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Où habites-tu ?
12   Europe de l'Ouest
1   Europe de l'Est
1   Afrique
  Asie de l'Ouest (moyen-orient)
3   Asie de l'Est (extrême-orient)
7   Amérique du Nord
1   Amérique Centrale
  Amérique du Sud
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Question 1   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
Are you a boy or a girl or anything else ?

3   I'm a boy
16   I'm a girl
1   I'm something quite strange between both.
1   My parents didn't tell me, I don't know
1   What is a boy ?
2   I don't want to say it because I'm weird.
1   I'm hermaphrodite.

Question 2   -   merci de choisir 1 ou plusieurs réponse(s)
You love...

14   Reading.
14   Doing sport...
12   ... But I'm not very sporty.
4   Cooking...
1   ... But all my dishes are uneatable.
1   Peeing in my neigbor's flower pot.
3   Eating grass.
1   Fondling ladders.
1   Barking at the postman (because I'm a speaking dog).
3   This doesn't make sense.
7   I'm sorry, I can't answer. My brain has been disconnected.

Question 3   -   merci de choisir 1 ou plusieurs réponse(s)
What would you like to receive at your birthday ?

12   A book
13   A video game
11   Clothes
5   A blue and red zebra.
4   A chimney with Santa in it...
7   ...Because I'll torture him to have more presents. (MWAHAHAHA !)
3   A ladder (because I love cuddling ladders).
6   I'm too much borred to answer.
2   A pear to make pear juice
7   The survey's author's socks.
0   Nothing. I have gifts everyday.

Question 4   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
Why is a Raven Like a Writing Desk?

4   Because... Wait, what ?
0   Pffffff... I know the reference !
4   Because neither one is made of cheese
4   Curiouser and curiouser....
5   I'm definitly lost...
2   Does the survey's author take drug ?
3   Because one is made of wood... and the other of feathers....
2   *sigh*

Question 5   -   merci de choisir 1 ou plusieurs réponse(s)
What will happen if a Mexican walks around Paris?

1   Nothing. I'm Mexican and I already go to Paris without any wrong.
6   I guess he won't understand why it's so much cold.
6   Seriously ? Do you really think you are funny ? (I don't)
7   He will slide on a tacos and break his sombrero.
6   /!\ Your brain is restarting. Please, don't switch it off. /!\

Question 6   -   merci de choisir 1 ou plusieurs réponse(s)
Do you know those videos ? (tick the ones you know)

15   Nyan Cat
13   This is SPARTAAA !!
3   Heyayayay
7   Kiwi !
5   All your base are belong to us
11   It's peanut butter jelly time !
5   Leek spin.

Question 7   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
Did you like this survey ?

1   It was a great one !
2   Yes
0   I don't understand anything...
1   I told you my brain has been disconnected since the 2nd question !
2   You are crazy...
8   You are crazy... But I'm too !! XD
2   This was really borring.
2   You should really delete this thing !
5   No.

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