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modify delete 16376 - from Bethonie , 15 y.o. (GBR) - 2012-05-25
Vulcanologist : "They're aren't many volcanoes in the UK"

I've wanted to work with volcanoes since I read about them in the Horrible Science magazines. That was a good six-seven years ago. Now I'm moving onto 6th Form (which is optional school between university and school) and I've picked my subjects around going to study geophysics at university. The big problem is, nothing siesmic happens in England (well, we had an earthquake in 2008, when I was studying earthquakes at school which was pretty awsome but OTHER THAN THAT...), so I've got to work around that. :-)

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modify delete 39926 - Reply from Gina , 15 y.o. (AUS) - 2021-07-24

That sounds really incredible. I didn't know there was a horrible science magazine, but I rememeber I used to have horrible history mags. They were the best!!!! I don't know anything about volcanos because there are none in Australia either....however there are a lot in NZ (the island below us) and they can be very serious

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modify delete 33838 - Reply from Beth , 19 y.o. (GBR) - 2017-03-22

I have the same issue, I'm about to start a geography degree then I want to go into hazard/risk management or something but I'll definitely have to move far away to do any job.

What unis have you applied to?

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modify delete 17856 - Reply from spock (ALA) - 2012-08-14

I love star trek and vulcans, would love to study them more! live long and prosper!

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