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DBZ, Goku, Chichi and family. - Goku&Chi-Chi[me]

Chi-chi [me] lol.

Goku&Me(Chichi) <3

Me[Chichi] & goku when little kids and first ment.

[Chichi]Me&Goku on our wedding day. <3

Awww so cute [chichi] me & goku again <3

iLove goku <3

Chichi ( me) nd goku on our wedding day again <3

exactly what it says AWWWWWWW. <3

Awwww drawing of me& my cartoon husband Lol <3

Chichi(me) with goku, pregnant <3

another cute drawing of my cartoon love and me <3

me[chichi] jumping into goku's arms <3

<3 love <3

goku & chichi [me] are perfect <3

I love them [us] as a couple lol.


goku and chichi = LOVE

meant to be <3

awwwww so sweet <3

My friend drawed me this picture of goku and chichi

Lol this pic is funny <3

awww so freaking cute <3

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DBZ, Goku, Chichi and family. - Goku&Chi-Chi[me] (Cinema, TV)    -    Author : Hannah(Chichi) - USA

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