funny survey 9!!!!!!

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hi! whats your name?
5   sally something
1   mickey mouse
4   michael jackson. ee hee!
19   that girl in the corner
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Question 1   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
look! behind you!

7   where?
7   i see my butt
13   oh nice sunset! wait thats not a sunset! it's a fire on my butt! AHHHHHHHH!
2   im blind

Question 2   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
translate this code: j[ajaa l; lfs lslk!

8   rachel is the best (correct answer)
1   im the best (no you aint! just kidding!)
5   avodad is weird (no hes not! leave him alone!)
16   i dont speak i;ahla

Question 3   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
whenever we go out, the people always shout, here comes john jacob jingleheimer schimdt! DA DA DA DA DA DA DA!

10   that song sounds familiar
2   hey thats my unce you talking about!
12   la la la la la la
5   i have to make a tinkie winkie!

Question 4   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
theres no getting over you!

4   what the f@#$ are you talking about!
6   boom boom pow those guys be checking ma style!
10   ...what?

Question 5   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
you souldve made some plans with me you knew that i would scream!

10   and now you wont stop calling me im kinda busy!
5   i shouldve covered my ears when you screamed because you was loud!
4   lady gaga! more like lady gagga
4   lady gogo gaga!
6   my cellphone battery is dead?! you got to be f@$#ing kidding me!

Question 6   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
stupid dog! you made me look bad! OOGA BOOGA BOOGA!

12   courage the cowardly dog. what a good show. good times! good times...
10   im not a dog. im a cat! meow!
4   come again?

Question 7   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
hes the chocolate t my peanut butter! the salt to my pepper! the pop to my corn! the sHizzle to my whizzle(sizzle. shyce!) he is...

6   spongebob
3   perry the platypus
3   boots the monkey
7   the grumpy old troll who lives under the bridge.
9   must... think... must... use... BRAIN!!!! (accidntally farts)

Question 8   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
white spy or black spy? (seen frm mad on cartoon network)

13   black take you back spy!
1   white i always die spy!
5   mad should be happy!
8   duhhh....

Question 9   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
eenie meenie minie moe. catch a bad chick by her toe...

6   shortie is a eenie meenie minie moe lover!
12   sean kingston is good but justin beiber must die! (shoots JB)
8   ouch
2   day and night. night and day. rachel you make me wanna stay!

Question 10   -   merci de choisir 1 seule réponse
bye bye justin beiber!

12   buy! i will tell you one time!
8   what?! i thought i shot myself
9   (commits suicide)

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