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modify delete 18840 - from Régine211 , 57 yrs (France) - 2023-12-06 >> NEW
Actualities - "Je suis de retiur !"

Bonjour Nicolas, je suis de retour. J'ai passé deux ans à l'hôpital pour dépression suite au décès de ma mère et au suicide de Jean-Claude. Nous ne nous entendions plus du tout, et je me suis tournée vers Vladimir Poutine que j'ai, au fond de moi, toujours aimé et admiré. Nous sommes ensemble depuis plus d'un an.Nous nous sommes connus par la télévision et facebook. Il a flippé sur ma photo. Nous faisons tout par télépathie, et dès qu'il pourra venir me voir il le fera. Je vais quand-même essayer de me rendre au Kremlin kui rendre visite et partager des relations plus physiques que par la ttélépathie (qui marche quend même bien). Je lui ai fait stopper la guere en Ukraine. Je protège toujurs ton site (par télépathie) et je fais idem pour les forces de l'ordre françaises et russes.


18840 -
modify delete 18841 - Reply from Nicolas152 , 58 yrs (Normandie) - 2023-12-06 >> NEW

Bonjour Régine,
je suis ravi de te revoir sur le forum, c'est vrai que ça faisait longtemps !
Et en même temps, je suis vraiment désolé d'apprendre que tu viens de passer des moments extrêmement difficiles. Comment se relever et continuer à vivre quand on vient de perdre un être cher ? je ne sais pas, cette question me fait peur, j'avoue. Et pourtant, je ne comprends pas comment on peut en arriver au suicide ; ce n'set jamais une solution ; il y a tellement d'autres solutions quand on veut tourner une page...
Donc tu penses que la guerre en Ukraine va bientôt se terminer ? J'en ai l'impression moi aussi. Ce serait une excellente nouvelle !!!
Je te souhaite de visiter le Kremlin, moi je l'ai fait en 2004. Tu peux voir les photos dans les "pays du monde" - Russie, et aussi dans les "visites virtuelles" (la Place Rouge sur 360 degrés et le magnifique métro de Moscou). Cette année-là, j'ai visité Moscou + St Petersbourg.
Je te souhaite sincèrement un bon rétablissement en tout cas, et un bon retour à la vraie vie !!!

modify delete 18838 - from Sean58 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2023-11-03
Others - "Do you think Kids are Stunted Future/Present Potential?"

do you think that children are looked down on? and because of that stunted potential. for example i for one have trouble finding an intellectual program in which i am not undermined because of my age. and because of that not taught about non basic sciences just things kids like. (rockets instead of sustainability the moon instead of mars fossil fuels instead of maglev Etc Etc) and if so which programs don't?

modify delete 18825 - from Gilbert126 (USA) - 2023-07-14
School - "Traveling school"

I recently had a dream about a school traveling countries with its students and teaching them many interesting things. Imagine what it would be like to visually learn geography, biology or history. Let me know what you think about it.

18825 -
modify delete 18834 - Reply from Jessica Audley135 (USA) - 2023-10-05

Its will be cool) now its my dream

modify delete 18820 - from Rosa65 , 25 yrs (Peru) - 2023-03-22
School - "Studying abroad"

Hi! I'm Rosa and I would like to study my masters in Canada.. So I'm interested in know more about the experience of other people studying or that have studied abroad, especially in Canada when English is not your first language~

18820 -
modify delete 18837 - Reply from Kurt118 (Germany) - 2023-10-19

It's expensive to study abroad and Peruvians aren't well-off, for the most part.

modify delete 18819 - from dabakh164 (senegal) - 2023-03-02
Society - "teaching is not easy"

How do you feel when you teach more than 68 students?

modify delete 18817 - from Kate59 , 16 yrs (Russia ) - 2023-02-01
Others - "Free time"

Hello! My name is Kate. I'm 16.I'm doing a project for English. Help me please. Answer my questions. What do you do in your free time? 1) sports 2)go shopping 3)go to the Cafe 4)go the Park 5)play computer games 6)watch TV 7)study 8) other
Where do you prefer to go in your spare time? 1) to the museum 2) to the Park 3)to the theatre 4) to the music fastival 5) other
Do you aspire to get a higher education? 1) Yes 2)no

modify delete 18811 - from Xenia42 (中国) - 2022-12-25
Actualities - "I want to know what everyone thinks about the CCP"

I want to know what everyone thinks about the CCP, its political line confuses me
What is your view of socialism with Chinese characteristics?From people close to me, I learned that the life of Chinese workers is not as good as the government says, and their rights are not well protected. Is China really socialist now?
Welcome to clarification and debate with me.

18811 -
modify delete 18812 - Reply from Xenia42 (中国) - 2022-12-25

I do not mean to discredit and denigrate our government. I'm a direct beneficiary of their policy, but I think they have some shortcomings, such as the current policy on COVID and the policy on education.

modify delete 18809 - from Hailey155 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2022-12-22
Others - "Hi"

Hi there y’all

modify delete 18808 - from anthony22 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2022-12-16
Society - "let's go Brandon"

let's go Brandon

modify delete 18807 - from Carlos58 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2022-12-13
Society - "Hello"

Hello I am looking for a French speaking penal feel free to message me

modify delete 18768 - from Laurel175 , 9 yrs (canada) - 2022-09-20
Others - "I wAnT fRiEnDs"


18768 -
modify delete 18818 - Reply from Nicole225 , 13 yrs (Jamaica ) - 2023-02-01


If you want, you can message me.


18768 -
modify delete 18815 - Reply from Arefa Ananya 48 , 18 yrs (Bangladesh ) - 2023-01-24

Will not be your fren, I REPEAT, will not

modify delete 18757 - from Nil22 , 15 yrs (France) - 2022-09-01
Society - "Feminism"

What means Feminism for you ?
You're free to explain your point of view. Just stay open-minded and respect other people's answers.

18757 -
modify delete 18839 - Reply from Shoeva235 , 13 yrs (Israel) - 2023-11-29 >> NEW

I like this question. I think feminism is both trying to get equal rights and celebrating them, celebrating being strong or smart or independent girls and women, for example by making books about women who did great things. Sort of like pride for queers. That is one kind. But if you are less lucky and you experience sexism, which I think all of us do at some time or other, feminism is rebelling about that, even if it is quietly. For example: in Israel in most shuls (synagogues) only boys and men can lead Tefilla (the prayers), I think making a shul like ours where women can also participate is feminism. By the way though I don’t want people to think of Israel as a sexist country because all in all it is pretty accepting and also countries which are supposed to be accepting have prejudice… alas, maybe one day we’ll all be a little freer.

18757 -
modify delete 18830 - Reply from Maia60 , 13 yrs (France) - 2023-08-26

Sorry for the last message.. I don't know how to delete it. I sent it because I thought the first one wasn't published, it was for trying...

