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modify delete 21014 - from Kithmini157 , 18 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2023-08-24
Languages - "Japanees"

Hello.I am Kitmini and I want to practice my Japanese language skills.Especially my speaking.So if anyone is interested to practice my Japanese,please contact me soon.Also I can help you with English language.Have a nice day.

modify delete 21011 - from Samia73 (Pakistan) - 2023-07-28
Geography - "Pluto was a ninth planet."

Hello, This is Samia from Pakistan! I'd be delighted to elaborate on the features of Pluto, the former ninth planet in our solar system, now classified as a dwarf planet. Here are some key features of Pluto:

Size and Composition: Pluto is relatively small compared to the classical planets in our solar system. Its diameter is approximately 2,377 kilometers (1,477 miles), making it about two-thirds the size of Earth's Moon. Pluto is primarily composed of rock and ice, with a thin atmosphere consisting mainly of nitrogen, methane, and carbon monoxide.

Distance from the Sun: Pluto orbits the Sun in the outer regions of our solar system. At its closest point (perihelion), it comes within about 4.4 billion kilometres (2.7 billion miles) from the Sun. At its farthest point (aphelion), it can be as distant as about 7.4 billion kilometres (4.6 billion miles) away.

Highly Elliptical Orbit: Pluto's orbit is highly elliptical, which means its distance from the Sun varies significantly over time. This unique orbital pattern is one of the reasons why Pluto's distance from the Sun is quite different during different points in its orbit.

Kuiper Belt Object: Pluto is part of a region in the outer solar system known as the Kuiper Belt. This region contains numerous small icy bodies, similar to Pluto, and is located beyond Neptune's orbit. The Kuiper Belt is believed to be the source of many comets in our solar system.

Moon: Pluto has five known moons, with the largest one being Charon. Charon is relatively large compared to Pluto, and together, they form a binary system where they both orbit around a common center of mass. The other four moons are much smaller and are named Styx, Nix, Kerberos, and Hydra.

Extreme Surface Conditions: Pluto's surface is cold and covered in a thin layer of frozen nitrogen, methane, and carbon monoxide. Its temperatures can drop to extremely low levels, reaching as low as -240 degrees Celsius (-400 degrees Fahrenheit) due to its great distance from the Sun.

New Horizons Mission: NASA's New Horizons spacecraft conducted a flyby of Pluto in July 2015, providing humanity with the first close-up images and detailed data of this distant world. The mission revealed fascinating geological features, such as icy mountains, plains, and evidence of past geologic activity.

Despite being reclassified as a dwarf planet, Pluto remains an intriguing and scientifically significant object of study. Its unique characteristics and its location in the Kuiper Belt offer valuable insights into the formation and evolution of our solar system.

modify delete 21010 - from Marta128 , 14 yrs (sweden) - 2023-06-24
History - "world war 1"

hi is anyone interested in WW1? I feel like a lot more people are interested in WW2 even tho WW1 impacted the world just as much if not even more.

21010 -
modify delete 21012 - Reply from Joe232 , 14 yrs (United States) - 2023-08-11

You are absolutely right!

modify delete 21008 - from Sindhumi245 , 17 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2023-06-15
Languages - "I BADLY need someone from Germany!"

Wish you a very good day!
I'm looking for someone from Germany who can help me with German. I am currently studying German for my A/Ls and I find it really difficult to learn that language, but, I certainly know I will gain confidence if I have help from a native German speaker!

modify delete 21007 - from LTT177 (USA) - 2023-06-09
Mathematics - "Get Help in Math"

Hi, if you're looking for help in math, check out LearningTogetherTo(dot)com or visit YouTube(dot)com/@LearningTogetherTo. There are some great FREE math videos that explain in an easy and fun way concepts that are, at times, difficult to understand.

I hope this helps!

modify delete 20996 - from Rosa65 , 25 yrs (Peru) - 2023-03-22
Languages - "English practice"

Hello! I'm Rosa and I would like to practice my English skills, specially my speaking.. So if someone is interesting in helping or practicing their English, contact me! :) Also, I can help with Spanish too :D

20996 -
modify delete 21000 - Reply from Vedant127 , 16 yrs (India) - 2023-04-08

Of course, I'd be happy to help! To start, can you tell me a little bit about your current level of English proficiency and what areas you would like to focus on improving? That way, we can tailor our lessons to your specific needs and goals. Looking forward to hearing from you!

modify delete 20993 - from Zodimelev25 , 24 yrs (united States ) - 2023-02-26
Languages - "Need a TUTOR ASAP! Necesito un Tutor!"

