen ser 25 en las clases pero no pasa nada si hay menos en el lado español.
Me gustaría trabajar sobre un proyecto común sobre la ciudad inteligente o los retos ecológicos en el ambiente urbano o rural.
Me podéis contestar al mail soguiente: karine.polo@free.fr
Hasta muy pronto, espero, K

modify delete 131690 - from Deepthi47 (Russia) - 2024-05-13
Others school - "BRICS exchange - School classes/ college students/ university students"

Hi everyone,
I am trying to assess the interest among young people out there for setting up a group exchange channel on any platform (Telegram/ VK/ Rutube/ Youtube..) within the framework of BRICS countries. This is not a political or business related forum. We can start with Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa and include the new members Iran, Egypt, Ethiopia, and the United Arab Emirates.
This could be higher school, college, university students who belong to some sort of fraternity related to education or professional training which has several members (at least 3 ?).

I am just studying this and not a moderator or decicion maker but a facilitator. If we receive sufficient feedback we will discuss how to go ahead.

Let me know what you think.
Regards, Deepthi

modify delete 131689 - from Marie-Catherine125 (France) - 2024-05-12
High school - "ricerca scuola partner per collaborazione didattica e scambio"


Insegno italiano in un liceo in Provenza a Châteaureanrd nei pressi di Avignone.
Vorrei trovare un/a collega di francese in Italia per collaborare con me l'anno prossimo.
I miei studenti hanno tra i 15 e 18 anni. La mia scuola propone diversi indirizzi: linguistico, scientifico, umanistico, artistico, informatico o ancora tecnico. Quindi, possiamo sfruttare tante tematiche di lavoro iniseme.
Al termine di questa prima fase di lavoro nel 2024-25, vorrei organizzare un gemellaggio tra le nostre scuole nel 2025-26. Cerco una scuola partner nel Sud Italia possibilmente.
La mia regione, la Provenza, è ricca di città storiche e di siti naturali d'interesse.
Spero di trovare un/a collega interessato/a.

Grazie delle vostre risposte.

Marie-Catherine Delpech, lycée Jean d'Ormesson (Bouches-du-Rhône)

modify delete 131672 - from Kaosarn232 (Thailand) - 2024-05-06
High school - "Looking for English volunteer teachers and having pen pals"

I’m a high school teacher and counselor. They’re more than 6000 students at my school. At my school we have less resources. My school located in Southern Thailand near border of Malaysia. Students are really would like to learn with English foreigners teacher as they also learn in English program class but with Thai teacher who teach English. If their some one who would like to come and be a volunteer in teaching English class at my school please let me know or contact at my office school email kaosarn.k@tvm.ac.th

modify delete 131671 - from Mariane210 (France) - 2024-05-05
Middle school - "Looking for an IRISH partner"

Hello, we are a French school in the South of France and are accredited with Erasmus +. We are looking for an Irish partner to build a real and long term partnership (hosting and sending pupils). PLEASE contact me for more information!
Looking forward to reading you!

modify delete 131665 - from Sarah219 (Great Britain) - 2024-05-01
Primary school - "French Letter School Exchange"

Good afternoon all,
I work for a school in Birmingham in England and we would love a French Speaking school to exchange letters with. We would love to do this 2 or 3 times a year.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

131665 -
modify delete 131742 - Reply from GAULT Lola85 (France) - 2024-06-25


I'm a french teacher located in the south of France, my puppils are 10 years old. I'm looking for penpals for next year. You can contact me by mail if interested: lolalebrun@yahoo.fr

131665 -
modify delete 131736 - Reply from Kathleen165 (France) - 2024-06-21

Hello Sarah,

My name is Kathleen and I am an English Teacher at a French Private School in France.
I saw your message and would be happy to connect as I am also looking for penpal students from the UK.
If you are interested, feel free to contact me. My email is kathleennwhite8@gmail.com

I hope you have a great day,

Best regards,


131665 -
modify delete 131732 - Reply from Carole133 (France) - 2024-06-19

Are you still looking for penfriends?

modify delete 131663 - from Valentina59 (Italy) - 2024-04-30
Primary school - "Looking for Pen Pals! - Italian Class"

Dear fellow teachers,
I’m looking for students from an American, English, Australian or South African school to exchange letters with.
I would love to do this project with my 5th graders next year.
They are still learning but highly motivated! They would love to write in English to other kids and make new friends from abroad :)
The letters can be written in English or Italian, our first language.
Hope to hearing from you soon!
Best regards,

131663 -
modify delete 131743 - Reply from Valentina20 (Italy) - 2024-06-25

Dear Sharon,
Thanks for you reply! It sounds great! :)
I've sent you a message on your email address.
Best regards,

131663 -
modify delete 131713 - Reply from Sharon238 (USA) - 2024-06-09

Hello. I read your message and would love to have my incoming 5 th grade class to communicate with your 5 th grade class. School is out for the summer but we will be back in August.
My school is situated in Palm Beach , Florida in the United States of America.
I am looking forward to your response.

modify delete 131662 - from ALIYA73 (Pakistan) - 2024-04-30

For our subject Global Perspectives IGCSE I need students from from countries to interact with my students through Skype ,Zoom,Google etc and talk about general issues such as climate change,pollution,population etc.Do let me know as this is something required for their team project of this subject.
If you want to know further about it you can check syllabus code 0457.

modify delete 131660 - from Virginie166 (France) - 2024-04-27
Middle school - "Exchange with Scottish students and school trip"

I plan a school trip in Edinburgh next school year (9th and 10th graders) and would like to visit a school. It would be great for my students to have penpals and meet them during our trip.We don't need host famille, only teachers and students willing to exchange and meet us 😉
Interested ? Contact me by e-mail. Regards.

