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modify delete 18239 - from Harper (China) - 2018-11-25
School : "studying is soooo tiring"

My school starts at 6;50AM and ends at 10;10PM.Besides that, we high school students only have one day off every week. Its killing me!OMG! Everyone takes me as a good student ,which makes me feel so much pressure.
I guess that schools in your country must be quite different,isn't it?

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modify delete 18312 - Reply from Emily (France) - 2019-07-20

I grew up in France, and in highschool it was quite tiring too. Not anywhere near as intense as you, but it was 8AM to between 4PM and 6:30PM (depending on what lessons were scheduled that day). I think that your day is way too long, that sort of intense learning isn't a good environment... You should only do that voluntarily, and even then...

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modify delete 18298 - Reply from Wenyuan , 14 y.o. (China) - 2019-06-12

Agree, Chinese schools are stressful and tiring, I am better but not much. But come on! Remember to work hard amd never give up, it pays for your effort! We donít really have a long time to suffer from studying hahahaha

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modify delete 18287 - Reply from Beth , 19 y.o. (Australia ) - 2019-05-15

Hi Harper, Here in Australia, school usually starts at 9am and finishes at 3.30pm. We have weekends off and school holidays every term; there are four terms in a year. School generally stops around the start of December and recommences again at the start of February. As for me, I am home-schooled, so I donít have to worry about this, as much. What is school like in China?

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modify delete 18278 - Reply from Allie (United states) - 2019-04-23

Wow. Itís so different in our country. We have school from 7:45 am to 2:30 pm. Iíve heard that the Chinese take studying much more seriously than we do. Sounds like thatís true. Also: I have a solution to make studying less tiring. You could drink coffee, soda, or another carbonated drink.

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