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modify delete 18430 - from BJ Kolumbi98 (USA) - 2020-08-18
School - "I'm Gay and 1st day of High School"

hey everyone BJ Kolumbi here I have a few things to talk about in this post soyou probably already know what it's about judging by the title if you read it but I'll get to that in a second
I started high school today, I'm a French man Frenchman yeah I'm a Frenchman in high school now
apparently it's slang for a ninth grader I guess it's because France was the ninth country ever made but yeah the first day of high school for me it was kind of bad and kind of good
you see first things first. a bunch of atheist kids recognized me from my youtube videos and well they jumped me and locked me in the janitor's closet I I tried to escape by making like a bomb thing out of some random chemicals I found in there to blow up the door like on Breaking Bad but uh it didn't really work I guess but yeah
I eventually got out but I missed more than half my classes because I was stuck in that closet I did get to go to gym class though it's actually my favorite class now even though it's my first day you see there's this really cool new gym teacher and I really like him he taught us how to not be embarrassed when we change our clothes in the locker room
I was born without the ability to feel shame though so I wasn't so embarrassed anyways but yeah my gym teacher is really cool he kind of looks just like Ricky Martin (my favorite singer)
so after gym I went to the library and I got this book called a Moby Dick the title made it seem like it would be a good book but it turned out to be really boring so I just threw it in a trash can at lunch
what else oh yeah I played a really funny practical joke on my bus driver riding home you see I was sitting in the front seat because I'm supposed to sit in the back with all the other high schoolers but they were giving me some really mean looks so I went and sat in the front with some kindergartener kid anyway so the bus started to go really really fast and I just reached
over and uh well I reached over my seat and I and I covered the bus drivers eyes and then I said to him I bet you can't drive without looking and uh you see we almost kind of crashed into this huge truck but uh it was really funny

but now that I'm done with my first day of high school on to the main topic of this post that is of course my mom finally bought me lil B's new album
it's called I'm gay it's the Flintstones gay though not the the curse word that's also the title of the post but yeah little B is one of my favorite singers now because he has a B in his name and B is my favorite letter as well as my favorite animal and uh yeah that's that's all I had to say for this post

this was BJ kulumbi and my first day of high school so yeah signing off for now and be sure to read my next post because you see I'm gonna have actual footage of me with President Obama and I'm gonna be asking him some really important questions so stay tuned for that

let me know how your first day was

this has been BJ kulumbi signing off for now goodbye you too

18430 -
modify delete 18436 - Reply from Kiko143 , 14 yrs (China ) - 2020-09-08

Oh no! It doesn't sound very good, but this kind of thing also happens in China. Students who suffer from school bullying will be beaten very badly... But I think you should stand up and fight! Don't let people bully you! We Chinese have a saying that "deal with a person as he deals with you". You must learn to resist! Come on! Let those people know you're awesome!

modify delete 18407 - from Malcolm181 , 11 yrs (Australia) - 2020-06-21
School - "Studying Abroad"

The high school I will be attending from 2021-2024 has an exchange program to Japan for 6 months. Should I take it? Also my planned uni has a program to China and or Taiwan

18407 -
modify delete 18409 - Reply from Alex139 , 16 yrs (Great Britain) - 2020-06-27

Opportunities not to be missed! You presently aspire to becoming a translator / interpreter and maybe also a politician. Given your proficiency in languages and your avowed interest in Japan and in China the chance to properly immerse yourself at a young age in Japanese and Chinese ways and to gain a deeper understanding of life in those countries is the best and surest foundation for a successful and rewarding career. Also if you were to opt for an alternative career - in business or diplomacy for example - the knowlege and experience gained would still be invaluable and prove a great asset.

modify delete 18346 - from Andre26 (United States) - 2020-01-09
School - "What does freedom mean to you?"

What does freedom mean to you?

18346 -
modify delete 18442 - Reply from GAO73 , 17 yrs (China) - 2020-09-19 >> NEW

I think freedom is self - discipline. When we are great enough,the freedom is meaningful. But before we are strong,we should stick to our beliefs. When we achieve our dreams,we will be free of mind.

