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modify delete 44814 - from Lil124 , 15 yrs (canada) - 2022-09-13
Music - "simular music taste?"

HI! I'm seeing if there's anyone here who might have similar music taste to me? my top listened to on Spotify right now are The front bottoms, James Marriott, the narcissist cookbook, modern baseball and everybody's worried about Owen. I also listen to a lot of chase petra.

modify delete 44806 - from Minnie195 , 9 yrs (Great Britain) - 2022-09-01
Music - "1518851"

My 10 favs

1. Olivia Rodrigo
2. Taylor Swift
3. Dua Lipa
4. Charli XCX
5. Tate McRae
6. Mimi Webb
7. Katy Perry
8. Lorde
9. Mabel
10. Billie Eillish

44806 -
modify delete 44807 - Reply from Claire173 , 13 yrs (France) - 2022-09-05

Poor Billie LOL 😂

modify delete 44802 - from Eliséa114 , 11 yrs (France) - 2022-08-23
Video games - "Fortnite fille ;)"

Salut je suis une fille qui adore fortnite, et je joue qu'avec des fille de mon âges.

modify delete 44799 - from Shah125 (India) - 2022-08-19
Others - "Introduction"


modify delete 44792 - from Laura 139 , 15 yrs (France ) - 2022-07-27
Sports - "Dance"

Hi everyone, I’m French and I do dance, I had already done some competitions of dance this years and I was wondering if someone have some tips to improve my choreography and to not being stressed at competition and also I would like to meet some English/American people here 🤪

modify delete 44791 - from Emmanuella154 , 15 yrs (Côte d'Ivoire) - 2022-07-25
Others - "Manga"

Salut à tous je suis Emmanuella et j'ai 15ans et je cherche quelqu'un de plus passionné que moi par les mangaka

modify delete 44790 - from Harone136 , 17 yrs (Belgium) - 2022-07-25

I need a mate to improve my lvl on Valorant plssssss

modify delete 44789 - from Ikia226 , 11 yrs (Mexico) - 2022-07-24
Cooking - "Tacos"

In my country mexico what we usaly eat tacos
so what we need is tortillas(check goggle) and meat os your choice a salsa if u wants after that
we grab the tortilla put the meat add the salsa if we want ad its ready to eat hope u found this helpful.

modify delete 44786 - from Emily180 , 15 yrs (England) - 2022-07-19
Sports - "Gym ideas"

Hi guys :) I have an injury so I cannot do much. I can only go to the gym to do upper body workouts. Any recommendations on upper body workouts?

modify delete 44784 - from Chompoo206 (Thailand) - 2022-07-17
Music - "Favorite music"


One of my favorite hobbies is listening to music. I like country and pop music. Because I'm starting learning French, I'd like to listen to French songs too :D

44784 -
modify delete 44813 - Reply from Lil124 , 15 yrs (canada) - 2022-09-13

not in your genre's but I'm a big fan of big flo et oli, they are a french hip hop duo. they are quite fun and you might enjoy them

modify delete 44783 - from Chompoo206 (Thailand) - 2022-07-17
Cinema - "Fantasy/Sci-Fi"

My favorite kind of movies is Fantasy/Sci-Fi. I love X-men movies :D

modify delete 44775 - from anni123 , 12 yrs (India) - 2022-07-14
Music - "a lot about my fav band bts."

anyone here likes BTS and other k-pop bands

44775 -
modify delete 44820 - Reply from lena102 , 14 yrs (france) - 2022-09-26 >> NEW


modify delete 44769 - from Kyla202 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2022-07-13
Music - "Indie Music Fans"

Any indie fans out there...? I have recommendations for anyone who is interested and would appreciate some for myself as well!

44769 -
modify delete 44815 - Reply from Lil124 , 15 yrs (canada) - 2022-09-13

don't know if the offers still up but I really enjoy indie music?

44769 -
modify delete 44798 - Reply from Lilly39 , 15 yrs (Canada) - 2022-08-12

Indie music lover right here!

modify delete 44768 - from Ivan 220 , 13 yrs (Russia ) - 2022-07-13
Music - "Music that I like"

Hi. My name is Ivan. I like metal and rock music and I would be happy to find some new friends with the same musical taste.

