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Hey, I'm Isabell! Me and the other members LOVE High School Musical! We like Bop To The Top. What song's for you? FIND OUT HERE!
What Song From High School Musical Is For You?
It's summer! Your parents say you have to take a camp. Urrrrgggg. What would that camp be?
a. bascketball camp
b. hip hop dancing camp
c. A new thing-like polite camp

OK, you're done with homework. Now what?
a. Watch bascketball
b. Practice dancing
c. Try some new activities outside

You HAVE to have a party this week. What kind of a party should it be?
a. A super sporty bash
b. a super duper dancing party
c. A crazy activities party

Mostly as-Getcha Head In The Game!
Troy likes Gabriella but still has to focus on bascketball-I mean, his father IS the coach-He's not interested in singing, but after he tries, he relizes he's very good at that thing, too!

Mostly bs-we're All In This Together!
This song includes some fancy footwork! At the end of the movie, they both manage to do what they'v always been good at, and something that's achully like their seckret talent! It all ends happy.

Mostly cs-Stick To The Stuff You Know!
Once all the high school student see that a bascketball star and a geek end up going to callbacks they think they can do something they're not good at. But the group of people with them won't let them do it.
Hey-they're making a High School Musical 2!!!!!!!
Learn About Me Now:
Isabell Khener:
Hey. I love cats and High School Musical. My fav. color is pink. I'm a girly girl. My favirite subject is art. I love studying and drawing animals. I hope you like me!

Hey. I'm Noelle. And me and the club ADORE Mary-Kate and Ashley. Who doesn't? But did you hear that Mary-Kate had an eating disorder? Wierd, huh? Everybody wants to be skinny. It's gross. Anyway, here's a Mary-Kate and Asheley trivia question for ya!
What was their first movie? Hint: it was during Full House!
Got it? OK, see if your answer is right!
Correct Answer: To Grandmother's House We Go
Good for you if you got it right! OK, now learn about me!
Noelle Kipp
Hello, I'm Noelle. I love style and I'm very interested in the Disney channel. I like Hannah Montana. But when I want an old fashoined experiance, I watch Full House! Well, I DO watch anything with the Olsen twins in it! I like Social Studies and English. Oh yeah, and Spanish! Our Spanish teacher's funny! I HATE pink. I like dark colors like blue and brown (the color of chocolate!). Hope you like me!

I really like Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior, the new Disney channel movie. Do you like it, too? Are you athletic? Ready for my Kunfo challenge? OK, here we go.
Time yourself.
1. Do ten sit ups and push ups.
2. Run up and down a set of stairs 5 times.
3. Do 17 jumping jacks.
How many minutes did you take?
If you got 3 to 10 minutes you could be a kunfo queen one day! Good job! Your really athletic.
If you took a little longer than that keep trying! Now learn all about me!
Hey I'm Tara. I like a lot of colors. I don't have any pets but I wish I did. I moved here from Centerville a year ago. I love it in Dayton, OH! I love all subjects in school EXCEPT math! I hope you like me!

Hello! I'm Anna-welcome to OUR club! We rock!!!!!!!
Anna (me)
We're the FOUR muskitires! We LOVE That's So Raven! Now, learn about ME!
Anna Knippling
Hey y'all! I'm Anna. I was born on June 10th, 1996 in India. A country in Asia. I like That's So Raven. Here are my hobbies: I like art, acting, writing, singing, dancing, etc. I started the club. We're SO happy to be together! Well, see ya!
There's Anna from the Future MovieStars Club

Well, there you have it. The members of Future MovieStars club! Now learn about stars and do activities! Have fun!
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I love that song!!!!!!! Do you? If you do, read Ashley Tisdale (singer)'s bio:

Recently named one of Teen People’s 25 Hottest Stars Under 25, Ashley Tisdale is best known for her role as Maddie, a hotel candy counter clerk and baby-sitter of devious twin boys who live in The Tipton Hotel on the Disney Channel series “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.”

Ashley can currently be seen starring opposite Zac Efron in the original movie musical, “High School Musical,” directed and choreographed by Kenny Ortega. The film premiered in January 2006 and was the highest rated telecast in Disney Channel history. Ashley made music history by being the first female artist to ever debut with two songs simultaneously on the Billboard Hot 100 chart (“Bop To The Top” and “What I’ve Been Looking For,” both duets with co-star Lucas Grabeel from the RIAA triple-platinum certified “High School Musical” soundtrack).

