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Welcome to my blog.
I hope that I can make some friends from other countries, and share stories about our countries,politics,families,daily lives,etc.
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Here is a map of China

China's location in the globe:

My home city is Nanyang. In the map below, you can see an area in yellow. That's my home province. And the red area of it is under administration of my home city.
China's Flag and National Anthem

(The lyric is translated from Chinese, and slightly different from the original meaning)

The Way We Walked Through, A Brief History of Contemporary China

1935: My father was born.
China was undergoing its 10-year-long civil war.(1927-1937)
China Communist Party was leading the Long March.(1934-1936)
China Nationalist Party was trying to eliminate China Communist Party and its Red Army. (1927-1937)
China northeastern provinces were under Japanese colonization.A puppet government was established there: Manchuria.(1931-1945)

1942: My father was 7 years old. He met the first starvation in his life: the 1942 Famine.
China was undergoing war. Most part of China was under occupation.

1949: My father was 14 years old. Mao's era began. (1949-1976)


Collectivization 1953-1958

Great Leap Forward 1958

The Great Famine(Starvation)1958-1960 My grandmother (dad's mom) died this year because they had no food.

The Cultural Revolution 1966-1976 My mom was born in 1963. So she was a kid during this time. Meanwhile, my dad was working in a factory as construction engineer.

Deng's Policy of Opening up and Reformationú║ since 1978

1989, China's failed democratic movements and Tian'anmen Square Tragedy

1990s: Political reformation stopped after 1989. Deng insisted on economic reform in 1992 and after.

late 1990s and early 2000s: Privatization. A nightmare for the dismissed former government-owned-and-run factories workers.

2000s: China's Economy Development, Social distortion, and Real Estate Bubble.
The Church of the Saviour

So,what's about China?
I mean, all of you have heard and seen the photos of the Great Wall, and the Forbidden City,right? It would be boring if I begin with them.

I'd like to display you something different.
Could we start with a church?

I visited this church in December, 2013. I didn't know that my mom's life had come to her last 2 weeks.

Church of the Saviour has a combination of Gothic and Chinese styled architecture.

My dad told me,in my mom's last days, she kept praying and asking God to take her away. She didn't want to live in this world anymore. Life had made her suffer so much.

Church of the Saviour has its unique significance in China's history. It witnessed one of the most important war China engaged in last century.

Long for short, 8 countries military entered Beijing, and defeated Qing Dynasty (of China).They are: Russia, UK, US, Japan, Germany, France,Italy and Austro-Hungary.

And the war took place at this church.
Cultural Revolution, Privatization, and Real Estate Bubbles

I wonder if I can start talking about these historical events in contemporary China's history. My family have experienced all three of these.

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