18346 -
modify delete 18402 - Reply from Hira93 , 13 yrs (Indonesia) - 2020-06-13

I think freedom is related to justice, where people are free to be what they want to be, no longer racist, no longer distinguish their skin color, where they came from, and what their religion is, but in reality freedom is still lacking in this world, see of course, there are still many people who are discriminated against, there are still many people who like to distinguish from one another because they are not the same, and some are distinguished because they are a minority, I believe the world is more beautiful with freedom and justice, we all want freedom and justice, that is why in my opinion freedom is part of justice

18346 -
modify delete 18393 - Reply from Zhongwei229 , 12 yrs (China) - 2020-06-06

I think freedom means responsibility.

modify delete 18330 - from Obara12 , 15 yrs (Japan) - 2019-10-31
School - "Printed Dictionaries or Electric Dictionaries"

Which is more useful, Printed Dictionaries or Electric Dictionaries ?
What do you think ?

18330 -
modify delete 18429 - Reply from Obara20 (Japan ) - 2020-08-18

Me, too. Printed dictionary is better than electric one. We can find many words and means when we look for the word.

18330 -
modify delete 18394 - Reply from Lely178 , 18 yrs (indonesia) - 2020-06-07

I think printed dictionary is better than online dictionary. because when we looking for a word we have to read another words too. so we will know more word faster

18330 -
modify delete 18333 - Reply from nii12 , 15 yrs (JAPAN) - 2019-10-31

We should use printed dictionaries.
It is easy for me to look for words.

18330 -
modify delete 18332 - Reply from Sen12 , 15 yrs (Japan) - 2019-10-31

We should use electronic dictionaries.
They're light.

18330 -
modify delete 18331 - Reply from yayoi12 , 15 yrs (japan) - 2019-10-31

We should use electronic dictionaries.
We listen to the voice.

modify delete 18323 - from Gray20 (USA) - 2019-09-22
School - "In the "Gifted" progran"

I am in the "gifted" program at my school, and I hate it. Not he class its self, but how others treat me because of it. It's different at every school, but at mine it is based on your I.Q. It doesn't help that I'm not that popular anyway, so people act like I'm either 1) too smart 2) weird 3) the best at everything. It just puts pressure on me, and it causes so much stress. What do you guys have to say about it?

18323 -
modify delete 18406 - Reply from Malcolm181 , 11 yrs (Australia) - 2020-06-21

I feel you there. My school has the IQ test results to show that I'm gifted, and teachers especially think that being gifted= straight A on everything.

18323 -
modify delete 18395 - Reply from Lely178 , 18 yrs (indonesia) - 2020-06-07

maybe sometimes we have to stop hearing what they say. just do your best and try to be kind. help them if they need and have a good attitude, i think that's good enough.

18323 -
modify delete 18342 - Reply from Jesse116 (Taiwan) - 2019-12-19

One is a fool that doesn't get envied. It's the attitude that determines how others perceive you. You can show your intelligence and at the same time show the seriousness and empathy. It's not worth that negative attitude of others affects you.

modify delete 18297 - from Ichen45 , 15 yrs (Taiwan) - 2019-06-09
School - "How to say 'thank you very much' in Swiss languages?"

Hello there. I am a student working on a report that has to be submitted tomorrow and I feel like putting 'thank you very much' in the four Swiss official languages at the end of my PPT.
Feel free and reply to me, thanks a lot.

18297 -
modify delete 18417 - Reply from Malcolm179 , 11 yrs (Australia) - 2020-07-09

This is a few months late, I'm sorry, the 4th language of Switzerland is Romansh.

Thank you in Romansh is either engratziel fetg or grazia fich

18297 -
modify delete 18392 - Reply from Nikita102 , 12 yrs (Madagascar) - 2020-06-04

Hello, I would like to talk about animals

18297 -
modify delete 18300 - Reply from Régine203 , 52 yrs (France) - 2019-06-24

Hello, there are three official languages in Switzerand : French, Italian, German.
French : Merci beaucoup
Italian: Molto grazzie
German : Danke...

modify delete 18268 - from Carolyn71 , 15 yrs (Taiwan) - 2019-03-22
School - "Looking for someone who knows the education in Switzerland well"

Hello, I am a 15-year-old student from Taiwan. I am having a series of classes about Europe at school and I am the delegate of Switzerland in the model European Parliament of the classes and we have to make a report of a topic of the country that we represent. I chose to do the education in Switzerland, so I hope someone could help me about that. Thanks a lot if you reply. ;)

My REF number: 1372046

18268 -
modify delete 18273 - Reply from angie248 , 20 yrs (usa) - 2019-04-06

Hello! I am a student of University of Hartford. All information about this university and the other universities you can find in I will happy to help you) Good luck)

modify delete 18266 - from mehmet230 , 13 yrs (turkey) - 2019-03-12
School - "science"

Hi my name is mehmet.l'm 13 years old.
l love science .
because it is fun

18266 -
modify delete 18356 - Reply from Sunara134 (Sri lanka) - 2020-02-07

Yah me too.

modify delete 18239 - from Harper1 (China) - 2018-11-25
School - "studying is soooo tiring"

My school starts at 6;50AM and ends at 10;10PM.Besides that, we high school students only have one day off every week. Its killing me!OMG! Everyone takes me as a good student ,which makes me feel so much pressure.
I guess that schools in your country must be quite different,isn't it?