I'm 24 years old and studying to be a professor. However, I would like to be in contact with a professor who can teach me Latin, and learn the Italian Language. Exchange letters in improving my Italian grammar. I speak English and Spanish as well. Please contact me!

20993 -
modify delete 21004 - Reply from < 331 , 14 yrs (Netherlands) - 2023-04-20

Hi, I'm currently learning latin at school. And I can teach you the grammar and words if you'd like? And it would help me practicing my latin and english :)

modify delete 20991 - from MEDARD238 , 23 yrs (Perú) - 2023-01-30

Hello, I am a science teacher, I advise and teach mathematics, physics and chemistry online to elementary, middle, high school and university students. I can help you in any area of these subjects. If you need my help, just contact me and I will help you in the best way.My email is:profesoruni10@hotmail.com

20991 -
modify delete 21013 - Reply from Blossom 🌸 29 , 11 yrs (Nigeria) - 2023-08-14

hi please can you please help me in math, and to learn chemistry ⚗ and physics

modify delete 20990 - from MEDARD238 (Perú) - 2023-01-30

Hello, I am a science teacher, I advise and teach mathematics, physics and chemistry online to elementary, middle, high school and university students. I can help you in any area of these subjects. If you need my help, just contact me and I will help you in the best way.My email is: profesoruni10@hotmail.com

modify delete 20989 - from Bitan114 , 32 yrs (Germany) - 2023-01-29
Languages - "Ich mochte Deutsche lernen"


ich bin Bitan. Ich wohne in München. Ich arbeite als Elektroingenieur. Ursprünglich komme ich aus Indien. Seit 2016 lebe ich in Deutschland. Aber leider ist mein Deutsch nicht gut. Ich würde gerne mein Deutsch verbessern.
In der Vergangenheit habe ich in den USA gearbeitet. Ich kann professionell Englisch. Meine Muttersprache ist Hindi und Bengali.
Ich freue mich darauf, von Ihnen Hilfe zu bekommen... danke

20989 -
modify delete 21003 - Reply from Dinbandhu201 , 38 yrs (India) - 2023-04-09

Hallo, I am Dinbandhu, I am located in India and about to visit Germany. I am very keen to learn Deutsch for better social and professional life in Germany. Please help me to learn the same.

modify delete 20988 - from Nicole225 , 13 yrs (Jamaica ) - 2023-01-28
Geography - "Sweet Jamaica"

Hi everyone !
My country is Jamaica, the third largest island in the Caribbean Sea.
Long ago, It was called Xaymaca.

We have endangered species like the American crocodile and the Jamaica Boa.

Ackee is our National Fruit, and it is poisonous.
I love eating them!


modify delete 20985 - from Chandu157 , 22 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2023-01-08
Languages - "Korean language tutoring!"

Hello everyone, I'm an university student and currently tutoring Korean language for foreign and local students.So if you have any interest about learning Korean language,you can reply me.

Have a nice day

20985 -
modify delete 20997 - Reply from Emeline238 , 22 yrs (france) - 2023-03-26

Hello, i'm actually really interested i’m looking for learning korean because i'm coming in Séoul in november. I hope you have a good day

modify delete 20983 - from Lynae85 , 17 yrs (USA) - 2023-01-03
Languages - "Learning French"

hi! i'd really like to learn french (although i lack motivation in it) and i was wondering if there was any native (or very fluent) french person who'd like to help me learn :) i could also help w your english in return. thank u!