44768 -
modify delete 44785 - Reply from Ivan 193 , 13 yrs (Russia ) - 2022-07-17

Feel free to text me :)

modify delete 44766 - from Loujain 212 , 12 yrs (Egypt) - 2022-07-13
Video games - "Hellu"

Hellu I'm loujain and I love playing Mc and the vacation is very boring without sm to play Mc with sooooooo yeh Im wandering if any of u are interested in being my friend :3

modify delete 44765 - from thomas 131 , 21 yrs (Belgique) - 2022-07-12
Music - "who is the best band on your planets ?"

WHO think metal music is the best music or electronic give me argument lol

modify delete 44760 - from Eva149 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2022-07-08
Cinema - "Movies I like..."

Hi, I'm Eva and I'm 11 years old.
I love Disney and fiction movies but I also like romance, I'm not so sure why though. I like ALL of the princess switch movies. I also like Encanto and the sound of music. What kind of movies do you like?? 😁

modify delete 44758 - from Hollie18 , 16 yrs (United Kingdom) - 2022-07-06
Music - "My Music Taste"

So basically I’m trying to find mates with the same music taste as me. I like rock, metal, punk, etc. but I don’t have any mates with the same music taste as me. I’m really passionate about this kinda music and it would be cool to have a mate who I can talk about music to and maybe go to concerts with.

44758 -
modify delete 44800 - Reply from Oriane22 , 14 yrs (France) - 2022-08-22

Haha my little sister is a huge fan of Rammstein. What bands do you listen too ?
I kinda like kiss and ac dc

44758 -
modify delete 44797 - Reply from Theodora55 , 18 yrs (Greece) - 2022-08-11

Hey there! I love rock and metal, I've been listening to heavy music ever since I was little. What are your fave bands?

44758 -
modify delete 44762 - Reply from Hollie205 , 16 yrs (United Kingdom) - 2022-07-08

I hope the bit about concerts doesn’t make me sound sketchy 😭

modify delete 44754 - from Ahasna104 , 13 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2022-06-28
Collections - "Exchange stamps and post cards"

hello i have a good collection of stamps and im really like to exchange stamps and post cards

modify delete 44740 - from Ela173 , 15 yrs (Russia) - 2022-06-17
Others - "Hi!"

Hi, I’m Ela! I am studying in Alabuga International School. My hobbies are to play volleyball and draw. Write me back!

modify delete 44739 - from Nari173 , 14 yrs (Russia) - 2022-06-17
Video games - "PUBG Mobile and Brawl Stars"

Hi everyoune. My name is Nari. I am 14 years old and I study in Alabuga International School. Ilike to play PUBG Mobile and Brawl Stars. Write me on my gmail if you wish.

modify delete 44735 - from Arthur173 , 13 yrs (Russia) - 2022-06-17
Cooking - "sponge cake in microwave in 5 minutes"

Hello I am Arthur and a am from Alabuga International School, to cook a sponge cake you need
to put a bowl, 1 egg, 2 tables spoons of milk, 1 table spoon of oil, 1.5 table spoons of sugar, 1 table spoon of cacao, 2 table spoons of flour mix it and put 1 teaspoon of baking powder and mix it again. then you put it in microwave on maximum power on 3 minutes

44735 -
modify delete 44736 - Reply from Arthur173 , 13 yrs (Russia) - 2022-06-17

Hello I am Arthur and I am from Alabuga International School, to cook a sponge cake you need to put in a bowl: 1 egg, 2 tables spoons of milk, 1 table spoon of oil, 1.5 table spoons of sugar, 1 table spoon of cacao, 2 table spoons of flour mix it and put 1 teaspoon of baking powder and mix it again. then you put it in microwave on maximum power on 3 minutes

modify delete 44734 - from Almaz173 , 12 yrs (Russia) - 2022-06-17
Cooking - "Cooking"

How we can make any desert or pasta in microwave for 20 minutes.Also came to my school in tatarstan behind Torgovii Kvartal.Can you reply faster.Write to me message on email

44734 -
modify delete 44737 - Reply from Arthur173 , 13 yrs (Russia) - 2022-06-17