18757 -
modify delete 18829 - Reply from Maia60 (France) - 2023-08-26


18757 -
modify delete 18828 - Reply from Maia 60 , 13 yrs (France) - 2023-08-26

Feminism mean women have same tignt than men.

But it isn't as easy, because all our live, we are not in the same situations. For example, parents inscribe their son to soccer, but not their daughter. After, there are stereotypes about men. I think feminism should get another name and be more about men. Women know it is not equal, but we cannot keep making an equal world with just women. We need men. We need them to understand that all the stereotypes are fake.
There is a lot of men's stereotypes. For example think that he will look "gay" is stupid. It is a stereotype about
1.gay people
2.have a women attitude, and say that a women attitude is bad, Wich male think women is worse than men...

It is very complicated, because we think equally is preticaly done when it isn't.

It is ok when a girl makes "boy things", but not when a boy does "girl things". A girl can wear all she wants and do all she wants, but if a boy wears a dress for example, people will make him feel it is not ok. Why? Because it is a woman thing and women are inferior so it make him inferior...
Do you guys understand how far it goes...

Sexism is an enemy for all of us. It doesn't mean we have to change it all, but know and accept differences is well.

I hope no more boys of my school will thee to go back to my kitchen next year.

18757 -
modify delete 18824 - Reply from Paisley5 (USA) - 2023-06-20

It really depends which wave of feminism we are referring to. Back in the day, it was much more "men and women should have equal rights." Now, I'd argue that it's turned into saying that women need to emulate men to be equal, but simultaneously being "women need more rights than men." For the first part, it's things like women transitioning to be men, or men transitioning to be women and winning all sorts of competitions. That's not exactly making us equal. Rather, it's placing men against women yet again. It's celebrating women who make themselves men (which only glorifies men and not women) or celebrating men destroying women in sporting events (which is taking opportunities away from women). On the other hand, things like the "me too" movement have only made it seem as though women deserve more rights than men. It's always "believe women" in the cases of rape. In the name of "feminism," companies put in quotas for specific numbers of female workers. Women are literally hired because there have to be a minimum number of women in the job. That sounds like enabling and giving women more rights than men. A man might not get a job, even if he's the best pick, because the company needs to hire a less-skilled woman.

Now if I were to say what feminism means to me, it's having equal rights for men and women (which I think we have) and celebrating the things that make women women. Celebrating childbirth, motherhood, etc. Not suppressing it and saying you've done more with your life if you skipped having kids and simply worked. It's empowering true femininity, rather than putting male attributes on a pedestal and coercing women to emulate them.

18757 -
modify delete 18823 - Reply from Mia 68 (United States) - 2023-06-17

Let me explain femenism in my life.
I go to school and get dress coded for exposing my sholders beacuse the boys will look at them. So they make me go into a closet will clothes that have never been washed that are too small and change. They never do anything to prevent boys for looking at me in a bad way. I just feel like girls should have the same freedom as boys.

18757 -
modify delete 18821 - Reply from Brookelyn 77 , 16 yrs (USA ) - 2023-06-04

For me it depends on the the time period you want to define it in as the definition often changes with the time and its policies and politics

18757 -
modify delete 18813 - Reply from Anne30 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2022-12-28

women are equal to men, pretty simple

modify delete 18745 - from Alex Arthur134 , 17 yrs (Sri lanka) - 2022-06-30
Philosophy - "Philosophical theories of Universe..."

What're u think about our life? and Where we are from?? If we are in simulation, what can say about "Nirwan" theory of Lord Buddha??

modify delete 18726 - from Greg118 , 14 yrs (United States) - 2022-03-18
Actualities - "War = bad"

I hate war! It makes me broke!!! (Even though I have no money)

modify delete 18720 - from Willy Wonka 200 (Fabbrica cioccolato ) - 2022-02-28
Society - "The war is wrong"

The war is wrong

18720 -
modify delete 18810 - Reply from Xenia42 (中国) - 2022-12-25

Yes, wars of aggression and militarism are wrong

18720 -
modify delete 18783 - Reply from Odile193 , 14 yrs (France ) - 2022-10-23

Could you Tell First why is the war wrong after you ? I mean of course war is wrong and every one knows it but why do you think wat is wrong ? And at first what is war ?

18720 -
modify delete 18776 - Reply from Levi73 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2022-10-21

How so? I would like more of an explanation than "the war is wrong" now this doesn't mean I support the war and the costs that come with it of course, but I'd like to hear your view.

modify delete 18719 - from suca90 , 30 yrs (india) - 2022-02-28
Society - "END OF THE WAR"

I hope the conflit in ukraina will solve it and I aprecciate that those people are fighting for theyr country .

18719 -
modify delete 18805 - Reply from Nicolas152 (France) - 2022-11-28

I totally agree with you Arthur.
My message was destined to Suca, not you.

18719 -
modify delete 18804 - Reply from Artur 173 , 13 yrs (Russia) - 2022-11-28

Good day, Nicolas I wasn't trying to say that fighting is OK by sending this message , I was trying to convey the idea that everyone should be aware of the current situation because if you don't understand the reason for war you shouldn't get in this situation. And of course I don't appreciate the violence.

18719 -
modify delete 18802 - Reply from Nicolas152 (France) - 2022-11-24

Really, Suca ? You appreciate people fighting (...) ? dying ?
Personally, I appreciate PEACE, not war. And I'm totally sure both Russian and Ukrainian people would like peace.
You are totally right, Arthur, political situation is not so easy to understand, particularly in Western countries (like mine) where we are totally submerged with fake news. Don't worry, Arthur, many people from France can understand you, and we like both Ukrainian and Russian people.

18719 -
modify delete 18801 - Reply from Arthur173 , 13 yrs (Russia) - 2022-11-24

Firstly learn to write Ukraine in capital letters and understand the political situation in the world before getting in this situation

modify delete 18715 - from Adan22 (United States) - 2022-02-06
Society - "Running for President Soon?"

I want to run for US president later on in years. What should I talk about? Let me know?

18715 -
modify delete 18777 - Reply from Levi73 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2022-10-21

Well, what you should talk about depends on what party you're looking to be in, so what's your party?

modify delete 18713 - from Killa167 (France ) - 2022-01-27
Others - "Life experiences"

Does anyone want to share their passed or ongoing bad experiences with school ? (anxiety, feeling lonely, having no friends, being bullied...) Or just anything you would like to share.
I've just realized I might have been going through tougher things that I thought I was and now I'm feeling kind of perplexed.

modify delete 18711 - from MARÍA148 (SPAIN) - 2021-12-15
Others - "What do you think about climate change?"

Post your comments about Climate Change its causes and effects, main consequences and solutions to stop it.