18239 -
modify delete 18312 - Reply from Emily64 (France) - 2019-07-20

I grew up in France, and in highschool it was quite tiring too. Not anywhere near as intense as you, but it was 8AM to between 4PM and 6:30PM (depending on what lessons were scheduled that day). I think that your day is way too long, that sort of intense learning isn't a good environment... You should only do that voluntarily, and even then...

18239 -
modify delete 18298 - Reply from Wenyuan41 , 14 yrs (China) - 2019-06-12

Agree, Chinese schools are stressful and tiring, I am better but not much. But come on! Remember to work hard amd never give up, it pays for your effort! We don’t really have a long time to suffer from studying hahahaha

18239 -
modify delete 18287 - Reply from Beth158 , 19 yrs (Australia ) - 2019-05-15

Hi Harper, Here in Australia, school usually starts at 9am and finishes at 3.30pm. We have weekends off and school holidays every term; there are four terms in a year. School generally stops around the start of December and recommences again at the start of February. As for me, I am home-schooled, so I don’t have to worry about this, as much. What is school like in China?

18239 -
modify delete 18278 - Reply from Allie137 (United states) - 2019-04-23

Wow. It’s so different in our country. We have school from 7:45 am to 2:30 pm. I’ve heard that the Chinese take studying much more seriously than we do. Sounds like that’s true. Also: I have a solution to make studying less tiring. You could drink coffee, soda, or another carbonated drink.

modify delete 18235 - from Lillian101 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2018-11-10
School - "Evolution in school?"

Do you think evolution should be taught in schools?

18235 -
modify delete 18313 - Reply from Emily64 (France) - 2019-07-20

I think it's a good thing that it is. All scientific theories that have good grounds / proof backing them (evolution according to Darwin, Einstein's relativity theory, DNA, etc...) should be taught in schools, and you should allow the students to use critical thinking to decide on their own whether they believe religion, science, or both. Lack of knowledge makes people vulnerable :/

18235 -
modify delete 18236 - Reply from Régine203 , 52 yrs (France) - 2018-11-17

Evolution theory is maybe true, but science is never always right. Evolution teaches the contrary of Bible. Every people who have seen extraterrestrians describe themwith a very big head, a very small mouth and nose. We can think that it's the result of evolution. So it's a possibility forus to have primitiv organisms fishes and monkeys as ancestors. Has Bible been manipulated ?

modify delete 18234 - from Head Salmon131 (Salmonistan) - 2018-10-28
School - "AP course to choose"

Should I take AP Salmon History course or AP Salmon Biology? I NEED ANSWERS QUICKKK

18234 -
modify delete 18244 - Reply from Sam111 , 19 yrs (Ireland) - 2018-12-21

Hey, I know this is 1 month late but i think Salmon biology (if your referring of the fish Salmon) would be more interesting the history of Salmon. :)

18234 -
modify delete 18243 - Reply from Dan61 , 17 yrs (Italy) - 2018-12-21


modify delete 17935 - from Linda251 , 15 yrs (Korea) - 2017-12-30
School - "The true, substantial education"

In the world, also in our country, students has learned and studied only for their test or grade. It means that students study only for their own test, not for their substantial life. It is because the world's education is leading that education, studying for the test. When our teachers said "This concept is so important that you have to memorize all of these concepts." Students immediately notice that it will be on the test, not thinking it usually uses in their daily lifetime. However, I think that education is wrong. The true education should be able to be used in real life based on contents learned practically rather than urgency in memorizing textbooks and examinations. For example, the real reason why we study English is that communicating with others, but we don't have time and opportunities to talk others with saying English. We learn English in school only vocabularies and much grammars which is not using in daily life too. Also, education changing is not only for English. It is also for other subject like math, art, science, language. I dream is to change our education method to practical and creative. (Education revolution!) How about your thoughts? I'm really curious about other people's ideas.^^

* If you have other opinions or more ideas about that, please share your thoughts here. *

17935 -
modify delete 18358 - Reply from angie163 , 20 yrs (usa) - 2020-02-22

Hi! I highly recommend you to apply to Cisco Junior College. It`s really a decent place. Also, in Cisco Junior College all students have the opportunity to study in a comfortable learning environmnet. So, as for me, the main benefits of studying in Cisco Junior College are: university located in a promising sity, university has a practicing teaching stuff, studying in one of the most popular university in the country. Also, I recommend you to find information here (Free-Apply web) about this university. Good luck!

