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I'm student from Sri Lanka.I like to have many pen pals around the world.
My self
My name is K.W.Ishara Sumudu.I'm thirteen years old. My school is R/Rambuka Maha Viddyalaya.I'm study in grade nine. I live in Bopitiya. It is stuated in Pothupitiya of Rathnapura district.My farther name is Deepal Karunarathna. My mother name is Anoma vicramasingha.I have ona brother and no sisters.his name is Tharaka Prabash.he study in grade two. My favorite subject is English. I like to speak English.My ambition is to be a teacher.
A Religious Festival
August is very important month.the kandy 'Perahera' is held in August.lost of people come to see the Perahera. It is very beautiful. there are many elephants in the perahera.They are dressed beautifully in clothes of different desings and colours.The kandy perahera is a riligiour festival.the Buddha's tooth relic is taken in the perahera. the place where tooth relic is kept is called the 'Dalada Maligawa' the 'Diyawadana nilame' is the guardian of the Dalada Maligawa and is an improtant person in the procession. the procession of the four devalas.Vishnu, Natha, Katharagama and Pattini join the kandy perahera. Every year the toot relic is taken out for the perahera. only the Maligawa elephant will carry the beautifully decorated relic casket. He kneels and the casket is kept on his back.then he walkes very majestically in the procession. people young and old gathre in thousands to see the perahera

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