18711 -
modify delete 18816 - Reply from Arefa Ananya 48 , 18 yrs (Bangladesh ) - 2023-01-24

3R method, there's this channel in YouTube from our country a content creator named 'Enayet Chowdhury' made a video about 3ar, tough we already know about it, it's about Reduce, reuse and recycle method. Mainly plastic, then there's other climate issues related to water, soil, air, sound pollution too na, people need to take steps United for this, because it's our future after all, and the future has our present and past in it too, if anyone just brushes of saying 'we will do what needs to be done when time comes' to climate change. For 3r, you can Google 'Recycle near me' then do a yearly recycle or monthly or daily up to you, about plastics. Then, for water pollution, alot of it has to do with plastics too, thousands, repeating thousands SPECIES OF SEA ANIMALS, SPECIES get affected by those. And we drink water tooo..soo..yeah..maybe help them, the animals, more natural fertilizers should be used for soil, then, do something about cluttered junk on the soil of earth. For air pollution, basics, the ingredients that ruins our air, reduce, Insect killing sprays effect on that but we can't do much on that can we:/ cause we need to live too, so stuff that are like insect killing sprays are waste, for sound pollution creating better use of advertising than just loud announcements in mics (Yeah politicians watch out, expect if you're a politician MAKING REAL EFFORT) use transportions like cars more thoughtfully.

18711 -
modify delete 18712 - Reply from ANTONIO148 , 16 yrs (SPAIN) - 2021-12-24

I think there is much we can do to stop climate change. There are many easy things to do in you daily routine to help the environment. Save water, electricity, recycle, etc. are simple steps to start.
You can also join any NGO and help as a volunteer, go to demonstrations to show you care, and most important of all, get the information about this important issue so you know what is all about.

modify delete 18706 - from Malaya156 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2021-11-18
Society - "Hello"

Hello, I am twelve yrs old and I hope that I will someday run for a US persiend.
Here are my ideas:
1# Medcal care should be free. ( To be honest, most of the US healthcare system should be re-written.)
#2 Adbrotson should be legal (unless it is rape).
#3 To urge more people to be aware of climate change. BUT we should be sending trillions of dollars on it either.
#4 If you kill someone out of self-defense you should be charged with something. I am not saying murder/manslaughter though. But you did end a life...
#5 Books should be banned just because a group of people feels offended by them.

- this is just my opinion, pls don't come at me- I probably will update later ( I am still 12 still learning new things) see you then! Sorry if there are any grammar or spelling mistakes. BYE!!

18706 -
modify delete 18831 - Reply from Maia60 , 13 yrs (France) - 2023-08-26

I am not totally ok with you, Malaya.
#1 yes. It is right you American should do this. We do it it in France yet.

#2 ? Wtf! I didn't understand you message... Abortion should ALWAYS be allowed. My body my choice. What happened in USA about abortion is a tragedy. I am really sad about it.

#3climate action is very important because we will die if we don't act now.

#4 I didn't understand it... Anybody should be killed. Even if you kill someone, they tell you to stop Kling people, so for explaining you, for make you understand they kill you. It makes no sense. I am against killing people. You can't tell someone to do not do something and do it to this person... But the killers should go to prison, sure.

#5 books shouldn't be banished just because they offend them! A book is culture, it is free. If you control the culture, it is a not a free country. Why does those book offend this person's? Because of blood or violence, or because of a too free ideology??? Stop killing culture and let writers, artist, creators, thinkers, everybody think all they want and express think, without discriminating anybody.

But keep thinking Malaya. It is the best think a human can do. After you have thought a lot and see all the points of you and you didn't just listen to Donald Trump, you'll can act.

18706 -
modify delete 18772 - Reply from Levi73 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2022-10-15

Okay so, I do agree our healthcare system is all messed up, though free may not be what we need.

I have a question for you, you say abortion should be legal? Now wouldn't that virtually be the same as ending a life as you say shouldn't go unnoticed in a case of self defense? Of course if you meant it shouldn't be illegal unless in the case of rape I agree, with the added thought of medical reasons where there isn't a chance the baby nor mother will survive, better save one than none.

The climate change thing I half agree with, personally I don't think it's as big of a deal they claim it to be and it certainly shouldn't be having money we don't have thrown at it, now I do believe that water pollution is a problem and I would certainly support the decision to make people more aware, but climate change is currently the same as waving a cardboard sign saying aliens are coming soon even though you were doing the same thing in the 70's 50 years ago claiming the world would end in 1984 of something along those lines.

The self defense charge is unreasonable in my opinion because you were given the right of life by natural law, which mind you is what the constitution tries it's best to follow, under that natural law you also have the right to defend your life if someone tries taking it away, to charge someone from a fine to time is to revoke them of that right to defend themselves and it also fogs over your right to the 2nd amendment of the constitution.

And finally for the books thing, I believe you meant shouldn't there, and yes I agree.

Now, don't feel I'm attacking you here, it isn't my attention to hurt anyone with my opinion, but I only hope you consider the word of people like me, who if you were to become President or anything within the US government would be your audience and judgement for how ever long you serve.
Good luck with your dreams, but make sure you learn this government well before you play the games the officials play, the world is not the flowers and rainbows like it may seem. . .

18706 -
modify delete 18734 - Reply from Josiah A.208 , 16 yrs (United States) - 2022-04-22

Hello, Malaya. Good job on standing up for what you believe in. Don't let the haters degrade you. America may be divided, but I believe that our generation of people (Gen Z) can make a big change in today's society.

Keep confidence,
Josiah A.

18706 -
modify delete 18727 - Reply from Sophie11 , 16 yrs (UK) - 2022-03-27

1. Obviously coming from the UK, "free" healthcare is a luxury - i say "free" because we use tax-payer money to pay for the healthcare. BUT, the issue with the UK's healthcare system is that it is wildly underfunded by the Conservative government - so yes and no, the healthcare system in the US shouldn't be free - but it should be cheaper, and easier to access healthcare

2. ALL abortion should be legal - if you criminalise abortion you are only banning SAFE abortions, people who can get pregnant (and don't want kids) will still have an abortion

3. books shouldn't be banned just because a group of people are offended by them, banning a book - say Animal Farm by George Orwell, which has a lot of socialist/anti-capitalist views within them, teaches people valuable lessons, like challenging the status quo of a society.

I also think that you should be commended for taking an interest in politics at such a young age

18706 -
modify delete 18710 - Reply from Jack100 , 16 yrs (United States) - 2021-12-12

I don't agree with a lot of things you said, but keep developing your views!

18706 -
modify delete 18708 - Reply from Hazel75 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2021-11-18

I'm confused. Which parts should be legal and which ones shouldn't be? Cause if you say "Abortions should be legal (unless it's ****)" that seems like you shouldn't be able to have one if it is ****.

18706 -
modify delete 18707 - Reply from Malaya156 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2021-11-18

Sorry, I just noticed that I spelled abortions wrong. Sorry.

modify delete 18673 - from Mary66 (Russia) - 2021-09-17
Philosophy - "That's the meaning of the life?"

I think it's changing. Because we able to change everything, and that's what we do successfully over the years. We keep learning something new and change ourselves. Life isnt static, it's activity.