20983 -
modify delete 21015 - Reply from william171 (France ) - 2023-09-10

Bonjour, comment ça va ? Juste pour te dire que je pourrais t’apprendre le français et toi m’apprendre l’anglais.. je souhaite vraiment apprendre l’anglais pour mes études et j’ai vraiment du mal. Si jamais tu veux qu’on apprenne je te laisse mon contact Whatsapp : +33695926129. À bientôt !

modify delete 20978 - from Dewmi 245 , 13 yrs (Sri lanka ) - 2022-12-10
Mathematics - "Hi anna"

I am dewmi amasha.i am girl.i live in sri lanka.can you send your email adderss?

modify delete 20975 - from Arthur173 , 13 yrs (Russia) - 2022-11-28
History - "Russian Empire"

Hi there I'm Arthur from Alabuga International school and want to know is someone interested in Russian Empire. The most important to know about it: the monarchy in Russian Empire was from 1721 to 1917, the Russian empire fall become when Bolsheviks came and then Soviet Union. I want to here your opinion about Russian Empire.

modify delete 20973 - from Anvar173 , 12 yrs (Russion) - 2022-11-28
History - "The Arab Caliphate"

The initial core of the caliphate was the Muslim community — the Ummah, created by the Prophet Muhammad at the beginning of the VII century in Hejaz (Western Arabia). Initially, this community was small and represented a proto-state formation of a super-religious nature, by analogy with the Mosaic state or the First Communities of Christ [source not specified 613 days]. As a result of Muslim conquests, a huge state was created, which included the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq, Iran, most of the Transcaucasia (in particular, the Armenian Highlands, the Caspian territories, the Colchis Lowland, as well as the districts of Tbilisi), Central Asia, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, North Africa, most of the Iberian Peninsula, Sindh.

The word caliphate (Arabic: خلليييييييي - Khalīfah — "heir", "representative") means both the title of the caliph and the vast state created after Muhammad by the Arab conquerors under the leadership of his "caliphs" (governors).

The era of the existence of the Arab Caliphate, together with several subsequent centuries of the heyday of general Islamic science and culture, are referred to in Western historiography as the Golden Age of Islam.

The Righteous Caliphate (632-661)
Main article: The Righteous Caliphate

The territory of the Caliphate in 632
After the death of the Prophet Muhammad in 632, a Righteous Caliphate was created. It was headed by four Righteous caliphs: Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, Umar ibn al-Khattab, Uthman ibn Affan and Ali ibn Abu Talib. During their rule, the Arabian Peninsula, the Levant (Sham), the Caucasus, part of North Africa from Egypt to Tunisia and the Iranian Highlands were included in the Caliphate.

modify delete 20972 - from Elena173 , 12 yrs (Russia) - 2022-11-28
History - "Cleopatra"

Cleopatra- was Queen of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt from 51 to 30 BC, and its last active ruler.[note 5] A member of the Ptolemaic dynasty, she was a descendant of its founder Ptolemy I Soter, a Macedonian Greek general and companion of Alexander the Great.[note 6] After the death of Cleopatra, Egypt became a province of the Roman Empire, marking the end of the second to last Hellenistic state and the age that had lasted since the reign of Alexander (336–323 BC).[note 7] Her native language was Koine Greek, and she was the only Ptolemaic ruler to learn the Egyptian language. What do you think about her? Do you know some interesting facts about ancient Egypt?

modify delete 20965 - from Arthur173 , 13 yrs (Russia) - 2022-11-25
History - "Question"

Hello I'm Arthur from Russia and i want to ask you a question.How do you rate contribution of your country in history events and separatly rate contribution in WWII?

20965 -
modify delete 20992 - Reply from REE KID46 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2023-02-09

First, all China did in WWII was get invaded by Japan and had to have someone save them (USA, France, USSR, England). The first place goes to USSR, which had the most deaths, and eventually captured Berlin. Second place goes to the USA, they donated a lot of weapons and sold loans to the allies, and later in the war, sent troops to help re-take France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, capturing west Germany. 3rd place to Britain, not too far behind the USA. The last place belongs to China and France, both of which got instantly crushed and of no use.

20965 -
modify delete 20980 - Reply from Jintong75 , 16 yrs (Chinese) - 2022-12-30

I think China and the USSR share the first place of contribution in WW2.

20965 -
modify delete 20974 - Reply from Almaz173 , 12 yrs (Russia) - 2022-11-28

Poets Horace and Virgil, the philosopher Seneca, and the eminent orator and philosopher Cicero. Imperial Rome had a more regal appearance that demonstrated the state's might. The streets were widened, and magnificent structures like the Pantheon and the Great Circus (Coliseum) were constructed. There are baths and triumphal arches. Aqueducts were constructed as a system. Today, only two of them are still in use. improved dome and vault. The Romans were the first to create concrete, glazed windows, and urban sewer systems. the most effective network of roads in antiquity. Roman law gained widespread recognition, and the Romans are regarded as the creators of legal civilization.

