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modify delete 18323 - from Gray (USA) - 2019-09-22
School : "In the "Gifted" progran"

I am in the "gifted" program at my school, and I hate it. Not he class its self, but how others treat me because of it. It's different at every school, but at mine it is based on your I.Q. It doesn't help that I'm not that popular anyway, so people act like I'm either 1) too smart 2) weird 3) the best at everything. It just puts pressure on me, and it causes so much stress. What do you guys have to say about it?

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modify delete 18488 - Reply from Lely , 18 y.o. (indonesia) - 2020-11-25

Is it same like in the movie? I watch Thailand movie named "the gifted"

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modify delete 18406 - Reply from Malcolm , 11 y.o. (Australia) - 2020-06-21

I feel you there. My school has the IQ test results to show that I'm gifted, and teachers especially think that being gifted= straight A on everything.

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modify delete 18395 - Reply from Lely , 18 y.o. (indonesia) - 2020-06-07

maybe sometimes we have to stop hearing what they say. just do your best and try to be kind. help them if they need and have a good attitude, i think that's good enough.

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modify delete 18342 - Reply from Jesse (Taiwan) - 2019-12-19

One is a fool that doesn't get envied. It's the attitude that determines how others perceive you. You can show your intelligence and at the same time show the seriousness and empathy. It's not worth that negative attitude of others affects you.

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