18673 -
modify delete 18731 - Reply from Abdul215 (Ghana) - 2022-04-12

Yes,it's really true.
And one thing is there,all activities are based how your your mind can perceive and handle them.

modify delete 18668 - from Laurent206 , 64 yrs (France) - 2021-08-18
Others - "Bartleby the scrivener"

I read Bartleby the scrivener, this is a short story by the american writer herman melville? In this book melville describes a wall street lawyer hires a new clerk who after an initial bout of hard work, refuses to make copies or do any other tasks of him with the words I would prefer no to. The narrator makes several attempts to reason with Bartleby or to learn something about him, but never his any success. I have the feeling that this book is very strange for me, because the style, the writing is not usual.

modify delete 18642 - from runke196 , 17 yrs (China) - 2021-07-28
Others - "Literature"

I'm glad to hear your voice about literature. My favorite writer is Lu Xun(1881-1936), whom is often called "a great writer, thinker and revolutionary" in China. His most famous work is The True Story of Ah Q. I don't know whether you have heard of him or his works. But in China, it is almost impossible to find a student who doesn't know his name. Qu Yuan, a poet in ancient China two thousand years ago, is another writer that I love very much. You couldn't feel the beauty of his words unless you learn ancient Chinese language, so I think you may never heard of him. In terms of European and American works, I have read a few, most of which are from France, UK and Russia, such as Les Misérables by Hugo, David Copperfield by Dickens and War & Peace(Война и мир)by Tolstoy and so on. What about you? Welcome to post your ideas here.

modify delete 18613 - from Laurent206 , 64 yrs (France) - 2021-07-11
Philosophy - "Pierre bayle"

I am reading the historical and critical dictionary by Pierre Bayle a french philosopher. He is best known for his dictionary and reflections on comets. Bayle published the news of the republic of letters a journal of literary criticism.Sometime I have some difficulties with the intertext links. The dictionary one of the most problematic texts of the early modern period. The dictionary is dense and paradoxial, nature of the dictionary gives me an interpretative problems. There is a significant complication in Bayle's account of moral knowledge, however in the midst of a discussion on right reason, he introduces the notion of conscience.
Best regards

modify delete 18608 - from Jack100 , 16 yrs (USA) - 2021-07-10
Society - "My run for president (or congress)"

I have been planning, and thinking of running for a high political office once I reach the required age to do so. If I do win, my plans entail-

-Fully separating church and state in the US, you shouldn't have to swear to a god you don't believe in, in an anthem, and or court (though exceptions have already been made to the latter). Mind you, this doesn't mean I am for the persecution of any religion, they should still be protected under the 1st Amendment.

-A basic healthcare system available to all Americans, while at the same time not eradicating competitive insurance agencies. This also will not be felt on the middle and lower class (I will explain later)

-Full rights for the LGBTQ+ community such as the ability to adopt.

-Personally I have no issue with the second amendment, however I think we must limit what Americans can and cannot own (not extensively but people shouldn't be keeping anti-tank rifles in their basement) and have extensive background checks. At the same time to counteract mass shootings we need to have a comprehensive and free therapist and psychologists to provide people with the mental help they need.

- Free upper education, we need to stay competitive with the rest of the world and increase the amount of people who are college educated.

-Increased taxes based on the wealthiest citizens, while also decreasing military budget.

-Increased wages for military personnel, including a major system to help battle ptsd and other mental health issues. (Just one of many changes to the military, might make a post to explain it later).

-Terms for senators and representatives (I am thinking 8 (maybe 10) years max)

-Clean energy (which includes; but is not limited too) Nuclear power, hydropower and solar panels.

-Using our words, not first to improve our international strength.

-Subsidizing the creation of small and medium businesses

-Improving infrastructure

-Decreasing political power of western ranchers (ask me about this, its a weird one)

-Fixing immigration crisis; blocking them off isn't moral or going to work for long, and we cannot let them all in. The third option is improving their home countries and hopefully causing the immigration flow to slow.

-Greater effort in space exploration; coupled with an international alliance of the major powers to explore space, hopefully improving Earthside relations.

-Decreasing pay-wage gap

-Reclaiming American manufacturing ability through subsidization.

-Decreasing congressional wages

Feel free to debate any ideas with me.

18608 -
modify delete 18822 - Reply from Brookelyn 77 , 16 yrs (USA ) - 2023-06-04

I really like your idea about bringing back American industry Not only would it bring more jobs to the country but it would also make America more secure in the event of global political unrest and it could be a potential way to help alleviate our country's debt

18608 -
modify delete 18800 - Reply from Gianna5 , 25 yrs (USA) - 2022-11-13

Sorry, I forgot to specify. The message below this one is for Nil. :)

18608 -
modify delete 18799 - Reply from Gianna50 , 25 yrs (USA) - 2022-11-07

What is it that makes the mother's life more important than the unborn child's? Why does someone who is born deserve the right to life more than the unborn? Why does a born woman deserve more help than the unborn?

Just to get this straight: You think it's better for a baby to be killed rather than possibly being born at the wrong time? Pregnancy does not disrupt studies, necessarily. For example, someone I know got pregnant during her senior year of high school. It's a religious family, so obviously that she had intercourse before being married was a disappointment. Furthermore, the family greatly disliked the boyfriend/father. The mother did not tell her parents until she was about 7 weeks pregnant, I believe. She had plans to go to college and enter nursing school. When they found that she was pregnant, she was still able to study. Flash forward, and she gives birth. I haven't seen this girl so happy in a while. Even though her baby came at a highly inconvenient time for her, she was able to continue her studies with no setback, and she is super happy with her baby. She's still up with her studies. Being pregnant did not set her back at all. Basically, I'm saying that being pregnant does not necessarily disrupt studies, and a woman can give birth and then do adoption. No one has to die.

What changes to a woman's body are you referring to in pregnancy/childbirth?

Once more, no one on the pro-life side is forcing any woman to become pregnant. We only advocate for the protection of the child in the womb, as it's just as human as the mother. If a women doesn't want a baby, she should not have made the choice to have intercourse (not counting cases of rape). She shouldn't be able to kill her child merely because she didn't want to be pregnant, even though she willingly participated in intercourse and, most likely, knew that pregnancy was a possibility.

I'd assume after 7 kids that a woman would understand ovulation and how to time things out to become pregnant. It's not a "fault" to become pregnant. It's merely a natural result of intercourse. I'm saying that she and her husband should be responsible for the life they created and ensure that it is cared for as all parents should.

I don't know where you got the idea that I said that it is a women's "fault" for getting pregnant from a rapist or from a forced marriage. It's tragic, and women deserve much better. It's certainly not their fault that they were raped/coerced. The women are the victims in that case. However, the trauma of abortion cannot make up for the trauma that comes with rape or a forced marriage. Likewise, one can't kill an innocent child for their father's crimes.