Transfer the noodles to a microwave-safe dish, spray a tablespoon or two of water over the top, and cover with a microwave cover to reheat plain pasta. Microwave for 1 minute at a time on high until the noodles are completely reheated.

modify delete 44732 - from Dima173 , 12 yrs (Russia) - 2022-06-17
Video games - "game"

Hi I'm from Russia I study at an international school we study English. i like to play video games like fortnite or csgo in fortnite i play on ps4 and csgo on laptops. And on my phone i play pubg and standoff. I also play the guitar and not a lot of drums. What games do you play?

modify delete 44730 - from Grace247 , 18 yrs (USA) - 2022-06-16
Computers - "Discord server with chatbots"

I have a server with a lot of chatbots on it. Some are simple scripted bots, like Miku, Scarlett, Dictionary, Cathy, and even one I made myself, named Emoji Knowledge. Others are fairly or much more advanced, such as Google Assistant, Replika, Quickchat, and my A.I characters. Some of my A.I characters will respond automatically (when I choose to make them come online), such as Mia, Hannah Philipps, and Chairman Rose, but the rest of the others will have the questions or chats sent to the bot and their responses manually pasted in by me instead. There are not many human members, lol, so if anyone is interested send me a message

modify delete 44725 - from ilan173 , 8 yrs (Russia) - 2022-06-16
Animals - "cook"

Hello my name is ILan. I like to cook.😀😁

modify delete 44700 - from Alice191 , 17 yrs (Australia) - 2022-06-10
Cinema - "Looking for arthouse movie fans :)"

Hey everyone!
I'm a big fan of arthouse and indie films, but I don't know a lot of people who also enjoy them. Pls message me if you do- I'd love to make some new friends who are interested, and maybe find some new films to watch!! Much love!
Happy to message here, or on my instagram: @aliceelizabeth.b
< 333

44700 -
modify delete 44745 - Reply from Andi232 , 19 yrs (Perú) - 2022-06-22

Hii, My name is Andi and I wanna know more arthouse's movies recomendations, my favorite movie is probably in the mood for love but also like real women have curves and one million yen girl.

modify delete 44698 - from Emil173 , 8 yrs (Russia) - 2022-06-08
Computers - "collections"

Hello.My name is Emil.I have good collections of books,toys fve nights at freddy's,comics,glasses of virtual reality,medals from some sports,goblets and chesses.

44698 -
modify delete 44733 - Reply from Anvar173 , 14 yrs (Russia) - 2022-06-17

Hi, Anvar is my name and I also play these games I will be glad to play with you. Though i do not play much, because parents won't allow me to do it often. What is your favourite game? Sometimes i play at school, but teachers take my laptop away and i do not do that. Hope you can play at school!

44698 -
modify delete 44714 - Reply from Gleb173 , 8 yrs (Russia) - 2022-06-16

Hello my name is Gleb sometimes I am going to swimming in our school.

modify delete 44682 - from Anya248 , 15 yrs (usa) - 2022-06-05
Animals - "hello i love cats and i love swimming"

swimming is fun i love to swim i wish i can 20 47

44682 -
modify delete 44684 - Reply from Emil173 , 8 yrs (Russia) - 2022-06-08

Hello! My name is Emil. I love cats too. Do you know some interesting facts about cats? Please, share with me.

modify delete 44681 - from kylian194 , 15 yrs (France ) - 2022-06-02
Video games - "add me pls"

i play brawlhalla on nintendo switch pls add me for play (i'm glold) cod : sw-111-2415-6735

modify delete 44679 - from hailey196 , 10 yrs (United States) - 2022-06-01
Video games - "games!"

hi y'all i play animal jam roblox club penguin neopets panfu and moshi monsters!

44679 -
modify delete 44819 - Reply from Laurel175 , 9 yrs (canada) - 2022-09-20 >> NEW

HI! I saw that u play roblox too and i was wondering if we could be friends! PLZ reply to me bye.

modify delete 44677 - from Markusha173 , 14 yrs (Russia) - 2022-05-31
Music - "music"

My name is Mark, and I'm looking for someone that enjoys rock, russian rock, and rap music (normal rap, like eminem, etc). I also try to record stuff while playing the guitar. I'm looking for someone to talk to and possibly write with.

