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The Dance
The air,
with excitment.
The lights,
so you feel hypnotized.
The music,
through your veins.
The nerve,
so you can
ask that person
to dance.
A Dream
I'm watching you
lean in
for that soon-to-be
fantastic first
My heart flutters,
my blood pounds,
my plams start to sweat,
and I feel dizzy.
Our lips are
about to touch,
in a magical moment
of happiness,
when I awake.
It was only
a dream.
Your Arm
Your arm
wrapped so warmly
around me.
I regret
shaking it off,
but I had to.
You would've
and so would they.
But that moment
is planted in my mind
I only need to
close my eyes
to feel
your arm
once again.
An empty seat,
a long gone friend,
a sadness that will never end.
I can still hear
your laugh,
see your smile
light up the room.
I still expect you
to walk through
that door,
on some warm
summer day,
but that will never happen,
because you have left,
you are gone.
I Wish
I wish you could love me
I wish I could let go
I wish that they hadnít told me
I wish I had never said
I wish I could escape
I wish the pain away
I wish I could fill the void
I wish I was someone else
I wish I was someone worthwhile
I wish for all of these things
And so much more
Breaking Heart
The pain is swelling up
inside me,
but I try not to show it,
because its my fault.
I should have let go
while I had the chance,
but I love it to much.
The drama,
the love,
the pain,
the hate,
the crack growing in my
breaking heart.
I Thought
I thought
you were my friend.
I thought
you cared.
I thought
I could turn to you.
You say
its all true,
so then tell me
why I am feeling this pain.
The sun
on your
silky hair,
my favorite
the hair
of the boy
I wish could
be mine.
you and me
at the movies.
you and me
under the disco ball.
you and me
impossible things.
You Say
You say
that you don't mean.
I doubt
you even
know you said them.
to give me hope,
but its not working.
A Change of Heart
I changed my mind,
and my heart,
when I fell in love
with you.
I went back on every rule
I had ever set
for myself,
and yet,
I wouldn't have it
any other way.
Wonder on the Beach
The never ending
glittering in front of you,
and you wonder,
why you are here,
how long you will stay,
when you will leave,
and what lays ahead.
Why Me?
Why me?
What did I ever do
to deserve this,
deserve you.
I know I may
sound selfish,
because other children
are starving, dying,
while I sit here typing,
but they have a chance,
no matter how slim,
to escape their tortures,
but how can I run away
from this?
Run away from my life
The Shooting Ceased
The shooting ceased,
the shouting stopped.
The dead counted,
the wounded treated.
The evil of war,
shown on every face.
The soldiers;home,
the families rejoicing.
The war;over,
done and gone.
But none shall forget
what happened back then.
Those who died
protecting their people.
They won't
ever be forgotten.
When the shooting ceased
and the shouting stopped,
that is when the war was at
its end.
My Problem
I look at you,
and I know
the way my heart races is wrong.
I know
I have no right to feel this way.
I know
you're practically family,
and you
think of me only as a sister,
and I know
even if it wasn't that way it was
never meant to be.
But that's my problem,
isn't it?
is hardly alive.
is struggling
just to get by.
cannot belive it made it through
all that it has.
is barely breathing.
is my heart.
The Price of Peace
"What is the price of peace?"
I ask.
"Is it a thousand lives?"
"How many must die
before the price is payed?"
"Or is it measured in souls?"
"The souls of the so called
"The souls of the so called
"How many will be brought down
before we pay for peace?"
These are the questions,
but where are the awnswers?
One to Many
I walked down this road
one to many times.
I've seen my reflection in your face
one to many times.
I've had my heart broken
one to many times.
I've been crushed
one to many times.
I've lived
one to many lives.
Fly Away
I could fly,
fly far away from here.
Fly away
from the pain.
Fly away
to happiness.
Fly away
from my life completely.
the thought of you
keeps me alive.
your face
gives me something to live for.
the hope you give me
allows me the strength
to take one more step.
Mixed Poem
The changing leaves of fall,
flutter slowly to the ground,
and I sit here,
just as I do everyday,
Trying to think of a way
to flee,
find a path
of escape.
Run away from the pain,
the pain that haunts my life.
But now, as I awake from my day dream,
my day dream of you,
I can see,
clear as I can see the sun glistening off your beautiful hair,
there may be none.
Very Best of the Very Worst
It seems that the very best
can come from the very worst.
Like a how rainbow is born from
a rain storm.
Like how my tortured life,
brought me to you,
and showed me the light.
Words can be your best friend,
or your worst nightmare.
They can bring you out of the deepest pit of despair,
or stab you in the back.
Words can bring a world of comfort,
or torture you to death.
Words can be said,
and they can change the world,
or they can be a meaningless string,
nothing more than a babble.