When I advocate for the ban of abortion, I'm only advocating for taking this from women: when a woman is pregnant, she cannot murder her child. Women can still have a sexual life. I never said they couldn't. All I said was that, if they become pregnant, they should not have the "right" to kill their baby.

"... right to keep the body and the life she feels good in." I'm not entirely sure this is a right. No matter what, one's body and life is going to change. It's natural. Let's take this as an example: Gloria gets a dog. Gloria willingly chose to get the dog. However, the dog is very unfriendly and does not like people. Furthermore, one day, when taking a walk, the dog tripped Gloria, and now she has a broken ankle. Now she is stuck with a broken ankle and a life she does not want, with the dog being crazy and ruining her social life, as she can't leave the dog at home alone. The animal shelter cannot take the dog back for a few months, as they are all full. Does she have the right to kill the dog? Another example: I felt great when I was 13. I had great stamina, athleticism, and I felt really good in my life and body. I can't stop the inevitable - change is going to happen. Now I'm older with the occasional painful joints. I have to pay taxes, work, and buy things for myself. When I was 13, I was living with my parents and siblings, and I did not have to worry about taxes or finances. It's impossible for one to stay in the body and life they are comfortable with. Everything changes. And when a woman consents to having intercourse, she is willingly doing something that can contribute to a change of her life and body through natural process.

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I think that abortion is a right about women because yes, the fœtus is alive, but as long as it is in the women's belly, it more concerns this woman than your point of view. You can notice too that pregnancy is an important period, where a lot of things change, and if the woman doesn't want that baby, why could anyone force her to care it ??
Yes, the fœtus is alive, but what is more important between a fœtus, or someone who is already born and needs help ?
Maybe this fœtus is alive, but I think it is better for babies, to be born at the right moment of parents's life. I would prefer to know that a kid is born 5 years later a woman got an abortion than to know that she kept her child and make him feel guilty to be born during her studies.

"If a woman didn't want another child after 7, she should have abstained from intercourse during her fertile period." It is so disrespectful.... do you really think all women know what it is ? Do you mean it's their fault if they get pregnant ? Do you think a young woman, married by force, knows what means intercourse / consentment ? Do you think the woman who is getting raped now has time to say "eh guy, you forgot the condom" ?

Sometimes, you can't control the situation. You can make mistakes, things can go worse to worse. But what makes us stranger, is our freedom, our freedom to think what we want to, and our freedom to dispose of the body we have.
When you revoke abortions, you take these 2 lady things a woman has : the right to think that she can have a sexual life, and the right to keep the body and the life she feels good in.

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No, I am not respecting the rapist's choice more than the unborn child's or the woman's. That's why raping is illegal. We don't respect his choice. We send the rapist to jail.

I'm not trying to listen to the unborn's rights rather than a woman's. They are both human beings. They both have the same rights. No one has the right to murder. Everyone has the right to life.

I'm certain that not 100% of women want to be mothers. However, I'm saying that just about 100% of women who partake in intercourse understand that intercourse can lead to pregnancy. Just in case I'm not being clear enough, I translated it to French (using Google Translate eheh) "Toutes les femmes qui ont des relations sexuelles comprennent que cela peut mener à une grossesse."

If a woman didn't want another child after 7, she should have abstained from intercourse during her fertile period. No matter how much she didn't want the child, if she willingly chose to have intercourse, she has no right to kill it. Just because someone isn't wanted doesn't make them unworthy of life.

As hard as it would be for an 11 year old rape victim, her rape does not give her the right to end someone else's life. Violence can't solve violence. As mentioned before, abortion has worse effects on a girl/woman than childbirth. Quite honestly, an abortion would make the trauma worse.

I am a little bit curious... how do you know whether or not they are happy or scared?

Except once they are pregnant, it is NOT their life, nor is it their choice. There is another human being living. She cannot choose to end someone else's life. That is not a right. I don't doubt that women are smart enough to make decisions about themselves. But when it comes to the life of another human being, a completely innocent, vulnerable human being, murder is simply not an option. A woman is no longer deciding for just herself. She is choosing, quite literally, life or death for another human being. It's not morally right in any scenario.

You're right, I can't force love. No one can. But please note that I'm not advocating for women to be forced to keep their children even if they really don't want them. I'm merely advocating that they allow the child to live. No one has the right to murder another human being.

When do you think human rights begin?

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So you say that the child hasn't chose to live, and the woman has not decided to be raped, but the raper does, but the woman still has to have this baby, you accept the fact that the raper's choice is more respected than the victim's.
And when you say that the fœtus hasn't chose to live, you are right. So why would you keep trying listening to rights of unborn babies instead of hearing that the woman who cares it isn't ready.
And when you say that a woman who has intercourses was 100%sure ready to be a mother, well not... maybe it is in your way to live, but it isn't right for a big majority of women.
I think most of women who had a child they didn't want do their best to be a mother, but there is still a big trauma.
I think there are some limits to this whole question of pro life. Yeah, babies are cute. But how can you dare to judge a woman who got an abortion after her 7th kid ?? Or a 11 years old girl, victim of rape by her father ??
And I hear the "there are some organisations.... to "kill" the baby..."
The real murder would be to stay in that lie, and act just like if these women were happy to be pregnant. They're not. They are just scared, or not ready, or just not interested, and it's their life, their choice. And I think they are smart enough to let make a choice.
You can maybe force women to be pregnant, but you can't force love to be there, and what you try to keep there, it's not life or fœtus's rights, that's a lie, and a big ball of regrets. That's pain, and I hope one day, the world will see that

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Whoops! I'm sorry about that! I shouldn't have assumed. I'm very sorry!
Also the definition of life message was for Jack - sorry for not making that more clear. I'll address who it is to from now on.

Just because a child isn't wanted doesn't mean that the right choice is to kill it. There's a certain amount of responsibility involved if the woman and man chose to have intercourse. If they chose to have intercourse, I don't think they should have the choice to kill their child. Of course contraception fails sometimes, but I would just like to point out a few things: 1: humans are very infertile animals, so there are only about 3-4 days *max* per month that a girl can become pregnant, 2: if they are taking contraceptives, they surely understand that there is a risk of becoming pregnant. They knew the risk, so they should not be able to kill the child after willingly choosing to have intercourse anyways. I find the infertility tidbit relevant because, if someone does not want to have a child, it's very easy to avoid pregnancy by avoiding intercourse in that time period (called natural family planning, or NFP). Obviously NFP is not 100% effective, but it is more effective than contraceptives. Either way, she still willingly engaged in intercourse.

So taking the case of a woman who freely chose to have intercourse, did not want kids, but got pregnant (I am nearly certain that everyone who has intercourse is aware that pregnancy comes from intercourse), she should not be able to kill her child. She chose what she wanted to do, and she is facing the natural consequences of it. All the pro-life position asks is that she carry her child to term and allow the baby to live until further placements can be made, such as adoption or, if the mother had a change of mind, keeping it. In fact, several fire stations and hospitals have Safe Haven Baby Boxes, where a mom can anonymously leave her child in a box, pull an alarm, and then leave. Around sixty seconds after the alarm goes off (giving the mother a minute to leave), someone comes out and collects the baby.