20965 -
modify delete 20971 - Reply from Almaz173 , 12 yrs (Russia) - 2022-11-28

Establishment of institutes of learning. Prior to the Academy "House of Sciences" in Baghdad, 830 students first attended grammar schools in Basra, Kufa, and Baghdad. Cairo's first university opened its doors in 972, while Cordoba's 27 madrasahs had students studying astronomy, medicine, algebra, and philosophy in the 10th century. In the Moroccan city of Fes, a university was established in 859.
Travels. Arab explorers were among the most well-known in the Middle Ages, particularly Ibn Battuta of Tangier.
Islam. From Zanzibar in the south to the Volga Bulgaria in the north, from China and Indonesia in the east to Morocco in the west, this religion has expanded throughout a wide area.

20965 -
modify delete 20970 - Reply from Almaz173 , 12 yrs (Russia) - 2022-11-28

The four great innovations of ancient China—paper, the compass, gunpowder, and printing—are among the most important inventions of human civilisation, and they were all created in China (both woodcut and typesetting).

20965 -
modify delete 20968 - Reply from Almaz173 , 12 yrs (Russia) - 2022-11-28

According to a former essay by the Russian philosopher V.S. Solovyov, among all significant peoples, the idea of a national messianism emerges. This thought is only beneficial if it takes the form of Christian universalism, however. I.V. Kireevsky, P.Ya. Chaadaev, and N.Ya. Danilevsky all expressed the view in the 19th century that Russia will have a significant impact on European society and establish a high level of culture. In his Pushkin address from 1880, F.M. Dostoevsky put this notion forth and connected it to the nature of the Russian people.

20965 -
modify delete 20966 - Reply from Ella 187 , 15 yrs (Germany) - 2022-11-25

I mean, Germany started the Second World War and the First World War in cooperation with Austria so it’s not a very positive reassume for Germany. Now it’s very quiet around us I guess but I’m the past we were involved in many conflicts…

modify delete 20964 - from Javier160 (china) - 2022-11-23
Mathematics - "Divisibility test"

Which of the following numbers is not divisible by 3?

(a) 1173

(b) 2391

(c) 3902

(d) 6048

modify delete 20963 - from Dominika 133 , 19 yrs (Poland ) - 2022-11-13
Languages - "Help with French or Russian"

Hello guys! I am from Poland and I am really passionate about learning new languages. If anyone wants to help me improve my Russian or French skills, feel free to contact me!

modify delete 20962 - from Zuzue135 , 14 yrs (Sri lanka) - 2022-11-09
Languages - "Please Help!!!!!"

hi i want a friend who would like to speak with me in frnech and just for you to know i suck at it...I really do wanna learn it and hope you'll help me learn it by teaching me and talking with me like your talking to a 2 year old....Thank youuuu!!!!!!!!

20962 -
modify delete 20987 - Reply from Yasmeen183 (India) - 2023-01-20

Hi, i am learning french too and would really like to converse in with you in french:)

20962 -
modify delete 20976 - Reply from Noan150 , 13 yrs (france) - 2022-12-06

hi ! I'm french and I think I can help you for learn french if you want, ( talk to me by the private message )

modify delete 20961 - from Bree58 , 25 yrs (America) - 2022-11-05
History - "Real Inventor of the Lightbulb"

Lewis Latimer! is the REAL person who invented the light bulb and NOT Thomas Edison. Yes, I said it, haha. Lewis Latimer invented the coils and a long lasting lightbulb back in 1800s. Yes, as you know it was already a harder time and struggle for black people back then and guess what?- Thomas Edison STOLE/mimicked the idea of the light bulb, then claiming he invented it. -Thanks 4 reading!

modify delete 20957 - from Anne30 (USA) - 2022-10-30
History - "Underrated Historical Figures"

Who do yall think is the most underrated historical figure?

