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Yvette Fielding and Derek Acorah gallery

Know you're probably thinking that Yvette and Derek Acorah don't go togather. But they used to be friends! If you don't believe me check out the rest of the blog.

Yvette and Derek loving each other!

What's happening is Yvette lying on Derek's shoulder? That's weird isn't it?

Them again?

Well that's the end of the blog and hope you're convinced that they were friends before!!!!!!!!!!
But wait just a minute.
There's a new medium on Most Haunted and mabye Yvette wants Derek to come back! The medium is Brian Shepherd and he is the worst even worser than Derek! Yvette and Derek's friendhip will probably start up a bit do you think?

Probably the pictures above are probably are previews of what's to come again.

Picture of Yvette in red!?

Derek's picture

Mean Derek!


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