I don't believe I would ever say that to a 13 year old girl who has just become pregnant. I'd do my best to help the girl get through her pregnancy, and I'd support her through it. While it might have been better for her to have abstained from intercourse, no one can change anything, and I'd help her navigate throughout her pregnancy and afterwards if she needed help. Of course, if she ever wanted to, I'd also help her track down the father and drive her out to go punch him for coercing her into intercourse and abandoning her... but I suppose that's rather unrelated to helping her care for her baby....

Just a slightly off-hand question: I'm sure we've all encountered women who were in an awkward/difficult situation while pregnant, such as being a teenager, or out of wedlock, or financially burdened, etc. Have you ever seen one regret giving birth to their baby? This isn't a rhetorical question. I'm honestly curious. In my experience, I have not, but I was merely curious if you had.

I'm not cold or immune to the effects of rape. My heart goes out to rape victims. I despise rapists, as I'm sure we all do. The woman did not choose to be raped. No matter what she was wearing (I've seen several people blame the girl for her rape because of the clothes she was wearing, but I don't agree), she is not responsible for her rape. She's truly a victim. Even considering cases, such as with the 13 year old girl, my heart aches. It's easy for a raped woman to feel as though she's trapped. I mean, a rape is serious trauma. But I don't think abortion is a solution to that trauma. Countless sources indicate further trauma following an abortion. It would not reduce all her problems, but instead increase them. Violence cannot be fought by violence. And I firmly believe that the child is an innocent party. The child didn't choose to be conceived, just as the woman did not decide to be raped. The child didn't force the mother to carry it. The rapist did. So I don't think giving the child the death penalty for the father's actions is morally right. I would support a raped woman, or any woman, throughout her pregnancy. As soon as I possibly can (i.e., as soon as my living conditions support it), I intend to adopt/foster/both/honestly whatever I can to provide a proper home for a child.

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First of all, you said "him" but i'm a girl hehe (no problem, I can understand that my name isn't that popular)
Then I wasn't looking for the definition of life.. but thanks

Yes, people have sometimes intercourses to have babies, but today, men and women have a sexual life. If you say that a woman make the choice to have a baby when she starts an intercourse, it is not true. I think that if a woman made the mistake to not use a contraception, she shouldn't have to wear that for the rest or her life. Are you sure that keeping a baby that you are sure to not to love is the right decision ? Personally, if my mother was depressed because of me, and I had to grow up with this idea during all my childhood, I would prefer not to be born.
And I just want to add that a rape is not always a rape as we imagine it, most of time it is when the woman isn't sure, has doubts, and the guy doesn't mind it. And most of time, women who are victims of this don't tell anyone about it because they feel guilty.
And I just want to finish and say that the real murder would be to tell a 13 years old girl "haha you mustn't have done that " when she tells you, crying she isn't ready

Personnally I find this debate interessant but if you want to change I'm open to your propositions

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No, I think that a woman can have intercourse even if she does not wish to have a child. But when a woman willingly chooses to have intercourse and then aborts her baby because she deemed herself not to be ready, or she didn't consent to the pregnancy, that is where issues arise. To become pregnant, quite literally, is one of the purposes of intercourse. When a woman says that she should have the choice to abort her child because she "isn't ready" after having willingly chosen to have intercourse, I don't think she should have the right to her child's life. She willingly partook in activities that often result in pregnancy. She should not have the option, after having made that original choice, the murder her child.

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As I generally learned in nursing school, something is living when it 1: has a specific organization (containing specialized, coordinating parts such as cells/a cell), 2: can maintain homeostasis when in proper environmental conditions (whenever we have the correct external stimuli, we can maintain a constant internal environment), 3: the ability to metabolize (basically take in food and use it, resulting in waste), 4: reproduction, or the potential to reproduce (as a species, humans have the potential to reproduce), 5: the ability to grow and develop, 6: response to external stimuli, and 7: the ability to evolve as a species. Here is the definition of life you are looking for, I believe.

If you would like to call the fact that it is wrong to murder merely a moral standpoint, then you can. If you would like to say that it is only a moral belief that the approximate 130 children being killed every minute worldwide is wrong, who am I to judge? The word "choice" makes it sound like a moral and subjective issue, but when you really break it down, it's murder. Murder is objectively wrong. I don't think a serial killer would be excused for his heinous crimes because he was only following his moral standpoint.

If you don't mind me saying so, I'm certainly ready for this discussion. For ten years I've been advocating for the rights of the unborn, and I've done my fair share of research. I have no intention of making this exchange bitter. I merely try to speak with clarity and proficiency. If that comes off as bitter, that was not my intent. I try my best to communicate with respect to the others involved, and I'm sorry if I've fallen short of that.

If you would like to debate other things, we can. If Nil still wishes to debate abortion, I will do so with him, but if you wish to stop, I am willing to debate other things with you.

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Many peaceful ideas in what you mentionned Jack. You are true in many points. But I still find interesting to discuss about these differences, and I think that good ideas often come from an exchange between 2 different points of view. And I know I won't change my mind about it, and my goal isn't to change Gianna's, just to discover hers.

You said that "Her choice came from her choice to have intercourse."
An interessant sentence... you mean that women have not the right to have intercourses if it isn't to have a baby after that ?

18608 -
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Oh god help me

There is not always a ground that both sides in any dispute can tread on, sometimes the differences are too great to allow a common viewpoint. It is within these differences that we argue and separate because the difference is not in facts, but the entire moral standpoint a person is built upon. I am not dismissing abortion as a major issue, but a hyper fixation that has not caused anyone to budge and has not helped heal a various critical wound that continues to pain society is not a good thing to have. I don't believe that we are ready to have a conversation about this, no one can define what life is yet, what is logic and fact is warped enough so that anything is fact and anything is false. I understand why we debate, and I have debated, but I have also come to the conclusion that a common consensus might not be reached. In that light, I just wish we could focus our energy to find common solutions in other issues, rather than succumbing to the same bitterness that is surging the world.

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Have you ever considered that, perhaps, when abortions are banned, women are less likely to get pregnant? Knowing that one can't get an abortion, a woman and man might be more careful about their interactions. While that definitely doesn't account for all of the decreases in abortion, I'm just wondering if it ever crossed your mind that this may be the case. I do not have any statistics or anything, but I merely figured that this happens.

Am I understanding you correctly here: You aren't concerned about there being fewer abortions because the ones that remain are still unpleasant for the woman? If we're talking about women who willingly chose to have intercourse, which accounts for over 99% of abortions that take place, why does their "right" overrule the baby's right to life? Why is it that, even though they willingly chose to have intercourse, their right to abort and kill an innocent human being because "they don't feel ready" or "they don't want the pregnancy" overrules the first human right of all, the right to life? Just my thoughts.

