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modify delete 11913 - from Simone , 13 y.o. (GBR) - 2012-12-08
Snake : "The point is..."

I am actually a lizard lover, but I do have a snake named Corny Corn. You can guess what kind he is. A Corn snake! Anyhow, the thing about snakes is that they're so misunderstood. And I know that a lot of you are saying 'oh, I'm like one of like those girls who like, like snakes, i'm not like, one of those like girly-girls, like yeah."

Nah, I'm just joshing with you.
But what the thing is, is that the don't blink. That's the reason why so many people are terrified or disgusted by them. Well, the majority of them. WELL, I dunno about that. But anyways, back to the point!

People usually hate snakes for no reason at all, while some could have themselves bitten by multiple snakes and adore them even more! But really, the point is, that the human race is just so....unusually stupid.

I mean, really, that is honestly, honestly, all I have to say about how idiotic we are!
Come on, tell me you don't find that surprisingly funny? Just a little bit? In the end, if you have some sense of humor, and if you have a brain, you can find it just a little fun to know that you're stupid.

I'm rambling now...ohh, dear...

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modify delete 12999 - Reply from Simone , 13 y.o. (GBR) - 2013-05-15

Corny-Corn died.:-(

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modify delete 12998 - Reply from Simone , 13 y.o. (GBR) - 2013-05-15

I really want a snake, but my mum says I have enough pets. I have three beardies, one blue-tongued skink and three fire-bellied toads. I am a HUGE herp-lover. Email me and I'll send you pictures of my lizards/toads/dog/sister's rabbit/and chickens!!!


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modify delete 12990 - Reply from Dani , 10 y.o. (USA) - 2013-05-14

Yea. Snakes are SO misunderstood!! I like snakes but I am more of a lizard person!

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modify delete 12670 - Reply from Zhangxiaotong , 13 y.o. (CHN) - 2013-03-23

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modify delete 12080 - Reply from Simone , 13 y.o. (GBR) - 2013-01-06

Very nice way to put it, Caity. I am glad to know that I am not alone.

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modify delete 12078 - Reply from caity , 15 y.o. (GBR) - 2013-01-06

you know i completely agree humans are so entwined in what they think is perfect that well sorry every one but we are generally stupid. in my opinion i love most animals, snakes are a particular favourite. An like your saying many people dont like them because they are terrified of them because they bite and dont blink and for some reason people think that they're slimy! and its for these reasons that i love them. Humans shouldnt hate any animal in my opinion. we are animals ourselves really, we have the same instincts. And this is why people hate some animals like snakes, because theyre imperfect in their eyes...

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modify delete 11973 - Reply from Simone , 13 y.o. (GBR) - 2012-12-17

Well, it's good you have a reason, however good that reason is, I'll leave it to you to decide. Oh, wow. I LOVE diamond pythons! They're such brilliant snakes!

I think it's fantastic how they can eat rabbits and quail!

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modify delete 11970 - Reply from Diana (AUS) - 2012-12-17

I believe snakes are beautiful creatures but I myself am scared of them.
i am only scared of them due to a childhood incident. My best friend owns a dimond python and I am getting used to holding it and it is over a meter long.

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