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Howdy Peoples! This here's my blog.
Pipulsa kaise ho! Yaha mere yaha bloga hai... Hindi
Pipuruzu ya! Kore wa koko ni watashinoburogudesu... Japanese
Howdy Volker! Das hier ist mein Blog... German
Howdy peuples! Ce voici mon blog... French
Howdy Populi! Hic est meus blog... Latin
Hola Pueblos! Esto de aqui es mi blog... Spanish
Salve Popoli! Questo qui e il mio blog... Italian
Ni hao renmin! Zheli shi wo de boke... Chinese (traditional?)

In this blog I shall talk about the society and culture of the USA,
in hopes of finding out what our country has in common with others.

I'm Jaslyn Balthazar!
I live in the state of Louisiana (the bottom state: La. in the map above)
I am 16 years old, and I have been home-schooled my whole life.
I love crafting, and I'm interested in ideology, forensics, and psychology.

On a side note: I'm not multilingual I just use Google Translate,
so if any of my translating is wrong, feel free to let me know. And I'm sorry if any of this is hard to read. For anyone whose first language is not English, I'm trying to speak with easy English grammar (I might not know what that is).

Enjoy :)

Sanskr̥ti संस्कृति
Bunka 文化
La culture
Cultura (Latin)
Cultura (Spanish)
Cultura (Italian)
Wnhu 文化

July 30th, 2013
Culture in the USA is really interesting, because it's basically a huge mix of cultures from other countries. When the USA began, many people from other countries and cultures came to our continent in search for 'freedom' and to see the "new world". Our culture started similar to Europe's cultures, and was also based a lot on a very Christian culture.

But now we have many beliefs, that you can go from Louisiana, home of the Cajuns, to Texas, home of farmers, and find totally different ways of living, from different food, to different manners. But really we don't have a majority of anything specific for our culture anymore. There's just this amount of mixed race and beliefs, and it is really awesome, and means you don't know if people are tourists or live here.

There's one universal thing in the USA, and that is the "American dream", which is a life of getting an excellent education until you graduate college, getting an excellent job and buying a house, "settling down" with a husband or wife and kids, and then, whenever you reach the age of around 65, retiring and living the rest of your life without having to work or do anything. The American dream is desired by a LOT of people, except, of course, by people like me who enjoy adventures, and learning.

This map of the USA shows where ancestry is, and those places are kind of where our culture splits and changes. Although beliefs, like religion, are mixed everywhere.

I'm mostly French, German and Native American. I live in a very Cajun culture, and I'm a Christian.
Let me know if culture in your country is mixed a lot too.
Best wishes from Jaslyn! :)
John Green

This man
Yaha ādamī यह आदमी
Kono otoko この男
Dieser Mann
cet homme
Hunc hominem
Este hombre
questo uomo
Zh mng nnzǐ 這名男子

July 29th, 2013
This man named John Green is a writer, a YouTube "vlogger" (video blogging), or celebrity, with his brother (Hank Green), and an educator. He lives in Indianapolis, IN and is married, with 2 young children. He is an excellent author of books, with translations written in different languages across the world.

I have mentioned this guy, because he and his brothers are great inspirational people to a lot of teenagers, and people in the USA. They have a YouTube channel called 'Vlogbrothers', and they started 'nerdfighters' (a combination of the words nerd and fighter) a support-group of people. Nerdfighters' motto is "Don't forget to be awesome!", which is sometimes shortened to the initialism: DFTBA, and their goal is to decrease "world suck" - 'suck' is slang for bad or rubbish.
Note: Anyone can be a Nerdfighter, as long as they want to decrease world suck and increase world awesome.

I am a Nerdfighter, and although 'nerdfighteria'(the world of nerdfighters) is not only in the USA, a lot of the people I know are Nerdfighters. He taught me pennies are useless in the USA, that to own a lawn is useless, that the internet is very useful, and a lot more.

Are you a nerdfighter? Let me know if Nerdfighters are common in your country, or if you know who John Green is.
Best wishes from Jaslyn. :)
Hank Green

His brother
Unakē bhā'ī उनके भाई
Otōto 弟
Seinem Bruder
Son frre
Fratrem suum
Su hermano
Suo fratello
Tā de dd 他的弟弟

August 3rd, 2013
Hank Green is an American entrepreneur, musician, and YouTube "Vlogger" (video blogging), or celebrity, with his brother (John Green). As of now he is 33, and lives with his wife in Missoula, Montana.

Hank Green is another inspirational character in the USA, along side his brother. In July 2010 he and John started "Vidcon", a convention for video creators and their fans, most notably people from the website 'YouTube'. They also started 'DFTBA Records', "P4A" (Project For Awesome), and 'Crash Course'.
Without John, Hank has started the YouTube channels: 'Scishow', 'The Lizzie Bennett Diaries', 'The Brain Scoop' and 'Sexplanations'. He has also created some music, "2-D glasses" and a blog called 'Ecogeek'.

All in all Hank is a pretty successful guy, and he is the second lead creator for 'Nerdfighteria'. Hank has taught me socializing is creating, everyone is scared to create, that modern insults are bad at insulting, and a lot more.

Let me know if you know who Hank Green is, or if you have heard of him.
Best wishes from Jaslyn! :)
So first thing: Racism

Hito shusabetsu
Le racisme
Il razzismo
Zhǒngz zhǔy

July 28th, 2013
Racism has become a huge debacle, or failure recently in the USA, because of a legal case. It was called the Zimmerman and Trayvon case. In this case Zimmerman (a Hispanic man) shot Trayvon (a black man) at point-blank range in the chest, which killed him.

Now in the US Hispanics are considered white (for obvious reasons). And when Zimmerman was not put in jail, some of The People in the USA decided this case was about racism. That Zimmerman went after Trayvon, because he was black... Because of the out roar from The People; the Head of the Justice System decided they needed to review the case and see if it was really about race (because this is amurica!).

Of course, racism has always been a big debacle or failure in the USA, due to slavery and the slow recovery from it. But people talked about this legal case way more than they needed too. This was only 2 people out of the rest of the 300 million people in the USA, and if it was because of racism, then it was only about 1 person. To say all of one race is racist, because of only one of the people of that race's actions, is really ridiculous or wrong, and that is what people were and are still doing.

You should let me know what other countries deal with bad racism like this.
Best wishes from Jaslyn. :)

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