20957 -
modify delete 20981 - Reply from Jintong75 , 16 yrs (China) - 2022-12-30

I think the answer must be Mao-Tse tung. Most of the evaluation around the world (even in China) describe him as a Autocratic tyrant who killed the democracy in China and bring death with hunger to China. Someone also compared him with Stalin. But the truth is he brought freedom, democracy and richness to Chinese people, First, China finished the industrial base in his age. And the level of democracy was the highest in Chinese history during his age, especially during the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. At that time, if the government of somewhere was corrupt, people there had the right and power to recall the corrupt officials or even organise a committee to replace the government. And the persecution to the intellectuals is a lie, though some professors had moved to the countryside but their living conditions were much better than the local people. Actually, Chinese people began to suffer from corrupt and bureaucrats since his death and his conservative enemies who wanted to slave Chinese people and gather money and power took over this country.

20957 -
modify delete 20960 - Reply from Ella180 , 15 yrs (Germany) - 2022-11-01

That’s a very interesting question. I thought about it a long time and I think that in the German history Count Stauffenberg is a very interesting and underrated character. He tried to do an assassination to kill Adolph Hitler. He failed and was killed by the nazis after it but I personally think that too few people know about him.

modify delete 20953 - from Shivam97 , 20 yrs (India) - 2022-10-04
Languages - "German language"

Hi,Hope you are doing good!
I want a friend who would help me to learn german language🇩🇪 & inexchange i will help him/her to learn english language.

modify delete 20952 - from Seno37 , 20 yrs (Brazil) - 2022-09-04
Physics - "Rotation kinematics and relationships between angular and linear variables"

At the university, the dean and physics professor Sílvio Santos decided to implement the “roulette” evaluation method. Instead of taking written tests, students will have to spin a roulette wheel to get their grades in the subjects. This roulette wheel consists of a homogeneous disk of radius 100 cm that can rotate around a horizontal axis that passes through its center. The roulette wheel is divided into 10 equal parts, each corresponding to a grade that goes from 1 to 10, in ascending order, as shown in the figure below (no one gets a zero grade at UBF). To get their grade, students must spin the wheel and wait for it to stop. The grade that is next to the marker (arrow on the left) when the roulette stops will be the student's grade in the subject. The initial position of the roulette always corresponds to the note 10 (ten) being next to the marker, as in the figure, and the roulette only rotates counterclockwise.

Consider that you requested a transfer to UBF and went there to spin the wheel to try to pass in physics. You give the roulette an initial impulse so that it acquires an initial angular velocity ω0. The roulette wheel spins, making 8 turns and still advancing to note 5 where it then comes to a complete stop. Roulette starts and always stops right in the middle of each of the divisions. Assume that a constant clockwise angular acceleration α acts from the beginning of the movement until the roulette comes to a complete stop. The time the roulette was spinning was 216.3 seconds.

1. Under these conditions, calculate the angular velocity ω0 that you gave to the roulette at the beginning of the movement.

2. Now calculate the magnitude of the constant angular acceleration α that acts during the entire motion.

3. Calculate how long it took the roulette to turn the initial half of the total angular displacement.

4. Consider a point on the wheel that is halfway between the center and the edge. Calculate the value of the linear velocity of this point, for the instant of time 25 seconds after the start of the movement.

5. Consider a point on the wheel that is halfway between the center and the edge. Calculate the value of the linear acceleration resulting from this point, for the instant of time 25 seconds after the start of the motion.

6. One of the ways you rolled a 10 would be if you made the roulette wheel spin exactly 12 full turns. Calculate what value of initial angular velocity you should have given to the roulette wheel so that it stops after completing 12 turns. Use the same angular acceleration calculated in item 2 as it is the same roulette wheel.

modify delete 20949 - from Carol192 , 13 yrs (China) - 2022-08-03
Languages - "My french"

Hello there. I am a Chinese student. I am really interested in French.But I don¡¯t have any official guides for learning this language. I hope somebody will help me

20949 -
modify delete 20977 - Reply from Noan150 , 13 yrs (france) - 2022-12-07

Hi ! I'm french and if you want I can help you for learn french ! You can contact me by SOTW mail

modify delete 20947 - from Shine154 , 25 yrs (Côte d'Ivoire) - 2022-07-09
Languages - "Help in english"

I need someone who Can help a students in english language.
Something like how to introduce yourself ...