Ashley is currently recording her debut CD for Warner Bros. Records. Her new version of “Kiss The Girl” with be featured on the special edition DVD of “The Little Mermaid.”

Ashley’s acting credits include a featured role in the film “Donnie Darko” with Jake Gyllenhaal, Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Duval. She was a series regular on “Nathan’s Choice,” “Mayor of Oyster Bay” and “The Howie Mandel Pilot,” and had recurring roles on “The George Lopez Show,” “Still Standing” and “The Hughleys.” Guest star roles include “Grounded for Life,” “Strong Medicine,” “Boston Public” and “Seventh Heaven,” “Malcolm in the Middle,” “Charmed,” “Hannah Montana,” “Once and Again” and “Saturday Night Live.” Ashley also shot the-now-famous
T-mobile commercial with Catherine Zeta-Jones.. On the animated front, Ashley has a recurring role on Disney Channel’s “Kim Possible” and will voice one of the lead characters in the new Disney Channel animated series “Phineas and Ferb.”

Manager Bill Perlman, who continues to represent her today, discovered Ashley at the age of three in her hometown mall in Monmouth County, NJ. After booking the first audition she was sent out on, Ashley went on to star in over 100 national network commercials. At the age of eight she booked a leading role in the national tour of the Broadway musical “Les Miserables.” She then toured internationally with the cast of “Annie.”

When Ashley isn’t pursuing her acting career, her passions include singing (she sang at the White House at the age of 12), shopping, and hanging out with her friends and sister Jennifer, who is also an actress.

-Isabell Khener

And so the fairy said to young Ashley, "You shall be famouse" and oh Ashley was. She still thanks the fairy today.

Who doesn't love doggies? Look at their BIG EYES and adorable smiles. Puppys rule! And anybody who treats them badly should be punished! They're sooooo cute and lovable. Puppy love rocks!

Dogs are really smart! Did you know that dogs can use their nose like WE can use our eyes? Well, it's true. amazing, huh? Dogs are cool!

Our club parties get super crouded! We do all kinds of stuff like dance-a-thons, karioke, and more! We have TONS of fun!


"I do have fights with Tara, that's just what friends do. In the end, we releize that the whole thing was silly and we laugh about it for the rest of our days. But Tara laughs a lot and that makes her special. She can also be pretty funny herself! LOL. She's so sweet and has a cool yet casual way to empress fashion. I totally wish I was her size so I could borrow her jeans! She has so many! But I'm too small (almost always been the smallest person in my class). She's great!" says Noelle
"Noelle, well, she can be shy but once she gets to know someone she becomes their friend and is comftirble around them, like she is with me. She can funny at the right times and serius sometimes. She really can be nice to people and will help you with anything, you just say the word! And since she's been taking chearleading she has genaruslly taught everyone else her fav cheers! I love her attitude and when she really puts her mind on something, she can come up with some awsome ideas! She's so smart and cool. That's why I love her!" says Tara.
Results: Perfect Match! Duh!


"Isabell is a great person. You can trust her with just about anything. She can be a great friend. She has always been there and even though we'v never been in the same class, we still really like each other. Her style is treny. She likes to wear what everybody else is wearing, but she always adds a little touch to it to make it hers! She's kind, funny, always happy, and totally outgoing and creative. She's cool in her own way," says Anna.
"Well, Anna is so talented. And by now she's been in thirty plays. She is really working hard and still comes to school the same: happy to be with friends like me! She is really funny and smart. She has a way with words! She almost ALWAYS wants friends to come over to her awsome house! She's great and creative. She really can come up with great ideas and disighns. She wants to be a movie star one day, that's why she called it The Future MovieStars Club! The club was such a good idea and I was so happy to join," says Isabell.
Results: Another Perfect Match!

Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan had a "girl fight" over pop star, Nick Carter. I expect this from Lindsay, but not Hilary. First, Lindsay Lohan and him started dating. Then, Lindsay found out that Nick has been talking to Hilary on the phone ALL THE TIME! To get her back, she got a new boyfriend. If smooching in front of Nick and Hilary wasn't enough, she dicided to try marrying him! I SPEAK THE TRUTH. But, turns out, Lindsay's new boyfriend wasn't going to stand just being used. He dumped her. Too bad. Today they're over it, and they have new boyfriends. LOL.

Questions or comments? Feel free to email us!

Future MovieStars Club 2 is Coming Soon!

See Ya!

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