modify delete 131659 - from Sitti122 (France) - 2024-04-26
High school - "Proyecto Francia - España"

Hola, soy profesora de español en un instituto de Mayotte. Estoy buscando un instituto español acreditado Erasmus+ para iniciar un proyecto sobre “la historia del arte y el patrimonio cultural” de nuestros territorios respectivos. Un proyecto que tendría como meta una movilidad física hacia España. No dude en contactarme si esta interesado. Saludos.

modify delete 131649 - from Ester44 (Italy) - 2024-04-17
High school - "recherche partenariat"

Bonjour,je suis enseignante au lycée "Francesco Gonzaga" de Castiglione delle Stiviere, près du lac de Garde. Nous aimerions réaliser un échange culturel entre élèves de notre lycée avec des élèves français ayant de 16 à 19 ans. Pour apprécier d'avantage nos cultures et pour s'exercer en langue étrangère.
pour tout renseignement, n'hésitez pas à écrire à:

Merci d'avance
Bonne journée.

modify delete 131646 - from Melanie167 (Canada) - 2024-04-10
Primary school - "Recherche correspondant"

Je suis responsable d'un service de garde en milieu scolaire, et nous aimerions correspondre avec une classe d'enfants âgées entre 6 et 12 ans.
Notre thème annuel sera le tour du monde en 180 jours. On aimerait faire voyager nos élèves au travers des lettres en correspondance.
On pourrait parler de nos cultures, la température, les sports , la nourriture, bref tous sujets pertinents.
merci de nous répondre rapidement, car l'année scolaire va débuter au mois de septembre 2024.

131646 -
modify delete 131765 - Reply from Chrystelle165 (France) - 2024-07-08 >> NEW

Je serai intéressée par ce projet si ma correspondance se fait en anglais.
Est ce le.cas ?

131646 -
modify delete 131715 - Reply from zo17 (Madagascar) - 2024-06-10

Je suis une des responsable à la fois Institutrice Remplaçantes des Primaires en cas d'absence dans une école privée de la capitale d'Antantananarivo à Madagascar. Je me consacre en ce moment avec surtout les CM environ 12élèves de 9 à 12ans. Votre thème n'a beaucoup et on aimerait le faire nous aussi pour l'année scolaire prochaine 2024-2025, si on a déjà fait le thème Harry Potter. Alors si vous ne voyez pas l'incovennients qu'on fasse beaucoup d'échange linguistique (français et un peu d'anglais) culinaire, tous sur culture toujours dans le domaine pédagogique contre tout sur nos culture
mon mail zonirinarabe0810@gmail.fr au plaisir de nous contacter prochainnement Mel s il y a des interréssés

131646 -
modify delete 131651 - Reply from Isabelle171 (France) - 2024-04-20

Je n'avais pas regardé le site depuis quelques jours j'espère qu'il n'est pas trop tard pour répondre à votre annonce. Les élèves de l'école ont entre 6 et 11 ans. Parler de nos ressemblances et de nos différences est un support d'échanges toujours très enrichissant.

modify delete 131643 - from GIOVANNA146 (Italy) - 2024-04-07

Gentile Collega,
Sono una docente di FLE in un Liceo linguistico e ESABAC a Taranto, il Liceo Aristosseno e vorrei proporLe uno scambio di classi . La lingua veicolare sarebbe il Francese, naturalmente.
Per scambio educativo e culturale intenderei un progetto di mobilità di almeno 15 alunni e 2 docenti disposti ad ospitare ed essere ospitati dalle famiglie francesi, gratuitamente.
I docenti, in genere 2, alloggiano in camere nell'internet del liceo a prezzi contenuti o in b&b.
Abbiamo una lunga esperienza di scambi culturali/Erasmus e ci piacerebbe continuare .
Le chiedo quindi se è interessata e di inviarmi, in caso, notizie sul Suo liceo .
In attesa di una Sua cortese risposta, La saluto cordialmente

Giovanna Schiavone
Liceo Aristosseno, Taranto, Italia

131643 -
modify delete 131657 - Reply from GIOVANNA146 (Italy) - 2024-04-25

Bonjour Madame,

Merci pour votre message.
Je suis intéressée à l'échange, merci de m'écrire à giovannaschiavone03@gmail.com .

A biento^t j'espère!

Giovanna Schiavone
Liceo Aristosseno Taranto

131643 -
modify delete 131654 - Reply from Doriane 170 (France) - 2024-04-24

Ho letto il suo annuncio e cerco una classe di liceo per organizzare un gemellaggio per l’anno 2024-2025. Sono insegnante d’italiano a Rennes in Bretagna. Avevo trovato una classe a Cerveteri ma la collega italiana ha dovuto annullare il progetto e devo ritrovare una classe entro un tempo molto breve. I miei alunni avranno tra i 15 e i 17 anni e studiano l’italiano dalla scuola media in seconda lingua.
In attesa di una Sua risposta, Le mando i miei cordiali saluti.
Doriane Pouliquen Bricchi.

modify delete 131613 - from Isabelle171 (France) - 2024-04-03
Primary school - "Correspondence with a class of pupils 7 -8 years"

Hello, we are a class from south of France. We would like to exchange texts, photos, videos about way of life: our schools, our towns,our lanscapes, sports, cooking ....
We can write en french, english, german or spanish or catalan.
Thank you

131613 -
modify delete 131667 - Reply from Sarah219 (Great Britain) - 2024-05-01

Apoligies my email s83srichings@st-annes.solihull.sch.uk

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