17935 -
modify delete 18357 - Reply from Olga110 , 47 yrs (Germany) - 2020-02-09

Dear Linda,

you posted your message about 2,5 years ago, but I only now saw it, still I´d like to reply. As a teacher I can tell you about my own experiences. Good grades is all most students want. They aren´t interested in what they can do with the stuff they learn, they only study to pass the next test. My attempts to do something creative usually cause negative reactions. They always want to know whether or not they will get a grade on the task. Or whether or not it will be in the next test. If my answer is: no, but it´s a useful task because it develops your skills - they are reluctant to do it. Plenty of colleagues have made the same experience; maybe that´s why things we do in English classes are mainly working with vocabulary and grammar! On the other hand, try to communicate without the vocabulary and grammar, LOL!

17935 -
modify delete 18299 - Reply from Wenyuan41 , 14 yrs (China) - 2019-06-12

China is the same, but best students in my class can always remember to use knowledge to deal with daily life, that’s quite brilliant, I really like the life in European and American schools, the students learn for themselves and learn by themselves, studying becomes interesting and fun. In China, however, the teacher tells you what to remember. Sometimes my English teacher teaches something that’s never used among British and Americans! Grades mean everything here. I don’t like this although exams are useful, but we have to obey this.

17935 -
modify delete 17936 - Reply from lillian209 , 12 yrs (usa) - 2018-01-02

I think people should be taught mostly the things we use in daily life. But we should study the things in textbooks and try to reward ourselves a higher education. But your right, it would help if teachers and parents showed the students where they will use things in daily life. I think, especially highschool students, students start to see school simply as a place to make friends and study for the next test. And some students may be pushed to get better grades in certain subjects (e.g A in Math C in Language Arts A in Science so on) But I feel they need to be recognized not as people who fail, but as people who have succeeded. Even if it's just a certain subjects, you don't need to have good grammer to be a accountant. And as long as they do know what they need to, they can succeed.

Education is important. But we need to recongnize where students talents lies, and need to show them were things can be used.

modify delete 17892 - from Oh109 , 20 yrs (Korea) - 2017-11-26
School - "Universities in northern europe"

Hi, I am majoring in Social Sciences. I plan to study abroad two or three years later. so, would you recommend a university in Germany or Northern Europe?

17892 -
modify delete 18274 - Reply from angie248 , 20 yrs (usa) - 2019-04-06

Hi! I am planning to apply to another country like you. The main web that I use to search the information about the universities all over the world is
I am planning to apply for a BA in Valley Forge Military College. There are a lot of good programms and courses for me. What about Northern Europe, I don`t know exectly but you can search in this web by yourself. It`s easy) Good luck)

17892 -
modify delete 17893 - Reply from Andreas229 (Germany) - 2017-11-27

study in Korea! Korean education system is ranked very highly, it's one of the best in the world!

modify delete 17814 - from Jim 37 , 26 yrs (The Gambia ) - 2017-09-17
School - "Edu. first"

Which country has the best and most standard in Education and research? I need you're response.

17814 -
modify delete 18277 - Reply from angie248 , 20 yrs (usa) - 2019-04-21

Hello. For my mind, the best place to study is University of Nevada Reno, in United States Reno. I am really happy to be here. If you interestad with this question, I can help you. Just try to find on Free-Apply. There are o lot of information about all universities in the world. I hope I helped.

17814 -
modify delete 18229 - Reply from Régine203 , 51 yrs (France) - 2018-10-10

USA Great Britain Japan Scandinavia,Germany France

17814 -
modify delete 17841 - Reply from Laura160 (France) - 2017-09-22

I'd say north countries like Norway, Sweden; and also Switzerland.

17814 -
modify delete 17829 - Reply from jonathan229 (taiwan) - 2017-09-20

maybe Finland, also Japan,Canada...

modify delete 17758 - from Laura160 (France) - 2017-08-30
School - "Going back to school..."

When are you guys going back to school?

17758 -
modify delete 17777 - Reply from Korla10 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2017-09-07

Yeah, something like that...