Words are the one thing in the world
that can never be taken back.
And they can also be the thing
that hurts the most,
worse than a arrow through the chest,
worse than any burn
a fire can bring.
And sometimes,
words are the only thing
you have left.
Sitting next to me,
is the one thing that matters.
The one thing
that keeps me going.
The one reason
I'm still alive.
And even he,
who I value above all else,
is so out of reach.
Because I know,
as I hit "REPLAY" on the video,
he has no knowledge of my existence,
even as I know everything of his.
And I know
we may never meet,
but I hope.
I hope,
because without that hope,
I would be nothing.
Where Did It Go?
Where did all the heroes go?
Theyíve all been replaced by cons.
Where did all the happiness go?
Its all been replaced by pain.
Where did all the laughter go?
Its all been replaced by screams.
She Lies
You will never belive
the truth,
yet you always belive
the lies.
Her lies.
She Will Never Know
She considers herself "punk"
and "tough" and perhaps even
but she will never know
what it is like
to feel music you feel deeply for
flood through your veins.
To feel it washing away all the pain,
all the suffering,
to feel it bring out the happiness
buried so deep you forgot about it.
She will never know
what it is like
for a single band
to allow you to rebel,
allow you to see the light
and find what you believe in,
give you the will to live.
She will never know
what it takes
to live through
fight after fight,
tease after tease,
to get back up
after being knocked down
time and time again.
She will never know
what it is like to be
Coming out of the dark,
a face emerges.
The face of fear,
the thief of courage.
We tell ourselves
he is not real,
but there is no greater
than the fact
that the best can be brought down
by a single sweep
of fearís hand.
We try so very hard
to conquer it,
but fear lives
in our hearts
and will always
at one time
or another.
Fear hunts everything
and will kill anyone
who shows
even the slightest bit
of weakness.
Even the bravest may
in its wake,
and they are not to be ashamed.
For outwitting
is the greatest
of all.
End It
End it.
What are you waiting for?
I know
you're just as sick of it
as me.
So why can't you just
end it?
It wouldn't be
so hard.
One word, one movement and it
would be over.
He Ran
He stood
at the edge of the world,
what to do with himself.
The one unwanted,
the one unneeded.
And he decided,
and he ran.
And ran,
and ran,
and ran.
He ran away
from this world,
and into
the next.
How hard can it be
to muster up the
to stand up
to you?
How long would you
yell and scream
at me
before you tired yourself out?
Will it even
be worth it?
Or will my life
be totally
except for the fact
that Iíll hate you all the more?
And will theses questions
have answers?
One Mistake
You thought you won,
didnít you?
You thought you
had it in the bag,
but then
you got careless,
and lost everything.
One mistake
ruined everything,
and it
can never
be fixed.
That Girl
Who am I?
I am that girl
who can never
be accepted,
that girl,
who will always
be an outsider.
I am that girl
who no one wants
to be seen with.
And I am that girl
who would never
change anything
about herself.
I Love You
Its not that I ever
expected it to end well,
but I thought
you were the one,
the one who understood me,
me and my madness.
You are who I wish
I was with,
but instead I'm stuck here
with a head full of questions.
And even though
I have every right
to hate you,
I love you.
You'll Know
You cut me into shreds
like I wouldnít feel a thing.
But hereís the problem.
I'm not
a paper man,
and I probably feel more
than your shallow little mind
can ever comprehend.
So next time you come
with your scissors
think of whom youíre hurting.
It may not stop you,
but at least youíll know.
At least youíll know.
What do you want me to do?
I have no one to talk to
and nowhere to hide,
but I prefer it that way.
Do you honestly want me to tell you everything?
Well, I'm sorry,
but I donít need your help.
I can deal with this,
and I have
time and time again.
I can,
I will,
I have to
do this
Sorry for everything I did.
Sorry for everything I didn't do.
Sorry for the mistakes I made.
Sorry for the ones I didn't.
Sorry that I messed it up.
Sorry that I ruined everything.
Sorry that it's all my fault.

Sorry that I listened to what I did.
Sorry for writing what I wrote.
Sorry that I dressed how I liked.
Sorry for having the opinions that I had.
Sorry that I was who I wanted to be.
Sorry I let you get to me.
Sorry I let you make me change.
Sorry that I'm not me anymore.
Sorry that I don't even know who I am.
The Immortals are Falling
The angels float down
on their wings of
to bless the sinners
with the bones of
the innocent.

The brides of the
slowly walk down the aisle,
black veils shielding
their minds.

The saints scream
at the top of their lungs
so that the devil
may hear it.

Lucifer rises out of
the ground
on a chariot of gold,
singing praises
to the heavens.

And we sink
lower and lower
to our shallow graves,
that we rest
our heads upon.

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