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WELCOME! The Future MovieStars Club want to tell all about Full House! this show started in 1987 and ended in 1995. A full 8 seasons.

This is Michelle Tanner. She is played by two people, Mary-Kate and Ashley! Want to know why? Because little kids can only work four hours a day and since Mary-Kate and Ashley were twins, they could take turns playing the part of sweet and adorable Michelle. Michelle is the youngest of the three daughters Danny Tanner has to take care of ever since his wife died.

This is Jodie Sweetin who plays Stephanie Tanner on Full House. She is the middle child. Poor thing! Later she has to wear glasses for school.

This is DJ Tanner played by Candace Camron. She is the oldest sister who is always trying new things. By the end of Full House, her charictor planned to want to go to college!

This is Bob Saget that plays Danny Tanner on Full House. He has three lovely daughters that he called Joey and Jesse to help him take care of. He is uppsessed with neatness and everything being clean. How can you blame him?

This is Dave Coulier, who plays Joey Gladstone. Joey is a comedian who wants to make something out of his life. Sometimes he's not ver mature, but he can be when he needs to. He works with Jesse to make a radio show. He wants to help out Danny take care of his daughters.

This is Jesse who is played by John Stamos. Jesse is a musician. He has his own band and wants to be like Elvis Pressley. He is the brother of Danny's wife and came to help him take care of his three girls. He's had about 1,000 girlfriends!

You'll just have to watch Full House to see what crazy stuff happens and what charictors come! WE LOVE THIS SHOW and hope you do too!

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