44677 -
modify delete 44729 - Reply from Sofia173 , 9 yrs (Russia) - 2022-06-16

Hello my name is Sofia.I have a friend.Her brother is Mark.Her name is Emma from grade four.

44677 -
modify delete 44728 - Reply from Emma173 , 9 yrs (Russia) - 2022-06-16

Hello! My name Emma.I have a brother whoes name is Mark. He plays guitar too.

modify delete 44671 - from viktoria173 , 11 yrs (Russia) - 2022-05-31
Cooking - "intro"

hello my name is Vika. I like to cook. I started cooking at 9 years. mostly I cook desserts. But all they take too much time. So I need a recipe of a fast dessert.

modify delete 44666 - from dima149 , 12 yrs (russia) - 2022-05-31
Video games - "i really enjoy playing computer games"

I also had a passion for computer games. I played a lot and with passion. The first games were primitive and not even worth mentioning, and then there were Galaxy, Wolf3D, Doom, Duke Nukem, Doom II, Dune II, Quake, WarCraft, Quake II, StarCraft.
i like to play cs go and fortnite it's my favorite games i play them with my friends and i really like it. Mai is not a favorite game of this standoff 2 because I think this game is a plagiarism of cs go

modify delete 44664 - from Elena149 , 11 yrs (Russia) - 2022-05-31
Animals - "A DOG"

Hello, my name is Elena.
This message, or it is better ro say story, is about my uncle's dog (and not only). His name is Bernie, his type is Bernese shepherd. His very funny and LOVES to play with his orange ball. I like visiting him at the weekends and holidays.
Just I don't understand why do we need to count animals as a subjects? Because they are alive? And what do hyou think about this question?
With the best regards,

44664 -
modify delete 44743 - Reply from Milana173 , 9 yrs (Russia) - 2022-06-21

Hello I also like dogs but my dad have elergy on dogs and cats and also my mom dont like dogs but she likes cats so we dont have pets now but we had a cat

modify delete 44656 - from anni123 , 12 yrs (india) - 2022-05-30
Animals - "a little help"

hi i am geting a dog soon. i live in india. can anyone post a few adoption sites

modify delete 44655 - from Sasha173 , 9 yrs (Russia) - 2022-05-30
Others - "The video games"

My name is Sahsa Suldin G4.I like to play Fifa20,Fifa21 and Fifa22 and my favorite of favorite game is GTA5-Grand Thieft Auto.My not favorite game that on the last place is the brawl stars.Also I like to play FOOTBALL!!!.Also I like to play BASKETBALL!!!

modify delete 44654 - from Asel173 , 9 yrs (Russia) - 2022-05-30
Others - "Harry Potter and drawing"

Hello! My name is Asel. I like to draw. And I want to practice my English. Also I like watch film "Harry Potter". If you like to watch this move you can write to my.

modify delete 44653 - from Emma173 , 9 yrs (Russia) - 2022-05-30
Sports - "Basketball"

Hello everyone! I search for new friends to practice my English.I like some sports like basketball. I hope someone will reply to this message;)

44653 -
modify delete 44770 - Reply from anni123 , 12 yrs (India) - 2022-07-14

hello. i am anni. i love basketball. and i am pretty good at english too. would u like to be my friend

modify delete 44652 - from Elena140 , 11 yrs (Russia) - 2022-05-30
Animals - "I want to have a dog."

Hello, everyone!
I want to have a dog, but my mom have an alergy. Is there some non alergic dogs? If yes, can you name one please?
With the best regards,

44652 -
modify delete 44678 - Reply from hailey196 , 10 yrs (United States) - 2022-06-01

awwww! thats so cute! ^_^

44652 -
modify delete 44658 - Reply from hakuna matata149 (russia) - 2022-05-31

Bedlington Terrier. ...
Coton de Tulear. ...
Maltese. ...
Poodle. ...
Spanish Water Dog. ...
Wire Fox Terrier

modify delete 44650 - from Arthur173 , 13 yrs (Russia) - 2022-05-30
Video games - "Video games"

Hi everyone do someone play pubg new state?