17758 -
modify delete 17774 - Reply from Laura160 (France) - 2017-09-06

Are you homeschooled or something?

17758 -
modify delete 17760 - Reply from Korla10 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2017-08-30

The world is my classroom, Therefore I am in school year round

17758 -
modify delete 17759 - Reply from Laura160 (France) - 2017-08-30

4th September

modify delete 17608 - from jorge246 (mexico) - 2017-07-06
School - "Argentina"

buenas noches en mexico, buscando amigos de argentina para un proyecto de escuela alguien que me quiera apoyar en intercambiar culturas

modify delete 17580 - from Korla10 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2017-06-23
School - "Independent Homeschooling"

Should kids that independently homeschooled be able to participate in public or private school athletics? In the US citizens also pay taxes for public schools. Do you think homeschooled families should not have to pay taxes for public schools or at least receive the benefits of their tax? Is homeschooling using public school curriculum and teachers truly homeschooling? I personally don't think so and would like to here your opinion. What do think of when you hear the word or see someone 'homeschooled'?

17580 -
modify delete 17585 - Reply from guest229 (europe) - 2017-06-27

Americans are not aware of many "global" things ) But yes, in Europe, many things are very different, very different. You can read about it and discover the world is much different than American medias do portray them. Yes, in Germany, parents get fined or can even go to jail for home-schooling their children and in many other countries, homeschooling is illegal as well.

17580 -
modify delete 17583 - Reply from Korla10 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2017-06-26

I did not know that. Parents persecuted as criminals! Wowzers! Some cities in the United States do not allow parents to homeschool their children.

17580 -
modify delete 17582 - Reply from guest229 (europe) - 2017-06-24

You know, in Germany homeschooling is banned by the law and parents who try to homeschool their children are legally persecuted as criminals...

modify delete 17056 - from xin 161 , 21 yrs (china ) - 2016-11-12
School - "Is rigth to relax requirmemts to make more people can graudate in china ?"

In my college ,our teacher make the different class for the different levels. Then in normal times ,the more great class' test is harder than the poor class .Yeah ,I do not deny it ,but I can not agree they take the normal scores to the final transcipt. It is not fair .Because maybe the finally the poor students scores are close the great one , even higher .How irony it is! Also, someone retake course for renew the not satisfied scores and someone just because too poor to through the first text .But many teachers do not attention that, they always give the final scores at will ,and almost do not look the examination paper .
Is rigth? Yeah ,you make more people can graudate, but it is useful, they still poor. And the others can not find the good one through the transcipt .
Are you face that in your country? What do you think about it? Tell me your opion ,let us discuss !

17056 -
modify delete 18422 - Reply from thais238 , 12 yrs (france ) - 2020-07-22

I am a 12-year-old French college student and I have never had any grade or ranking at school
I think the note never encouraged people to work well. A good student often works to get good grades, and is not always interested in teachers' comments on their copy. then the notes create demotivating hierarchies

17056 -
modify delete 17149 - Reply from irbah78 , 17 yrs (Malaysia) - 2016-12-27

Maybe from a teacher's perspective, they wanted to help the students score for a better future. But truth be told, in a student's perspective, it is not fair at all. This sometimes happened in my school years. Cheating, leaked questions are those of the things that i hated.

modify delete 17020 - from Mon101 , 23 yrs (USA) - 2016-09-24
School - "Is Marvelous Essay service good or not?"

I am out of ideas about the conclusion for my essay. I have heard that many students use the help of the online writing services. I was told much good about "Marvelous Essay" service and their cheap offers. What do you think about it? Should I give a try or leave it as it is and get the low grade for my own work?

17020 -
modify delete 17515 - Reply from Korla10 (USA) - 2017-05-22

If you are not writing the essay isn't that like cheating? What's the point of going to school if you aren't learning and putting in the effort yourself?

17020 -
modify delete 17030 - Reply from Joffrey240 , 19 yrs (USA) - 2016-10-11

I didn't use the service you've mentioned above but I've heard that my friend was using it. So he was satisfied with their work. He got 'A' for his essay.
To be honest, I've used Supreme essay service. Those guys always do a good job. So you can give them a try if you want. I'm sure you'll like it.

