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modify delete 44464 - from Jack , 16 y.o. (United States) - 2021-12-12
Sports : "Playing Football (European)"

Hello, I am planning on registering for my schools football/soccer team and I was curious for the best ways to prepare. I played football for my school for three years, but I took a break for four years until now. Evidently I need to practice with a football but I am mostly looking for tips on how to properly condition myself for the sport. I am healthy and active and fit (from activities like hiking, biking and swimming), but I lack the stamina and cardio to actually compete for a long period of time. I've competed against some other students on the team outside of school, and I have done fairly well despite my inexperience, so I am hoping to truly do this.
Any tips for good ways to improve this would be great, thanks.

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modify delete 44686 - Reply from Alexander , 9 y.o. (Russia) - 2022-06-08

Hello my name is Alexander.I like soccer too!

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modify delete 44595 - Reply from Bathika , 14 y.o. (Sri lanka ) - 2022-04-21

Hello , I like to be your friend .I dont have any penfrienb before .

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