The Random Survey-#5

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Profil des visiteurs   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
Where do you live ?
3   West Europe
  East Europe
  West Asia
  East Asia
3   North America
  Central America
  South America
2   Hogwarts!
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Question 1   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
Your age? (BE HONEST)

0   1-7
0   8-10
5   11-13
3   14-16
1   17-19
0   20-25
0   30-35
0   40+
0   What??

Question 2   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
Before we start....does anyone want to get out?

1   YES!!!!! *leaves The Random Survey-#5*
0   Maybe???
2   No.
5   I just got here, ok?!?!?!!??!

Question 3   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
*You just dropped pizza on the floor*

2   5 second rule! *picks it up and eats it*
3   I'll just throw it away. *throws it away*
3   *gets a new piece of pizza and just leaves the other one on the floor for someone else to pick up*
1   *screams and runs away from the table*

Question 4   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
Have you read and/or watched Twilight?

2   *screams* YES AND I LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!
1   Yeah, it was ok.
1   Yeah, and I hated it.
0   No, but I want to. Just to see what everyone's complaining about.
5   No, and I'm not going to.
0   What is Twilight exactly?

Question 5   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
*you witness a moose falling off of a shed*

2   *screams* NO!!!!!!!!!!!
0   *starts to cry*
3   *runs to the moose's aid* Are you ok?
4   *runs away from the moose, scared*

Question 6   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
What do you think of Dora the Explorer?

1   *screams* I HEART DORA!!!!
1   Dora! She's super cool and sweet!
1   She's cool. It's like Rosetta Stone for kids.
1   Dora? Please.
0   Did you just mention....DORA?!?
4   No way.
1   WHAT?!?!?!?!???!??!???!?!??!?!?!?!??!

Question 7   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
Remember that moose in question 5? Well, he's coming for you.

2   Maybe it's a good thing I ran. *keeps running*
3   AHHH!!!!! *runs away from the moose*
0   *gets rammed over by the moose*
1   Haha...this is- WHA?!?!?!
2   *you try to run, but then you fall down* IT'S OVERRRR!!!

Question 8   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
Still into Frozen?

1   Yeah, it's cool!
0   I'm not really into Frozen anymore.
1   I have never really liked Frozen.
2   No, I hate Frozen.
1   What is Frozen?

Question 9   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
*you are on the roof of a hotel*

0   AWESOME!!!
5   The view is great up here!
0   Why is my room not ready yet???
0   I've been up here for hours.
4   GET ME DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question 10   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
Bye! New survey coming soon!

0   *cries* It's over!!!
3   Bye! *waves*
0   See you!!!!!
0   Awwww......BYE!!!!!!!!!!
0   *in Dora mode* Adios! *waves*
1   .....LET IT GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! TURN AWAY AND SLAM THE DOOR!!! *has accidentally slammed the door and has left The Random Survey-#5*
0   Finally, I'm free! *flies away*
1   Bye. This was the worst.
2   Bye! Can't wait for #6!!
0   What?
2   Can I be your pen pal????? PLEASE!?!?

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