17020 -
modify delete 17023 - Reply from Amanda240 , 24 yrs (Australia) - 2016-09-27

You should definitely give a try. i and my friends love the way they work and how low their prices are. So, i am sure the writers from Marvelous Essay will help you out. important to place an order not too late, otherwise, the price will be higher

modify delete 17002 - from Alex51 (France) - 2016-09-13
School - "French School"

What do you think of French school ? ^^

17002 -
modify delete 18275 - Reply from angie248 , 20 yrs (usa) - 2019-04-09

Hi) I want to visit France) I don`t know about the quality of french educational system. I am studing in usa. In University of Evansville. But if you want to study in France or just in another country, you can search information in Free-Apply. com Good luck)

17002 -
modify delete 17534 - Reply from Wang33 , 19 yrs (China) - 2017-06-04

Well, I never been to France, but Chinese people always think France is a romantic country. So study in French maybe wonderful

modify delete 16981 - from Hiruni43 , 16 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2016-09-04
School - "Self learning"

Hi! I'm Hiruni. I love to learn. We can do self learning.If we do self learning also , we can improve our knowledge well. What are you thinking about it?

16981 -
modify delete 17021 - Reply from Daniel101 , 20 yrs (USA) - 2016-09-24

Great idea. What would you like to study together?

modify delete 16779 - from Joffrey249 , 19 yrs (USA) - 2016-07-15
School - "Urgent help needed"

Hi all,
I am new here and I don't know if its the right place to post this. I am doing a research. So I'll really appreciate knowing what do you think about all this.
My questions are:
-Have you ever used any 'extra' help?
-Have you ever heard about Marvelous essay?
-Did you use any other online writing services?
Thanks for your replies in advance.
Have a nice day.

16779 -
modify delete 17019 - Reply from Rachel101 , 22 yrs (USA) - 2016-09-24

That must be quite interesting research. And I wonder whether it is the task from the teacher or you are doing it for your own purpose? Let me answer your questions.

Have you ever used any kind of extra help? - Yes, I used the help form my sister and and also I had enough courage to talk with my teacher about the common mistakes I make.

- Did you use any writing services? - Yes, I use "Marvelous Essay"​ service when I fell that the work is hard to accomplish or when the high grade is important for me

- Have you ever heard about Supreme essay service? - Yes, the friend of mine uses this service and as far as I know he is happy about their work

- What is your attitude towards ordering essay online? - Completely positive. We are not that equally good at it and I see nothing bad when your paper is checked by the expert before giving it in.

modify delete 16701 - from Auréo8 , 16 yrs (France) - 2016-06-26
School - "Arabe pour ou contre !?"

J'ai juste une question : êtes vous pour ou contre l'ajout de l'arabe comme première langue étrangère à la place de l'anglais !?

16701 -
modify delete 17028 - Reply from Isabelle199 , 49 yrs (France) - 2016-10-07

Quand j'étais au collège dans les années 80 plusieurs de mes copines faisaient arabe avec le CNED à la place de l'anglais et cela ne gênait personne car elles étaient Tunisiennes, Marocaines et algériennes.
Tu peux déjà faire une LV1 avec le CNED.
Donc je ne pense a^s que cela soit un problème.
Je trravaille dans un collège et c'est le cas pour des élèves d'origine étrangère.

16701 -
modify delete 16928 - Reply from Régine113 , 49 yrs (France) - 2016-08-01

Tout-à-fait !

16701 -
modify delete 16803 - Reply from Auréo8 , 16 yrs (France) - 2016-07-18

OK ! Bon j'ai des choses à mettre au clair !
Premièrement j'ai lancé ce sujet car si l'arabe remplace l'anglais alors il faudrait que je commence à apprendre l'arabe pendant un an alors que le mieux serait que je termine mon apprentissage de l'anglais car je suis nulle (comme l'a dit Jonathan)
Deuxièmement, je n'aime pas qu'il y ait des amalgames ! Il y a des français qui n'ont pas "peur" de ce qui se situe de l'autre côté de la méditerranée. J'en suis la preuve car je suis même attirée par ça !
Après avec le contexte actuel je ne suis pas sûre que ce soit une bonne idée d'avoir de faire des amalgames pareil !

16701 -
modify delete 16755 - Reply from viki84 , 16 yrs (france) - 2016-07-06

Déjà il n'y a pas énormément de français qui parle arabe et ensuite c'est tout juste si on peut l'apprendre à l'école alors ne t'inquiète pas tu as tout ton temps pour apprendre l'anglais
J'ai l'impression que vous avez peur de cette langue comme souvent lorsque ça vient de l'autre côté de la Méditerranée...

16701 -
modify delete 16754 - Reply from Auréo8 , 16 yrs (France) - 2016-07-06

Y'a plus qu'à croiser les doigts !

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