Funniest Survey Ever 1 Season 2!!! GRAND OPENING!!! COME ON IN!!! Note:The 'Me' person in the survey is, well, me, Brunny Rabbit.

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Where do you live?
2   Poptropica!
4   SUPEH HERO LAND! DA DA DA DAAA!! *over HE, Freddy Fartso, but bumps into Brunny* | Me+You:Ow...
1   Skunkville. | Me:So THAT'S what I smell! P.U.!
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Question 1   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
Welcome to my survey! And, welcome to FUNNY AIRLINES!

7   Where have you been Brunny Rabbit?!
1   No. Not this survey again!! NUUU!! | Freddy Fartso:*punches you*SHUDDAP!
6   Funny Airwhatsit??
4   Um...hi I'm new

Question 2   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
We are on our way to the new private island of the Funniest Survey Ever!!! Surveys, called Funniest Survey Ever Land!!! Please fasten your seatbelts or you will be sent flying out the window-its gonna be a rough ride!

8   OK! Yay awesome! :D *fastens seatbelt and looks out window of plane*
3   Are we there yet?
1   Why should I listen you you? I hate these stupid surveys!! | Hans:POOF! *appears and punches you*POOF! *disappears*
1   HE:Yay! Lots of heads to jump on and hair to eat! *leaps onto your head first and eats your hair* | Freddy Fartso:*comes over and grabs HE*Stop it! *throws him out window*
5   Cool! Okay! *fastens seatbelt*

Question 3   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
*goes to cockpit*This is your captain speaking, if we crash into the ocean, there are lifevests under your seat.If the air pressure suddenly drops, masks will drop onto your lap.Put the masks on like your safety guide-which each of you are sitting on-says

15   OK, captain Brunnhilde!
2   Never. *crosses arms and frowns*I still don't like the survey.

Question 4   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
3...2...1...the plane is starting to move! *steers the plane across a long, wide road**the plane picks up lots of speed*And, TAKE OFF! *the plane goes up in the air anf flies*

11   All my characters and you:HORRAY!!!
2   No! Take me back! TAKE ME BACK!! I don't want to be trapped in your silly world forever!
1   Me:We are flying to the private island now! Woo hoo!
4   Hans:POOF! *appears in seat**fastens seatbelt*Sorry I'm late, but all the characters must come. CAPTEH POOF! *a cage with Hair-Eater in it appears next to him*

Question 5   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
*is flying the plane for a while*

5   *is sucked though the window**falls into the sea* | Me:I hold you if you didn't fasten your seatbelt you would be sucked out the window!
13   Me:This is your captain speaking, time for entertainment! | You:YAY!!

Question 6   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
Freddy Fartso:*gets up, so does Polly Puker**they dance*

3   HE:*escapes cage* This is the Hair-Eater dance! *leaps on everyone's heads, eats their hair*
7   Hans:Everyone clap your hands rhythmically! *claps hands, but stops clapping for one second in between each clap**all clap their hands*
6   *sees a watermelon fall from nowhere onto Freddy Fartso's head**the watermelon splits open, making a farting sound* | Hans:*points to Freddy Fartso*He did it! Ew!

Question 7   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
Polly Puker:*slips and falls on top of you**throws up**suddenly gets sucked out the window*

3   Freddy Fartso:POLLY! POLLY, NUUUU!!
10   Polly Puker:I can fly! *flaps arms like wings as she falls*
5   Me:This is your captain speaking, as you may have noticed, I saw Polly Puker's body floating in the sea. Her belly seems to have inflated and kept her afloat.

Question 8   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
Me:This is your captain speaking, Polly Puker is de ad. I saw her in the sea.

7   Freddy Fartso:Must. Join. Polly! | Hans:Oh, no you don't! *grabs Freddy Fartso and puts him back onto his seat*
1   I can't believe it! She was my favorite character! *wails like a baby*

Question 9   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
To be continued...

13   Awww! Why does the adventure have to end so soon?!
2   Yay! Finally, its over! Whew!
3   I can't wait to see what happens next!

Question 10   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
The adventure to the private island isn't over! Will you join Brunny, Freddy Fartso, Hans, HE, and others on their quest to find the special island in the next survey?

1   No way. That sucked
3   I'll never leave them to search alone! I'm coming!
1   That was awesome!! YES YES YES!!
1   Two letters:N. O. NO.

Auteur : Brunny Rabbit >:D (Etats-Unis)

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