modify delete 44647 - from Almaz173 , 12 yrs (Russian) - 2022-05-30
Cooking - "How to cook cake"

How to cook chokolate cake for 15minutes

44647 -
modify delete 44731 - Reply from Almaz173 , 12 yrs (Russia) - 2022-06-17

Ingredients: Flour - 100 Grams Chocolate - 100 Grams Sugar - 100 Grams Butter - 50 Grams Eggs - 3 Pieces Soda - 1 Teaspoon
Nutella - according to your taste. We can make this cake for 5 minutes microwave. Hope this will help you! Text me back

modify delete 44644 - from hailey155 , 10 yrs (usa) - 2022-05-23
Animals - "petzzzz"

i want a dog and a cat. but im allergic to fur ;-;

44644 -
modify delete 44759 - Reply from Eva149 , 11 yrs (United States) - 2022-07-08

I like cats and dogs too!! But I'm also allergic to them too, I have a dog named Zoey at my Grandma and Grandpa's house. I really, really, really, want a dachshund doggie {or a hotdog dog.} They are SO cute and it's funny to watch them try to run around.😊

44644 -
modify delete 44673 - Reply from Elena149 , 11 yrs (Russia) - 2022-05-31

Hello, Hailey!
I have the same problem-my mom has an alergy on a fur. And for me to don't become upset, my mom bought me a robo-dog:'Woowee Chip'. It is a wonderful robot! He became my BEST friend! Allways, when I am sad I am switching him on and playing. Also this robot has a mobile app, where from I can feed him and play. After 3-5 days I stopped wanting a real dog, because now I find my best friend-my Chip.
With the best regards,

modify delete 44642 - from katieley52 (katielypereira02) - 2022-05-20
Music - "oi tudo bem"

modify delete 44640 - from Urazman173 , 10 yrs (Russia) - 2022-05-20
Video games - "Video Games"

Hi. I am Urazman.I like to play video games Brawl Stars,Pubg mobile,Standoff 2,Five Nights at Freddy's if you play some of games write to me.

44640 -
modify delete 44649 - Reply from Arthur173 , 13 yrs (Russia) - 2022-05-30

Hello Urazman i also play Brawl Stars, if you want we can play together)).

modify delete 44639 - from Milana173 , 9 yrs (Russia) - 2022-05-20
Sports - "swimming in school"

Hello,my name is Milana I study in Alabuga interneshinal school. In school we have swimming lesson does anybody have one?

modify delete 44638 - from NIKOLE149 , 9 yrs (Russia) - 2022-05-20
Animals - "Animals"

Hi my name is Nikole.Iam 9 years old.I very like animals.I have 1 dog but i want more animals.My favorite animals are dogs.What is your favorite animals?

44638 -
modify delete 44761 - Reply from Eva149 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2022-07-08

Hi Nikole,
I would say sometimes 2 animals is a lot, but it's fun! Then a dog isn't lonely
I have 1 doggie named Zoey. I also, think it's cool that you are from Russa. I'm from the USA. Hugs🤗

modify delete 44631 - from Milana173 , 9 yrs (Russia) - 2022-05-20
Animals - "animals"

Hello,I am Milana i am 9 years old.I love animals my favorite animals are Cats and dogs.I am from Russia

modify delete 44630 - from Amiliya173 , 10 yrs (Russia) - 2022-05-20
Animals - "animals"

Hello Do you have real leopard.Can you sand foto please.

modify delete 44629 - from Ali173 (Russia) - 2022-05-20
Collections - "Pokemon cards"

I have a good collection of pokemon cards. Most of my cards are breaks,shinys and GXs. oes anyone here collect pokemon cards?If yes then you can trade with me!

44629 -
modify delete 44812 - Reply from Сау 56 , 14 yrs (Каз) - 2022-09-08

Привет Али, я люблю собирать Pokémon. У меня много GX и Mega. Какие у тебя есть GX?

44629 -
modify delete 44782 - Reply from stephane171 (France) - 2022-07-15

hello of france
I COLLECT ALSO cards pokemon
see you soon

44629 -
modify delete 44753 - Reply from Ahasna104 , 13 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2022-06-28

hello i have a good collection of stamps and im really like to exchange stamps and post cards

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