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By: Lizzy

WARNING some parts may be scary!

“Hey Annabeth wanna come over tonight?” Natasha asked me.
“Yeah sure. What time?” I asked.
“Is six okay?” replied Natasha.
“Absolutely. See you then!”
“See ya!”
I was so happy that Natasha finally asked me to come over! I haven’t been over to her house in like eight months! I have no idea what I am going to wear because the last time I went over she criticized my top. I don’t want that to happen again.
We pull up to Natasha’s house at exactly six on the dot.
“Are you sure you don’t want me to walk you to the door?” my mom asked.
“Mom I’m thirteen, not six. No thank you.” I replied.
“Okay. Have fun. I love you sweetie!”
“Love you too mom!”
I walk up to the door and rang the bell. No one answered. I wait a while, and then ring it again. Still no one answers. I look at my mom and give her a questioning look. She comes out of the car and knocks really hard on the door. The door slowly opens by itself.
Okay this is a little freaky. Like a horror movie. We decide we should just let ourselves in. My mom stays with me the whole time. So far, no one is in sight.
There is no answer. I will be really upset if Natasha set me up. We decide to look around a little bit. We start heading upstairs and I start smelling something unusual. It kind of smells like when you have a bloody nose, but this is 10 times worse.
“Mom I am getting scared now.” I say.
“Should we just leave?” Mom asks.
“No, because if this is a joke I want to find out now.” I reply.
I look at my mom, and she doesn’t look happy about my decision, but she doesn’t stop walking. When we get to the top of the stairs, I lead us to Natasha’s room. I am surprised I actually remember where it is. I open her door and peek inside. There is nothing unusual, so I decide to look in her closet. I open the door and there is Natasha, lying in a pool of blood.

*Chapter 1*
It’s been three years since the accident, but I am still shaken. After it happened reporters came to question my mom and I. We told them all we knew which, quite frankly, wasn’t a lot. Since that day, the same thing happened to six other people. Two other girls, a little boy, the manager of the grocery store down the street, and a old couple just a few miles away from here. My mom and I are kind of just waiting for it to happen to us.
I know it’s the most optimistic thought, but you have to be prepared you know? We try to live life the fullest, and we try never to fight or hate. It’s very challenging but it gets easier.
One day at school my friend Rachel came up to me.
“Hey Annabeth are you going to Homecoming?”
“No, well at least not yet. I was hoping Derek would ask me but I guess that won’t be happening.”
“Well maybe you should ask him. I mean what’s the worst that could happen?”
“He rejects me and then the whole school laughs at me?”
“Okay, well someone sure isn’t being optimistic.”
“Rach, I just am scared, okay? You never know who’s who and what’s what anymore.”
“I’ll be right beside you.”
I knew she really wanted me to be happy, but you never know with the pops. Incase you’re wondering the pops is my nickname for the ‘popular’ kids.
“Okay fine I’ll do it.” Well I can’t say I haven’t wanted to.
“Yay!” Rachel cheered.

We were walking up to Derek when suddenly the school alarm went off. This isn’t like the fire alarm, but like the someone just broke in alarm. Everyone started panicking, well everyone who was new to it. For the rest of us, we had been through it before, and knew we had to get to the closest classroom.
As I started walking to a classroom, I felt Rachel tug on my arm.
“I want to see this guy.” She said.
“Umm no thanks I don’t want to get hurt, lost, or in trouble. Even worse I don’t want to die.” I replied.
“Let’s go hide in the air duct. We can get there through the janitor’s closet if we hurry.”
“No I really don’t want to.” I knew it was a bad idea and if we didn’t go somewhere soon we would be in the newspaper in the dead articles.
“Come on. If you don’t then I will tell Derek you like him and that if he doesn’t ask you out you will cry for three days straight.”
“Fine! I’ll do it. Now hurry.”
We ran to the janitor’s closet and crawled into the air duct. I don’t know how she did it, but Rachel managed to open it for us. We stayed up there for a while, until we heard an ear piercing scream. Don’t ask me why but we followed the scream to the closest release. We looked outside the vent, and saw Carrie Blaire being held against a wall by a man. He had a mask on so we couldn’t see his face, but he looked thin and tall.
“PLEASE DON’T HURT ME!” screamed Carrie. “I’ll give you anything you want!”
The man pulled out a dagger and banged it against her temple. Carrie fell to the floor instantly. Next to me Rachel shrieked, drawing attention to the air duct. The man looked up and pulled out a gun. He fire once, just barely missing my right ear. Now it was my turn to scream. The man fired again, the bullet going right between mine and Rachel’s heads.
Now we both screamed. Yeah I know bad choice. I motioned for Rachel to go/run. We hurried towards the end of the duct, which ended up leading us outside.
“Annabeth I don’t care if I miss English, can we run now?” Rachel asked panting. I didn’t even have to think about it, the answer came quick enough.
We ran as far as possible away from the school, not quite sure where we were going. We kept running past the roads, past joggers, past cars, not stopping to answer their questions about why. The only thing I could say was a deep, frightening, murder. We finally stopped at DuPont Lake, which happens to be only five miles from the school. Hey when you pace yourself well you can run distances.
We took a minute to relax, not a lot though, and think about what we just saw. I looked at Rachel and she looked back at me. Then she said what I knew we where both thinking.
“We just witnessed the murder of Carrie Blaire.”