I'm not forcing anyone to get pregnant. I'm merely advocating that, when a woman has already become pregnant, she can't kill her child. She has the choice to avoid pregnancy. However, once the child is there, it's not right to kill it because it's a woman's "choice." Her choice came from her choice to have intercourse.

Rape is tragic and it needs to end. I am not denying that many women experience rape-related pregnancies. However, when looking at the statistics, only about 1% percent of abortions are from rape victims. Personally, I don't think we should be using 1% to make a law for all women. This is why I find it rather cowardly to use this minority, who suffered greatly, as an argument to let women who willingly chose to have intercourse kill their child. It just does not add up.

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Thanks for this interessant answer.
You often use the argument that there are less abortions when they become illegal. For me it isn't something positive. It won't change the fact that they don't want this pregnancy and don't feel ready for that. You take off the right of women to own their body, and to decide about the biggest choice of their life.
And when you say that rape doesn't count because there are not enough rapes to take this in this debate... I would say the inverse. There are too much rapes on this earth to not talk about that. And if you don't pay attention to these women, it just adds violence.

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"Once again, I will just say that, if you want to use the exception of rape, it is logically unsound to use it in an argument unless you truly believe that it is the only case in which abortion is illegal."

I meant to say legal, not illegal. I apologize.

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Ah wonderful! More reading material.

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Once again, I would just like to add the point that 90% of "unsafe" abortions from before abortion was legal were done in a facility by a physician. If we take the 150,000 illegal abortions done in 1972 in the USA, 10% of those (the number of abortions not done by a physician of some kind) are 15,000 women. Quite honestly, I find it rather useless to permit abortions merely in order to stop women from dying in their kitchens with a needle in the stomach. Quite frankly, it would be like making murder legal because 10% of murderers are getting killed in their attempts to murder.

What is it that makes the unborn child so different from the born child? What is it about birth that gives the child rights?

I don't find these laws sexist at all. If you don't want kids, don't have intercourse. If you agree that all abortions from consensual intercourse should be illegal, then we can discuss rape. However, if you still maintain that all abortions should be legal, I suggest not weaponizing a vast minority as a way to win an argument.

I'm not entirely familiar with the term "wide abortion." Can you please clarify that?

"How could I prefer to defend the right of life of people who aren't born yet, if these people's bodies are meant to be drived by sexist laws, like if there were no mind inside ?" Correct me if I'm misunderstanding you here, but you mentioned the right to life of people who aren't born. Does this mean that they ARE people? Does this mean that they have the same worth as the rest of us, except that they are not born? If so, why does location define whether or not someone has a right to life? Furthermore, I would like to add that pro-life laws do not "prefer" to protect the lives of the unborn rather than the born. We merely advocate for equal rights for both, as both are human beings.

"A woman has for me, the right to decide when, where, and with who, she wants to give life." Yes, I agree. This is why, if she does not want children, she should not have intercourse. Once again, I will just say that, if you want to use the exception of rape, it is logically unsound to use it in an argument unless you truly believe that it is the only case in which abortion is illegal.

"And if she doesn't want to have a baby, and she becomes pregnant, and her life is a mess, would you prefer to know that this woman had children later, or to know that she didn't get an abortion because she's "no murderer" and now, her 9 years old child has to watch mama getting drugs because the pressure was too big for her, when her parents leaved her alone when they knew she had a fear out marriage." Abortion actually increases the rates of drug-dependence. Furthermore, adoption is an option.

I'm just curious... why is it that all that pro-lifers do does not change anything, even though they could help fix many of the situations you are using as arguments?

Of course, no one's mind is truly a puppet. I do not mean to control your mind. Thank you for letting me know that you are not interested in changing your views. I do have a question, though: what is the use of exchanging ideas and thoughts if not to allow us to make further and more intelligent decisions in the future?

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Yeah there is no problem don't worry. Thanks by the way.

Well, yes, abortions are no sweety cutie things as you mentionned it. But I would prefer to know that my cousin got an abortion (surgical/ chemical) than to learn that she died in her kitchen with a needle in her belly.
And I'm not against abortions, I'm against wide abortions. A woman who has not the right to decide of her body and who tried to get off a child off her belly because she wasn't ready for that, is not for me a murderer, but a victim of the system.
How could I prefer to defend the right of life of people who aren't born yet, if these people's bodies are meant to be drived by sexist laws, like if there were no mind inside ?
A woman has for me, the right to decide when, where, and with who, she wants to give life.
And if she doesn't want to have a baby, and she becomes pregnant, and her life is a mess, would you prefer to know that this woman had children later, or to know that she didn't get an abortion because she's "no murderer" and now, her 9 years old child has to watch mama getting drugs because the pressure was too big for her, when her parents leaved her alone when they knew she had a fear out marriage.
And you can add all arguments about how the governement does to help these women, it doesn't change anything.

"have a question: what is it that makes you pro-choice? What, if anything, would change your mind about the matter? I just don't want to be using information that isn't considered relevant to you."
I just want to end on this... I'm not here to change my mind, I'm here to say what I think, and to discover other's thoughts.
If your intention was to make of me a "pro life", then I'm not the good person. My mind is no puppet.

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Sorry I didn't make it more clear. I meant that if you wanted to write in French, I'd use a Google Translate. I didn't mean to make it seem as though I was accusing you of using Google Translate or something... by the way, your English is really good.

I just want to describe the abortion process just so we both know what is happening.

Chemical abortions make up over 50% of abortions. In a chemical abortion, women take two pills. One pill deprives the zygote/embryo/fetus of nutrients, starving it in the womb. Then another pill is taken that induces contractions, and the woman gives birth to her child. This is usually done at home over the toilet. The woman does not have medical help with her, usually. She has the same contractions a mother at full-term would. The gestational cut-off for chemical abortions used to be 49 days, or 7 weeks. However, it was increased to 70 days, and there is A LOT of growth within this time. Oftentimes, mothers will not know how far along they are, and thus often these are done over 70 days. The complications are severe. From 2000-2019 (note: the requirements of reporting effects were decreased in 2016) there were over 3800 adverse reports to the pills, at least 20 deaths, more than 500 life threatening complications, and over 2000 severe complications.

Surgical abortions are the ones where an abortionist goes into the uterus and pulls apart the fetus with forceps. Sometimes the fetus is first injected with a chemical in its heart to kill it. Other times, the fetus is torn apart alive. An abortionist literally goes into the woman and dismembers her child. Then they have to make sure that no parts of the baby were left, and this often results in scarring or scratching of the uterus, which has its own side effects if you are interested in them. Surgical abortions are often completed with a suction-type-vacuum device to suck the rest of the fetus out of the womb.