20947 -
modify delete 20982 - Reply from Lynae 85 , 17 yrs (USA) - 2023-01-03

hi! i can help your introduce yourself properly in english, if you'd like!

modify delete 20946 - from Alex Arthur134 , 17 yrs (Sri lanka) - 2022-06-30
Physics - "Entrophy"

Explain about "entropy"...

modify delete 20945 - from Jimmy6 , 42 yrs (Perú) - 2022-06-25
Languages - "Wanna practice English"

Hi, i´m learning English, can you help me?

modify delete 20942 - from Bharat190 , 29 yrs (India) - 2022-05-23
Languages - "Help to learn German language"

Hello Friend, I am moving to Germany in the couple of months to persue masters program from Berlin. I want to understand german language. Anbody here who can help me?

modify delete 20940 - from Aileen123 , 18 yrs (Germany) - 2022-05-08
Languages - "I really need help writing English texts."

hi, I am Aileen an 18 year old student from Germany. I really want to write good in english but at the moment i dont. I am going in the 12 class (next year 13) and my writings are terrible. So if you want to help, send a short message:)

20940 -
modify delete 20954 - Reply from Shivam97 , 20 yrs (India) - 2022-10-04

Hallo, ich kann dir beim Englisch lernen helfen, kannst du mir auch beim Deutsch lernen helfen?

20940 -
modify delete 20941 - Reply from Chandu104 (Sri Lanka) - 2022-05-10

Yes I can help you!

modify delete 20935 - from seci73 (U.S) - 2022-04-07
Physics - "Physics help"

Two objects, X and Y, are held at rest on a horizontal frictionless surface with a spring compressed between them. The mass of X is 2/5 times the mass of Y. The mass of X is 2/5th times the mass of Y. After the spring is released, the ratio of their respective speeds is Vx/Vy will be?
I know I have to use the formula m1v1=-m2v2 but after that I'm stuck

modify delete 20934 - from Lucie64 , 13 yrs (france) - 2022-04-02
Languages - "help for my english"

hello I'm 13 years old and I really need help with my English so if someone could help me ... I'm not asking for very in-depth lessons but just reinforcement.in return I can help you in French.

20934 -
modify delete 20937 - Reply from Chandu157 (Sri lanka) - 2022-04-09

Hi I'm online English language tutor if you like you can have a class.


modify delete 20933 - from Frédéric130 , 49 yrs (Belgïe) - 2022-03-31
Languages - "Zoek iemand om in nederlands te schrijven"


Ik zoek een persoon met wie kan ik nederlans te scrijven. Ik kan ook eimand helpen om in frans te leren.


modify delete 20932 - from Frédéric130 , 49 yrs (Belgium) - 2022-03-31
Languages - "looking someone to improve my english"

I'm looking people to write with me in english to improve my english and i can help you in french.


20932 -
modify delete 21005 - Reply from MOHAMED235 (Algeria) - 2023-05-11

Hi I am a teacher of English at primary school, I speak, Berber, Arabic,French, English and Spanish I want to improve my level and to know other people and cultures.thanks

modify delete 20931 - from Saly220 (France) - 2022-03-23
Languages - "help to learn english"


I need help to improve my english. I need if for my joob.


20931 -
modify delete 21006 - Reply from MOHAMED235 (Algeria) - 2023-05-11

Hi I am a teacher of English at primary school, I speak, Berber, Arabic,French, English and Spanish I want to improve my level and to know other people and cultures.thanks

20931 -
modify delete 20938 - Reply from Chandu157 (Sri lanka) - 2022-04-09

Yes I understand , I can help you.But how can I contact you?

modify delete 20929 - from Chaitanya192 , 20 yrs (India) - 2022-03-21
Mathematics - "Need a learning path!!!!.....could any math people help me with it???"

Hi, so I have upto this point learned and given exams of mathematics, quite blindly. But since a few months or so, I have noticed that I have started to develop a passion for mathematics. Not the mugging up of formulas kind, more of theories that I can understand and use for my coding journey. I am especially attracted towards patterns and concepts with concrete evidence.

But what I need is a solid learning path from the basics to advanced mathematics.