*Chapter 2*

Rachel and I sat in silence for about five more minutes, before I said,
“We should call our parents.”
“Right. They need to know we’re okay.”
“If they know anything about it..…” Now that I think about it, school is probably still in for today. They might not even know that someone broke in.

I let Rachel call her parents first, since we only had my phone and my mom probably wouldn’t be too worried if she did know about the break in. I walked over to the edge of the water while Rachel was on the phone. I could not believe that that just happened. I could hear Rachel telling her mom, and I had a feeling she wasn’t taking it well.
“Mom, I’m fine………..I know I made a mistake and I’m sorry……….But what about-..…..But that’s not fair at least I’m alive right……..Be home soon, love you too Mom.”
I walked over there so I could use my phone now.
“Annabeth I have to go directly home right now.” Rachel said.
“Okay. Well then let’s go, I can call my mom on the way back.
When we started walking, I dialed my mom.
“Hi Annabeth! Aren’t you supposed to be in school right now?”
“Umm yeah that is kinda what I was calling about.” Okay here it goes. “So mom, some guy broke into our school and we were all supposed to be on lock down but Rachel and I decided to go hide in the air duct to see if we could find the guy and in the process we saw the man murder Carrie Blaire and then we screamed and he started shooting at us then we ran away all the way to the lake and then Rachel called her mom and she freaked out and told her to come home immediately so yeah but we are both fine.” I really hope she understood that because I said it really fast.
“Annabeth Dawn Monroe!!! What were you thinking?!?!?” screamed my mother.
“Um nothing I guess.” I replied honestly.
Suddenly Rachel froze right where she was standing. I looked at her and saw terror in her face.
“Annabeth come home immediately!” yelled my mother through the phone.
Rachel pointed towards a tree, it had red lines drawn all over it.
“Okay Mom I’m coming home. Love you bye.” I said. I hung up the phone then stepped closer towards the tree.
Rachel grabbed my arm. “Annabeth don’t go towards it.”
I couldn’t help myself. I walked closer towards the tree and could see that the red lines were actually words. They read:

The girl is dead and you saw nothing.

Okay. Time for panic. He must have followed us out of the school building. That means he could be watching us right now. Then why wouldn’t he have killed us already? I looked at Rachel and she looked like she was thinking the same thing.
I leaned over and whispered a really long plan into Rachel’s ear. When I was done she nodded, signaling she understood.

By: Jane

The world is called Cardathia, and Cardathia is in two parts. They are rivals, the two parts. A gate separates the two parts, and when the gate opens, peril begins. 13 people called Gatekeepers must find seven Lynx Rings, the things that make up the gate and control it in 30 days and 30 nights, or the lands are in distress, peril, and despair.
Next, the Golden Sword. The Golden Sword is what is discovered by a Gatekeeper on his journey to find on of the Lynx Rings. It carries powerful magic and immense defense powers against its master's enemies. It is a major part of my world, because the man that carries it controls the gates with the sword from the heavens.
Next, the dragons!! Dragons are everywhere in this world, and to be their dragonboy, a person who rides a dragon, you must bond with it and get the scar that shows you are dragon and dragonboy.
Dragonboys are normally boys, but one day, a young lady pretended to be a dragonboy and got caught, but the president realized what they were doing was not civil, so they made it that girls and boys could ride dragons.
So this is my world, an action-packed, dragons, dragonboys, magic, the Golden Sword, the gates and Gatekeepers. This would be my life, I'm always thirsting for adventure!

*Winning Piece from Fantasy World Contest*

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