As much as it is a shame that woman will still have abortions, and more unsafely at that, we can't permit legal and "safe" killing as a solution. Banning abortions will decrease the numbers of those who have abortions. An interesting little statistic here: The death toll from illegal abortion the year before Roe vs. Wade was 39 women, not the 20,000 claimed by the pro-abortion forces. Also, approximately 150,000 illegal abortions were performed annually in the United States before Roe, not the 1.5 million claimed by abortion supporters. Furthermore, most of the illegal abortions were performed by a physician in a facility of some sort. After abortions were made legal, the number increased A LOT. World wide, the number of abortions per year is about 71 million. For the United States, the number of abortions in 2020 was about 930,160. We can see that, as abortions became legal, the number went up greatly. Evidently a ban of abortion would decrease the number of abortions per year. Even if both the mother and child died in all illegal abortions (let's use 150,000 as the number of illegal abortions), that would be 300,000 deaths. Assuming that only the child dies in legal abortions, there would be 930,160 deaths. A ban in abortion would result in fewer deaths. Of course, this number can't be completely reliable because there are not recent numbers of illegal abortions, and thus I used the number from 1972.

I have a question: what is it that makes you pro-choice? What, if anything, would change your mind about the matter? I just don't want to be using information that isn't considered relevant to you.

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Thanks but I can write in English, and I don't use Google translate even if it would be easier haha.

Congratulations for your medical studies.
Well, most of your arguments there are based on percentages. Even if they were right (I don't say I don't trust you), I'm not on your side.

You ask me if I know how chemical , or surgeral abortions are done. I have to say that you have a point.
But do you know how wide abortions are done ? I have to say that NOTHING can be worse to see or to feel. Of course women can survive without them and in carrying their child, but even if you tell them not to abort they will. And you can add all statistics you want, they will still abort, we just won't mind it, cause they will have to hide. If a women has to abort, she will : in her kitchen, with a needle, and finally die with her child; or in a hospital, where she has a chance to survive.

18608 -
modify delete 18780 - Reply from Gianna50 , 25 yrs (USA) - 2022-10-22

No, no I completely understand. I know Google Translate isn't exactly the most reliable source, but if you'd prefer to write in French, I could always use an online translator.

"You have to understand that these women are no murderers, and believe me, if they could, they wouldn't make things end like this. They are just too weak compared to this horrible situation." I don't believe that is true. It implies that women are not strong enough to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. However, the pro-life movement and many others understand that abortion and killing a child are not needed for a woman to succeed in life. To be honest, stating that women need the choice of killing their children to be successful is quite offensive to women. Our bodies naturally have the gift of carrying the unborn. There is nothing unnatural about being pregnant, and women have been so for thousands of years. In the twenty-first century, where our technology has advanced so much, it is shameful to say that women are not strong enough to give birth.

Abortion is never necessary to save the life of the mother. Also, several studies have indicated that the death rate is higher for those who have aborted than those who have not.

You bring up a good point about women attempting at-home abortions even when it is illegal. However, the number of abortions goes down after a ban, even with estimated "backstreet abortions" added in. Overall, there are still fewer abortions and fewer deaths when abortions are banned. Many pro-life organizations offer support to mothers in unplanned pregnancies. Crisis pregnancy centers, for example, offer counseling (pre AND post pregnancy outcome), parenting classes, supplies, medical appointments, adoption referrals, etc. However, the pro-abortion community marks them as unethical and medically inaccurate. A quick google search of "crisis pregnancy center" will bring up articles from PlannedParenthood and other pro-abortion websites about how inaccurate and awful crisis pregnancy centers are. However, PlannedParenthood itself is medically inaccurate. They do not give an accurate depiction of the zygote/embryo/fetus at its current stage of life. In fact, just a few days ago an article came out about how, before 10 weeks of pregnancy, the zygote/embryo/fetus is merely a transparent sheet of cells. I cannot begin to tell you how medically inaccurate that is. I am a nurse. I've studied biology and anatomy for years, and I can assure you that the unborn look nothing like a transparent sheet of cells. Abby Johnson, a former PlannedParenthood employee and a current pro-life advocate, offers some good information. She has seen abortions firsthand, and she was traumatized enough to become pro-life. I suggest her, as she has been on both sides of the spectrum, and she gives information on what actually happens inside PlannedParenthood. In short, if crisis pregnancy centers were not being classified as unethical, inaccurate, and manipulative facilities, fewer women might find themselves with a coat hanger or needles.

I'd just like to bring up some statistics quickly. From the top of my head, I believe about 1/6 of rape victims seek abortions. 60-80% of them regret their abortion.

Compared to pregnant women who had their babies, pregnant women who aborted were ...
• 3.5 times more likely to die in the following year 3.5 times more likely to die in the following year
• 1.6 times more likely to die of natural causes 1.6 times more likely to die of natural causes
• 6-7 times more likely to die of suicide 6-7 times more likely to die of suicide
• 14 times more likely to die from homicide 14 times more likely to die from homicide
• 4 times more likely to die of injuries related to accidents 4 times more likely to die of injuries related to accidents. Another study found that, compared to women who gave birth, women who had abortions had a 62% higher risk of death from all causes for at least eight years after their pregnancies. Deaths from suicides and accidents were most prominent, with deaths from suicides being 2.5 times higher.

At least 31% of women who have had abortions had health complications (the number could be much higher, as in 2016 the requirements of reporting complications went down). There is an 80%-180% increase in doctor's visits.

Teenage girls are 10 times more likely to attempt suicide if they have had an abortion in the last 6 months than are teens who have not had an abortion.

Two national records-based studies from Finland revealed that aborting women were 6 times more likely to commit suicide in the following year than were delivering women.

Another study of more than 173,000 American women who had abortions had 154% higher risk of suicide in the eight years after an abortion than those who gave birth.

I am simply curious, but are you aware of how both chemical and surgical abortions are done?

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It's quite difficult for me to explain exactly what I want to say in a language that isn't mine, so I sometimes get a bit angry (and I know I shouldn't)
Excuse me if you have been blessed by my words, it wasn't in my intention.

All I want to say more is that abortion exists since a long time. And the reasons why a woman abort are there since longer. Sometimes, women think it's the only decision to be free. Because sometimes they can't finish their studies, or they were rapped, sometimes by their father. Or they just feel scared and lonely to affront this situation alone. You have to understand that these women are no murderers, and believe me, if they could, they wouldn't make things end like this. They are just too weak compared to this horrible situation.
And when abortion were legal, yes, the fœtus were thrown away. But the mother had a chance to survive.

And if you make abortion illegal, it wouldn't change the fact that women will abort. Women have always abort, even if they have to use hangers, or needles (which isn't safe at all). More people die in these wild abortions : generally, the fœtus die, and the woman has so much more chances to die than in a real abortion.
If you make abortion illegal it will just change that instead of saving the mother in "killing the baby", you kill 2 persons : the fœtus, and the mother.

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I must say that reading this debate is oh so entertaining, most fun on a forum in a while.

Personally on Gianna with this btw though not sure if I'm looking to debate anything.

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