I really hope someone could help me with this!!!

thank you!!

modify delete 20928 - from Gage 37 , 17 yrs (Usa) - 2022-03-16
Physics - "Heat"

421g of ice at 0 C melted how much heat needs to be added

modify delete 20927 - from Gage37 , 17 yrs (Usa) - 2022-03-16
Others - "Helllllllp please physics question"

1. While trading foe breeding season a 232gram male squirrel does 15 push ups in a minute displacing it’s center of mass by a distance of 9 cm for each push up. Determine the total work done on the squirrel while moving upward in that minute 2.nichole is the Noah’s arch amusement park and preparing to ride on the point of know return racing slide. Nichole’s m=72.6kg is 28.5 meter above the ground. Determine Nichole’s potential energy at the top of the slide 3.determine Nichole’s kinetic energy at the top of the slide 4. determine her mechanical energy at the top of the slide 5. Assuming negligible losses of energy between the top of the his approach to the bottom of the slide h=0 meters determine Nichole’s total mechanical energy as he arrives at the bottom of the slide 6. determine nicholes kenetic energy as he arrives at the bottom of the slide 7. determine Nichole’s speed as he arrives at the bottom of the slide

modify delete 20924 - from Eva35 , 19 yrs (France) - 2022-03-12
Languages - "Looking for a German friend !"

Hello ! I know a lot of people are already looking here for someone to talk in German, but I want to try and give a shot.
For my studies in archeology I started to learn German on my own. But now that I have few bases I want to start practicing in a conversation.
So I hope to find someone here who will be interested in this idea !

Have a nice day :)

20924 -
modify delete 20998 - Reply from Nandish240 , 22 yrs (India) - 2023-03-27

I learned till German A2 level. I am also looking for someone to practice speaking with. Let's Connect.
Thank you

modify delete 20922 - from Erika 0 , 20 yrs (Cameroun ) - 2022-02-21
Languages - "Recherche d'un ou d'une correspondante allemande"

Je suis Erika âgé de 20ans et j'aimerais bien trouver une correspondante ou correspondant allemand qui m'aiderait à améliorer mon niveau de langue. Je suis au niveau B2. Je m'exprime très bien en Anglais et je parle aussi français. Je m'intéresse beaucoup à la science au animaux. J'aime écouter la musique 🎶 pop musique j'aime aussi lire et j'adore aussi les histoires comme ceux des conte par exemple. J'adorais trouver une correspondante avec qui beaucoup échanger surtout améliorer mon niveau de langue allemand et l'aider volontiers à apprendre soi le français ou anglais pour le peux que je connaisse.

modify delete 20921 - from Jyotishka182 , 10 yrs (India) - 2022-01-22
Mathematics - "HCF problem sum clarification needed"

There is a maths problem:
Question 1:
There are 96 apples and 72 oranges. You want to distribute them equally in cartons, but only 1 type of fruit can be there in a carton. You want to purchase minimum number of carton. How many cartons do you need?
Question 2:
There are 96 apples and 72 oranges. You want to distribute them equally in cartons. How many maximum cartons do you need?
To solve the Question 1:
HCF is 24, that means 24 fruits in each carton. Therefore, 7 cartons needed
Whereas to solve the Question 2:
HCF is 24, that means 24 cartons are needed (basically 7 fruits in each carton)
My confusion is why is it that by doing same mathematical operation (HCF) on exact 2 items (96 apples and 72 oranges) we get two different answers in 2 different cases. In case 1 the HCF 24 becomes max number of fruits whereas in case 2 the same HCF 24 becomes number of cartons. How?

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History - "history"

hello I love the history of kings or the era of the pharaohs

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I could a agree Ancient Egypt but the Greeks and ancient Chinese's are pretty good as well.

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I love ancient Egypt

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Me too !

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Languages - "English tutoring"

I hope to help friends who need the help to improve their English.So if you need any help contact me.

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Yes I can help you.I'm an online English tutor.You can contact me from my page.

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I'm looking for someone who can help me to improve my english.


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Others - "Homework help"

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Languages - "Hey! I want help for Korean or Japanese"

Hello !

I go to the Korean in 2024 for live .. it’s « soon » I want have good level for talk whit my friends, and I want talk in phone whit my boss when I work, my English is a little bad .. haha.. anyway, thanks if you can help me!

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I can help in any coursework, assignment, exam, dissertation, e.t.c. Please call/text/whatsapp +1 (515) 854-4976

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Languages - "French help"

Hi! Need help learning french. Can anyone recommend a good website which doesn't involve any payments?

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