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Charmed: The Power Of Four :) - Piper, Leo, others

Chris Perry, Piper's son from the future, Wyatt's little brother.
(only in season 6) does make some appearances in seasons 7 & 8

Cole Turner, aka Balthazor. he's half human, half demon.
He Fell in love with Pheobe, and tried to be good. but no matter what he was too evil.
(only is seasons 3-5 maybe even some of 2) not quite sure.

This is Neighbor Dan.
When Piper and Leo, Split up in season 2.
Piper started to date her neighbor, Dan.
piper breaks up with him for Leo. because she realizes she loves Leo. not Dan

Inspector Darryl Morris.
He befriends The Charmed Ones after Prue's beloved Andy dies.
and the girls tell Darryl they're secret after awhile of him asking and asking,
so he helps them with all of they're demon problems when it goes to the cops. after awhile darryl got scared (he almost died helping the sisters) and left with his family to the East Coast.

Inspector Andy Trudo, was Prue's first love. when they meet up again they felt the passion between them. Once Prue cast a truth spell that lasted 24 hours to see how he would react to her having powers. It didn't go so well. Andy dies at the end of Season 1

This is Patty, she is the mother of The Charmed Ones. She died when Prue was just a little girl, and it hurt her alot. Patty visits often, like on Piper and Leo's Wedding Day, and stuff like that, or sometimes just because of certain demons. Patty cheated on her husband with her whitelighter and they fell in love. thats how Paige was born :)

Wyatt Halliwell (as a toddler)
Piper and Leo's first child. if it wasn't for Paige reconstituting the charmed ones, he wouldn't have been alowed to live. he has powers beyond imagination (according to the elders:)

Coop (phoebes hands are covering him) A cupid sent down to earth for pheobe to fall in love with. only the elder's didn't really think she would. so he was her true love.

Henry Mitchell, a probation officer. after many failed dates, paige ran into him while she was chasing one of her charges, and he almost ran her over with his car. then they got to know eachother. fell in love and got married

Baby Chris, this is chris when he was just a baby.

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